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Aug 17

Aug 17

Announcing: LittleBigPlanet – Game of the Year edition

Mark Valledor's Avatar Posted by Marketing Manager, SCEA

Morning all! Today, we’re pleased to announce the upcoming release of LittleBigPlanet – Game of the Year edition, which will ship to stores on September 8th for $59.99 with a “Sackful” of bonus content.

And while everyone unveils this type of news with a shiny new package front… grrrr… we wanted to be different and do the reverse…

LittleBigPlanet GOTY back

…and spend some time on the back of the box to talk about what’s in this “Game of the Year” version:

  • First off, you’ll get the full award-winning LittleBigPlanet gameplay experience, or as we like to call it “Play Create Share” – ok, that was a bit to ‘infomercially’ (sorry), but you get the idea. Everything that made LittleBigPlanet one of the biggest games on the PS3 is in there.
  • Next, to give our new fans a taste of the over 1,000,000 user-generated levels available on the PlayStation Network, Media Molecule has hand-picked 18 extraordinary people to Create bonus levels specifically for the GOTY edition – complete with interviews with each creator. We loved how these levels turned out and hope you will to.

Paintball2 Tublerizer2- Cropped
Watermill2 - cropped Snow tank - cropped

LittleBigPlanet_AddOn-HistoryCostumePack_thumb_US LittleBigPlanet_AddOn-HistoryMediaPack_thumb_US LittleBigPlanet_AddOn-MonstersMedKit_thumb_US LittleBigPlanet_AddOn-MonstersCostumePack_thumb_US
LittleBigPlanet_AddOn-MGSCostumePack_thumb_US LittleBigPlanet_AddOn-MGSLevelPack_thumb_US LittleBigPlanet_AddOn-AnimalCostumeBundle_thumb_US

  • Finally, as a peek at the next game in the “Play, Create, Share” family, a limited supply of LittleBigPlanet – Game of the Year Editions will include a special voucher code for the upcoming ModNation Racers Online Beta. This is your chance to play ModNation Racers before the game comes out in 2010. If you haven’t checked out ModNation yet, and you’re a big-time racing fan, always dreamed of creating your own track, or you’re into vinyl art – head on over to www.ModNation.com and register.
  • ModNation Racers

So to summarize the bonus content:

  • 18 new levels made by players just like you
  • 7 different content packs
  • Exclusive access to the upcoming ModNation Online beta

All together, with bonus content valued at over $30, the award-winning experience and over 1,000,000 levels to play online, it’s a great offer for those that haven’t joined the LittleBigPlanet community yet…all bundled in one neat little ‘sack’.

LittleBigPlanet GOTY front

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TheRealHades said:

August 17th, 3:50 pm

I totally agree that this is a slap to all of us who paid and supported LittleBigPlanet from day one. We’ve been spending money on the DLC as well as creating the million plus levels that let you advertise these huge numbers, yet it is people who had no care for the game before getting the bonuses. Yes it will snag new people offering people $90 worth of game for $60. But this is just upsetting to people who paid $90 for game and DLC to make this game huge enough for you to offer this. True fans get screwed here.

TwiztedR3DHead said:

August 17th, 3:51 pm

I want modnation racers

Solid-Snake-Eyes said:

August 17th, 3:51 pm

Will the the 18 new levels be made available to people who already bought the original edition of LBP? I think it’ll be pretty uncool if they aren’t.

Ausohoj said:

August 17th, 3:52 pm

Awesome! An even bigger announcement to come tommorow! Sweet! now for the checklist:

Modnation racers Beta voucher? Check.

18 new levels made by some of the greatest levels in Lbp history? check.

Content i would like but already bought but is a good deal for people who haven’t bought this game yet? check.

A huge announcement coming tommorow? check.

+1 sold copy of the GOTY edition? check.

katsuo7171 said:

August 17th, 3:52 pm

This ModNation stuff is all just a ploy to get users to buy your game twice. I’m not falling for it. ;)

Jon_Mclane said:

August 17th, 3:52 pm

why does it say ps home in the feature list? I don’t remember this game having any home integration

Ausohoj said:

August 17th, 3:52 pm

shoot. i meant greatest LBP level creators. I hate typos.

Capt-Fury- said:

August 17th, 3:53 pm

is the save file of the regular edition compatible with the GOTY edition?

Berke-h said:

August 17th, 3:55 pm

This is great news, I somehow never had the chance to purchase LBP, even though it felt very compelling. Now, this makes the deal for me. Thank you MM!

