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Sep 03

Sep 03

Open Casting Call for “The Tester”

Kevin Furuichi's Avatar Posted by Executive Producer, PlayStation Network

Want a chance to work for PlayStation? Do you have the skills and determination to work as a game tester? Today we are announcing a new original program that will be created for the PlayStation Network called “The Tester.” This series of programs will follow a group of select gamers as they face-off in a series of elimination challenges designed to test their mental toughness, endurance, and video game knowledge as they compete for a job working as a PlayStation game tester. The winner of the new show gets a job working for PlayStation’s Quality Assurance department in San Diego, CA and gets the opportunity to work on some of the best PlayStation games.

Open casting for the series begins today.

If you’re interested, complete the online casting submission form and upload a short video explaining why you’re the perfect contestant for “The Tester” at As you can imagine, this show will be sure to entertain so we’ll be back on the Blog when we have more to share.

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outcelgeist said:

September 3rd, 10:56 am


CrystalX3D said:

September 3rd, 10:57 am

Oh no, not *gasp* REALITY TV D-:

Anubis80 said:

September 3rd, 10:57 am

Dont live in San Diego. So Im out.

jazzyrider said:

September 3rd, 11:00 am

How cool is this job? Will they pay moving expenses to San Diego? ;-)

HEJJJ12 said:

September 3rd, 11:00 am

Why not in Sweden :D

fatalis_ said:

September 3rd, 11:00 am

Jeff bro please answer this question.

What is the age limit, if any. Like 18 to 30 or something like that. Please respond as soon as soon as possible.

    Kevin Furuichi's Avatar

    Kevin Furuichi said:

    September 3rd, 11:07 am

    You need to be at least 21 years of age for casting consideration.

Stinkinmushroom said:

September 3rd, 11:00 am


westendmatt said:

September 3rd, 11:01 am

This is a good idea!! Clever marketing Sony. you’re coming around!

DarkFire45 said:

September 3rd, 11:01 am

Wow! So if I get casted that means I can quit my day job, put all my hopes into this reality tv show, and if I win I can be a tester for SECA and get payed between $20,000 to $30,000 a year?! Gee golly that’s the best darn deal I’ve ever heard of!


Ok for serious now, this is pathetic.


September 3rd, 11:02 am


CrystalX3D said:

September 3rd, 11:02 am

Will there be a panel of judges with a snooty british guy who gets to insult you if you stink at first person shooters?

    Kevin Furuichi's Avatar

    Kevin Furuichi said:

    September 3rd, 11:09 am

    The show will definitely have judges. Don\’t know if any will be British.

THE_LIGHT_05 said:

September 3rd, 11:03 am

So… ONLY game testing. huh?


Enforcer_X said:

September 3rd, 11:04 am

hhmm I doubt the pay is good enough for me to quit my job and move to the west coast.
So it’s a contract position as the wording in the video states?
Probably not worth me even trying but I will enjoy watching this show!

Zookey said:

September 3rd, 11:05 am

Would you guys accept remote work? I live in Montana, don’t intend on moving but would love to help out Sony……

DarkFire45 said:

September 3rd, 11:05 am

@Enforcer_X — Most game testers get payed between $20,000 to $30,000 a year. There are a lot of jobs out there that pay much better.

spidersparlor said:

September 3rd, 11:05 am

As much as I would love to be a tester for Sony, I just can’t uproot my life here.

I tested for Apple, Intuit, and a score of game developers developing for the PS2 and PS3, but I cannot afford to move to San Diego.

Good luck to those who are able to participate.

SILV3R_ said:

September 3rd, 11:06 am

I hope/wish/rabbit’s foot/toss a coin/ you open something in Canada. Thanks

allemoney said:

September 3rd, 11:06 am

hmmm… i might try it…

Jetup said:

September 3rd, 11:10 am

*Rushes over* I want this job! *cries in joy*

mdparent said:

September 3rd, 11:11 am

SWEET! signing up for sure


September 3rd, 11:15 am

hey whenever i upload a video and whenever i clikc the terms of agreement my screen goes grey and then i cant click anything please fix this!

NativeCain said:

September 3rd, 11:15 am

UGH! Can’t this be put on hold till January?! I’ll be 21 then!
And Can’t this be moved to NY?! California is so so far away. . . .

jhernandez360 said:

September 3rd, 11:16 am

im 21 and definetly have the skills, sign me up i need this!!!!

poodude said:

September 3rd, 11:18 am

This sounds cool, too bad I’m 16 and Canadian. I’m too young and don’t really want to move. But good luck to those who get in. Just one question. Is this an actual reality tv show that I could watch on TV, or is just a low-budget show that Sony’s going to post on the PS Blog/Store?

hife said:

September 3rd, 11:19 am

So, will there be weekly episodes for this that come out with the weekly update?

