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Sep 16

Sep 16

Valkyria Chronicles II – Coming to PSP Next Summer

Aaron Webber's Avatar Posted by Associate Brand Manager, Sega of America

Hey all, and nice to meet you! I’m Aaron Webber, also known as RubyEclipse over on the SEGA Blogs, and I’m the community lead at SEGA of America for all things Valkyria Chronicles.

As of today, SEGA is proud to announce Valkyria Chronicles II – the sequel to the legendary PS3 epic – is coming to the West exclusively on the PSP! Join the battle once more in the next addition to the Valkyria franchise – created by the same team behind the original.

The year is 1937 EC.

Two years later, the ashes of the Second Europan war still glow in Gallia’s history. But even peace is a fragile happiness – and hearts that once fought side by side are not forever friends.

In the midst of this peace appears a group known as the Gallian Revolutionary Army, swearing to topple the current government – in a lightning fast coup, they arm themselves with the best of both Gallian technology and soldiers.

What was once a small but strong unified country is instantly plunged back onto the battlefield. But the day and age of the last war’s heroes is already fading out – with families to protect and children to raise, they are the ones who must now be protected. While numbers split and tensions rise, the spotlight shines to a handful of up-and-coming students at a Gallian Military Academy.

As civil war begins to rage across the country, morality and war clash with passion and ideals. But this time the distinction between blue and red is not so simple – nor will it ever be. Gallia once stood as a defiant beacon of hope against a giant empire… but can the country now defend against its own?

Valkyria Chronicles II will be arriving Summer 2010 – until then, you can follow all news Valkyria on the official Facebook and Twitter pages!

Finally, we’d like to give a special shout out to all the fans – those who put a fantastic game back into the spotlight, and continue to show their dedication and support for the series. This one goes out to all of you.

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Alee634 said:

September 16th, 8:17 pm

This is awesome news. And thanks Aaron for at least addressing our questions about the possibility of trophies. Keep up the good work and keep posting on the blog when you have more updates!

ArcticNinja21 said:

September 16th, 8:20 pm

You have made me a very happy man. I will buy this the first day it comes out.

wolvyfactor said:

September 16th, 8:31 pm

If anyoen cares the original VC is now 19.99 at all Wal*Marts. Got myself a copy. Will hopefully start it soon, which most likely means that Trophies will arrive a few weeks after I beat the game…

Xoonaka said:

September 16th, 8:43 pm

@Aaron Webber

Yeah, I bought all the DLC and will continue to do so, to be sure. As far as the Silvaria missions… to be honest I’m not 100% sure I did get the “secret” mission… I think my major disappointment with it was not getting to control a Valkyria. But I’ll look up a FAQ on it and give it another go.

As far as the Hard Mode EX stuff… I also didn’t know there were extra items and such. I played a few missions as it, and I didn’t notice anything new… I’ll have to give those another look as well.

Maybe there’s more content there then I realized. I’ll grant you that…. although I still think I would’ve preferred a DLC pack for a little cheaper, say $10, then buying each one seperately at $5 each. I pretty much finished it all in a single evening per pack.

Anyway, thanks for the comments! Always appreciate someone taking the time to respond to us.

thearcticsea said:

September 16th, 9:27 pm

Ryu Ga Gotoku 3 please

Dragun619 said:

September 16th, 9:40 pm

Awesome, VC2 for PSP! I might pick this up along with a new PSP Go. Also Cannot express how much I enjoyed and loved Valkyria Chronicles on PS3. Didn’t really get why you guys announced VC2 for psp and not PS3 but as long as you guys are supporting the VC on PS3 and still pushing for VC Trophies, I’m Happy.

And I think Sega should release like a Yukuza collection with 1,2,&3. It would really help those that are new to the series and wanted to play it in order along with more interest in the series. Overall though I just hope they bring Yukuza 3 stateside.

Linglere said:

September 16th, 9:42 pm

I just bought VC about a month ago and, I gotta say, it’s awesome! I really like the solid gameplay and the art style kicks all unholy arse. Reading some of the other comments, I found that Yakuza 3 being released stateside is not entirely impossible. I’d really love to see it come out here, that’s for sure. As for a market, the Yakuza games are great and everyone I’ve played them around ends up finding their own copy to buy/play – not an easy feat, that.

Jeigh said:

September 16th, 10:32 pm

You rock, Sega. I’ve actually been with you guys since the Genesis. Shame how things turned out, but I’m still a fan. =) If you’d like to see Mad World shoot up in fame, we’ll gladly give it the ol’ VC treatment for you.

