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Aug 13

Aug 13

PlayStation and AXE Introduce “Smooth Jarvis” and New Moves in PAIN

David Winding's Avatar Posted by Director of Network Advertising, SCEA

Hey PAIN fans, there’s a new rag-doll in town. Starting today Sony Computer Entertainment America and AXE will be introducing the first ever AXE-branded virtual video game character in the form of “Smooth Jarvis.” Smooth Jarvis will come enabled with two Double Pits to Chesty (DPTC) themed moves that mimic the signature motions involved in applying AXE deodorant bodyspray for men. You’ve seen the moves before–under both arm pits and across the chest — now here’s your chance to use them to your advantage.

Combine these moves successfully with any of the eight original standard PAIN moves and not only will you earn classic points and trophies, you’ll also rack up some bonus points to help take that final score to the next level!

Smooth Jarvis PAIN

The fun won’t end there though. Keep practicing those moves because it may just earn you bragging rights for your favorite combo as part of a four-week PAIN contest. Players will be able to use PAIN’s in-game video capture feature to capture and post your favorite combination to your YouTube account, putting you in the running to win a host of cool prizes.

Contestants with the best moves have the chance to win prizes that range from a one-of-a-kind custom “Smooth Jarvis” collectible character action figure to a brand new 42” Sony HDTV to enjoy PAIN and other favorite PS3 games on. Contest starts September 1st and runs through September 30th.

Keep an eye out here and in the game for more details on how you can use the Double Pits to Chesty move to score more than just a fresh scent and the attention of the people around you!

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Odoyle-rulez said:

August 13th, 1:02 pm

dirty dirty box.. er yea whatever lol. TV please

Odoyle-rulez said:

August 13th, 1:03 pm

er.. dirty boy rather. what cant edit a post here lol…?

Moosehole said:

August 13th, 1:04 pm



Alvarado6411 said:

August 13th, 1:05 pm

Always good to see new content in PAIN.

typikal82 said:

August 13th, 1:05 pm

Moosehole cares thats who

mastrofallz said:

August 13th, 1:08 pm





GameOverGreggy said:

August 13th, 1:10 pm

Epic lulz.

Kylote said:

August 13th, 1:12 pm

Greg, you know you love PAIN…

Darkwend said:

August 13th, 1:13 pm

“Smooth Jarvis will come enabled with two Double Pits to Chesty (DPTC) themed moves that mimic the signature motions involved in applying AXE deodorant bodyspray for men. You’ve seen the moves before–under both arm pits and across the chest — now here’s your chance to use them to your advantage.”

Ugh. That was absolutely terrible. Probably one of the most irritating posts I’ve ever seen on this blog. It’s like something you’d hear/read in a parody of bad advertising.

jfx said:

August 13th, 1:13 pm

Free content is never bad. I’m going to have to brush up on Pain. Marvel vs Capcom 2will be fighting me on this, though.

Peppino7 said:

August 13th, 1:14 pm


Ultranium said:

August 13th, 1:18 pm

Yet another way to advertise. I actually don’t mind the advertisements. If you added advertising to the PSN store, i wouldn’t mind if you lowered some of the games prices. Either way, free is always a good price.

j2thaa said:

August 13th, 1:19 pm

kool. that smooth jarvis character looks awesome

Kirkpad said:

August 13th, 1:21 pm

Well I didn’t expect to see the Double Pits thing in Pain…

hife said:

August 13th, 1:24 pm

Haha, so weird. I don’t get the complaints though. I certainly don’t mind sponsored free stuff (Rag Doll Kung Fu!).

Luillin said:

August 13th, 1:26 pm

I have Pain, but I dont have the map packs, is a Bundle of them comming our way at some point????

VixDiesel said:

August 13th, 1:27 pm

People still play pain?


Errod88 said:

August 13th, 1:31 pm

Lets see if this post can reach 5000

tigerdrsk said:

August 13th, 1:34 pm

Pain is good at times depending on what it offers. Too much dlc though that you need to shell out money for, but it’s worthwhile if you get it.

VenomXv said:

August 13th, 1:35 pm

I love this game.

Poacher619 said:

August 13th, 1:38 pm

Yeah, I tried a few times to play people online and no one ever showed after a good 5 minutes of waiting. They need to do something new to freshen things up and not with stank body spray.

Enigma777 said:

August 13th, 1:40 pm

Why won’t this game die!?!?!

TwiztedR3DHead said:

August 13th, 1:44 pm

what the hell is this

Enforcer_X said:

August 13th, 1:44 pm

If this isn’t the most perfect fit for Pain and AXE I don’t know what is!
YES! Double Pits To Chesty! LOL
I love it!

gor1llap1mp said:

August 13th, 1:51 pm

How bout some Mr. T?!

QCVic said:

August 13th, 1:52 pm

YEEEES!!! I can’t wait! Gotta love those PAIN updates!

Craazy said:

August 13th, 1:55 pm

Double PAIN to chesty

Solid-Snake-Eyes said:

August 13th, 2:02 pm

Free PAIN character? Awesome, thanks!

Dardantuan said:

August 13th, 2:02 pm

Old Spice till the day I die

ace5434 said:

August 13th, 2:08 pm

lol nice

DonnyG said:

August 13th, 2:10 pm


ca36gtp said:

August 13th, 2:10 pm

This is some of the worst marketing/product placement I’ve ever seen. What worthless intern wrote this tripe?

PullusPardusUS said:

August 13th, 2:13 pm

why not Axe release this game for free?

Fishpillow123 said:

August 13th, 2:15 pm


Atomika14 said:

August 13th, 2:17 pm

I use AXE products, but I think that whole “Double Pits to Chesty” is a horrible ad campaign, and I think it’s lame to incorporate that into PAIN.

ADR143 said:

August 13th, 2:17 pm

lol nice havent touch pain in awhile

Metellica505 said:

August 13th, 2:28 pm

i may have to get this

karnage30 said:

August 13th, 2:50 pm

Think of it this way. If little or no people play this game, more chance for you to win the tv.

jqtaxpayer said:

August 13th, 3:00 pm

When it comes to Pain, free is still a bad deal.

Fishpillow123 said:

August 13th, 3:17 pm

Still. Um..what?

Dehshizknight said:

August 13th, 3:18 pm

Oh yeah! Can’t wait to download this.

ClinToN said:

August 13th, 4:23 pm

Typical, free stuff and some people have to complain. Not to mention the peanut gallery marketing majors here.

Big respects to Idol Minds for keeping PAIN fresh!

ChazzyJazzy1 said:

August 13th, 5:33 pm

This is awesome and can’t wait to play. Great to see new content and some new moves. T

FredNation said:

August 13th, 9:10 pm

PAIN! And is there ever going to be a PlayStation Home Space?

DustyBlue said:

August 14th, 3:42 am

… Well, the only good I can see from this is that it’s free.

Fishpillow123 said:

August 14th, 6:09 am

Nice! I love having to download a 477mb update just to get a free character.

Tikicobra said:

August 14th, 8:01 am

That is the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen.

Jeigh said:

August 14th, 9:47 am

You guys think this is the dumbest thing you’ve ever seen? I’ve seen something dumber: complaining about FREE stuff. Jesus, what’s wrong with you people. Do you spit in the face of the guy that offers you a free ice cream cone just because it’s the wrong flavor?

…Though I’d hope that it wouldn’t take 477MB to install this thing… ‘Cause PAIN is indeed getting ridiculously large for a PSN game with these updates. I only have so much space.

gailelaine said:

August 14th, 8:20 pm

This update is taking a long time to complete.

jordan199311 said:

August 15th, 8:17 pm


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