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Aug 28

Aug 28

Ratchet’s Rocket: A Crack in Time’s New Space Gameplay

James Stevenson's Avatar Posted by Community Lead, Insomniac Games

One of our huge focus points on Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time has been exploration and replay value. This focus is highlighted by our space exploration gameplay, which allows you to fly Ratchet’s ship between the planets in the game – while landing on spherical moons and completing side quests. We put together this video with Creative Director Brian Allgeier that will give you a first look at the new space gameplay.

But don’t take our word for it! We also had IGN into our studio earlier this week to check it out and get some extensive hands-on in one of the space sectors – you can read all of their thoughts here.

One of our favorite parts of space gameplay is how it really rewards you for exploring. The various spherical moons contain Zoni, which allow you to upgrade your ship’s abilities and weapons, and are also required to face-off against our final uber-boss in replay mode (that’s right, hardcore fans, a special boss you’ll need to get beat to get the last trophy). There’s also a huge incentive to explore in that you can discover new mods for your constructo weapons. We’re also really excited because the designers have created some excellent platforming and hoverbooting moons –and some of them, especially later in the game, will challenge long-time platformer fans. 


The other star of the show is Space Radio with its zany commercials, and movie trailers, and fun DJs (like Captain Slag and Rusty Pete on Pirate Radio). Fans paying attention to the news reports will also discover answers to some of their biggest questions about the Ratchet & Clank universe, providing plenty of incentive to tune in while you’re exploring space.

space_007 space_004

We’re excited about this brand new space gameplay as we are continuing to push hard to wrap up the game. For fans traveling to PAX in Seattle next week – make sure you stop by the Sony booth and check out both the Krell Canyon and Great Clock demos. We’ll also have Ratchet in costume, and we will be handing out the mega-popular Comic-Con swag inflatable wrenches. Creative Director Brian Allgeier will also be giving a presentation about the history of Ratchet & Clank weapons (along with some new ones) called Weapons 101.  You can catch that presentation Friday, from 2-3pm in the Unicorn Theatre.

That’s all for now, hope you like the space gameplay. I’ll be happy to try and answer your questions about in the comments below!

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EmperorKorea said:

August 28th, 3:53 pm

aww, hellz yeah.

morphingryno said:

August 28th, 3:57 pm

hi i enter the comic creation contest for this game but still have not recieved my swag bag yet did yall send them out yet
please reply

IceColdKilla44 said:

August 28th, 3:59 pm

Wow. That’s pretty awesome!

Looks like you guys really aren’t holding anything back for this one.

But can you guys please explain why at the end of every Ratchet and Clank Future A Crack in Time trailer so far (well, at least MOST of them), we see a Playstation Network logo?

Right now I think we’re supposed to believe this will be a single player only game….but if it is…..why is the PSN logo there?

Will this game have Multiplayer like in Up Your Arsenal and Deadlocked?

spunnups said:

August 28th, 4:16 pm

I love how deep the game has gotten, as well as the ability to customize certain weapons. Please keep appealing to your adult fans as well as the kiddies.

NeodeosX said:

August 28th, 5:58 pm

Fantastic. ACIT is going to be the best Ratchet game ever.

JStevenson, could you tell us if the camera is always this far from the ship, or there is a zoom mode, or something like that ?

as3t1a said:

August 28th, 7:27 pm

you know what would make this game even better? if the galaxy was OPEN WORLD.

Keebzerz said:

August 28th, 7:40 pm

Looks awesome. A little Ratchet, a little Mario Galaxy, and a little Mass Effect all in one. Can’t wait.

JakandDaxterDude said:

August 28th, 8:45 pm

When will we be able to download the demo???????????

RaCpram12 said:

August 28th, 10:20 pm

Ew open world Ratchet. I love my linear Ratchets.


And a shout-out for allowing the pre-order bonuses to still be achieved in game. Hats off.

alaM0000 said:

August 28th, 11:27 pm

Wooohooo!!!!!..Can’t Wait!!!!!!! :P

Tequila_Shot said:

August 29th, 12:16 am

Wow, the I didn’t know the delayed ps store update would cause such a scare. @ Insomiac, How did you guys go about changing Ratchet’s character design? When you jumped from the ps2 to ps3 you guys toned down the cartoony expressions. Maybe it’s me, but he looks more expressive now.

