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Sep 14

Sep 14

Brandon Roy Scores Cover of NBA 10: THE INSIDE for PSP

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SCEA PR Manager

Hey all, today we are thrilled to announce that Portland Trail Blazers All-Star guard Brandon Roy will be the cover athlete for NBA 10: THE INSIDE, which hits stores on October 6th, exclusively for PlayStation Portable. Here’s a first-hand look at the brand new cover art:


Roy will be entering his fourth pro season when the NBA schedule kicks off on October 27th. Since being drafted sixth overall by the Blazers in 2006, he’s taken the league by storm winning Rookie of the Year (2007), All-Rookie Team (2007), All-NBA Second Team (2009) and two All-Star appearances (2008–2009). I’ll put it another way, as of February 16, 2009, Roy has hit 24 shots where he tied or won the game with 35 seconds or less—the guy is clutch!

Which is why we’re psyched to have the silky smooth guard as our ambassador for the newest version of our NBA franchise, which has been the #1 rated PSP NBA simulation for 3 years in a row now*. From the same makers that brought you MLB 09: THE SHOW, NBA 10: THE INSIDE really offers fans two games in one package—a superior simulation experience for the hardcore hoops fans while also giving gamers a little something different with our Block Party feature that includes our popular Conquest modes and wide variety of carnival style mini-games. Take a look at a few early previews on and

Here’s a look at some new screen shots of our cover guy Brandon Roy lighting up the competition in NBA 10: THE INSIDE.



Finally, here’s a quick rundown of the new additions and features you can expect from NBA 10: THE INSIDE.

Expanded Conquest Mode: Players can now take on the entire country in Conquest while playing Dodgeball, Give & Go or MiniQuest, which allows you to choose from four different mini-games.

  • DodgeQuest: Players can battle teams head-to-head in an attempt to take over the entire country while playing the Dodgeball mini-game.

NBA 10: THE INSIDE Dodgeball 1

  • Give&GoQuest: Players can face off on the Give & Go mini-game as they battle other cities and acquire players in an attempt to take over the entire country.
  • MiniQuest: This new Conquest mode lets players take over the entire country and choose from either Dodgeball, Conquest, Elimination or Give & Go each time two cities battle one another.

New Mini-Games!

  • Open Lanes: Offers a traditional 10 frame bowling mini-game with an NBA look and feel.

NBA 10: THE INSIDE Open Lanes

  • Cherry Pickin’: A puzzle based mini-game where players shoot colored orbs that stick to the game board, which is made of additional colored orbs. The goal is to line up at least three orbs of the same color to remove them from the board. The overall objective is to clear out all orbs on the game board to proceed to the next level.

NBA 10: THE INSIDE Cherry Pickin

  • Classic Mini-Games Return! Shootin’ Bricks, Block A Shot, Big Shooter, Hot Shot!, Alley Oop and more classic mini-games return to make NBA 10: THE INSIDE the perfect blend of arcade and simulation hoops.

NBA 10: THE INSIDE Pinball 9

*According to Metacritic and GameRankings overall scores. As ranked by Metacritic as of 8/1/2009.

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jazzyrider said:

September 14th, 11:16 am

Can’t wait to pick this up!

uns33n_H3R0 said:

September 14th, 11:18 am

I’m not really into basketball but it looks cool

ChevelleMan said:

September 14th, 11:19 am

Go Trail Blazers

GooDer_gAMe said:

September 14th, 11:23 am

this looks pretty cool, but I’m actually looking to possible buy an NBA game this year. Any news about the ps3 version?

    Eric Levine's Avatar

    Eric Levine said:

    September 14th, 12:28 pm

    Only available on PSP and PSPgo. We wanted to focus completely on the portable version this year, since it\’s such a great game to take on the road.

bendeboy said:

September 14th, 11:25 am

when will 3.00 get fixed?


September 14th, 11:25 am

Mini-game madness looks sweet great job is this going to be available for PSPGO on LaUnch day if not GT5 is going to be my first purchase also sence it’s a digital copy of a game wount it be cheaper than it’s umd counterpart?

    Eric Levine's Avatar

    Eric Levine said:

    September 14th, 12:56 pm

    Yes, UMD and downloadable versions of NBA 10 will be available on October 6 when the game launches.

KS-Canuck92 said:

September 14th, 11:28 am

this is out 5 days after the pspgo

iCyCo said:

September 14th, 11:33 am

@4 No ps3 version this year

depward said:

September 14th, 11:38 am

Gotta say – SO AWESOME that B-Roy is on the cover. Finally! The Blazers get some respect!!

TwiztedR3DHead said:

September 14th, 11:44 am

this looks like the last game and the last game lol

cowboyd21 said:

September 14th, 11:46 am

@ 8 that infoe new to me i wonder why? the game look good . GT plus this game will be the first games i buy when i get mine psp go

cleversignin said:

September 14th, 11:50 am

nice to see PDX in the spot light.

Jeeves_Tremor said:

September 14th, 12:10 pm

Well at least it isn’t Greg Oden……..

MastahKillah82 said:

September 14th, 12:20 pm

Why brandon roy ? If the game would of had a real NBA superstar on the cover I would probably purchase it… But since it is brandon roy, that is a negative!

MaskedJackal said:

September 14th, 12:26 pm

Awesome, Brandon Roy is one of my favorite players.

@Jeeves_Tremor: hahha, I got a kick out of the Oden comment.

