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Sep 02

Sep 02

It’s Official: Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time Available in the U.S. on October 27

Jefferson Dong's Avatar Posted by Product Marketing Manager, SCEA

Now that the new PS3 is on shelves for $299, many of you may be wondering what games to buy this fall with your extra cash. Well, for those of you who are Ratchet & Clank fans, we’re happy to officially announce (and yes, this is official), that Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time will be available in the U.S. on Tuesday, October 27. Check out the new packfront below:

Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time

If that’s not enough, we’re offering some cool Ratchet & Clank goodies for those who pre-order their copy of the game. Here’s a highlight of some of the items you’ll receive when you pre-order Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time from participating retailers:

‘Discovery Package’ – Explore the Insomniac Moon with a special level that resembles the layout of Insomniac Games’ studio offices. A fan favorite, the Moon is filled with content that didn’t quite make the final game, sort of like deleted scenes on DVDs. You can earn this unlockable on your own, but Insomniac certainly won’t make it easy for ya!

‘Power Package’ – Up your arsenal with an exclusive weapon skin for one of Ratchet’s weapons along with extra hit points and Ratchet’s brand new Cryo Mine Glove.

‘Bolt Package’ – Bolster your bolt count with 5,000 free bolts care of Ratchet’s most bolt-centric power-ups, the Bolt Magnetizer and Box Basher.

‘Space Package’ – Drift off into space with an exclusive hot rod skin for Ratchet’s ship, the Aphelion, along with 5,000 free bolts and an exclusive Ratchet & Clank PlayStation Home Avatar skin

Ratchet & Clank Future: ACiT screenshot 1

Ratchet & Clank Future: ACiT screenshot 2

For those of you attending PAX this week, a quick reminder to stop by the Unicorn Theatre on Friday, September 4 from 1:30-2:30 p.m. You’ll be treated to a panel presentation by Insomniac’s Creative Director Brian Allgeier on the history of Ratchet & Clank weapons, as well as the unveiling of a few new ones.

Also, make sure to tune into GTTV on Spike this Thursday at 12:30 am for an all-new special cinematic unveil. For those who miss the show, check it out this weekend at

We have a lot more in the pipeline for the weeks ahead, so please stay tuned!

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FAMILYGY3319 said:

September 2nd, 3:37 pm

I love the box art, but the branding on the top looks hideous. Then again I did say the same thing about the pspgo and ps3 slim at first. So i guess ill keep an open mind

BG808s said:

September 2nd, 3:39 pm

If that’s the new cover logo standard (and it probably is) it looks TERRIBLE!

Not only does the new PS3 logo suck, but the whole top is way too big and all black and gray, and then another “only on playstation” logo under that, making the actual cover art smaller and smaller.

There was nothing wrong with the old logo design, and if you REALLY MUST use the fugly new PS3 logo, at least make it take up less real estate on the cover and LESS GRAY!!

FAMILYGY3319 said:

September 2nd, 3:44 pm

Wait, im confused, so is the planet in the discovery package unlockable without preorder?

plaztiksyke said:

September 2nd, 3:47 pm

Will previous Ratchet & Clank games be getting the same HD re-release as God of War 1 & 2? For that matter, will Sly Cooper 1-3?

Also curious if we’re gonna get 24-bit DTS support in this game?

PSWii2008 said:

September 2nd, 3:58 pm

Wow! You’ve got new R&C, Uncharted, and Brutal Legend all in the same month! And I’ve got a $30 gift card at Toys R Us that expires on Halloween! How will I decide what to spend it on??!!

On a side note, I think the cover art is gorgeous! But, they didn’t need to change the branding! Well, I guess they did for the new logo, but still! Why did they have to make it so different? It’s going to look out of place with my older games!

ChainClutch said:

September 2nd, 4:03 pm

awesome boxart cover!… im totally getting this game! had all the previous R&C games and even Quest for Booty… only problem im having is I want Uncharted 2 one day-one also, i cant afford Uncharted 2 on Oct 13 and then a week later R&C on Oct 27 LoL..

ndw4 said:

September 2nd, 4:04 pm

The new box art is O K,but now they won’t fit in with my other PS3 boxarts

wolfzero1 said:

September 2nd, 4:18 pm

the new box art is okay, but I hate the new logo. the pre-order bonus are really lame, isn’t most of that stuff in the game already & therefore you would eventually get them.

tamarocker64 said:

September 2nd, 4:33 pm

the new box art looks sick! as for the PS3 template… meh…

does anyone know where i can view the back of the box?

