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Aug 27

Aug 27

It Only Does Everything

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Senior Vice President, Marketing & PlayStation Network

I’m excited today to unveil our brand new ad campaign for PlayStation 3. This year is going to be a game-changing year for PlayStation. Last week, we extended an incredible value proposition with the $299 price move and the introduction of a sleek new form factor for the 120 GB PS3. We’ve coupled this news with a truly unmatched content line up this year with some of the most eagerly anticipated games in our history. But this is just half the story. Today we are laying down the final puzzle piece with a new marketing campaign for the PS3 and the introduction of its new tagline, “It Only Does Everything.”

You may remember our MLB ad from earlier this year where we introduced Dustin Pedroia’s “Dear PlayStation” spot and our resident PlayStation expert Kevin Butler. These new ads, created by our partners at Deutsch LA, birthed a new campaign in which we will have direct conversations with consumers about everything the PS3 can do. And as you’ll see below, “It Only Does Everything.”

We know many of you would agree that the PS3 is an unrivaled gaming console. It’s also the best Blu-ray player on the market. And most of you are probably aware that you can now download more than 2,000 movies without even leaving your couch. However, we recognize there are still many consumers who may not be aware of how powerful the PS3 truly is. So we’ve tailored this campaign a bit differently to extend our reach and PS3 family.

From now through the holiday season, you’ll see and hear about all the broad features and benefits this amazing device has to offer across multiple media including TV, radio, online, retail and social networking outlets. A total of 9 TV spots will roll out throughout the holiday, each highlighting a different benefit and feature of the PS3. So whether you’re a hardcore gamer or a Blu-ray enthusiast, you will have something to takeaway from these ads.

We’re kick starting the campaign with a TV spot highlighting the new $299 price point on September 1. But for you, our loyal fans, here’s an official sneak peek.

It’s a fully integrated campaign that seamlessly intertwines hardware, gaming and PlayStation Network benefits under one umbrella, each with a dose of our own irreverent humor. We knew you’d want more than just one peek, so here’s a spot in which Kevin commiserates with a consumer about getting her boyfriend to get his PS3 connected to the PlayStation Network. Enjoy!

We look forward to your feedback and continued excitement, for what will be a truly great holiday and year for PlayStation. There’s more to come, so stay tuned.

Peter Dille

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Powerlunch said:

August 27th, 3:34 pm

Now the PS3 is hot

sdf2501 said:

August 27th, 3:34 pm

You guys need to play these in movie theaters. I guarantee you’ll get a pop with the crowd.

TwoPerfect said:

August 27th, 3:35 pm

haha great ads! Come on!

RogueCommando said:

August 27th, 3:38 pm

I have to say, the new logo I dont like. Its not boxy like ps2 – really going back to your roots – and its not new hence next gen the new generation. Why didn’t you guys keep the PS3 spiderman logo. not spell it out just PS3.

shrimpdude said:

August 27th, 3:46 pm

These ads were actually very funny, and I hate most ads.

winterfreshh said:

August 27th, 3:51 pm

Finally some great ads!!!! Now people can finally realize how dominate the PS3 is!!! Great job guys!!

atreyu_- said:

August 27th, 3:52 pm

-Cross Game Chat/ Cross game launching
-In Game Music for Every Game IF YOU CANT DO THIS SAY SO!!!I’m sick of waiting and being strung along.The 360 has these features standered.I like sony more,but these features are more important to my gaming needs then a few exsclusive games,i.e uncharted 2,god of war III, MAG(and MAG will be usless without X game invites).I WANT TO KNOW IF I SHOULD TRAD MY PS3 IN ,OR NOT.These features are the STANDERD NOW.IF YOU CANT PUT THEM IN TELL US!!!!Seems like i payed $600.00 for a secound rate system.DID I?

Rai_11 said:

August 27th, 3:56 pm

wow. surprisingly effective.

zzVengeance said:

August 27th, 3:58 pm

Lmao, I love these ads, I want more of these.

Ardrid said:

August 27th, 4:10 pm

Absolutely fantastic ads. I love these!

sazzrah said:

August 27th, 4:13 pm


Or, you know… read Kotaku. Which is clearly where you got that from.