It goes without saying, but expect my support on this one too. =)

dmadzak said:

September 16th, 10:34 pm

Love the game and bought it new. Add me to the list of people who want trophies. I have friends on the fence for this game as well. For better or worse, trophies will push them over the edge on picking this up.

Unfortunately the game released when trophies were new and not having them really put VC at a disadvantage vs games that did at the time.

PullusPardusUS said:

September 16th, 11:01 pm

i loooooooooooovvveee Valkyria chronicles. its one of my favourite games of all time.
i even got into that story writing contest SEGA had and well….. got pwned =D

colonel007 said:

September 16th, 11:27 pm

Aaron Webber @ your reply to No. 7:

I remeber those days. The thing is that during those days the games used to include unlockables, split-screen multiplayer, etc.

These days, developers charge for simple things like getting a new costume, online multiplayer, maps and stuff that should have been on the disc in the first place, things that are already on the disc, and… horse armor… All those things used to be part of the games, so this is why now, people bitch too much about trophies/achievements: is the only thing that add longevity to the games.

thisranks said:

September 17th, 3:51 am

I am a huge fan of VC. I would like to see a response from Aaron regarding the comments of VC bombed, therefore Sega is cautious. I was under the impression they were happy with the sales of VC.

BTW, i am also a huge fan of Skies of Arcadia(still own both the DC and GC versions), and would love to see a PS3 version of it.

While trophy support didn’t keep me from purchasing this gem, i do think trophies would make me replay it again.

UNCyrus said:

September 17th, 4:44 am


Thanks for responding to my earlier comment. It’s always greatly appreciated whenever someone takes the time to sit down, read, and actually answer what the fans are saying. Keep doing what you’re doing!

Slarth said:

September 17th, 5:16 am

I loved the original, adding trophies would give me a reason to go back and play it again. A classic game that I would love to see back on the PS3.
Add trophies please & give me a reason to play this classic once again :)

Herlock21 said:

September 17th, 5:25 am

Come on release your internal big games, Yakuza and Kenzan, with just subtitles, its nothing, i dont understand, whats going on this Japan Studio with localisation!!!
Dont make your fan very upset, i play the serie i need the spin off and the sequel!!!

Herlock21 said:

September 17th, 5:26 am


KillUiu said:

September 17th, 5:27 am

I´m waiting for the trophy support too.
I think it could be a good reason for a lot of t
people to play the game for the first time, or even play it again (aond buy the DLC´s..)
So, It´s good for everyone.

Menchi said:

September 17th, 5:35 am

I’d have loved a PS3 VC2, but I do own a PSP, so will be picking up VC2 regardless.

I absolutely loved VC1, and I look forward to the sequel, and I do hope that the PSP doesn’t compromise the beauty and awe of the original.

That said, there is one feature that I’d adore for VC1. Trophies.

I know it is relatively “minor” but it is a feature that is appreciated by fans of completing tough challenges, and finding reasons to play games we love to an even greater depth.

They add so much replay-ability to games, and it is pretty nice getting a Platinum for one of your favourite games.

As a fan of VC1 since the first trailer I ever saw, I’d appreciate the addition of Trophies.

the_FREELANCER said:

September 17th, 5:54 am

Would love to get a subtitled Yakuza 3 release in the states! Please Sega!!!

anticulture said:

September 17th, 6:02 am

First of all, thanks for being so active on the blog, Aaron. Very cool to see someone so involved and passionate.

Secondly, I’d like to make a few suggestions, if I may be so bold (don’t hate me, please):

Please hire me to create teasers and promos for pre-release game advertising. The :23 teaser really doesn’t communicate anything. VC is such a great game, marred by lack of information. Show off the line-of-sight system, the functions of the different soldiers, cover and so forth. Gamers want to know how the mechanics of the game play out.

If you don’t end up hiring me (no hard feelings, but I promise, I’m good), at least take my advice. Let this game (and the strategy of the battles) speak for itself. Don’t show anime cutscenes to sell it; instead, show off the best battles featured in the game. The lack of actual gameplay in the VC1 movies is what caused me (and I’m sure, others) to be so hesitant.

This is a day one purchase for me, this time (on good faith from the first game). Just make sure that they don’t forget to add the ‘inverted aim’ option. Also, it would be nice to be able to rotate the camera with the face buttons.

Phew… :)

P.S. What happened to in-game cinematics?

maruchan27six said:

September 17th, 6:14 am

Cleared the game once and will do it again when the trophy patch rolls.I will buy all the DLCs too!
I persuaded 2 friends into buying the game already, with trophies it will be easier to promote it to other friends.

thearcticsea said:

September 17th, 6:15 am

Damn I’ve been seeing a lot of people asking for Yakuza 3.

