LocoRoco Midnight Carnival Trailer – More “Boing” for Your Buck

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A couple of weeks ago, I announced – right here on the PlayStation Blog – the latest and greatest from the beloved LocoRoco franchise was coming to the US soon. LocoRoco Midnight Carnival debuted at Gamescom in Germany, and people seemed to really like it, especially the PSPgo-friendly control scheme. By that I mean, you can play with the PSPgo closed since all you need is the two shoulder buttons to control the LocoRoco! It’s perfect for this new gaming device. Anyway, I’m back today because I want to share the first gameplay trailer to give you a closer look at the next installment of this fun and colorful franchise.

As you’ll notice in the trailer, LocoRoco Midnight Carnival features a super enhanced high bounce called “Boing!” You can navigate the LocoRoco by bouncing even higher off the walls and throughout the levels. It changes the gameplay dynamic and we think you’ll have a lot of fun with it.

Check out the trailer from the European PlayStation Blog, embedded below, and let us know what you think!

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23 Author Replies

  • Love LOCOROCO apologizing in advance for all the 3.0 RAGE thats coming your way!!

  • Konnichiwa Inaba-san :-) Me like trailer very much, me want game very much, when game releases I ask? *lol*

    The song is very catchy.

    • Tsubasa Inaba
      Tsubasa Inaba

      Hey there!
      We should be able to do a follow up post with release timing and pricing information soon.

      Stay tuned! (I know you will anyway, but…)

  • i love locorocoo!!!

    people please dont post about fw 3.00 here!!!use the official ps3 forums.

    • Tsubasa Inaba
      Tsubasa Inaba

      Yes, relative posts only please! :-)

      Can\’t wait to get this product in your hands(released)!

  • Looks interesting!

    • Tsubasa Inaba
      Tsubasa Inaba

      Interesting, AND addicting!!!

      I\’m sure you will enjoy the new \”BOING!\” game mechanics too!

  • oh yeah!!!! day one! btw that song is epic!

    • Tsubasa Inaba
      Tsubasa Inaba

      yes, good tracks all the time.
      sticks to your mind like glue!

  • The music is very solid. I eagerly await a release date. Will we see an early demo made available before the release of the game?

    • Tsubasa Inaba
      Tsubasa Inaba

      Demo is in the works.
      We\’ll give you the heads up on release timing!

  • love locoroco

    btw, 3.0 freezes on chapter 4 of Uncharted unless you delete your save and start again.

  • SharkRocket7

    Glad you brought up 3.0…that just invites people to post.

    Anyway I would like to see more Loco Roco for the PS3, because that is where it started I believe. Nice job however, anyone with a PSP should be very happy.

  • THE_LIGHT_05

    The song is so awesome!!!

    So, can u make a locoroco for ps3?

    not that other one that’s already there. like traditional locoroco.

  • Looks fantastic, the first two were among my favorites on the PSP.

    Is there any chance of a true Loco Roco game on the PS3 in the future?

  • Yeah I will support the LR on PSP, but I’d also love to see some 1080 LR goodness. This looks great!

  • Any plans for a new LocoRoco game on the PS3/PSN?

  • SmokeAdellic

    I personally didnt care about 3.00 until about now noticing my system is freezing alot………what did you guys do?

  • Tsubasa Inaba
    Tsubasa Inaba
    Tsubasa Inaba

    Referring back to my post from Aug 15!

    Hi everyone,

    I just wanted to follow up on those comments requesting for LocoRoco on PS3…

    Thank you for the strong support and interests in bringing the LocoRoco experience to PS3. We are very happy and quite overwhelmed by your comments.

    Obviously we are currently in crunch mode for developing LocoRoco Midnight Carnival.
    I, personally, will make sure your feedback is shared with the creators in Tokyo, Japan.
    (going there later this month)

    No promises here, but it’s worth a shot right?

    In the meantime, we continue to enjoy watching our favorite players and fans as they not only tilt the screen or the PSP, but actually tilt themselves as well!

    Thanks for the continued support in LocoRoco!

  • SmokeAdellic

    locoroco and patapon would be really dope to have on ps3.

  • Boing!

    Can’t wait :D

  • Can’t wait!
    I am going to BOING all over the place!
    At home, at work … EVERYWHERE!
    Day one purchase!

    Still waiting for a kick @ss 1080p SIXAXIS LocoRoco for PS3! Make it happen! … Please? =)

    BTW Love the Loco accessories!

  • This game is really fun and relaxing. Gonna have to pick it up.

  • I’m definitely going ot have to buy this, the first was good but Locoroco 2 was really great. Are there going to be any little collectables like the stuff for the Mui Mui house in Locoroco 2?

    • Tsubasa Inaba
      Tsubasa Inaba

      Yes, try watching the video again.

      A little different from the MuiMui House this time, but players can collect items to put on the LocoRoco.

      Good fun, as always!

  • Awesome, looks like a buy for me!

  • When will we see locoroco on the PS3?
    And not that small PSn game! But a 3D loco roco game (just like the last 10 sec from the LocoRoco 2 trailer!)

  • I’ve been interested in loco roco for a while now. but I am waiting for the psp go to start my psp gaming. Good job guys.

  • Love LocoRoco. This looks incredibly fun. Guaranteed purchase. Thank you, sir!

  • Heavenly_king

    Nice :D

  • What made you guys choose a Halloween type theme?

