Enhanced PlayStation Network Trophies Online

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Hi Everyone,

You asked for it and later this week we’re delivering on it. We are making significant enhancements to the way you view your trophies online. Check out the walk-thru video so you can see these updates first hand.

Here’s what you’ll be able to do:

  • View detailed info on your trophies on
  • Compare your trophies with multiple friends and other PSN ID’s
  • Compare details on trophies within each game
  • Track your progress to the next level against friends
  • See what trophies you have and what you still need to unlock for each game
  • Use the sorting features to plan your game domination

In addition, the portable ID has been enhanced with trophy data so you’ll also be able to take your portable ID with you to official game sites, social networks and other third party sites making it easier to show off your trophies and gamer status with friends online. Your PlayStation Network Portable ID will link directly to your public trophy page on

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  • Awesome!

  • BenderUnit22

    That’s pretty cool, but IMO there’s still a need for proper API support to read out the trophy data directly. It would allow for some cool applications among gaming sites like tracking trophy progress of an entire community.

  • Dice_for_Death_

    Looking good, I think. Neat little feature. I’ll definitely give it a spin, see how it feels/looks.

  • VehicleDestroyr

    I am on and I am not getting the changes yet.

  • Nice, hopefully we can view trophies from our XMB at those speeds soon. Comparing trophies takes forever on the XMB =0(. Love what your doing to the site though.

  • Great progress but it’s still lacking some stuff like the ability to access and send messages from the website. Something that can become very handy in order to set up play time with your PSN friends. Besides that this is a great step in the right direction.

  • Next on the list the PS3 price cut followed up with the PS3 slim announcement.

  • Good stuff. Currently when you do see a PSN ID card in someone’s forum signature and you click it, it takes you to the PlayStation homepage. Could you change it so that it takes you to the person’s profile page?

    Also could you add PC to PS3 messaging?
    and Live updates of trophy info?

    Mr Lempel, whilst your here can I suggest you integrate our HOME avatars into the core PS3 experience a bit more? What is the point of creating a very cool looking avatar in HOME, if the people on friends list only ever get to see the avatar icons that came with the PS3 when it shipped? Thanks!

  • Glad to see you back posting Eric! I guess you guys have been hard at work over there. A few questions…

    – When will this go live?
    – Will there be more community features in the next firmware update?
    – Will we get new avatars/icons for our PSN accounts? Or maybe premium avatars like that of themes?
    – Will there ever be a feature that allows you to play music from media servers as a custom soundtrack? I’m running out of room on my hard drive! lol.

    thanks for posting and keeping us informed. looking forward to whatever else you have up your sleeves.

  • Nice changes Eric, but I will continue to use the Europe Portal ID with my North American account(even though I live in NA) because it looks much better and displaces more info about me as a game.

  • Very nice feature, thanks

  • I would have preferred if you opened up the trophy information with APIs so that outside developers can create these kinds of utilities (and tons more) themselves.

  • Eric,

    Thank you for the enhancement of the Playstation Network Trophies Online. Slowly but surely, the PSN will be the service we all have hoped it would be.

  • @ 92 | Chacal81

    Games released from January 2009 and present are required to have trophies. However, there are tons of 2008 released games with trophies already, or some that didn’t release with trophies later got the influence of a ‘trophy Patch’.

  • nice job, sonny.. i really don’t care about other players’ trophies but this is a neat feature (for those who care).. any word on the ps3 slim? how about in-game skype on ps3?

  • yeah is cool but marvel vs capcom 2 tomorrow finaly

  • Hanylokyman

    sweet. more bragging rights

  • Hi Eric, just one question, will the trophy card auto update itself with the latest trophy info? The SCEE version is manual update only.

  • I just really would like to see Home avatars integrated into the PS3’s XMB.

  • BrotherBrendan

    Great stuff! Now all we need is an official iPhone app to check trophies.