I think Sega has to take notice at this point. I’m a huge proponent of the Japanese-games-for-all school of thought, but even I’m surprised at the show of hands regarding a Yakuza 3 release.

LiQuiZoN said:

September 17th, 6:16 am

If you put trophies in Valkyria Chronicles i’d buy it indefinetly!

PLEASE don’t make them frustrating trophies. Think “Fun” and “Different ways to play”.

Look at Uncharted and Uncharted 2 as Great Trophy variety and difficulty.

Onna76_NL said:

September 17th, 6:35 am

I don’t get it, why releasing on the PSP and not on the PS3 :-? The game sold now over 500.000 copies, an amount many RPG’s can only dream of and don’t forget… the PSP has still the disease of pirates downloading games illegal and for free.

I’ll buy the PSP game for sure but can’t help it to be disappointed not to see the game on the PS3. Here we have a current gen console with amazing graphics and what do Japanese devs do? Throwing big RPG’s on a handheld… Good for the PSP, not good for the PS3.

Great to read that Yakuza 3 isn’t off the list for us in the West, just yet :-)

Onna76_NL said:

September 17th, 6:36 am

Oh and I like to put it less friendly, if you give the missing trophies for a reason not to buy Valkyria Chronicles, you’re a complete moron.

Onna76_NL said:

September 17th, 6:36 am

Oh and I like to put it less friendly, if you give the missing trophies for a reason not to buy Valkyria Chronicles, you’re a complete idiot.

Onna76_NL said:

September 17th, 6:39 am

Ehm mod can you delete the post 174, I thought the system was holding my message as it wasn’t posted directly, so I posted it again with a different word as you can see… probably some kind of error in the system.

Shin-Ra said:

September 17th, 7:18 am

Big fan of the Shenmue and Yakuza here, I read your comments and hope SEGA makes Yakuza 3 happen.

Shakezula84 said:

September 17th, 7:43 am

I got someone to buy the game during the GameStop sale and I bought my copy day one. Love the game, but I’ve not played through a lot because of the lack of trophies. Not because none are there but because some might show up.

Day one for the next game. Now I just wonder if I want to buy the umd or download it. Which makes you guys more money?

lebeau said:

September 17th, 9:00 am

I´d buy again valkyria if there was a trophy patch.

the game is great, and a trophy patch is just what is missing for me to play it again..

xkillerp7 said:

September 17th, 9:40 am

Dear Aaron,

I love trophies, and even though Valkyria Chronicles didn’t have support for them, I bought the game, played it all through and loved it. But I felt that something was missing. I didn’t played it again because apparently I had no reason to.

Now, please give me a reason to play it again, you must add trophy support to this already wonderful game. I’m sure everyone will love that and it may even increase the sales. I know lots of people who will only buy a game nowadays if it has trophies on it. You guys gotta use this to your advantage!

So, it’s good for us and it’s good for you developers too. In the end, it’s a win-win situation!

Thanks for listening.

Dropeti said:

September 17th, 10:17 am

Shame on me for this, but I never bought the first game because it didn’t had trophy support, even thou I heard some really good things about it.

But if I knew about a trophy patch I would buy it days before it would be supposedly released just so I could start playing it finally the day it comes out. :)

drdre74 said:

September 17th, 11:02 am

Looks like i have time now to finish Valkyria Chronicles. I ended up buying a few other games and didn’t realize my first time around playing the game that you could save in the middle of a battle so i would get mad that I had to redo a match after being in it for a hour and die. lol!

Ssnipo said:

September 17th, 11:11 am

Shame on Dropeti for this, but I’m waiting the trophy support for VC to start playing it.

Heavenly_king said:

September 17th, 11:21 am

I would like trophies :D. I already finished the game 3 times, but I am willing to do it again for trophies XD.

Schobeleth said:

September 17th, 11:38 am

I would love to see VC getting a trophy patch. I’m close to beating it, but I definitely am soon. I really, really love that game and it’s great it got some better sales with the price cut but we need to show some more support! Fans of VC, start pushing it onto your fellow RPG fans that haven’t gotten it yet!

I’m going to download all the DLC as well, other VC fans should too!

Once the second one comes out I’ll be getting that as well :)

(Although I know this is a bit pointless it’s how I feel) C’MON SEGA! SHOW YOUR LOVE FOR THE PS3 MORE WITH TROPHIES FOR VC (and maybe bringing Yakuza 3 to the West? That might be a bit too much hehe)

ferrarimanf355 said:

September 17th, 12:05 pm

This is cool and all, but I’d like a new Daytona USA game.