Thrasher20 said:

September 2nd, 4:36 pm

That’s a pretty cool box art

xeno3d said:

September 2nd, 4:36 pm

Damn you Sony!! Thats more of my money you’ll get in October!

Seriously, this is awesome and if that is the real box art.. that is SUPER AWESOME!

Can’t wait for this

Wild_Man_X said:

September 2nd, 4:56 pm

I really wanted to pick this up on day one, but someone decided to release it the same day as Tekken 6. I love both franchises, but Tekken 6 wins this battle.

Darth_Xehanort said:

September 2nd, 5:04 pm

That is a beautiful box layout. The spine is far nicer. I look forward to comparing the new box art layout to the old one.

Taquitos77 said:

September 2nd, 5:11 pm

Personally I’m not to excited about the new box art – the game looks great, BTW – just not the new PS3 template. It makes it look generic.

Taquitos77 said:

September 2nd, 5:13 pm

They have the box art at… including the back.

KILLZONE79 said:

September 2nd, 5:16 pm

Goodbye spidey PS3 font on the side of game case :(

thought Spidey PS3 font looked sweet on the side of game case. oh well guess its time for me to get used to new PS3 logo on game case.

EPRaider08 said:

September 2nd, 5:16 pm

Cool, I like it.

piro_z said:

September 2nd, 5:44 pm

I’ll just get this for my B-Day

Agent_Lombax said:

September 2nd, 6:18 pm

I’m disappointed in you guys for not having multiplayer…

Tikicobra said:

September 2nd, 6:36 pm

That new PS3 template is so awfulI want to cry. The fact that Sony is changing the design halfway through the console’s lifespan is bad enough, but that is absolutely hideous.

alaM0000 said:

September 2nd, 6:52 pm

Sweet!!!! :P

MaceWisdom said:

September 2nd, 7:07 pm

Love the new box. Can’t wait!


September 2nd, 7:11 pm

aweso stuff with the pre orded version, but for me is better unlock the Insomniac moon in my own way, the box art looks (for me) better than the others, wow and skins for your ship are back like in R&C:UYA

EmperorKorea said:

September 2nd, 7:44 pm


I didn’t like the boxart style, but you guys even changed the cover itself? I loved the one on Amazon, but this new cover sucks donkey balls. Why would you make such a crappy boxart?


superstewie said:

September 2nd, 7:58 pm

the box art does need some work, a nice shade of white/blue could do the fix ;)

superstewie said:

September 2nd, 7:59 pm

let’s have a box art competition!

sainraja said:

September 2nd, 8:45 pm

Why did you guys have to change the box art? There was nothing wrong with the current one and it reminded me of the PS1 days with the PS3 logo being on the left side vertically. =/

o0xAlbertox0o said:

September 2nd, 8:56 pm

lol i just noticed that new art style, look goods and the new ps3 logo is way better than the old one was

Rachet and Clank series are great

PreCCord said:

September 2nd, 9:31 pm

i really dislike the new box cover template sony! what the hell man! Give us the old covers back to the early loyal adopters of PLAYSTATION 3!!


Erniejpan said:

September 2nd, 10:43 pm

Love R&C!

btw is this the new cover for PS3 games? I like the other one better.

Poofster said:

September 2nd, 10:58 pm

Why are you (Sony) changing everything? We liked the old Playstation 3 logos and everything.

Stop trying to make things more appealing, you are just losing more fanbase. My parents got me a PS3 a month after release for $800 for this? Joke.

FBI_PLAY3 said:

September 2nd, 11:03 pm

You should have kept “Playstation 3” not PS3.
To match the games and the Playstations 3 models.
My 60gb says Playstation 3.
I think its because of market sony is changing the name.

Xbox 360
Playstation 3 last


PS3 first
Xbox 360

tenklo said:

September 2nd, 11:26 pm

can we get info for what pre order goodies are going where…ill be 100percent this games like the ones i did before so the moon one i wont need so i want to get the space package one but i cant find them on the obvios sites

tenklo said:

September 3rd, 12:01 am

ok sorry if this double post but really gamecrazy for space package.. they dont even have online shoping so how are most of us post to get it

Onna76_NL said:

September 3rd, 1:11 am

I thought we Dutch were the biggest complainers in the world but being here on the blog more often shows otherwise. On behalf of the Dutch / Belgian PlayStation community I can say we really like this packshot. I’ve been polling opinions about the packshot on different sites and I read nothing but good responses…. unlike here…

I’m also very happy to read the game won’t have a MP option. There are already so many games with MP options and I’d rather have for once a game that fully takes advantage of the single player mode :-) This game I’m going to pre order only… do these extra’s count for Europe as well and if I say pre order the game at will I’ll get the extra’s as well?