  • Hey Eric. long time no see. but anyways this is pretty exciting really. but i have just a slighty more pressing matter. i Know you can relay information right? i just have 2 request. can you pitch Automatic Remote Play? we already have auto folding @ home and you can do remote play while folding great idea sounds simple to execute. and another is how about using Skype for ingame voice chat? im not a big begger for voice chat but i like the idea. it sounds like it would bypass patents.

  • Sweet But can we do this on the PS3 soon like next week during Gamescom when you guys do a firmware update?

  • Thanks for continuing to improve the PSN and the integration with I had been hoping for some of these features for a while.

    BrotherBrendan (#120), I’m certain there’s an unofficial application on iPhone, but I’m not an iPhone user myself so unfortunately I don’t know what it’s called.

  • AmnesiaInnocent

    I agree with what some others have said: the compare features are a nice improvement and the portable ID is better, but IMO it’s still behind Europe’s—unless I missed it, it still doesn’t show the last game you’ve played or the last few trophies earned. Those are nice features and don’t seem like they should be so hard to implement…

    But good work and I appreciate it…

  • It’s about time!

  • Eric, this is nice and all but we want adhoc support instead of just infrastructure also installation of games need to be a bit quicker. Is there anyway we will be able to download a demo from the store via PC?

  • great feature, slowly going in the right direction, a few more years and all will be in place, hopefully psn stays free

  • Sweet, great update

  • man u gotta love this we haven’t had a big update for ps3 since july 08 & this is what they’ve been doing don’t get me wrong i appreciate them enhancing the website but i’m sorry the ps3 still is without features these guys claim they r working on. avatars haven’t been touched, syncing trophies is sometimes a pain, my brand new ps3 freezes alot & to top that we keep getting these firmware updates that don’t enhance the ps3 community at all. what is going on SONY do u guys actually listen cause u guys r doing a very bad job at that even though u claim that you are.

  • TheInfectedBy590

    looking forward to it! :)

  • awesome… maybe someday we’ll get more of those stupid icons that ive been looking as since 2006… i mean whats with the lame selection of player icons?

  • i also agree with 129…

  • GREAT!!!! keep up the good work!

  • nice very very nice

  • AbYsS_WaRlOrD

    Nice Job

  • hey great, so the stalkers I unfriended can go back to stalking me. Heh. Oh well, it’s a small price to pay I spose to have awesome we b features finally.

  • I would rather you guys improve the PS3 OS by bringing us things like a unified party system and cross game chat before spending time on things like this which we won’t use near as much. Just my thoughts though.

  • CrimsonFox13

    Great feature!

  • I was happy with just the enhanced portable ID but I really like the feature where you can compare trophies with multiple friends (or people in general) on the site. This is definitely a really good update to the site.

  • Good Stuff!

  • Now we need a firmware update that updates the trophy tracking server with updated trophy info constantly. At least at bootup?

    kk thx!

  • I don’t understand the portable ID layout. There’s all that wasted space in the top right and it’s too high for a forum signature. Is there a horizontal version too?

  • I know it seems like a weird question, but will we ever be able to delete trophies not necessarily one trophie but a whole game of trophies off of the list.

  • If I was this guy, i’d be active on the comments everytime a “cool” feature is released!

    Most people complain so much, might as well grab the limelight for a few minutes!

    Good job. Can’t wait to see the future developments that you have planned to ENHANCE and UNIFY the Playstation Experience!

  • macbelonwu10

    For a second i was thinking it was a firmware update at last, just imagine if Microsoft write the software for a hardware as good as the ps3, that would make my ps3 on par with my 360 NXE.

  • TheGuardianFID

    Nicely done guys!!! :D

  • This is great you guys it’s awesome.It’s looking so much like the EU Portable ID

  • Bionicle123

    pretty cool feature but i just i rather stick with ps blog

  • will we have to click the manual refresh button to update our trophy card every time we get a new trophy, or will it do that automatically?

    If it’s auto-updating, how often does it updated, i.e. once a day, twice a week, etc.?

  • MalachiRuffy

    nice, finally, now give us all these features within the ps3 as well (sorting, breaklines and more)

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