I’m hearing that there’s going to be a new one at the AOU expo, so… PS3/X360 port of the new Daytona USA by Sumo Digital, please?

Malice_Mizer said:

September 17th, 12:20 pm

I’m so glad to hear that VC2 is coming to North America, Sega sure announced that quickly! I’m definitely going to pick that up when it comes out.

It’d be cool too if VC1 recieved a Trophy patch, a lot of people would like to turn those Emblems into cold hard Trophy steel and show their love for VC. It’d certainly give me a reason to re-play that game!

SandSkorpion said:

September 17th, 12:40 pm

VC was THE best game I’ve played on the ps3. Count me in as a day one buyer.

lazlowe1984 said:

September 17th, 12:43 pm

I just want to thank Sega for the fantastic work on Valkyria Chronicles.My favorite game on PS3 easily.

I ask Sega for trohpy support and localization of Yakuza 3(at least English subs)

CmdrSinclair said:

September 17th, 12:44 pm

Great to hear about this coming over here. I hope if there’s voice you guys will leave the possibility of Japanese voices too, like you did on VC. I loved having the choice of both, and actually played certain parts with both to enjoy in different ways. And for those who haven’t played VC yet, don’t let the “strategy” angle scare you away. I suck at and generally dislike strategy games, but when VC went on sale, with all the good word of mouth and the fact that I like JRPGs, I gave it a shot. And it was worth it– a really enjoyable game, even if you don’t like strategy stuff.

Solid_Belmont said:

September 17th, 1:26 pm

Mr. Aaron Webber I am not American and dont speak english,am wondering Sega knows of all gamers of Europe and Laninoamerica who want at least subtitles in spanish?.

dulcediana said:

September 17th, 2:23 pm

Aaron Webber

I go and say to the other people of Sega that almost all the fanbase of VC like the Yakuza games ;)

NeverOddOrEven said:

September 17th, 3:01 pm

I just bought Valkyria Chronicles new and I am enjoying every minute of it. Will buy all the DLC too after I beat it. I would also love to see trophies for this game too.
I’ll also be sure to pick up a PSP and buy Valkyria Chronicles II day one for sure!

Kuhniee said:

September 17th, 7:33 pm

Hello I have a question. I heard Valkyria Chronicles didnt really sell much here, so I was wondering, were you guys disapointed? I never really saw any advertisements for this game and nobody seemed to have heard of it around the time it came out. Do you think it would have done better if you had advertised it better/more?

I would also love for this game to have trophies. Beat it three times :P

Appleanche said:

September 17th, 8:56 pm

Yo, Aaron, I’m really happy for you, Imma let you finish but the PS3 is one of the best systems of all time!

Seriously though, I’m happy, excited for more VC, but I’m not really sure taking it to the PSP is the right direction. What was the rationale behind it?


It’s a sad state of gaming that people refuse or ignore arguably the best game on the PS3 because they don’t get a bing every once and a while.


Was there ever thoughts of adding an online mode? There were rumors to that effect and it seems like a game that could work very well online.


I said PS3, can I haz uncharted 2 collectors?

silk04 said:

September 17th, 9:15 pm

trophies would be awesome. I still play this game(RPG drought). Now i have to get a psp. One of the best game I ever played.

Carlos_Gabranth said:

September 17th, 9:27 pm

Hitoshi Sakimoto will be the composer? It’s amazing the OST from VC.

Nosferatu said:

September 17th, 9:28 pm

This is my first post on PlayStation Blog, and I think I’ll finally put in some effort to post to be part of the gang of requests for trophies. I think implementation would not only open a new market for the original Valkyria Chronicles, but give incentive for fans to replay the game and possibly buy DLC.

Like I mean, the sequel is preaching to the choir. Only those who’ve played the original will dig it. Opening a new potential market early on ensures a wider audience for the franchise’s longevity. I don’t want to say it’s in Sega’s best interest, because I don’t want to force them, but as gamers, as a fan community, and as a loyal consumer base, we’d really appreciate it!

It doesn’t even have to be retroactive. Simply make the trophies co-incide with the regular medals that’re already calculated in the game. That’d be perfectly fine! (Of course, a little bit more than 20 trophies would be nice, too!)

Othello500 said:

September 17th, 10:35 pm

@84’s reply

Yakuza 3 is still a possibility?!

Holy crap… God loves us… :-O

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