Fate/unlimited Codes Available Today on PSN

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What’s good PlayStation faithful? It’s me again, the person PSB server techs love to hate.

It’s my pleasure to announce that Fate/unlimited codes will be available today, exclusively on the PlayStation Store for your PSP! This deep and insanely fun fighting game is developed by Eighting, the team responsible for the Bloody Roar series and Tatsunoko Vs Capcom.

Oh, by the way, if I’m slow to respond to your questions or comments today, it’s because I’m in Seattle for PAX. If you see me at the show, perform a PlayStation Home dance and say, “Hey John D, it must be Fate!”, I’ll hook you up with some free Fate shwag! It’s the least I can do for making you perform the Cabbage Patch in this day and age.

Anyway, here’s a cool video that one of our summer interns, Arya, created to give you a quick preview of the game. (Hey Arya, don’t let school work get in the way of your partying, ok?) Check out Capcom-Unity for more of his strategy videos.

Also, Kazuhiro Tsuchiya, the producer of the game, has this to say:

Hi there PlayStation fans. I’d like to share with you an overview of the different modes you’ll see in Fate/unlimited codes. There are a total of eight modes that are available, giving you a variety of gameplay experiences.

Arcade Mode: This mode pits you against the CPU controlled opponents as you advance through the story as the character you’ve selected. Each of the selectable characters has their own storyline. Play through them all and see how each character is connected in the Fate universe.

VS-CPU Mode: Battle against a CPU character of your choice. Different characters can be selected after each battle.

Spectate Mode: Watch a duel between any two CPU characters. This is a good way to observe the tendencies of each fighter.

VS-2P Mode: Battle another player in local ad hoc matches.

Survival Mode: This mode challenges you to battle against a constant stream of opponents until your life bar is depleted.

Additionally, there is the Tutorial Mode which can be absolutely useful for both beginners and skilled players. In this mode, you learn how to execute each character’s move set. Standard and Expert settings are available to learn different levels of gameplay techniques, from basic moves to high level combos.

The Practice Mode will help you improve your skills by allowing you to configure the CPU settings such as conditions and reactions. In addition, on-screen controller/button prompts will assist you to study combos while allowing you to record and replay the inputs.

Last but not least, there’s the Mission Mode. This mode sends you on special missions, consisting of battles bound by particular conditions. Each character has a unique set of missions. New missions are unlocked for each mission cleared. The goal for each mission varies from accomplishing a set combo to defeating the opponent with a certain move. There are over 250 missions in total! This is a great way to increase your technical fighting skills. I highly recommend you try this out. Moreover, there are surprising extra missions provided for each character, such as a side-scrolling shooting game and other non-VS fighting style games.

The development staff members at Eighting not only have a deep passion for fighting games but are also top class, tournament fighting gamers themselves. The Capcom QA team also has first class gamers who are ranked at national fighting competitions in Japan. We have tapped into their vast fighting knowledge and experience to tune and balance Fate, and we’re definitely happy with how this game turned out. I can tell you with confidence that we have created a special fighting game that appeals to both the casual fighting fan and the expert tournament player. I hope you try it out today. Thank you so much for your time!

Kazuhiro Tsuchiya (CAPCOM)

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5 Author Replies

  • new avatars please

  • NissanFlyboy


  • SketchyMidnight

    Sup Jeff… No codes?

  • ballisticzOne

    lol @ 1

  • Can’t wait to get some more Eighting on!

  • freakin sweet must buy for me

  • Hey why can’t we enter codes via our account page the way you can on Xbox live? That would sure be sweet!

  • Better not fail like the SCEE annoucement today. Looks like im gunna have to import this

  • NJz-Greatest-420

    not my type of game

  • The game looks great, unfortunately my OG PSP’s d-pad doesn’t work too well with fighting games.

  • Can we get some Fate/stay night avatars since this game is coming out today? I’ll be picking this up today after work since it is still not up on PSN.

  • lol hey you’re still alive, glad to see you survived Sony’s ninja assassin attempt after breaking the blog last time,

    “3.0 update QQ
    gibbe trophies
    codes plz
    i hate u capcon
    demo plz


    Got that out of the way lol

    ~ Take care John!

  • This game would work great with Ad-hoc party!

    Sony please bring us Ad-hoc party

  • It’s a shame the PSB shut John down on giving away codes! ;(

  • John “D” frikin MAN!!! You rule this blog!

    You are almost like an infection for the PSB servers haha.

  • Oh dang I wont be getting this today….
    Since I’m getting a PS3 and SF4…

    Capcom plz stop taking my money :'(
    John I know you love saving us money :)

    Well take care John *cries like girl*

  • Do you have unlimited codes to give away for this PSP game?