Voozi said:

September 3rd, 11:19 am

“To appear on the Program, you must be 21 years of age or older by September 3, 2009”

Aw I turn 21 September 10. One week too late lol

xewind said:

September 3rd, 11:19 am

Damn I am 20 years old… but still this sounds like a good chance for a lot of people to get a job like this.


September 3rd, 11:21 am

Is this in Canada Jeff? I would like to try out. 37 25+ years playing video games. Able to relocate from the east coast to the west. And nobody knows more about PlayStation than me other than you Maybe…

NinjaMcCheez said:

September 3rd, 11:22 am

The age limit is 21. I turn 21 in September. So I was wondering if there is a deadline of any sort? Do I have to be 21 before a certain date?

KazeEternal said:

September 3rd, 11:23 am

So this competition….. is it anything like Thunderdome?

Voozi said:

September 3rd, 11:24 am

@NinjaMcCheez, it says “To appear on the Program, you must be 21 years of age or older by September 3, 2009″ in the terms. Looks like you & I are in the same boat lol

Gringo234 said:

September 3rd, 11:26 am

SONY continues to fail.

I miss the PS2 days.

huister said:

September 3rd, 11:27 am

Gettin put on call fo sho.

Neil said:

September 3rd, 11:28 am

I’ve done my time in testing but this sounds like a great idea. I assume this show will be available to download ad watch on the PSN right? (for free yes?)

Demonbear said:

September 3rd, 11:29 am

I hope Jeff gets to be the tough critic on the show and he gets to hit the participants on the head with press releases if they fail. now THAT would be worth watching.

Revelboy said:

September 3rd, 11:31 am

FROM NY here, If you guys pay moving expenses, career job with benefits? or it just a temporary job no benefits? ill give it a shot if is a career thing and they cover the flight ticket to san diego

animepanda said:

September 3rd, 11:33 am

sounds exciting!! hopefully sony wouldn’t mind a girly-panda game tester ;P heck i’m already situated in San Diego. now where is my videocam hahaaha and maybe once i win, i can go to the department who added pixie dust to the PS3 theme so i can headshot the pixie who provided said dust…aheehee :3


September 3rd, 11:34 am

it wont let me accept it says (error’s on page)

trapper12 said:

September 3rd, 11:35 am

Hey Kevin,

is there any chance I can work for Sony’s R&D department? I have great ideas.


September 3rd, 11:36 am

Too young…But for everyone else wanting to do this, you better be smart, funny, and have a good personality to represent our playstation community. ;)

rossthebassist said:

September 3rd, 11:36 am

what about us brits. any chance we are allowed to apply. or is it US only. if it is you should tell our UK counter parts to do a similer show because this concept is awsome.

almighty-slayer said:

September 3rd, 11:39 am

I’ll be the annoying British judge if you like.

KazeEternal said:

September 3rd, 11:40 am

I’d say the chance is pretty slim unless you have a background in Electrical Engineering and/or Computer Science.

R&D isn’t simply about ideas, it’s about building the technology that encompasses those ideas. An idea is worthless unless you can do something with it. They don’t have people sitting around in R&D all day drinking coffee, eating donuts, and playing Heavenly Sword all day.

So if you really want to do R&D work and flush out those ideas, get an EE degree and start figuring out how to do some of the things you want to be possible. Granted they do spend time flushing out ideas like motion controls, but the guy who offers the idea takes a hike if he can’t offer anything beyond that.

GAM3R_16 said:

September 3rd, 11:41 am

I’m 16 and a half, am I eligible? haha JK =(

makingdamage said:

September 3rd, 11:42 am

I´m sure a lot of people would happily agree freely to work as firmware testers…

willskate4free said:

September 3rd, 11:43 am

when is the deadline?

zombie9 said:

September 3rd, 11:47 am

LOL I think I got a better shot at the lotery.

gold5225 said:

September 3rd, 11:47 am

Too bad I’m 16 :sadface:

el-fury-86 said:

September 3rd, 11:55 am

after 3.0 is clear you guys need more testers…

good move :)

Khronicol said:

September 3rd, 11:56 am

Being from Canada we get shafted twice by this.
-Although and SCEA initiative I don’t think many Canadians will be willing to move to SanDiego for a “chance” at making 20-30k a year.
-2 We don’t have Video on our PS Store, I would like to watch a bunch of gamers compete for a job (probably the only reality tv I would ever watch) I won’t be able to.
-As a side note, Should Sony really be charging for this? Looks like another cash grab to me.

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