  • GameDreamer

    Totally awesome! Really looking forward to this. Probably an instant buy.

  • It’s funny I’ve seen the red post, which I’m guessing means you created this blog or are an admin or something. Well I’ve seen more of the red posts then I’ve seen in a lot of other blogs.

    I’m kind of on the fence right now. I heard LocoRoco 1 and 2 weren’t much different but this one makes me want it because the music is catchy and it looks like it would be crazy. Now I’m going to have to wait.

    • Tsubasa Inaba
      Tsubasa Inaba

      I\’m sure the demo we are preparing will help you take the plunge! Welcome to the world of LocoRoco!

  • “Stay tuned! (I know you will anyway, but…)”

    Awwright, if you say so, I will hehe.

    Looking forward for the next update ;)

  • WOW! sony you really are not good a Firmware / software design… why are all the core features on the xmb black white and gray box shapes.. and then you go and put that on the FRIENDS LIST… WTF??

  • Fire Eric Lempel and the psn staff.

  • Awesome, I cannot wait! The Boing! feature looks like a lot of fun and really adds even more style to this game. I also like the fact that we can put accessories on our LocoRoco. :D

  • starBlinky01

    this actually looks really realy really cool. But I never liked any of the other LocoRocos, I find them too slow paced.

    Will this one have a demo?

  • Wooot! LocoRoco!


  • looks awesome

  • LocoRoco is cool in all,but EVERYONE at Sony should be working on fixing 3.00.I’m surprised I haven’t seen a blog post about 3.01 yet.


    Cool game..sadly I don’t have a psp. :p

    P.S. Everyone stop posting here about the new firmware — very ignorant to post here!

    • Tsubasa Inaba
      Tsubasa Inaba

      Thank you for the support.

      Perhaps now is the perfect excuse to get yourself a new PSP? or even better the up coming PSP go!

  • Dogswithguns

    Looks fun, I want a PSP, but which one 3000 or the new Go??…. the Go is kinda to expensive for me.

    • Tsubasa Inaba
      Tsubasa Inaba

      >the Go is kinda to expensive for me.

      Same here my friend :-(
      but i am likely to get one for myself as well.
      Personally the premium is for \”bragging rights\” :-p

  • Looking forward to the PSP Go very much, since I don’t own a PSP yet.

    Will there be any more controls in addition to Rolling the screen and “Boing’ing”? Just wondering–I’d really like to see people get creative with the PSP Go in closed mode, so I’m pretty sure I will be picking this up as my first LocoRoco experience–the gameplay looks interesting, style looks refreshing, music sounds great, and if all else fails, it’s good to support innovative ideas like gaming with the Go closed!

    • Tsubasa Inaba
      Tsubasa Inaba

      Thank you!

      I was happily surprised when I discovered this in one of the early meetings with the team in Tokyo.

      Not only the core gameplay, but also most of the in game menu navigation is compatible to the \”shoulder button only\” interface design.

      Very slick.

      It goes without saying the actual game experience is great fun too. Very addicting!

  • tsubasa inaba,i really like your avatar photo.Is that you?Please try to convonce the devs to make a locoroco game for ps3…The last one was short..

    • Tsubasa Inaba
      Tsubasa Inaba

      Thank you! how flattering :-)

      Yes, that IS me.
      The avatar photo is a cropped photo of me in a chopper, high above the Swiss Alps. This was during one of the data capturing sessions for GT5 Prologue (Eiger track). Good times…

      As for the PS3 version of LocoRoco, I will certainly make sure to voice all of your comments here on PS Blog.

  • station3fever

    oh very nice :) another Loco to add to my collection. these games are really fun to play.

  • crowsticky1234

    As I saw the video,the new feature,”Boing”,is kinda interesting and I really want to try that for myself in the demo.

    • Tsubasa Inaba
      Tsubasa Inaba

      Yes, trying is believing.
      I\’m sure the demo will be convincing.

  • PlasmaGlory

    That was actually a really good trailer. I love the part when the song is in sync with the locoroco boinging up the tube. In fact, I think I’ll get this game just because the trailer was so good.

  • I too would like a Loco Roco game on the PS3. Maybe “Loco Roco vs Patapon” and make it a dating sim, no?

  • why can this not work on the PS3 also? it has to be really easy to make a nice user friendly thing like that, the ‘screensaver’ loco from last year or so ago was fun but very very short. we need a full version for ps3.

    ps: do you like the new Firmware update? would you change anything about it?


    Hmmm Tsubasa, I guess I always did need a portable gaming system to replace my boring Nintendo DS…;)

  • Cool, he replies to alot :) LocoRoco is great, i own all 3! This is a first day buy :)

    • Tsubasa Inaba
      Tsubasa Inaba

      Yes I try my best to reply.
      I value the opportunity we get here on PS Blog!

      and thanks for the support!

  • mrkapawutzis

    I am really looking forward to this game and will get it on day one (whenever that may be). Is there any word on if it will be a PSN exclusive or will we see a UMD version as well?

    • Tsubasa Inaba
      Tsubasa Inaba

      LocoRoco Midnight Carnival will be PSN exclusive. Thanks for considering!

  • Why is this post called “More Boing for your buck” when you’re not announcing the price?

  • I’ll buy the game if there’s a UMD version for it

  • lobotomies4free

    New Loco Roco: Not coming to PS3 this fall

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