  • saiyanknight87

    how about putting this on for the PS3 PSN also. i gave up on the psp a while ago plus i drive a lot so it’s not really a use for a psp right now drop a PS3 version please.

  • Your the man John.

  • Is it common practice to outsource serious work to interns? This might explain the serious lack of quality from Capcom as of late.

    • John Diamonon
      John Diamonon

      Oh Madman. What do you have against interns? Maybe one day, you can intern for us. I\’ll let you do cool stuff for me if you\’re even half as talented as Arya? Agreed?


      You know I love ya man!

  • The game looks promising, but is it really appropriate for someone who is not the best at fighting games, i.e., much more causual player instead of hardcore. Or is the game’s difficulty level so over-the-top that if you dont learn every single move a character can do you will always die.

  • On another not-hating-Capcom note, when are we going to get deets on Capcom’s next big thing…so far there’s Lost Planet 2…and…and…oh, right. Nada.

  • Sweet.

  • mckg123456789

    i have a question…. how much space is it going to use up & details on the story(u told me u would know this by now lol ) thax john :D

  • THE_LIGHT_05

    When will the PS store update today?

  • OK this game looks good! When’s Tatsunoko vs Capcom coming to the PSP??
    I’ll buy em both!

  • You guys realize that Soul Calibur Broken Destiny just came out right lol (another title that should have had a PSN release today).

  • Wow, that looks much better than I was expecting. I may have to check that out once Dissidia is done whooping my ass.

  • When are you going to give me my code? :D

  • Looks really cool, will definately download it. Any idea if the Bleach series will make it to the US? That’s another really good PSP 3D fighting game franchise that I’m sure alot of people over here would love to play.

  • I’ve been neglecting facebook lol (you’ve been neglecting the psn so we’re even haha)

    Now if you excuse me…I have a MAG Beta code giveaway contest thing to win! (lol yea right)

    I’ll try to catch yah on this weekend maybe if you’re able to get on that is (or I am if I’m not busy or get sidetracked haha), if not then will prob email lol.

  • mckg123456789

    u guys do know that the novel & anime are in North amerca translated & the anime is fully english dub so the Fate series is known throughout NA.

  • almighty-slayer

    Kick some butt over at SCEE for us D-man, and get them to release it >.>

  • Solid-Snake-Eyes

    Capcom, please remove the copy protection on Street Fighter 4 save files!

  • So how much will the game cost?

    Also, is the mission mode the story mode? I heard a while ago they were translating the novel part of the game. Was that scratched?

  • John you promise avatars not so long ago whats up with that? we need SF avatars pronto

  • sweet cant w8

  • This would be an awesome adition to my PSP games but ever since my thumb stick broke clean off I havn’t been able to actually play any of my games, and I was going to get it replaced but it broke the month after the warranty expired xD I know, my luck, right? Haha, but I’m not sure if I’m going to buy another or not…Ehh

  • hey john been a while havent it.well i kept on reading the blog post but there havent been one to pull me back into posting even the last give away lol which got cancel because they closed ur post.anyways how does capcom feel about the going fully digital for the psp? i love the fact you guys are making resident evil for the psp any new when we hear more on that?what about mega man legend 3 for the psp?(something every1 would love to see)one last question will capcom ever return to making rpg been quite some time ?

  • MegadethAndy

    I always like your posts/replies John. Almost makes me feel guilty that i dont buy your games lol.

  • >> Hey why can’t we enter codes via our account page the way you can on Xbox live? That would sure be sweet!

    Uh, you can?

    Account management->Redeem Code.

  • To buy it or not to buy it, this is the question!.. lol ok i think im gonna buy this since i liked the anime :)

  • “the person PSB server techs love to hate.”

    Ah, will you guys ever get along? Maybe you should have your own TV sitcom where you spend all day throwing stuff at each other. XD

    Always a pleasure to have Capcom on the boards. =)

  • *waits for the update to appear on my PSP’s PSN account…*

  • Dutch_Rootsman

    Hello John D,

    Fate/Unlimited Codes wasn’t released in Australia today :(

    I asked the EU Brand Manager why the game hadn’t been released in Australia yesterday, but so far no response.

    Any chance you can shed some light on the reason for me please?

    Thanks for your time.



  • getting this for sure
    i love fate

  • DiamondAxel

    Is it really supposed to be available today? September 3rd’s 3/4 of the way through and it still isn’t in the PSN Store yet.

  • Hey Sekoku

    I was just kidding.

  • InfiniteNine

    Any word on a UMD or PS2 version release? I’d much rather play it on the PS2 if possible or at least settle for a physical copy for the PSP. I’ll probably end up importing the JP version when I get a PSP anyways.

  • Hi John!

    Who were the winners of the MvC2 vinyls?

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