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Sep 08

Sep 08

Motion Controller Update Part II: Interview with R&D – The Sequel

Chris Morell's Avatar Posted by Senior Social Media Specialist

Last week, we introduced Part I in a series of posts focusing on the recently announced PlayStation motion controller. Senior Researcher, Richard Marks, shed some light on the PlayStation Eye’s camera technology and how the motion controller works.

We know you guys are eager to learn more, so this week we’re talking to Anton Mikhailov, a software engineer (and right hand man to Richard Marks) in SCEA’s Research & Development department. You may recognize Anton from the motion controller demonstration at this year’s E3 presentation. Anton was gracious enough to break down the new controller’s PVC origins and some of the possible applications for this new technology. Check out the video below for more details.

Next week, we’ll be posting Part III so be sure to stop by the PlayStation Blog for more exclusive motion controller info.

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Sigmakan said:

September 8th, 9:02 am

Video not available? :(

SPOPS said:

September 8th, 9:03 am

Video doesnt work :(

unstablefears said:

September 8th, 9:03 am

Can’t view the video from here either. Please fix :)

trustter said:

September 8th, 9:04 am

Waiting for the video.

Vocor_Kane said:

September 8th, 9:04 am

Look forward to watching it… once it’s working =) Seems to be a theme around here lately… *cough*3.0*cough*

Pelt_Hunter said:

September 8th, 9:05 am

Yeah like everyone else no video. But I actually have a question. Since the new motion controller needs a camera will it come with one? If so I’m going to sell the one I have.

makingdamage said:

September 8th, 9:06 am

Sounds interesting! But the video doesn´t work with either firefox or safari :(

Sigmakan said:

September 8th, 9:06 am


That is a great question. Im hoping they sell a model with the camera and one without it. I know quite a few people have the PS3 Eye already.

Sigmakan said:

September 8th, 9:09 am

Video works now!

FFObsessed said:

September 8th, 9:11 am

Needs an analog stick. Otherwise it’ll be pretty useless for regular games.

SPOPS said:

September 8th, 9:15 am

Looks cool, really hope some hardcore games take advantage of it.

tenshin78 said:

September 8th, 9:16 am

Video works for me

Wollan said:

September 8th, 9:17 am

We need an analog stick on the remote itself.

For experienced gamers this is very clear. Let’s see if the game firm realizes this.

KazeEternal said:

September 8th, 9:19 am

Kind of disappointing this only sells with one controller.

What I’d like to know is how they plan on expanding the experience over the wii?

As opposed to just taking what is done and handing off a single controller…. I mean the wii has a horrible time with traditional games and making them worth while. Last time fixed a nintendo problem we ended up with the first Dual Shock Controller.

tenshin78 said:

September 8th, 9:19 am

btw not interested at all on motion controllers, this is more like a fashion on this generation, I like to play my games in a relaxed position like watching TV, swinging a controller arround while killing zombies is not my cup of tea, I prefer the traditional controller for traditional gaming.
Nothing the wii have has caught my attention, thats why I got a ps3 not a wii

FlatulentGhost said:

September 8th, 9:20 am

It’s funny how motion controls are just a small part of the gigantic Playstation ecosystem, but Sony’s engineering dominace has created the one thing everyone has been demanding for the past two years:

a 1:1 motion controller

Nintendo hasn’t delivered anything but a slightly updated Wiimote.

And Microsoft’s EyeToy ripoff is turning out to be the laughingstock of the gaming press with their faked E3 demos and hands on tests complaing about the horrible lag and inaccuracy.

dragonmagician said:

September 8th, 9:21 am

For some reason, I can’t get into playing Wii games, but I am definitely interested in the Sony Motion Controller. Maybe this makes me a fanboy.

Anyways, the main draw will have to be the games/software. Hope it gets more support than the Eyetoy/PS Eye got.

heatseeker said:

September 8th, 9:21 am

COOL can’t wait for this!!

spatsnaz said:

September 8th, 9:22 am

Really interesting tech. Can’t wait to see more hands-on videos.

NJz-Greatest-420 said:

September 8th, 9:22 am

i totally agree with #15.

Vocor_Kane said:

September 8th, 9:23 am

Casual games (almost everything on the Wii) are fun every once in a while, usually in a party setting. However, I will not purchase these new controllers until I see a more hardcore focus on the games.

bbonds_007 said:

September 8th, 9:23 am

Incorporate this baby in Home and maybe I might actually use Home again :)

GGCAN said:

September 8th, 9:25 am

Thanks Chris/Richard.

Can’t wait for this to come out and waiting for episode 3 of the sequel.

Enigma777 said:

September 8th, 9:25 am


FlatulentGhost said:

September 8th, 9:27 am

bbonds_007 “Incorporate this baby in Home and maybe I might actually use Home again :)”

No one gives a damn if you ever log into Home again retard.

With over 8 million people so far using Home you won’t be missed.

Violater said:

September 8th, 9:28 am

Controller needs Analog Sticks

TailsTheCat said:

September 8th, 9:30 am

Cant wait.