Shy_Guy92 said:

September 14th, 12:28 pm

Wow the PSP boxart is different now too…..

readyset said:

September 14th, 12:30 pm

what about a 2k10 version like those better

acerazer1 said:

September 14th, 12:40 pm


Jeigh said:

September 14th, 12:40 pm

Focused on the PSP version this year, eh? That’s actually making me consider it… One version, a PSP version no less, got an ENTIRE studio’s attention? I get the feeling that’s going to yield better results…

Cman107 said:

September 14th, 12:56 pm

Yeah, Portland!!!

gamestopper09 said:

September 14th, 12:59 pm

Finally, NBA 10 is not coming to PS3 or PS2. NBA 09 was really a bad game. Just make new IP instead.

Clearly, NBA 2k10 is gonna be the best NBA game this year.

station3fever said:

September 14th, 12:59 pm

nice, all i have to do now is learn how to play basketball :)

drdre74 said:

September 14th, 1:08 pm

Looks like last years game and the past two years before that. I guess 2K10 is killing everything for Sony to not to make a PS3 version this year. That cover is really boring. It doesnt jump out at you at all. Shouldnt the cover of something jump out at you when you’re walking down the store alse?

stlcardinal9 said:

September 14th, 1:16 pm

No PS3 version?? WTF? You guys are losing your effing minds at Sony!!!

thearcticsea said:

September 14th, 1:45 pm

Congratulations, rich athlete, on scoring a bunch of extra money with your photo!

Oh wait, why would anyone give a “F Expletive”??!

gold5225 said:

September 14th, 1:54 pm

I am a Litte Bit dissapointed with the announcement that you guys will not be pursuing a PS3 version this year. I hope that means you will make no more NBA The Inside PS3 games, cause then you will just let the engine go to waste. Whatever the case I may download this when I get my PSP GO! but Idk cause there will be so many other good games.

TakiFuGu said:

September 14th, 2:22 pm

I’m going to keep a BIG distance from NBA10 The Inside. I learned my lesson from PS3’s NBA09 The Inside. I’m going 2k10 all the way from now on. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me!

Ro0o2aA said:

September 14th, 2:24 pm

I Think NBA LIVE 10 WIll Be Better Than NBA 10 :S:S But I Can’t Even Wait About Any Of Them ….YAY! when is the LAUNCH?!

EdReedFan20 said:

September 14th, 2:40 pm

I loved the demo for 09, but I’m really debating whether to get it on UMD or Digital Download. I really want Digital Download, but since space is a premium on memory sticks (and even on the PSP Go). I would hate buying this as a DD and then deleting it next year, when NBA 11 comes out. To solve this problem on the PSP I came up with this idea on a game forum: Say MLB: The Show, or NBA: The Inside are released for the PSP Go. When the following year’s game comes out and you’re limited in space, what do you do. Do you delete last years full-priced game? I’d hate doing that. My idea, which has probably been suggested for years on consoles, is instead of a new game releasing every year, release an optional huge roster update each year for, say, 5-15 dollars, with the option to pick and play with the rosters and ballparks/arenas of the previous games. Every few years for, say, 15-25 dollars, they could release an optional graphical upgrade, possibly featuring new ballpark/arenas. However, as with the former rosters, the former ballpark/arenas would still be accessible.

EdReedFan20 said:

September 14th, 2:42 pm

Sorry if there’s any confusion. I meant to say I loved the demo to NBA 09, but I want to buy NBA 10.

Rick_Dawg said:

September 14th, 3:21 pm

Just one question: Why does Brandon Roy look like a white guy whose shooting lefthanded jumpers? You do realize he’s black and shoots right handed right?

Kchow23 said:

September 14th, 3:40 pm

Woo! Brandon Roy!!! :)

Kchow23 said:

September 14th, 3:41 pm

Woo Brandon Roy!!!

DEBO2U said:

September 14th, 3:51 pm

I like NBA 08 on the PS3. motion controls.
I’m sad there wont be another ps3 version.
*sad face*
*serious face*
NBA 09 was not as great.

D34DL1N3R said:

September 14th, 4:25 pm

Who gives a rats you know what!

Instead of this garbage, how about filling the consumer in on what point Sony is at on fixing the 3.0 firmware issues?

We deserve a time frame.

TS3RRY said:

September 14th, 5:04 pm

Please use this tip! Brandon Roy does not wear a headband so please take it off the game. I know this because i am a big Trail Blazer fan and Coach Nate McMillan does not allow any of the Blazers to wear headbands!

Kchow23 said:

September 14th, 5:34 pm

Definitely Blazers arent allowed to wear headbands

Mobius_124 said:

September 14th, 5:37 pm

its nice that you guys concentrate on the PSP version of the game this year. I hope that next years version for the PS3 (NBA 2011) will be up to standards, if you guys do make one in the future.

BigPoppaB said:

September 14th, 5:46 pm

lol… i wonder why no ps3 version

I wish someone, anyone, would step up as the 2k series has gotten stale

mcbuttz78 said:

September 15th, 9:02 am

is this ad hoc? or global online?.. will we able to play versus players in the mini games ths time around, i hpe to pick this up when it drops.. ty 4 your time

Rizal666999 said:

September 15th, 11:32 am

I know this is going to seem stupid, but considering the new top bars for the PS3 and PSP cases, does that mean that PS2 is getting a new top bar as well?

n4tacon said:

September 15th, 12:40 pm

Hm. Haven’t previously played too many NBA games, but since I’m looking into a few, I might give this a try. Looks pretty good. PSP just keeps getting better and better lately with the games.

bball93 said:

September 15th, 1:10 pm

So wait let me get this straight…There is no ps3 version coming out this year.

KILLA_KING_007 said:

September 19th, 1:31 pm

Good move Sony 2k got it on lock strong possible i will get this. As for you whiners yall always crying about something just hush you know you weren’t getting it for ps3 lol

KNRasengan said:

September 20th, 10:11 am

Yeah I didn’t really like the PS3 version. It was on sale for 20 bucks so that’s the only reason I got it. Anyway when do we get the demo for the game?

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