Also they contacted both EA and Sony who denied this was true. I am inclined to believe them.

nmjbf24 said:

August 27th, 4:15 pm

to those complaining about the nigerian prince comment……have you guys NEVER gotten one of those spam emails about a “nigerian prince” (or from some other african country) claiming that if youll give them your bank account info they will deposit millions of dollars into it for some kind of mining project or whatever and as soon as its done theyll “kindly” leave all those millions in your account? really? its kind of a very well known spammers trick at this point

sharpshooter04 said:

August 27th, 4:16 pm

yep it is one powerful system, and the ps3s full potential will never be used.

dulcediana said:

August 27th, 4:24 pm

Is EA Holding Back PS3 Cross-Game Voice Chat?

EA can go to hell sony just put cross chat

shivstr said:

August 27th, 4:26 pm

love the new ads :D very funny

sharpshooter04 said:

August 27th, 4:27 pm

I don’t like the new PS3 as much as the old one that i own, with the 80gb hard drive and 4 usb ports and all the memory stick slots, and the finger motion buttons , but then again, with the economy and all, i guess sony needed to take out alot of those things so they can make it cheaper and sell more, but the ps3 still kicks A S S !!!

aaronp01 said:

August 27th, 4:29 pm

To all the whiners who keep saying “everything but BC”: if you were to buy a new ps2 slim (99.99) and a new ps3 (299.99), it would still be cheaper than a launch ps3. If you want to run linux, get a cheap notebook with an HDMI port and put it on there. Personally, i’ve had my 80 gb semi-BC (graphics synthesizer only) since Christmas 2007, plus I have a 2nd generation old school ps2 (no iLink port) plugged into an old CRT tv for dual-boxing EQOA: Frontiers.

roadsterjam said:

August 27th, 4:39 pm

Nice to hear the voice saying “Playstation” from PS1 commercial.

tacoface1994 said:

August 27th, 4:45 pm


KainDrake said:

August 27th, 4:48 pm

i’m sorry. i love ps3, but you can’t say it does everything when you remove ps2 playback

SpiderX said:

August 27th, 4:56 pm

“Whats wrong with him?!”

lol, great ads, I feel the winds changing…

YeWest_is_da_man said:

August 27th, 5:00 pm

“He hates candles too!!!”

“…COME ON!!”

Haha, great commercial here Sony! This stuff is both information and has humor, which I think is the better part of the commercial. Can’t wait to see these on TV!

gundamman said:

August 27th, 5:02 pm

hey pete, is it just me or in the 2nd ad, at the end, the Director told him to sound like jerry sinfeld, either way GENIUS!!!!!, and to be fair i tought he would say COME ON!!! at the end, lmao, any feedback would be sweet =D

tacoface1994 said:

August 27th, 5:08 pm

come on playstation you know you can do better then that. what about some more kooler updates. here some thing do an update so playstation owners can create a party and be able to talk to each other from other games. like im on a game andi want talk to one or ten of my friends and they are other games so i create a party and then i talk to them. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME . TACOS OUT!!!!!!!!

spunnups said:

August 27th, 5:09 pm

Best commercials from Sony since the Ratchet and Clank ones.

HairyAsHell said:

August 27th, 5:24 pm

Excellent job guys! As a indy dev, I must say it really is exciting to see that you guys have got your act together. Please keep up the great work and give the consumers what they want. That way Sony, the developers and ofcourse users themselves will all be happy :)

Mate said:

August 27th, 5:31 pm

He’s playing LBP without connecting it to the internet? Bad bathroom analogy too. I liked the first ad though.

PS2 functionality is coming with firmware 3.0, which will come at the end of the PS2’s 10-year life span (late next year) :)

I think the slim is okay but you should have kept the Spider-Man font for the new ‘PS3’ logo.

BRINGIT-87 said:

August 27th, 5:43 pm

“Whats wrong with him” LMAO :)


August 27th, 5:44 pm

what is wrong with him ROFL

MacbethZero said:

August 27th, 5:57 pm

Hi from México!!!

hey, i´ve got a question for you guys, being on youtube i found this


according to it, it´s supossed to be the oficial youtube playstation´s channel.

my question is:

is it real? is it vile spam?

second question: Will we (Mexican PSN users)ever get access to Playstation home soon?, been over a year since it launched. so im kinda curious.

thank you guys. oh, btw, those adds ROCK!! really Fun, not like those of “this is living” :P