Vandaliser said:

September 8th, 9:31 am


are we going to have analog sticks on them. can you ask the devs that question?

we need to have analog sticks on it so that we can play games on it as well for better control

bbonds_007 said:

September 8th, 9:33 am


Holy heck man you need to chill, why are you so defensive. And I guarantee those 8 million are not active lol more like 1 million at best.

Dont know what your problem is but I would like to see this in Home, they would make it much better for say dancing, interactive games…


September 8th, 9:34 am


Niko_9 said:

September 8th, 9:34 am

Chris Morell, Motion Controller The official name?

almighty-slayer said:

September 8th, 9:35 am

Looks crap.

nickyd-lish said:

September 8th, 9:38 am

My only worry is the lack of an analog stick to control the movement of your character. For example, in a sword-fighting game how do you make your character walk? Still confused about that.

I assume the name for the device will be something like PS Motion or something like that. I hope Sony has an AMAZING game bundled with it to make people want the device. Nintendo gets that part right.

I imagine a bundle with the PSEye, a PS Motion Controller, and a game for… $99.99 But would much prefer $79.99 or even $89.99.

almighty-slayer said:

September 8th, 9:39 am

I also agree with #15. If i wanted motion controls i’d have gotten a wii. I got a PS3, which means i want proper games with a control scheme that actually works. Not waggle.

Vandaliser said:

September 8th, 9:39 am

violator i agree.

this thing will fail if there is no analog stick on it.

ACE_72 said:

September 8th, 9:40 am

Would there be an possibility of re-designing the existing the remote to be more rectangular please see photo


While providing a darken transparent enclosure for glowing LED. Instead of a big glowing ball at the end of the controller?

RobRoks said:

September 8th, 9:43 am

Price wise it will costs quite a lot and if u need to use two controllers per one person you cant have a 4 player split screen + that will costs probably over £200 of equipment suggesting that this conroller is roughyl £40 – 50 which they tend to be. But one question say your playing an RPG or a shooter you can use it to aim / slash your sword or fire your gun but how do you move ? It misses a kind of wii nunchuck which i feel was very comfrtorable and very intuative and good for the wii but the nunchuck plus wiimote = £50 odd pounds and again this much for controllers is expensive id much rather spend £20 for a controller rather than the price of a high end game please take note sony if it is too expensive you wont get LOADS of sales unless by hardcore sony fans or a really really good game comes out with it? :)

Valentik999 said:

September 8th, 9:43 am

Terrible. Playstation should just change its name to the Pii.

redbaron788 said:

September 8th, 9:43 am

like said before, they need an analog stick. at the very least a cross b/n the nub and a stick w/ a little more control than the nub but not as obtrusive as the stick

Jeigh said:

September 8th, 9:43 am

I’m relieved to hear that the developers were brought in on the whole development process of this thing. Gives me confidence that they actually want to use it and CAN make good use of it. I look forward to the next part of this seven part series(?). XD
(Seriously, I’m loving hearing about this thing, though I WOULD like to see or hear about what it can do with existing games and applications- or perhaps you guys have got a big line-up of announcements for the controller waiting for TGS.)

rockjamie said:

September 8th, 9:44 am

woo, i hope they get this right, otherwise it wuld fail epicly

also im sure everyone else has heard of microsofts Project Natal, cause if they pull that off that could seriously kick this motion controller into the ground, so i really do hope that this comes out perfectly :)

Moosehole said:

September 8th, 9:46 am

PSP Firmware 6.0 plz. We all know its coming this week.

Anubis80 said:

September 8th, 9:51 am

it looks kind of cool. Would love to see how its used in a FPS.

Bloody_Marcel said:

September 8th, 9:51 am

The lack of analog sticks on the wands means this is doomed to casuals only applications.

toology01 said:

September 8th, 9:52 am

Dont listen to some of these people here Sony. Some of them I think lack the imagination to envision what you could actually do with these controllers. They hear motion controllers and all they can see is the crappy Wii and a bunch of 3rd rate casual games to go with it.

I see more robust hardcore games coming out for yours as well as some sweet psn games. At least thats what I hope for. Im sure you probably know that no Sony fans are gonna be interested in an non-competetive basic tennis game with limited motion range and no online play etc.

I’m gonna give you the benefit of the doubt in the beginning seeing as how you never let me down with producing some of the best and most creative games on the market both in disc-based and digital form. Though I do agree with the part about might want to consider putting a small analog nub on the controllers, even if its only the size of the psp nub.

darkwing75 said:

September 8th, 9:53 am

Is there an analog stick on the wand?

SPARDA said:

September 8th, 9:54 am

I personally never bought into the whole motion controller thing…… starting with the Wii. But if the developers can come up with some clever ways to built it into popular game genres, I will definitely try it out.

Looking forward to part III


HongoXIII said:

September 8th, 9:54 am

Looks great. I’m sure we will see some very impressive software using this controller and the power of the PS3. Keep up the good work.

onlineatron said:

September 8th, 9:55 am

Listen now SONY


FFObsessed said:

September 8th, 9:56 am

Think about a 3rd person action game… how can we move our character without an analog stick?

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