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Aug 28

Aug 28

Ratchet’s Rocket: A Crack in Time’s New Space Gameplay

James Stevenson's Avatar Posted by Community Lead, Insomniac Games

One of our huge focus points on Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time has been exploration and replay value. This focus is highlighted by our space exploration gameplay, which allows you to fly Ratchet’s ship between the planets in the game – while landing on spherical moons and completing side quests. We put together this video with Creative Director Brian Allgeier that will give you a first look at the new space gameplay.

But don’t take our word for it! We also had IGN into our studio earlier this week to check it out and get some extensive hands-on in one of the space sectors – you can read all of their thoughts here.

One of our favorite parts of space gameplay is how it really rewards you for exploring. The various spherical moons contain Zoni, which allow you to upgrade your ship’s abilities and weapons, and are also required to face-off against our final uber-boss in replay mode (that’s right, hardcore fans, a special boss you’ll need to get beat to get the last trophy). There’s also a huge incentive to explore in that you can discover new mods for your constructo weapons. We’re also really excited because the designers have created some excellent platforming and hoverbooting moons –and some of them, especially later in the game, will challenge long-time platformer fans. 


The other star of the show is Space Radio with its zany commercials, and movie trailers, and fun DJs (like Captain Slag and Rusty Pete on Pirate Radio). Fans paying attention to the news reports will also discover answers to some of their biggest questions about the Ratchet & Clank universe, providing plenty of incentive to tune in while you’re exploring space.

space_007 space_004

We’re excited about this brand new space gameplay as we are continuing to push hard to wrap up the game. For fans traveling to PAX in Seattle next week – make sure you stop by the Sony booth and check out both the Krell Canyon and Great Clock demos. We’ll also have Ratchet in costume, and we will be handing out the mega-popular Comic-Con swag inflatable wrenches. Creative Director Brian Allgeier will also be giving a presentation about the history of Ratchet & Clank weapons (along with some new ones) called Weapons 101.  You can catch that presentation Friday, from 2-3pm in the Unicorn Theatre.

That’s all for now, hope you like the space gameplay. I’ll be happy to try and answer your questions about in the comments below!

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Ausohoj said:

August 28th, 9:02 am

um.. I think you misspeled sace. But oh well. sapce combat sounds fun! One second, i have to watch the video.

HongoXIII said:

August 28th, 9:03 am

I cannot wait for this game. Looks fantastic (like all of the previous games).

Jeigh said:

August 28th, 9:03 am

Upgradable ships!! I’m SO glad to see this. I simply loved the ship missions in Up Your Arsenal. My thanks to the Insomniac Gods. =P

(By the way, Qwark+Ratchet= Hilarious. Excellent choice.)

BIG-SLUG said:

August 28th, 9:04 am

Um…. where the F is the weekly update already? You know it’s friday, folks… How about a post letting us know when it will be up?

mocte32 said:

August 28th, 9:04 am

looks amazing

nv_Los said:

August 28th, 9:05 am

Nice definitely getting this game Day 1, also Space is misspelled

@1 you misspelled misspeled also also XD

JJ555666 said:

August 28th, 9:06 am

Do you mean SPACE not sapce?

infamousXX87XX said:

August 28th, 9:06 am


hobb123 said:

August 28th, 9:06 am

cool wheres psn update ?

evildude683 said:

August 28th, 9:06 am

Really looking forward to this game…

Jeigh said:

August 28th, 9:07 am

@ Ausohoj (1)

Said the vainglorious pot to the kettle. You misspelled ‘misspeled’ and ‘sace’ not to mention that your conventions on a number of levels offend the English language. Maybe you should wait to post until you have something worthwhile to say?

LordMetzen said:

August 28th, 9:07 am

Not to imply you aren’t doing your work…

But if you have time to post something like this with links to new stuff, you SHOULD have the TIME to say what is the problem with the PSN Store Update….

Ausohoj said:

August 28th, 9:08 am

oops. i misspeld space! Must be contagious. But i fineshed watching the video and Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time is now my most wanted game of 2009 betaing out uncharted 2, Batman Arkham Asylum, Metroid Prime trilogy, Wii sports resort, and a whole bunch of others. good job insomniac.