Ryukofdeath said:

August 17th, 3:56 pm

Really, your going to make me buy this version too…Hey if i put this disk in will it load my Original LBP Saves? If so, then im trading in my Two lbps for this one tommarow

niall077 said:

August 17th, 3:57 pm

cant wait to see how SCEE put the PSN bubble on that box art

OneEightyTwo said:

August 17th, 3:57 pm

Great deal, this game changed gaming.

jqtaxpayer said:

August 17th, 3:57 pm

Cool. Can’t wait for an opportunity for us early adopters (I actually got a pre-release copy, thanks to the power of the internet) to get into the Modnation Racers beta.

Shin-Ra said:

August 17th, 4:03 pm

If the Game of the Year Edition starts a new trophy list, are all the trophies the same?

onlineatron said:

August 17th, 4:04 pm

Silly me…

I bought the game last year in order to support the developers and Sony. I should have know my support would go un-rewarded….

Silly Silly me…!!!!!!1

Gr00v3r06 said:

August 17th, 4:04 pm

Love this game glad to see it is getting a 2nd round on the release. When will the Play Create Share points work?

DARK_JAK_911 said:

August 17th, 4:07 pm

So only people with the GOTY edition can play the hand picked GOTY levels? I’m doubting this can be true. Can you give me a reply Mark?

TheRootBeerKing said:

August 17th, 4:07 pm

And yet I still probably won’t buy this game. Though the mod nation racers beta is mighty tempting! Still I’m just not sure I’d enjoy Little Big Planet, I heard along ago the controls weren’t very tight so that worries me. If only there were a demo for this game…

Kchow23 said:

August 17th, 4:08 pm

The same style of characters from ModNation Racers possibly replacing the Home characters and the PSN avatars? now that would be a dream come true :)

Dice_for_Death_ said:

August 17th, 4:08 pm

Guess I’ll hold off my purchase until they becomes available.

poweredbyzen said:

August 17th, 4:10 pm

i already have the game AND the add-ons! so many games coming out in september, i’m not sure if this one will be on top of my list. basically, it’s full price for ModNation beta. there’s a recession in my bank account right now, in case Sony is curious. :\

Dice_for_Death_ said:

August 17th, 4:11 pm

Thankfully, I’m not a “true fan” who is supposedly “getting screwed” by the pricing of this version of LBP; I’m an enthusiast is who capitalizing on A) holding off on getting the game for all these months, and B) Telling myself there’d be a version akin to this, knowing it would sell enough to warrant this product.

Feels good, man.

IronFistedChamp said:

August 17th, 4:12 pm

Hopefully you actually advertise it this time…

triple_lei said:

August 17th, 4:13 pm

What a bunch of whiners.

You wanted the game on day one, and you paid full price for it. Nothing wrong with paying a premium for enjoying something (much) earlier.

Maybe I should check on the recent “Greatest Hits” topic to see if you all were whining there too. I bet it goes something like:

“WAAHH!! I paid $60 for Uncharted, but now it’s $30? What gives?? And who cares if you were trying to gain more fans this way? I’m going to go back in time to warn myself.”

Shin-Ra said:

August 17th, 4:19 pm

If you don’t like superior, cheaper models of things coming out later:

Don’t buy games, computers, hi-fi’s, tv’s, cars etc etc.

The “I supported you from the start!” comments are a joke. You always pay a premium to get things first and it’s not like you haven’t been given a bunch of free DLC and feature upgrades already. And they’re still not finished.

ADR143 said:

August 17th, 4:21 pm

dam good deal! hopefully i can get in the modnation beta.

btw SONY or MM can u guys put out LBP planet avatars in PSN? is a shame we dont have any and all other great ps3 exclusive games

almighty-slayer said:

August 17th, 4:21 pm

Announcement? We knew about this months ago, sorry Sony :P

Micheal_Bluth said:

August 17th, 4:23 pm

I wonder if they’ve held back on full DLC levels (like MGS pack) so that they didn’t have to include them in this edition for free.

Ultranium said:

August 17th, 4:23 pm

Good deal. It’s too bad that i already bought LBP and the MGS packs.

STMaraj said:

August 17th, 4:24 pm

How much will the original edition cost????? I really want this game but the price is too high for me.

ozmafire101 said:

August 17th, 4:26 pm

Sony, since I have the original copy, if I get this am I gonna have to start all over getting everything or will my save file work with the GOTY edition?

toology01 said:

August 17th, 4:27 pm

About these 18 new levels created by community designers. Were these levels overlooked by Media Molecule? In other words can we expect the same level of polish and creativity as MM developed levels?

onlineatron said:

August 17th, 4:32 pm

Modnation Racers is one of my most anticipated games, yet being the fool I am I bought the game day 1 in order support Mm and the developers.