Thanks in advance.

Renan_Acid said:

September 3rd, 2:11 am

“Why did you guys have to change the box art? There was nothing wrong with the current one and it reminded me of the PS1 days with the PS3 logo being on the left side vertically.”

That’s exactly what I think! They should have kept it the way it was before. =(

noobaras said:

September 3rd, 4:56 am

Why will you not have multiplayer?
If any of the insomniac staff read the R&C US+EU forums you’d see that about 90% of the fans of the series wanted multiplayer. Insomniac, you failed your fanbase…
I guess I’ll wait for the game to become 30 euros like I did with tools of destrution…
But please somebody from insomniac answer me. WHY? Multiplayer on the ps2 was a huge success, I still play slitscreen ratchet:gladiator with my friends and its amazing fun and replay factor. So why would you lower the fun and replay factor, and take a step backwards by making only singleplayer?

M7261998 said:

September 3rd, 8:06 am

about a week ago you said there will be a ratchet and clank a crack in time demo on the playstation store.

will this be a ratchet gameplay demo, a clank gameplay demo or both.

p.s. the game looks amazing keep up the great work INSOMNIC GODS!!!

linebeginstoblur said:

September 3rd, 9:52 am

They hated the PLAYSTATION 3 logo so much that they removed the game start-up chime. Now, as if that weren’t enough, they hate it enough to completely redesign the box art. UGH.

ulrich9996 said:

September 3rd, 10:19 am

I have to buy this Iv compleated almost every game one ps2 and every game thats come out on the ps3 to do with ratchet and clank and I have to get this one it looks more like a comady because it said a crack in time witch means you’ve had a good time and that theres a hole in time ( It has to meanings)
its going to be like £45 so Im saving up!!!!! can’t wait!

Cheesy9 said:

September 3rd, 10:45 am

Can’t wait for this game, although I prefer the older boxart that was shown for this game. I just can’t like the newer Two Face/Sonic Unleashed style boxart.

bolivianlegacy said:

September 4th, 7:25 am

f**k u sony all these changes are a f***ing abomination first 3.0 now this u guy are f***ing retarded and ruining my gaming experience i hate u guys im a have to go buy an xbox now because u guys are screwing up badly

Maluraq said:

September 4th, 9:01 am

I’ve played all the previous games multiple times and I’ll play this one too. Insomniac has got to be one of my favourite developers, between their sense of style, their awesome sense of humour and their incredible abilities as programmers (despite the Y axis issues in the rails portions of ToD) and their great characters.

That said, I don’t see any reason to buy this special edition. I love my boxed set of Resistance 2, with the digital strategy guide videos and the hard cover art booklet, not to mention the included Chimera figure. Throw me some original artwork on paper and I’d be happier.

PS please make a PSN downloadable multiplayer R&C arena game one of these days …

Taquitos77 said:

September 4th, 6:03 pm

As idiotic as that post was, I have to agree with his sentiments.

Though, they could make the box-arts reversible. You know, one side (the one it comes with at the store, i.e. the “new” one) and the old style on the inside. But that’s just a lost hope. Like “The Last Remnant”.

TwiztedR3DHead said:

September 4th, 8:20 pm

AAWWW my ps3 games wont mach but i like the new one better o well its just games.

Ninja8827 said:

September 4th, 8:31 pm

i like the box kinda, However I miss the old one ive been on ps3 since December 27th 2006 and im by all means an old school ps3 gamer and i will miss the old school cases :(

Taquitos77 said:

September 5th, 4:04 pm

I’ll miss them to.
Of to make my own covers for all of the new PS3 games…


September 6th, 10:32 am

whats with all the preorder stuff? i always wait for the reviews, to avoid buying a crudy game, so i miss out. why?

macman180 said:

September 27th, 8:24 am

What i have found is that game stop has the discorvery pack,Amazon has the bolt pack, game stop and game crazy are going to have the power pack or the space pack if you know plesae write back

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