Lokiroo420 said:

August 28th, 9:08 am

How about letting us know whats in the store update, then when we see its the usual crap, everyone can settle down.

Zinacef said:

August 28th, 9:09 am

Oooo, side quests! Can’t wait!

djspinal said:

August 28th, 9:09 am

This game keeps surprising me. I have not gotten the other psn R&C games but this one looks better and better each time I see it. Insomniac rulez!

MadBow said:

August 28th, 9:09 am

Looks sweet. Keep you the good work, and bring on more videos!!

nickert0n said:

August 28th, 9:10 am

This game clearly has so much put into it, everything you guys have shown me has convinced me to purchase it. The Ratchet and Clank Universe has been around a while now and I find it AMAZING how every game you guys release feels like a new exciting IP. Keep doing what your doing guys!

MadBow said:

August 28th, 9:10 am

“Keep up** the good work.”
Opps, my bad!!

Ausohoj said:

August 28th, 9:11 am

@ 11 Hey! We all make mistakes! and what do you mean my conventions offend the english language? And at least i didn’t say “First!” like quite a few people on the internet do for no reason. so I apoligize for whatever it is i did to offend the english language. And i mispelled “mispelled” on my previous post. I just can’t win can I?

Emadeowa said:

August 28th, 9:11 am

Now that’s what Im talkin’ about, I can’t wait….

HaVoK_ said:

August 28th, 9:11 am

OMG the ps store hasn’t updated boo hoo waa waa i’ll have to live my miserable life without the ps store updating! Good god..

Back to the REAL TOPIC, the game looks great! I have no doubt that this game will exceed all expectations. Day 1 purchase.

Black_Ryuk said:

August 28th, 9:11 am

Stop complaining about the update people and look at there twitter page

BurntOrange32 said:

August 28th, 9:14 am

Wow. The space gameplay looks amazing. I love Ratchet and Clank, and I’ve beaten every game more than once ;).

SpiritThief said:

August 28th, 9:14 am

I love how deep the Ratchet games have been getting. For a action game it’s well beyond the wroth of my 60 bucks. R&C games have been on my most replayed list since they have been around. I can’t wait to get this.

Gratz on greatest hits release! Sad you don’t reward us a 12 piece trophy patch or something:D /beg

Glacier928 said:

August 28th, 9:14 am

Looking really forward to this game but I’m still wondering if they’re gonna add multiplayer in it…I mean, I used to play the multiplayer in UYA and Deadlocked all the time. I was puzzled when TOD was released and there was no multiplayer.

By the way, I think it’s funny how people complain about the PS Store update on other posts that don’t relate to the PS Store. I mean, don’t get me wrong, it is really questionable as to why they haven’t fixed the issue yet but this post is about Ratchet, NOT the PS Store update.

Anyway, keep up the good work Insomniac!

Jetup said:

August 28th, 9:15 am

Game looking good

JaKhris said:

August 28th, 9:15 am

Looks great! That space seems to be very challenging. =D

reson8er said:

August 28th, 9:16 am

LOVE IT, day 1.

One word though, you guys need to promote the living **** out of this game. It’s really under the radar now and deserves MUCH more attention. Please do your best, so others can know the power of Quark!

BlooodyCow said:

August 28th, 9:17 am

I have to say, Space combat looking amazing. However, I am really worried about the spaceship flight part. Its doesn’t look fluid and I really hope that it gets a little more polish with some user feedback if there is a demo or is playable at PAX this year. I will not be able to attended PAX because I live in NYC, but I honestly think, base on what I just saw, that they spaceship flight, not space combat, looking somewhat out of place.
Europe is getting a special edition, will we get a special edition also?

Sindred said:

August 28th, 9:18 am

This looks AMAZING!!

RodSquad1167 said:

August 28th, 9:18 am

So we get no comment about the lack of an update, but we get this?

Thank you??

FE_RR said:

August 28th, 9:18 am

ok, you’re alive, thanks god…

FFObsessed said:

August 28th, 9:19 am

Really wish the flying through space was in first person from the cockpit like the old space combat sims. (oh genre why did you have to die?)But this looks great anyway, something I’ve wanted in Ratchet for a long time.

fan1310 said:

August 28th, 9:19 am

Day 1! This game looks amazing!

