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Sep 14

Sep 14

PS3 Firmware Update (v3.01) now available

Eric Lempel's Avatar Posted by SVP, Marketing & PlayStation Network

Hi everyone, PS3 system software update 3.01 is now available for download. This is an optional update that improves system stability during use of some PlayStation 3 format software.

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King8654 said:

October 11th, 12:45 pm – the place for all bricked ps3 users to band together!!

now live!

waddyuk said:

October 11th, 1:29 pm

Have made my complaint about this on watchdog website … suggest oall of us do the same

waddyuk said:

October 11th, 1:30 pm

Have made my complaint on watchdog website about this and i suggest you all do the same

Voldsom said:

October 11th, 11:35 pm

I’ve had mine for a while and it’s always worked perfectly fine. I always liked everything Sony came out with but now I’m having the same problem as everyone else seems to be having on here. Intermittent game freeze every 10 minutes or so and sometimes not even able to read the disks at all, etc.

What really sucks is that we’re not hearing anything at all from Sony, at least, not that I could find that addresses this/these issues with the 3.0X FW updates.

With Xmas only two months away, are they really going to try to conceal this from the public? And is this only affecting older models or is it plaguing new the models as well?

RandomGuard said:

October 11th, 11:41 pm

Hey everybody! 40 gig here stopping by to say after the 3.01 update, my system no longer plays any type of disc based media! As stated earlier, it’s a 40 gig model made in either June or July of 07. Hopefully this can be fixed via firmware update, because I do not intend on paying an extra 150 dollars. I personally can’t place blame completely on Sony because for all I know it is just a coincidence, but if it IS just a coincidence… I suggest we start buying lottery tickets because the odds of all these PS3’s having the exact same problem RIGHT after the newest update is just mind boggling. It boggles the mind.

Even though the error isn’t reaching into the millions and what not doesn’t mean it should be ignored. Just because you have a huge yard doesn’t mean you should ignore the anthills off in the distance.

mikoal1 said:

October 12th, 12:32 am

i;’ve given up, so im just buying ps3 slim, then refunding it every 30 days…

DJDEKZ said:

October 12th, 5:33 am

lol after the update my bd-drive CANT read games/dvds anymore and i have no warranty!
They can’t be so stupid…

THX Sony!

uffe_z said:

October 12th, 5:36 am

My 40Gb ps3 also also started freezing after about 10 minutes of playing disc-based games. After upgrading to 3.0.1.

(Bought a new game, the game said “you need to upgrade the system software” – so I did. Now I can’t play that game or any of the other games. Thank You, Sony.)

Voldsom said:

October 12th, 7:44 am

956- So this does affect newer systems as well? what’s the point of going off and buying a new PS3 Slim then? Just resending it and hoping, that eventually, one won’t do this?

This is so frustrating.

frayenel said:

October 12th, 7:50 am

hey guys…just bought an xbox…i know it is not a bluray player…( i already have one, yeah sony bd350 and am not going to update it…) its just the curiosity and the fact that project natal will be out soon…pretty sure xbox will be a hot item this christmas…also another fact that sony is denying about their latest firmware bricking our ps3…why not join the xbox bandwagon….microsoft fixes their xbox bricked by the RLOD for free even it is over the warranty period!!! cause they stand behind their product. call their customer support they will inform you.

frayenel said:

October 12th, 7:54 am

oh and dont forget to drop by at the better business bureau and consumer reports website and let them know about your complain….that is the easiest way to inform the public….

Voldsom said:

October 12th, 8:38 am

Been considering going there but trading in my 25+ games for the same games wouldn’t be worth it at all.

I’ll still wait a while to see what comes out of this. If there’s still nothing in a month or so, I might just go xbox.

Fallout GOTY tomorrow, was planning on getting that.. now I’ll just have to wait. :(

brazil_racer said:

October 12th, 9:35 am

PS: I have a 60gb launch ps3, updated to 3.01 and had NO PROBLEMS. I tested wathcihng a full blu-ray movie for about two hours(007: Quantum of Solace) and also playing Uncharted 1 for about 1 hour.

I have not updated to 3.0, it was a direct jump from 2.8 to 3.01, so the problem might be related to something 3.0 did and that 3.01 did not and was unable to correct.

One hint for those with problem(do not know if it will work). Try the PS3 Video Reset(worked for a friend of mine). Turn off the PS3 and turn it on holding the power button until the video mode(Component, HDMI, 480p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p) appear.

PS: Anyone knows if Sony removed the ability to play songs while going through the XMB (seems to be happening to me) ?

Good luck fellas,

JohnnyNoToes said:

October 12th, 9:48 am

Is this the only firmware update that has made people’s systems “brick”

Voldsom said:

October 12th, 11:11 am


Since I had mine.. about three years ago, this is the first time it does yeah. It seemed to be working fine with the 3.0 update too but as soon as I updated to 3.01 it just started freezing.

It was more sporadic at first, I was able to get some good amount of gameplay at first but it seems to be getting worst.