Tequila_Shot said:

August 29th, 12:20 am

@ icekoldkilla44
I think they have the psn logo because the game be availible on the ps store and retail. That’s my guess.

muzzar69 said:

August 29th, 4:13 am

any word on if australia will be getting a limited edition?
i was dying to get the limited edition for resistance 2 than was gutted when i found out we were not getting it.
also when can we expect this game?
theres to many games coming in october, with uncharted 2 ninja gaiden sigma 2 and this, not to mention multi plats like operation flashpoint, borderlands and alpha protocol.
sony needs to push one of there exclusives to september otherwise there not going to sell well.
and not november because 1 thats to late in the year, and 2 they would be going up against MW2 and assassins creed 2 not smart.
best thing would be to push uncharted 2 to september since that seems to be finished already.

Zonified said:

August 29th, 5:21 am

Me as well. I read on Jeff Rubenstein’s Twitter that they haven’t sent them out yet due to his baby being born.

As far as we know, the PSN logo is there because it will have DLC: the preorder goodies you can get possibly more down the line. Although, I really hope they announce multiplayer. If not, then I’ll be fine. It’ll be a great game anyways. :)

This game will not be on the PSN Store. It is a full retail game; Insomniac has stated that numerous times. ;)

Berae said:

August 29th, 5:31 am

Is there any date set for the release of this game? i mean specific date not fall 2009?

Mumatua said:

August 29th, 6:31 am


I thought the constructo Weapons were enough to make this game friggin awesome!!…

Now theres space gameplay!!…

a ” xD ” doesnt do my facial expression justice..:P

I cant wait!!..xD

Erdie said:

August 29th, 7:28 am

I’m not going to read anything here, as I like surprises, but I can’t wait to buy this!

ArSEnAL_nAsRi8 said:

August 29th, 7:48 am

So it’s an RPG now? I prefered it as just action, you can’t compare with the likes of fallout and Elder scrolls, but still looks good, sure to get it.

TheBanditKing said:

August 29th, 7:55 am

Awesome, the space exploration seems like a great addition, many are compairing it to Zelda Wind Wakers ocean setup though I trust you guys will have tons of things to do to keep travel from becoming boring. I love exploring, so this is really great would you say this further expands on what you did with QFB? Like if you were to get rocket boots there would be a moon designed to take advantage of them?

jtm17 said:

August 29th, 1:25 pm


Special Edition for me nothing else!

ADR143 said:

August 29th, 2:57 pm

dam pretty cool

HypnoticMonkey said:

August 29th, 4:14 pm

@118 Sorry but you’d have to be blind to compare a game like Ratchet and Clank to Fallout 3.

Zonified said:

August 30th, 5:28 am

October 27! :)

nyye said:

August 30th, 9:29 am

Do you have to travel to the next planet everytime by your own? Won’t it last very long?
And what will be in the special edition? Is it only for europe because we won’t get a preorder goodie?


August 30th, 4:58 pm

when is the demo coming out?

kurod007 said:

August 30th, 5:58 pm

Why oh why are R&C AND Uncharted 2 releasing so close to each other? I haven’t the spare money nor the spare time for both :(

Y-P3 said:

August 31st, 10:13 am

This makes it even harder in deciding wether to get Uncharted 2 or this.

M7261998 said:

August 31st, 2:35 pm

best 60 bucks i have ever spent

sonicthemonkey said:

September 1st, 2:10 am

I’ll admit that I never found R&C’s space segments to be all that enthralling and that no matter what this renovation of the feature would be for ACIT, my tone wouldn’t change. Well vacuum my Crispex and call me Susan, my tone has changed! An interesting and rewarding system for exploring the space between planets? I couldn’t have asked for a better solution, myself.

This game is looking better and better with each reveal. Thank you Insomniac. Thank you for being a shining paragon of game design in a world overflowing with clichéd brown ‘n’ gray warzone shooters.

wonka118 said:

September 3rd, 11:14 am

I reckon the Uber Boss unlocks the RYNO

starfreak500 said:

September 9th, 12:44 am

Space exploration will definitely add major replay time to the game. Also after seen the RYNO V in action, I say it pwns RYNO IV in every way.

Sorry IW but Modern Warfare 2 will have to wait till Christmas.

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