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Aug 17

Aug 17

Additional PS3 Greatest Hits Titles Available Now

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Last week, we announced the availability of two new “Greatest Hits” titles . U.S. Navy SEALs Confrontation and Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune are the latest best-selling titles to enter into the elite world of “Greatest Hits.” Stand alone versions are available now $29.99 MSRP. Check out the cool new pack fronts below.

Uncharted Drake's Fortune Greatest Hits SOCOM Confrontation Greatest Hits

Summer’s not over yet! Now that you know what to look out for, go ahead and pick them up for yourself. At $29.99, you deserve it!

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The_Punisher111 said:

August 17th, 6:05 am

Confrontation a GREATEST HIT my ass.

SOCOM is only great when its Zipper Interactive

ChainClutch said:

August 17th, 6:18 am

took sony long enough to make Uncharted a greatest hits.. the title has sold over 2.3 million worldwide as of like months and months and months ago… however im shocked and question why Socom is a greatest hits?

BalramRules said:

August 17th, 6:18 am

Uncharted is the BEST!!
They’re even making a movie for it, hope they make a movie for Uncharted 2: Among Thieves too = P
Plus in inFamous I hope you get to see both, the good side and the dark side lol!

BalramRules said:

August 17th, 6:19 am


bball230 said:

August 17th, 6:21 am

Does the socom PS3 Bluetooth headset bundle get any kind of price drop or is it just the single socom game thats dropping in price?

ghamdikh1 said:

August 17th, 6:24 am


psyXcho said:

August 17th, 6:29 am

wait wouldn’t that make it a $10 discount for socom?

Zezzler said:

August 17th, 6:32 am

i like how they added the ‘Game of the Year’ icon on the Uncharted Box… it really makes the shotgun alot more useless :P

MIDNI6HT said:

August 17th, 6:41 am

Yeah socom should be on the greatest disappointment list, I definitely agree with uncharted the game was awesome

shadowfox001986 said:

August 17th, 6:43 am

good games and not a bad price ether!!!! :)

Akibara12 said:

August 17th, 6:51 am

Huh?! Wasn’t Socom Confrontation the game alone (with out the usb headset) 30 bucks already? Or are you guys planning on including the usb headset with the game making it $30? I’m confused @_@. Help me out here Kim.

@ bball
this link is for you.

lonewolf1994 said:

August 17th, 6:59 am


KazeEternal said:

August 17th, 7:01 am


Kchow23 said:

August 17th, 7:01 am

Great stuff… and you people don’t realize how many people play Socom, personally I don’t but many do!

Hellman said:

August 17th, 7:04 am

Socom has the largest online community from first party games beating resistance 2 and killzone 2.

RyanPierre said:

August 17th, 7:05 am

Will the Greatest Hits version at least include all the features advertised? Not even the original has that yet!

It’s understandable though. It’s only been out for 10 months. No hurry.

money45_ said:

August 17th, 7:11 am

sweet 4 uncharted

mikemill said:

August 17th, 7:17 am

About time for Uncharted. Now, what about Heavenly Sword?

rafael_martines said:

August 17th, 7:26 am

I want Little Big Planet in Greatest Hits :P

anotherdae said:

August 17th, 7:29 am

Isn’t $29.99 a price increase for these games now…

piro_z said:

August 17th, 7:40 am

I’m thinking the same thing as #5 does the bundle get a price drop?

SPARDA said:

August 17th, 7:45 am

Those are some nice additions to the Greatest Hits list.
Even thought it did not sell well, I hope to see Heavenly Sword added soon (with a nice trophy patch to go with it…but that’s highly unlikely to happen …I know)

locos85 said:

August 17th, 7:49 am

So where is Heavenly Sword? This game definitely should have a been a Greatest Hit by now. Game has sold over a million and came out in 2007.

locos85 said:

August 17th, 7:50 am

Ohh and 1 suggestion. Next Developer Q&A should be with Slant 6. It will be a very interesting Q&A…. trust me. Bring them out. We have a lot of questions.

oneangrymob464 said:

August 17th, 7:58 am

good choices. uncharted is AMAZING. i know a lot of you guys are mad about socom but it’s actually a rly fun game and i think i heard that it’s the game most played online on psn.

TakiFuGu said:

August 17th, 8:07 am

2 games that I already bought a while ago.

SlashZaku said:

August 17th, 8:09 am

Talk about kicking me when I’m down :|

My PS3 got the YLOD recently and I was waiting the longest for Uncharted to hit the GH lineup and knowing my luck, it does when my PS3 is out of commission. Got to love the way things work out…

TakiFuGu said:

August 17th, 8:09 am

Sony needs to add Heavenly Sword to that list. Then patch it with Trophies.

