Q-Games Update: Star Dust, Dynamic Themes & Our Favorite Little Tikiman…

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PixelJunkies Monsters Dynamic Banner

Hey PixelJunk fans,

Well, Q-Games has been busy again, and not just on PixelJunk. You may have noticed some new additions to the PlayStation 3’s XMB (Xross Media Bar) with the latest firmware update to version 3.00.

Well, we’re behind the “star dust” and if you haven’t noticed it yet, you’re in for a nice surprise. We wanted to implement something like the beginning of the movie Gattaca but they wouldn’t let us go quite that far, so we settled on the subtle but pretty dust effect you can see now. If you shake the Wireless Controller, you can move them about a bit, as if they are being carried by eddies in the wind.

Also, there are these new things called Dynamic Themes, and we’re proud to say that this is a system we were involved in developing. Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) wanted to spice up the background a bit and static pictures just didn’t cut the mustard. So we collaborated with them to make a system where developers can display what they want and animate and move them around. This definitely adds a little life to the PS3’s background so be sure to try it out.

PixelJunk Monsters Dynamic Theme

In fact, go ahead and download our PixelJunk Monsters Dynamic Theme which is now available for $2.99 on the PlayStation Store. Soon you’ll have the little Tikiman running around amongst the trees behind whatever it is you are doing in the XMB. This is actually the very first theme ever made with the system because we used it to test out the features!

So go for it and grab a bit of PS3 history for yourself.

Oh and one more thing…PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe is coming to PSP very soon featuring a brand new island, more maps, new monsters & towers. We’ll have more info on that later!

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6 Author Replies

  • my sparkles dont seem to want to move when i shake the controller

  • In Response to #75, Dylan’s response.

    Make sure you don’t go with Monsters II as the final title. Just call it “More Monsters” or at least something catchy and lame for us to smile at. Oooh, Air-ice and an air-Boss would be nice ;)


  • Dylan Cuthbert replied on September 5, 2009 at 4:27 am
    Only plans are for PSP at the moment. At some point in the future we want to make a proper sequel, a Monsters II, but that is a bit of a way off I think.

    Thanks for repling Dylan, You made me a very happy Man!!! I don’t care how long I need to wait for more PJM, just knowing there will eventually be more is GREAT news!!! Thanks :)

  • TailsTheCat

    Wheres the idiotic scrolling ticker in that screenschot? I want the option to disable that ticker.

  • TurbulantRage

    This looks interesting.

  • When I have $3 I will buy this theme to show my support for you guys, even if I am opposed to the idea of paying any money for any theme. But I’ve spent so much time on Monsters, Racers, and Eden I feel it is deserved here.

    You’ll have to take us on another tour of the office sometime, Dylan.

  • Shooter looked nice int he trailers and footage I saw. Let me tell you I got the chance to play it at PAX and it was awesome. I had a blast playing a few level co-op. My biggest problem was accidentally shooting the people to rescue. What struck me most was how you have to pit elements against each other to progress.

    Dylan, day 1, as has been ever pixeljunk game. Please release a demo so that others can find out how enjoyful it is to play this great game.

    It indeed was tied as my Best of the Sony booth (Heavy Rain was incredible for dynamics).

  • Wuggyboobeaufuf

    So what are the chances of the disc people you have been discriminating against ever getting a disc based compilation?

  • Where is the ticker in that picture? This update is the biggest piece of you know what I have ever seen.

  • Maybe Sony should concentrate on getting this new update out and perhaps before 2010 IN GAME MUSIC and CROSS IN GAME CHAT!! I would also like to See this in LBP THE HELP PATCH SO I CAN FINALLY BEAT THE EXPERT TUTORIAL AND GET THE TROPHY!

  • I think dynamic themes are the worse thing to happen to the Playstation 3… soon we won’t be able to customize anything anymore without paying out the nose.

    We’re going from a nice, user enabling system to one that is purely about profit, ala the 360… and I still don’t have custom avatars… man, firmware 3.0 is depressing.

  • I would love to see some hidden trophies on the dynamic themes… Something that you get when an Easter egg is found.

    By the way, keep up the great work Q, and thank you for all of your hard work. :)

  • @111 Did Sony take out free user created themes?

    Oh no! They didn’t. Stop freaking out.

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