StalkingSilence said:

August 28th, 9:19 am

@LordMetzen (12),
So let me get this straight… you want James Stevenson, Community Relations Manager at Insomniac Games, to explain why the PS Store update is delayed?

Come on guys, I’m sure Grace Chen and the store team will update us whenever they have some news to provide. It’s not like everything shuts down. Even Jeff is the social media manager so it’s not his responsibility to update the store. If all you want is a heads up that it’s delayed – I agree that one on here would be nice, but the @SonyPlayStation twitter account posted a notice yesterday.

Feather_NET said:

August 28th, 9:21 am


THANK YOU! Jesus, I was just about to type all that up. +1 for you my good sir.

StalkingSilence said:

August 28th, 9:22 am

For all you others, here is a heads up about the PS Store delay – http://playstationlifestyle.net/2009/08/28/us-ps-store-update-not-tonight-better-luck-tomorrow

EPRaider08 said:

August 28th, 9:23 am

Awesome. This is my most wanted game of the year by far. Getting it day 1.

Gorvi said:

August 28th, 9:24 am

Holy crap that sounds great. With this, Uncharted 2, and Demon’s Souls, October is an awesome month. :)

BlooodyCow said:

August 28th, 9:24 am

Please get the new trailers on the PSN store and this amazing video also on the PSN store in the near future :)
Oh will you guys be making some new avatars and themes for firmware 3.0? I really want a Captain Q. theme, where he is picking his nose or something and then wiping it on Ratchet fur.

    James Stevenson's Avatar

    James Stevenson said:

    August 28th, 9:56 am

    The trailers SHOULD be going up today. I think…

Chaos_Bladez said:

August 28th, 9:25 am

High five James for not making replay value a million collectibles! :D
When I first heard replayability, I feared I’d have to collect a million useless items.

The collectibles you seem to have seem to influence gameplay which is great (as seen in Infamous) and that part makes it addicting. (Unlike games like Assassin’s Creed where the flags were useless)

I’m actually not watching the video (or any for that matter) because I want to it to be great when I see it for myself. :)

Thanks and can’t wait to pick this and Tekken 6 up on the same day! :D

waffman11 said:

August 28th, 9:26 am

*watches video*…MUST HAVE GAME! WAFFMAN SMASH TO GET IT. GRAAAH! *tranquilized* Oh, wait I pre-ordered it, so I’ll get it anyway…*initiate second round of seperation anxiety*I want it now! Whaaaa…

BlooodyCow said:

August 28th, 9:28 am

Base on the new trailer where Captain Q. get capture by that bubble sphere and he said, “Dam you Technology.” I do not there the new theme in 3.0 will support sound like “Dam you technology,” so you guys can put that like a text base caption or something.

almighty-slayer said:

August 28th, 9:28 am

Thanks James, been waiting for this look at space since you mentioned it :D Looks fantastic, as usual ;)

Parapraxis said:

August 28th, 9:28 am

Hey, I have been having problems watching videos posted on the blog for some time now.
I have to start the video and not move my mouse at all, as soon as I move my mouse the video cuts out and goes back to the start and I have to click play again.
Anybody else having this problem, or have a solution?
Help is appreciated, thx.
(should I post this on the PS forums?)

makingdamage said:

August 28th, 9:29 am

Sounds like there are some rpg elements in there. I like. Put me down for a copy.

LokeSTL said:

August 28th, 9:30 am


Any chance of you guys adding trophies to ToD and QfB?

    James Stevenson's Avatar

    James Stevenson said:

    August 28th, 9:57 am

    Nope – we\’re totally focused on this game and it will definitely have trophies!

Sigmakan said:

August 28th, 9:31 am

Awesome news. I’m always looking for a reasaon to play ratchet and clank more.

BlooodyCow said:

August 28th, 9:32 am

@45 Parapraxis
Dude it is your pop-up blocker that is they problem. Try tweaking it so that its allow for pop-up for this site.

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