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Aug 18

Aug 18

PlayStation 3 now $299, slimmer version coming September 1st

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News just in from gamescom

It’s confirmed! The PlayStation 3 is now available for $299. Yes, NOW! Today, Kaz Hirai also announced a new, slimmer form factor 120 GB PS3 (available September 1st). SCEA President and CEO Jack Tretton shows off the new hardware in this video.

Itching for a closer look at the new PS3? We’ve got pics.

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Asylum3395 said:

August 18th, 12:33 pm

Do you think it is reasonable to sell the PSP Go for $250 when the PS3 slim is comming out for $299? That isnt much of a price difference and i think you should lower the cost of the PSP GO.

wizeguy22 said:

August 18th, 12:33 pm

hdd upgrade on slim?????

Enigma777 said:

August 18th, 12:36 pm

I humbly welcome all the new PS3 users! All your base are belong to us!

Stoffinator said:

August 18th, 12:37 pm

Wow Sony, is that thing ugly or what. But glad to see the price drop, much over due.

Bobflac said:

August 18th, 12:37 pm

if i can’t put in 320 k and not play ps1 or ps2 NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SALE don’t care how much u cut price these are the things we want in a system i will keep my ps3 with 320 k tks but no tks

dntrd said:

August 18th, 12:38 pm

Like the new look of PS3 console. The question on everyones mind is can the HDD be swap-out for a larger capacity.

BigBoss712 said:

August 18th, 12:39 pm

Great, a lot of my friends were waiting for this.

Heero_YuyAC1982 said:

August 18th, 12:39 pm

I just noticed while looking at the pics for the new PS3 that it says DTS-HD Master Audio. Does this mean the new PS3 can now bitstream the format. If so can we expect that with a firmware upgrade for the current PS3

phinnv8 said:

August 18th, 12:40 pm

#1 I wish Sony put a USB port on the back
#2 I wish it had PS2 BC
#3 I hope the hard drive is upgradable
#4 I wish Linux could be installed on this

But congrats on getting the price to $299 and the PS3 Slim Sony!

triple_lei said:

August 18th, 12:40 pm

So long, competitors… we hardly knew ye.

gooch-getta said:

August 18th, 12:41 pm

Slim = Ugly

Why not the same looking system in a smaller design? What about the HDD replaceable? The Logo on the cover looks like [DELETED].

Ares-25 said:

August 18th, 12:43 pm

ok so this is great, now the 360 arguers have no hit on us since this

Shrewder said:

August 18th, 12:43 pm


Despite the fact the Slim info has been out there for awhile, I’m glad to hear the official announcement and that it will arrive soon. I always felt the PS3 had the better features for the price. The new price point puts it ahead of the 360. Even if Microsoft follows through with the one-hundred dollar price drop of the ELITE, the Slim is the BEST value.

This is such a positive next step in the brand. I hope that this move will finally drive up the sale numbers and spur the growth of the platform. Sony just needs to catch up to the 360 in the way of it’s online gaming functions.

When I can afford to, I will make a Slim system my third PS3 unit.

davivman said:

August 18th, 12:44 pm

I know it has been said that the slim has the same capabilities as the version currently available, but I would still like to see a spec sheet to peruse.

nYcFrEeWiLL82 said:

August 18th, 12:44 pm

wow..this is a slap in the face for those of us who bought the OLD ps3 and paid MORE..and now the NEW SLIMMER ONE is CHEAPER and it has the SAME FEATURES..man ..this is disappointing..yeah we know you guys need to raise up the sales..but for it to have the same price as the OLD one is ridiculous! well i guess we we see a whole new bunch of CHEAP PLAYER out now.. trading in their box to finally get a taste of REAL GAMING from the PS3..THANX SONY..now i gotta get some Bengey for my SLAP WOUNDS :/

TJ-Max said:

August 18th, 12:45 pm

So all of you excited about the slimmer PS3, don’t own a PS3 already?
I have an original PS3 from 2006, and I wouldn’t mine replacing it will the slimmer one because it looks nicer, but I’d lose all the goodies that the original PS3s were packed with. (HW Based Backwards Compatibility, SA-CD player, replaceable hard drive, extra USB ports and MultiCard Reader) And I have to assume more quality parts. Cause I mean lets face it, the only point to Sony about releasing a slimmer PS3 and Cheaper PS3 is by the use of cheaper and less quality parts. Thats just how its done. So is it really something PS3 owners need to get excited about?


August 18th, 12:46 pm

wait does your PSNID keep your trophy information? Like if i buy the slim and sign into my account will i still have my trophies??? Anyone?

Dracorius said:

August 18th, 12:47 pm

Well Sony. This is one crazy marketing strategy, it’s working on me! LDP GOTY, more greatest hits, new psp colors, psp minis, and the PSPGo! I have two PS3’s one for me and one for my kids and one psp for the long bus ride. I will probably get this one just so I can hook one up to the 52″ plasma.
You guys need to do one more thing. Emphasize that the psn network and playing online is free! A lot of people still don’t know that!

Decepticon79 said:

August 18th, 12:49 pm

ok im pissed, i just bought another because my first PS3 was stolen but the point im getting to is, PS3 will have everything we have with more memory but smaller, what if people who just bought PS3’s would like to get that same deal as everyone else, im mean come on now 120gb, wow, way to treat a customer.

gus_xl said:

August 18th, 12:51 pm

I almost want a second PS3 now. But first, my second PSP in the way of PSPGo..