August 27th, 6:00 pm

Good ad campaign…should appeal to the masses…at least the first one

bassgenerator said:

August 27th, 6:01 pm

Can ‘It only does everything’ be classed as false adevertisement? As PS3 clearly doesn’t do everything and lacks features that are supposed to be there, i.e. B/C, in-game music – a feature that is there but isn’t if you know what I mean?

bassgenerator said:

August 27th, 6:02 pm

I do like the ads, everyone in here gets them, but I feel others not fasmiliar with PS3 won’t. Sony’s ads always tell you what it has, but they fail to show you what it does, and what it means. The second ad tells you about downlading movies and TV shows. People know what this means and don’t need showing. The ad tells you about the PSN and Home, what is this mean to others who don’t know? The PS3 is $299, great but it doesn’t say it is a new slimmer model with bult in 120gb HDD. People who are not famliar won’t realize that the PS3 shown is a different slimmer model. They could easily go to store and buy the bigger PS3 not knowing they are buying an older version.
Sony needs to show the games that state ‘only on PS3’ Sony need to show gamers around the world playing against each other and in co-operative. SOny needs to show people navagating on the XMB to Home and loading it up to show what goes on in there. Sony needs to show the store and whats you can download. Show everything that it can do then say ‘all this for only $299’ They would need to show blu-ray as there are still sooooo many people who don’t even know what blu-ray is yet?

Match_98 said:

August 27th, 6:03 pm

y no ps store update today

Pablo0620 said:

August 27th, 6:06 pm

I dont know why but I am really liking the look of the new PS3…its def growing on me. Wasnt a big fan at first but its sweet

msk2315 said:

August 27th, 6:32 pm

sTaB_u_N_uR_i said:

August 27th, 6:35 pm

Im so tired of hearing people whine about BC.

(i cant even begin to imagine how the good people at sony feel)

Buying a ps3 to play ps2 games is like buying a brand new car and still taking the bus every day.

craigercsm said:

August 27th, 6:35 pm

The PS3 doesn’t do everything. It can’t do full fast web because the web browser stinks.

estoc1 said:

August 27th, 6:38 pm


progdemon0085 said:

August 27th, 6:39 pm

10/10 on the ads

now we just need Tales of Vesperia and XMB chat and PS3 will truly have everything

Sekoku said:

August 27th, 6:41 pm

It only does everything…

except Custom Soundtracks, Cross Game Chat, browser not lock up on a majority of websites, forces Hulu to let it on it’s site and not have hulu chug…


August 27th, 6:41 pm

FINALLY YOUR BACK ON TO THE GOOD ADS!! That former baby one(the early ads were kinda wierd, almost scary), if i hadn’t just lost all my information and everything else due to that stupid yellow light i might have been able to buy new games, instead i’m paying $150 for a repair—–boy sony’s lucky i am addicted. sony should call up collegehumor.com to get internet ads going, hilarious i could imagine

Sekoku said:

August 27th, 6:42 pm

Oh and reminds me:

It only does everything…

…except play Playstation 2 JRPGs that everyone and their mom wants (sup, SMT?).

OffiCElineBACR said:

August 27th, 6:46 pm

Great Commercials; keep ’em coming and above all play them 24/7. (:-)

MikeChk12 said:

August 27th, 6:50 pm

Can we get ONE more commercial that does a comparison between what you get from the PS3 and the XBOX 360 for $299. This would be the nail in the coffin for MS!

dulcediana said:

August 27th, 6:55 pm

all those pleople crying because some people throw some feedback to Sony are just the worse.

Yeah a lot people aren’t conformist live with it! and if they want their ps3 slims to have BC and cross-chat the have all the right to ask about them.

AdamTheGreat91 said:

August 27th, 7:01 pm

Yeah, pretty good stuff sony. You know what my ps3 doesn’t do? TELL TIME RIGHT! Like in spy kids, they have a watch that does everything but tell time, thats what the ps3 is! And is it too much to ask for .AVI video streaming off a home network too? All it would take is a friggin codec that they probably already have a licence to.

amak111 said:

August 27th, 7:13 pm

I like candles

Ja_mestheGreat said:

August 27th, 7:18 pm

Now that’s the Sony I know! :)

ThanatosDMC said:

August 27th, 7:23 pm


It’s humor and funniness that gets people.

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