So no beta or free content for me =(

MrCaine said:

August 17th, 4:35 pm

its u losers that WILL pay for this that are screwing it up. us, more intelligent ppl know us Day 1ers are getting screwed. and if the ‘less smart’ ones would catch on, we wouldn’t be getting screwed over. now, losers, u can stop with ur nasty psn messages like im gonna read them. but u make it easy to know who to block. so, intelligent ppl, lets not stand for this anymore.

lobotomies4free said:

August 17th, 4:37 pm

thanks for putting it all on the disc instead of just throwing in vouchers. It’s nice to be able to play it all at a friend’s house

SkyNet003 said:

August 17th, 4:42 pm

If you don’t want to be “screwed”, wait a year, like we “losers” did.

jamerica said:

August 17th, 4:48 pm

Awesome! I’ll telling my friend about this…

Dice_for_Death_ said:

August 17th, 4:49 pm

I’m actually kind of jazzed for ModNation Racers, now that I’m thinking about LBP GOTY and the beta voucher. Kind of… excited.

cronqvist said:

August 17th, 4:52 pm

I already own LBP, but I´m very tempted to get the GOTY edition.

VincentVendetta said:

August 17th, 4:53 pm

You know, I could buy this new edition for the Beta and the 18 levels, but I still have my original LBP that I bought on day 1. AND I WILL STAY LOYAL TO IT! BACK OFF SONY! I SHALL NOT BE TEMPTED BY YOUR OFFERS! FREEEEEEDOOOOOM!

zooyork198 said:

August 17th, 4:58 pm

now i have a really gud reason 2 get LBP. Gr8 bundle & beta 4 Modnation!!!

PullusPardusUS said:

August 17th, 4:59 pm

hey MM, what do you guys think about Modnation Racers?, it must be pretty awesome to have others take inspiration from you.

will we see a sackboy character in there?
maybe riding a toolbox or something made of nuts and bolts

JimmyHACK said:

August 17th, 5:00 pm

LBP should seriously be a free pack-in game with ps3 hardware by now.

Canuck4Life said:

August 17th, 5:04 pm

By “limited supply”, do you mean that all copies of the game for a certain period of time starting at launch will include a voucher for the beta? Or will some copies have vouchers and some not?

Looking forward to your announcement tomorrow!

roseofmayix said:

August 17th, 5:05 pm

Lol..So if all this DL content is included with the game for free, why are those of us that already own the game having to pay for the content in the store still?

There seriously better be a plan to give us this content for free. Otherwise this is a swift kick in the teeth for those of us who have been playing LBP to death this past year. :[

Sponge-worthy said:

August 17th, 5:12 pm

A reasonably priced GOTY downloadable pack would be nice for the rest of us who already own the game, thus giving you license to put “GOTY” on the packaging in the first place. Hmmm?

IceColdKilla44 said:

August 17th, 5:19 pm

Awesome. Now anyone who hasn’t gotten LBP yet really has no excuse. I mean come on; Game of the Year!

But hey, come on now Sony, 18 new levels and ModNation Racers Beta…you’re not gonna leave all of us faithful day 1 LBP buyers behind…are you?

mustbehiggy said:

August 17th, 5:22 pm

This is pretty sweet because now I think I’ll finally get my brother to buy it, who lives in another country so we can finally play together. However, I also feel like I was just ripped off at the same time. I payed for lots of DLC and this game nearly a year ago, and now he’ll get it for the same price but with all the DLC AND extra levels. I hope the levels come to everyone else eventually.

Man, this is just like the force unleashed.. the sith version has added content and most people already have the game who are gonna buy it anyway. Game companies need to start giving long time customers benefits not just throw benefits out to try getting the n00bs involved. Only good thing I see here is that more people get the game and hopefully more levels are made =) YAY!

lyfestory said:

August 17th, 5:24 pm

im among those who’d like to know why those of us who already bought the game left feeling left out on the free stuff.. those of us who have supported the game from the beginning.. but i still feel somewhat cheated from buying the PS3 at $600, getting absolutely nothing free… go figure…

TRIX_BOL said:

August 17th, 5:24 pm

This is a good deal, I have to concede LBP is a well worth title. Bespoke I have my copy since first day, this edtion is fantastic!

So many things bundled up in a single disc. Plus one gets a ModNation Racers beta voucher, LBP just keeps getting better and better. Can’t waint till tomorrow’s annauncement!

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