TwinDad said:

August 17th, 8:12 am


remanutd5 said:

August 17th, 8:13 am

wheres Heavenly Sword ?????? why is not a greatest hits yet?? i hope we havent seen the end of Heavenly Sword yet and a sequel is in development already !!! 1 of the best games on the system so far

TakiFuGu said:

August 17th, 8:15 am

For those of you that doesn’t know any better. DO NOT WASTE YOUR CASH ON SOCOM unless you just want the headset! The two new games should’ve been Uncharted and Heavenly Sword.

Gringo234 said:

August 17th, 8:20 am

Being a greatest hits doesn’t mean the game is actually great in terms of gameplay, it just means it sold over 1 million since its been out. I think SOCOM Confrontation is the fastest to do that.

poweredbyzen said:

August 17th, 8:22 am

had to sneak out of work to get an original copy of uncharted: drake’s fortune. truly a game that makes me proud to be a fanboy!

G-M1N111 said:

August 17th, 8:24 am

Greatest Hits in the US = Platinum in Europe?

Because Uncharted is at 25€ here in Europe for over 1 year now … as Heavenly Sword and other Sony games… :/ Reducing Uncharted’s price only now is a joke… omg…

Socom is definitely a great game… however it has still numerous bugs that are really annoying… :(

DustyBlue said:

August 17th, 8:27 am

Uncharted – FINALLY

SOCOM – … Seriously?

TheForbiddenOne said:

August 17th, 8:30 am

Why does Confrontation get some much hate, is it because most of you suck at the game? It’s really not that bad compared to the previous ones, people exaggerate a little to much.

Steve3D said:

August 17th, 8:32 am

“Confrontation a GREATEST HIT my ass.” 110% agree

jncasanova said:

August 17th, 8:32 am

Awesome!!! I have to purachse Meta Gear 4 and Uncharted noooow!!

Do you know when will the Uncharted greatest hit edition be available?


August 17th, 8:33 am

what of the socom bundle? is the price the same or is it lower?
uncharted here i come

XxBigP123xX said:

August 17th, 8:34 am

Socom doesn’t deserve it.

Uncharted on the other hand does! Woo!

BlooodyCow said:

August 17th, 8:35 am

Why all the hate toward Socom?

Hay Sony PSN network team, take a look at this will you.


Sereal_Killer said:

August 17th, 8:37 am

Socom isnt allk that bad. i do like playing it and so do allot of other people but it does have its share of bugs that have yet to be adressed.

the most ppl hate socom cause alot of features and things that have been promised are either broken or not in the game.

and the time it takes for the pathces to be released is helping either.

mywhitenoise said:

August 17th, 8:38 am

not that I’m going to get SOCOM (cause the beta, and game were crap when I played them)…but why is that, Warhawk, and GT5: Prologue only priced $10 lower? Those 3 should be priced at $20.

Vengeful-Chaos said:

August 17th, 8:40 am

I’ve been a gamer for 18 or so years and in all that time I’ve managed to pick up some crap-tatstic video games, but none tops the cake like Socom: Confrontation does. I feel sorry for every single person who picked up the game at launch and got a bug filled half ass’d game. This game does not deserve to be greatest hits, that title should be held for good complete games. Not ones still waiting to be patched a few months before it’s one year anniversary.

curlybrace said:

August 17th, 8:40 am

@ #2

Sony couldn’t make Uncharted cheaper because it would lower the value of the 160gb bundle. Now that Uncharted is cheaper, it makes one wonder if there’s a *cough* “slim” chance that there’s a change in the hardware SKUs coming soon.

Micheal_Bluth said:

August 17th, 8:43 am

Do you get the headset with Socom?

peevmyster said:

August 17th, 8:53 am

The only thing Socom needs is more maps and guns, after the next patch most of the remaining bugs should be fixed (hopefully). Next time sony, don’t rush out an unfinished game.

VivaGardner said:

August 17th, 8:55 am

About time Uncharted goes on there.

However, Socom can be easily picked up from Ebay for $15. (I bought it yesterday for that much).

I got Warhawk with headset for $20.50, sealed.

SkullLeader81 said:

August 17th, 8:56 am

Finally! I almost picked up Uncharted the other day used for $40, glad I waited, now I have no reason to not get this game and prepare myself for Uncharted 2!

gooch-getta said:

August 17th, 9:00 am

I hope your kidding about Socom…

That game first is not even worth 30$ and second is only a greatest hit because zipper had such great history with it. I think the greatest hits should not be based solely on how many copies it sells.

More like Worst game in history.

This will never be forgotten, sony you disappoint me.

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