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We’re less than a month out from the launch of UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves and we’re starting to see reviews come in. We just received the November issue of PlayStation: The Official Magazine in the studio which has the first world review of UNCHARTED 2. Subscribers should have this issue in the mail any time now and, if you don’t have a subscription, you can pick up a copy from newsstands in the next couple of weeks.

Cracking open the issue, which features UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves as its cover, we were totally thrilled to see that our game received a perfect 5/5 AND the Editors’ Choice award for the month! We’ve been working incredibly hard over the past two years to make UNCHARTED 2 the best game we’ve made yet and we’re all smiles to hear that we’re not the only ones who think we’ve got something really great on our hands.

You’ll have to pick up your own copy to read the ten full pages of UNCHARTED 2 details, but in the meantime here’s an image of the cover to serve as a preview:

PTOM UCHARTED 2 review cover

I’m pretty sure just reading reviews of our game won’t be enough to hold you over until we launch on October 13, so be sure to check out our Multiplayer Demo. If you pre-ordered UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves through GameStop, then your early access to the demo starts tomorrow and runs up until just prior to the launch of our game. If you haven’t pre-ordered, the Multiplayer Demo opens up to everyone via a PlayStation Network download on September 29.

We’ll be back on the PlayStation.Blog tomorrow with more details about the multiplayer demo and an associated contest you’ll definitely want to know about!

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1 Author Reply

  • Awesome First

  • Wuggyboobeaufuf

    A perfect score for a PS3 game from a PS mag?


  • fully expected :)

  • Awesome 2nd, do I win I can’t wait for release, played beta loved it…

  • drownedphoniex

    It’s not the first! The French PS3 mag gave it a 21 out 20! 105%!!!!! But still great news nontheless!

  • Even though a perfect score for a playstation exclusive in a playstation magazine isn’t that special, I’m sure that EVERY REVIEW of this game is going to be spectacular!

    It’s really something special, I can already tell!

  • I wonder what the score could be? :)
    I love PS, but I shy away from reading platform specific magazines.

  • WOW

  • Patriot_Infinity

    One of the best games of all time, huh… I’m getting this for sure. The first one was amazing, this one seems to top that and add a hell of a lot more.

  • TheGuardianFID

    Sweet, Playing tomorrow, for the second time (I was in the beta)is gonna rock, U2 FTW GOTY!!! :D

  • School-Project

    Great news!

    How about somebody fixes Uncharted: Drakes Fortune before this comes out then?!

    I was unlucky enough to buy a new PS3 Slim with Uncharted thrown in… guess what, it doesn’t work because of the update.

    Any news on it yet??

  • Great news, I knew this game was gonna get a perfect score, glad i pre ordered it almost 5 months ago!

  • Glad to see it got a great review! i knew it was from the begining! glad i reserved this almost 5 months ago!

  • School-Project

    Great news!

    How about you fix Uncharted: Drakes Fortune for the unfortunate souls like myself who have just purchased a PS3?

    How about a fix preferably BEFORE this one comes out, you know so people can play it?

    Thanks also for moderating my previous message asking for a fix nicely.

  • See you tomorrow!!! W007 W007!

  • Sweetness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • See you tomorrow!!!

  • Great review, that’s AFW. >:|

  • at 2 you should really do some research about their reviews , they tend to be pretty harsh with playstation 3 exclusives , warhawk 3/5 , Motorstorm Pacific Rift 3/5 , you kidding me ?????? , did they play the same games that i played???

  • Great review. That’s AFW. >:|

  • oh gosh, double comment! sorry!

  • Pinball_Wizard

    Very excited to hear the good news, and I highly await the demo tomorrow! Perhaps this contest is regarding the uber cool Limited Edition copy of the game that you’ll be giving to a few lucky people…

  • WackyWeedCreed


    I can’t wait to get my hands on this!

    Another magazine, i think its PS3M, gave the score a 21/20!
    Hows that for you! Destruction of a rating system!

  • Pinball_Wizard

    Very excited to hear about the good review, and I’m also excited to get onto the demo tomorrow. I take it that the contest will be regarding the Limited Edition we’re all just dying to get…

  • You guys understand this magazine IS NOT owned by Sony? It’s run by future publishing and these guys have been hard on first party games before

  • the_gogo_bat

    Awesome news, wouldn’t expect anything less from naughty dog!! I’m dying to play the demo tomorrow! Hopefully we find out how we can win one of the hunter editions of the game throught the demo because im dying for a copy of one lol

  • @ Wuggy: Do you ever stop crying?

  • @everyone, Reviews are not about SCORES, IT’S ABOUT WHAT THEY SAY. Anyone can give a score, not everyone can write a good review.

    I can read many “comments”, but only some of them can give me a very good idea of what to expect without anything of it having to do with the “score”.

    Always read the text, and analyze it, don’t skim through it then look at a number or letter grade, and by all means always try the game for yourselves (if you deem it worthy of it) before arriving to conclusions.

  • I just saw that the French PS3M gave it a 21/20, that is craziness!

  • ‘Forget game of the year. This is one of thest games of all time’
    Massive congratulations Naughty Dog. I can’t begin to imagine how seeing a tag line like that must feel after all the hard work.
    Uncharted tipped me to getting a PS3 and U2 is bringing a horde of my friends to the system.

    A vacation well deserved!

  • FlatulentGhost

    @2 “A perfect score for a PS3 game from a PS mag?

    LOL! Are you clueless!

    Sony was incompetent enough to let a hardcore Xbox fanboy get hired as the head of the Playstation magazine who proceeded to dish out review trashing of major PS3 exclusives(surprise!).

    It’s nice to see Sony has gotten their act together with game reviews since the disasterous 2006/7 days where they were just bending over for every Xbot in the gaming media.

  • will the contest be open to Canadians?

  • oh man I thought the demo was avalible to everyone another long wait ahead =(

  • Guess some of you haven’t read Xbox Mag or Nintendo Power? Neither of those give will give a 10 for just a game, since it is Microsoft or Nintendo. I doubt the PTOM is bias.

  • I expected nothing less from Naughty Dog. With 3 Crash awesome Crash games, 2 bitchin’ Jak games and 1 earth shattering Uncharted…I expected this. Uncharted 2 is easily the most jam packed game content wise probably ever, and the quality of production matched and surpassed from Uncharted 1 make it that much more obvious.

    I’m sure most reviews are going to be going this way. Given the unanimous praise this game has been getting since day 1.

  • A13ofSpades

    anyone else seen the trophies? WTF about no multiplayer trophies?
    btw, future owns this mag as well as nintendo power, for example

  • I already pre-ordered this!! cant wait till it arrives :D

  • Check your email I just got my code from gamestop

  • just got my code from gamestop

  • great

  • Is 21/20 technically possible? LOL
    Good luck with the game though ND. With all the work you guys have put in, it should be GOTY.

  • DAY 1 !!!!!

  • Naughty Dog should be incredibly proud of their work. Thanks everyone!

  • OmegaSpartan08


  • Only a 5 out of 5? Some french playstation magazine gave it a 21/20

  • This is beginning to look a lot like Christmas!! Sony will win the console war for sure by the end of next year!!

  • starBlinky01

    What time will the demo go up? midnight tonight??

    I already got my code, been typing it in every hour or so hoping it will work XD

  • meep_moop_meep


    there should be an embargo for until the week or two before release. total tease.


  • Catastrophe1

    If this is the “first”, is that a sly debunk of reports that PSM3 awarded it 21/20?
    ( )

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