PlayStation 3 now $299, slimmer version coming September 1st

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News just in from gamescom

It’s confirmed! The PlayStation 3 is now available for $299. Yes, NOW! Today, Kaz Hirai also announced a new, slimmer form factor 120 GB PS3 (available September 1st). SCEA President and CEO Jack Tretton shows off the new hardware in this video.

Itching for a closer look at the new PS3? We’ve got pics.

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  • Hey regaruding FW 3.0 .. where is cross game chat / invites.. i remember about a year or more ago.. you said you heard us.. why has this not come to fruition yet? is there any hope..? FW 3.0 does look fairly good however.. just not THAT good.

  • Oh, so tiny… but not so shiny.

  • Now for the magic question: IS IT !!!BACKWARDS COMPATIBLE WITH PS2 GAMES!!!!!

  • Jack Tretton, you are the MAN! Though, we’ve actually known about this for an hour now. Isn’t the internet amazing? Thank you for your hard work and thanks for passing it on to us. =)

  • This tempts me to buy a 2nd PS3. It looks very nice.

  • @3: No


    Jeff, can you confirm if the HDD is removable (and upgradeable) in the PS3 slim?

  • epic announcement

  • BlackPhoenix23

    Great to Hear, i have a question will you guys be dropping the price of the Repair Fee

  • @bball230

    This post isn’t about Fw3.00 genius. Did you miss the title or perhaps the article below it? We’ve heard all of your whining points already, and even if no one had, we would have know what you were going to whine about. Saying them again in a first post doesn’t make them any better.

  • How ever do you keep these secrets sony?

  • Please tell me this will be $299 Canadian and not $349 or some other stupid price.

  • Just posted a craigslist ad to get rid of my little brother’s 360. He hogs my ps3 he wants his own.

  • Jack-Bauer-89

    Dont like the slim`s design plus im happy with my current Ps3 :)

  • Finally, better go alert my friends!

  • Vash_Nightmare

    LOve you guys, I might pick up a second ps3 or buy one as a gift to a relative

  • I hope we can upgrade our PS3 Slim HDD.

    Thanks for the news Jeff!


    Oh my god oh my god my ps3 crashed a month ago I’m buying this for sure Sony Sony somy you know just how to rape my wallet but then again you can’t rape the willing

  • Very nice, Great job SONY!

  • sweet finally 300 $ ! guess rumored ps3 pics were true. Little fugly :/

  • IceColdKilla44

    Pretty cool.

    Thanks Jack and Jeff.

  • Massive applause

  • PlaySeriousGamer

    Sweet finally they announced the slim, but I wish they changed the look so it could’ve surprised other consumers since we saw leaked pics of it online.

  • littleBIGireland

    So conflicted on the design… i like the new look, but I prefer the old logo and touch panels…

    Well at least you are improving continually!

    Nice work guys

  • Cool beans.

    Honestly, with the recent price drop, SONY will no doubt dominate this generation as well.

  • Bah I love that man. Such an innocent speaking style.

  • THANK YOU!!!!!! FINALLY!!!!!!!!! :D I’m getting that on day ONE!

  • also when will FW 3.0 be up?

  • Alot of people are going to be satisfied with this one. For those of us who have one, we’re her to spread the news. Better yet some of us is here to buy another one.

  • Wait a minute…I just saw the video…the PS3 slim is NOT shiny. WHY IS IT NOT SHINY!!!


  • Hopefully this will mean that a lot of new people will be owning PS3s soon and see how awesome it is.

    Seems like I’m the only person I know personally who has one, yay more people to play with online and off.

  • I will have 2 PS3s now. Now I can do even more multitasking, lol.

  • Very nice, great job guys. One question: Can you still upgrade the HDD yourself? Is that a removable piece under the Blu-Ray slot to do it?

  • I fear that sony isnt going to see that MASSIVE amount of sales yet with this ps3 slim / price cut… yes there will be HUGE sales within the next few months but this IS not the sweet spot.. remeber we are in a recession and MANY people either have an xbox/wii and people with xboxs dont see much reason to buy the PS platfourm. the sweet spot will be 199.

  • AbYsS_WaRlOrD


  • Can the hard drive be upgraded?

  • I’m going to have to get this one!

  • the HD will not be upgradable, look at the pix. I’ll stick with my 60gb shell with 320 in it thank you…

  • NIICE now you post here haha grats Sony nobody gunna complain bout this move good job.

  • that-acmilan-guy

    I must say i am not so fond of the new ps3, it is small but it looks more like a cheap kid’s device than a sophisticated one.

  • Where’s the port to replace the hard drive? did you remove that feature?

  • skinnynerd03

    SONY! you guys are AWESOME!
    Not only a price cut, BUT a Slim!
    anyways..i hope you do make a profit with that thing lol XD

  • While it has taken me a while to recover from the shock of this announcement, I am still not convinced by the design, but then again, it took me a while to get used to the design of the go, and now I really like it

    So yeah, certainly a good price, however, it is clear that there is no removable HDD and no card slots, but is there still wi-fi?


    Now bring back the BC PLEASE!

  • skinnynerd03

    but ur tempting me to go buy a second PS3..just the slim XD

  • FlashFlooder

    As a current 60GB launch unit owner, I really want to buy a slim, make it my primary machine and keep the old one as a 2nd PS3. HOWEVER, a lot of the save files are locked to my old system, and I would lose all my progress in about half of my games. PLEASE fix this Sony, I really want to buy your shiny new toy.

  • The single most importaint question for me is wether or not the HDD will be swapable. The graphics processor in my launch PS3 is artifacting and breaking splines so im looking to replace it.

    I’ll get the slim as long as the HDD is swapable but if not i’ll have to hunt down a NIB PS3 Fatty.



  • Question. We can still upgrade the HDD in the Slim right? I have a 320GB HDD… I don’t think I can go back down. ;)

  • Replaceable HDD?

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