Alchemic-Desire said:

August 18th, 12:51 pm

WTF guys why am I sitting here with a 40 Gig non-BC PS3 that I paid $400 for? At least set us up with a discount coupon for a new HD for being LOYAL?

abryan39 said:

August 18th, 12:52 pm

hay is this ps3 going to be compadible with ps2 games becuse the fat ass ps3 120 gig did just wondering

ejenks909 said:

August 18th, 12:52 pm

I hate the way the Slim looks, but hopefully the price drop will entice some new gamers to the Playstation 3 platform.

abryan39 said:

August 18th, 12:53 pm


abryan39 said:

August 18th, 12:53 pm

is it come on people

abryan39 said:

August 18th, 12:54 pm


twooh said:

August 18th, 12:55 pm

Jeeez. That thing is ugly. The original design is a work of art. This design isn’t even close.

DaNnYBoii9o9 said:

August 18th, 12:55 pm

I must have it lol

Quamina said:

August 18th, 12:55 pm

Yeah Slim PS3!!!!

abryan39 said:

August 18th, 12:56 pm

hay is the ps3 bc with ps2 dam it

IceCold said:

August 18th, 12:57 pm

i figured this woudl be the next post. V3.,0 firmware jsut in time for Slim ps3. This is great work guys, NOW cross game chat would be nice.

ShadyDa1NOnly said:

August 18th, 12:58 pm

Cool may get a 2nd PS3. But like half of da other people in here said. Can we upgrade da HDD? Cuz i want more then 120gbs… I got 320gbs i think on my PS3 now. If i can upgrade the PS3 Slim i will get it=].

abryan39 said:

August 18th, 12:58 pm

hay ice cold is this backwards compadible with ps2

WastelandDan said:

August 18th, 1:00 pm

Now it won’t match my Bravia );

LOL, who am I kidding I wanna Slim SO bad! I have never upgraded the hard drive AND traveling is a constant thing for me so this is exactly what the doctor ordered!

PS: Take that…
2. Full of there self publishers
3. Morgan Webb

Neil said:

August 18th, 1:01 pm


joseph2411 said:

August 18th, 1:02 pm

Great news, I have my PS3 already so i am not getting the slim, but i hope now ppl get it so Uncharted 2 can sell millions and millions.

Ultranium said:

August 18th, 1:03 pm

It’s good that it has dropped in price, but the redesign looks ugly. What happened to the spiderman font on the ps3? I’ll stick with the superior 40gb.

Xx_Ic4rO_xX said:

August 18th, 1:03 pm

QUE BIEN Jack Tretton ! ! SE LA COMIERON ! CONGRATULATIONS! Nunca me habia comprado la PS3 y ahora voy de lleno. Y de paso, SOCOM Confrontation paso a se un Greatest Hits, 30$ NOW ! JAJAJA ! Muy bien !

BurntOrange32 said:

August 18th, 1:03 pm

Related to gamescom…. Will the psp go + gran turismo deal apply in the US? I really want a psp go, but was hoping for a game to be bundled with it.

GooDer_gAMe said:

August 18th, 1:05 pm

looks cool, hopefully with this price drop and nice new version that even more peopel start buying ps3’s!~

kvalnir said:

August 18th, 1:05 pm

i’d like to second (third? forth?) the question about removing/upgrading the hard drive.

HouseMorton said:

August 18th, 1:07 pm

I’ll never buy another Playstation until BC is a standard feature again.

IceCold said:

August 18th, 1:09 pm


cheaper does not mean a sacrifice in quality. I’m assuming a different chipset is used, which will generate less hear, so now you can cut back on some of the heat displacement hardware installed, smaller form factor, which uses less material, they have probably streamlined the manufacturing process as well. All this goes into the bottom line, cheaper to make.

for those complaining about BC I’m sure they ahve heard you from day 1. i still believe a software upgrade will give us emulation. most of the ps1 content that you want to play will probably be made avail as a ps3/psp interface. not sure if the psp can handle ps2 software, if it can then we are in a world of innovation.

Heck, Sony sound just take my resume and hire me.

HaVoK_ said:

August 18th, 1:09 pm

I like it, i wonder if i can trade in my 80G for the slim. Definitley pondering it.

Jeigh said:

August 18th, 1:10 pm

Hm, actually the new look (a bit uglier) might be the silver lining for those who recently purchased one of the fatter models. Though some stores have deals where they’ll refund the difference if there’s a price drop within 30 days of the purchase. Some of you may want to look into that.

Tredogg14TK said:

August 18th, 1:10 pm

i knew it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

joaryche said:

August 18th, 1:14 pm

interesting design..can they standardize the ps3 font? is it the spiderman font or the PS3 commercial font? now this?

cheaper plastic will also allow multiple colors of the ps3 slim to come out…already seeing silver dualshock3 controllers..i bet silver ps3 slim is just around the corner…

i thought b/c would surely be included with this.

FelisCatusLover said:

August 18th, 1:15 pm

Really hope it has PS2 compatibility, if it does I’m selling my fat PS3. Also, hope it don’t scratch as easily. One thing I am upset about though is the lack of a memory card adapter, I know Sony removed this from previous units but my current PS3 has it and I make heavy use of it (I copy my movies, pictures, videos, etc via SD card and on rare occasions, via Memory Stick).

jBat17 said:

August 18th, 1:16 pm

why do you need BC? you can buy a ps2 for $99.. plus, ps2 games look ugly on your HDTV

Scodo_Thope said:

August 18th, 1:18 pm

Finally price point where even my parents could justify the purchase .

Nice, thanks SONY!

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