I just called Sony, they had me do a bunch of stuff, called three times in total and it is still not working. The fact that the problem started the same day I updated to 3.01 can’t be a coincidence and since didn’t ask them to break my system, since I wasn’t warned about the possible damage it could do to my system and since it wasn’t mentionned in anything I read so far, I think I should get a replacement for free… or at least some compensation, like a rebate for a new console.

mikoal1 said:

October 12th, 12:58 pm

@959:it affected my old 60 gig CECHA version, but not the new slim. but kinda wierd, it froze on me twice already, im for sure not keeping the slim. I dont expect new PS3 to freeze like that

so im just using it for 30 days, returning it, buy another one, and return it, until sony comes wiht a new firmware.

King8654 said:

October 12th, 5:21 pm

finally the issue is getting mainstream attention. – place for bricked customers to band together!

just mentioned in

darkwater234 said:

October 12th, 8:08 pm

“Hey everybody! 40 gig here stopping by to say after the 3.01 update, my system no longer plays any type of disc based media! I personally can’t place blame completely on Sony because for all I know it is just a coincidence”

I totally disagree with you. Sony is the one who released this update and since they are refusing to admit their fault in this or try to compensate their customers in some way they are to blame and should suffer greatly in the court of law.
It must really suck right now for all of the ps3 owners with bricked or faulty systems who won’t be able to play uncharted 2 tomorrow. I could be one of them as well had I updated my system to 3.0. Unfortunately, though I won’t be able to play online. Oh well at least my system is still working. I think Sony is in a catch-22 with this update. I know that they want to remove the update from the network before it bricks any more systems but since they repeatedly stated that this was a hardware and not a firmware issue removing the firmware from the network would be seen as an admission of guilt thus guaranteeing that they lose the upcoming lawsuit.

rcgaryk said:

October 12th, 8:16 pm

SCE- Australia is getting some resolution at least:

Voldsom said:

October 12th, 10:02 pm

968: Totally agreed, if someone came over and broke my [DELETED] I’d have him pay for it, even if he was the person that built it.

mikoal1 said:

October 12th, 10:18 pm

Sony Takes Action Over PS3 Yellow Light Of Death Problem
By David Richards | Monday | 12/10/2009
EXCLUSIVE: Sony Computer Entertainment Australia has started contacting customers who have reported “Yellow light of Death” and Blu ray problems with their PS3 gaming console, following an investigation by SmartHouse which indicates that there are more problems with the PS3 in Australia than Sony are making out.
It has also been revealed that several leading mass market retailers who sold the PS3 console in the first place are refusing to take back problem consoles.
During the past two weeks several Australian buyers of PS3 consoles have contacted SmartHouse to claim that after reporting their problems to SCE Australia, they have been asked to pay up to and over $300 to fix “Yellow Light Of Death” and “Blu ray” as well as firmware upgrade problems with their console.

TEL-BOT said:

October 13th, 3:23 am

Well, TCR have just repaired my son’s PS3 and replaced the hard drive & blu-ray laser. Not sure if they’ve managed to put an older firmware version on there – not sure if that’s possible to do at their end or something only $ony can do?

Either way, it’s been quality control tested and according to them it’s now working okay. Will be interested to see how long the laser lasts if the firmware is still at 3.01.

My boy is a major COD nut and with MW2 coming out in soon, it’s going to get a decent workout in the next couple of months. I will keep everyone posted on how this retailer repaired console holds up once we get it back.

frayenel said:

October 13th, 5:28 am

my ps1 and ps2 still run because there were no updates or anything; the fact that my ps3 is rarely used since i bought it… because i have a sony bd350, a sony dvd with hdmi, and a wii console that i have played with my 6 yr old daughter most of the time…only when my daughter wanted to play the ducks in ps3 …that every 15 minutes a notice will appear about the new update…to get over with it…i did the update from 2.8 to 3.01…after a while it restarted with a blank screen…did the video reset…called sony asking for 200 dollars…end up using a component cable to view the ps3…sony said not the firmware but admitted it is the hardware…a 600 dollar equipment breaks easily with cheap components..i rest my case…will never buy sony products anymore…of course i already signed up on the class action lawsuit. and recently bought an xbox system because of project natal… coming out soon.. rumor says this christmas…which means xbox will really be a hot item….hey also a tip… called up xbox customer support and pretended i have an xbox that failed to work .. the so called rlod.. their response is will repair the machine for free… yes includes shipping and handling… what can u say sony?

frayenel said:

October 13th, 5:32 am

on my pretend call with xbox told them my machine was bought 2006.

waddyuk said:

October 13th, 12:56 pm

Well …. i have just made a call to Sony again to log a complaint about this issue with my bluray and games not working after downloading firmware 3.01 . I was told there is NO WAY the firmware would have such an effect on a PS3 . They also said that they were not aware of any problems about this at all and have not recieved calls about this complaint . I then told them that i have read a thread about Sony Australia recognising this fault and was then told ” we have never ever heard such a load of rubbish and it is completely untrue ” . After reading so many threads on so many forums about this how can they say they have not heard anything at all and have had no complaints about this problem.

mikoal1 said:

October 13th, 1:49 pm

they are lying, I called in before and the techie even admitted it, and said its blown out of proportion etc.

LoneStranger said:

October 13th, 2:18 pm

Don’t forget, you can ask for the support representative’s name and then ask to speak to their manager. Keep going up the chain if you have to. Be polite. Be respectful. Take notes. Remember the phrase ‘I’d like to escalate this issue’ when you feel that you aren’t getting anywhere.

I don’t know how many people they have working support, but it’s always possible that the first line doesn’t know anything about it. They’re usually cheap and not always the best at troubleshooting outside of a script. That should change as you get higher up.

waddyuk said:

October 13th, 2:36 pm

ok guys .. will call them up again and ask to speak to a manager

Ragionieri said:

October 13th, 3:07 pm

Sony, its going on day 45 without playing or buying PS3 games and BR movies. My 80g BC PS3 stopped working the second I downloaded the 3.0 updated and 3.01 did not fix it.

KelTeck said:

October 13th, 6:58 pm

My 40 GB model lost all blu-ray function after 3.01 was installed. Not happy.

KTMONEY420 said:

October 13th, 9:05 pm

Hey guys

I brought my 40gb PS3 last July. No problems at all until today when I tried playing NBA 2K10. Didnt work when initially turned but it began working and I got two offline games in but when I tried to save, it froze.

Tonight tried playing NHL 10 and the game would not even leave the loading screen. And then if does, it freezes at the save/load screen after not playing any part of a game.

What the hell? I am not paying a cent after the money I spent on this thing. That’s my story. WHATS THE DEAL SONY???? BE A NICE LITTLE CORPORATION AND TELL YOUR CUSTOMERS WHATS GOING ON.

KTMONEY420 said:

October 13th, 9:06 pm

Almost forgot..can’t watch any movies blu-ray or regular dvd’s..that started last night.

DJfrod said:

October 13th, 10:12 pm

I want to commit gamer suicide. The blu ray drive on my 40gb PS3 hasn’t worked since the beginning of September! Well, I gotten used to life without a PS3 and its great. There are more things to life than gaming. Still though it would be nice watch a BLU RAY movie. F U SONY.

bc-pete said:

October 13th, 11:03 pm

Uncharted 2 crashed during a cut scene in chapter 2. I installed 3.01, now my PS3 does not recognize any game I put in the console.

frayenel said:

October 14th, 2:45 am


GerryIsh said:

October 14th, 4:39 am

Ref No.945 continued…
Gerryish Comment 1/2
I had been playing COD4 on my 60GB UK PS3 (never ever had any problems with it before) and afterwards I noticed there was a V3.01 update available.
After the install, I suddenly noticed that the disc icon for COD4 was missing from the menu!
I have tried some problem solving and noted the following…
PS3 will –
– detect and play CD’s, DVD’s, PS2 games.
– only sometimes allows USB to be used to copy and back-up saves
– recognise and play BluRay films
– recognise and play PS3 games

I have tried restore to factory default settings but it did not help.
Reboot and unplugged all cables but nothing helped.

GerryIsh said:

October 14th, 4:43 am

Ref No. 946 (previously removed by Sony)
Gerryish Comment 2/2
I rang SONY UK support who refused to acknowledge the firmware had anything to do with it.
They refused to admit that others had rang them with the same problem, acting as if I was an isolated incident.
They wanted £128 to fix it!
I saw in a previous comment that people in the UK should write to Watchdog (or email) and I think it is a great idea.
I also think all UK affected users should somehow band together in a combined law-suit, or something like that, but I am not sure how this could be done or co-ordinated.
It cannot be coincidence that 1sec after an update my PS3 nolonger allows Bluray discs to be recognised!
How can an update be released that corrupts more than it fixes?
Please let me know if we can do anything as a group…

GerryIsh said:

October 14th, 4:49 am

Gerryish – follow up…
I have managed get hold of an email for Sony Support:
help @
(please remove the spaces from the email address when you send)
It would be great if all affected users could email them to show a united front, as well as emailing BBC UK Watchdog program.
Good luck!

J402king2cold said:

October 14th, 5:46 am

please add custom music in ever game not just selected games make it like the xbox 360 like for the music on firmware in (v3.02)

ACE_Stryker said:

October 14th, 6:21 am

Unbelievable!!! I still can’t believe that there hasn’t been an update on this!

My system stopped working immediately after updating the firmware. I’m going to give Sony a call Today!

NaviGATR said:

October 14th, 9:19 am

Has everyone been emailing cent, Gizmodo, Engadget, TechCrunch etc with the URL to this forum and the issue? We need to get loud. We need to get so loud that we can’t be ignored. Maybe we need to contact local stations who handle consumer issues. We need to create bad PR for Sony so they’ll fix the problem.

mikoal1 said:

October 14th, 10:30 am

Lets do it!
If Sony Australia is willing to fix for free, Sony USA should do so as well.

frayenel said:

October 14th, 7:27 pm

if sony australia admitted the flaw…what is going on wih sony usa ??? oh i know the customer support personnels ? they are not here, somewhere in the other side of the world…so why will they bother to act on this…they even dont have ps3’s !!!

macdaddyjames said:

October 14th, 8:55 pm

can anyone tell me about the rumors about psn going to cost us next year

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