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Sep 16

Sep 16

Valkyria Chronicles II – Coming to PSP Next Summer

Aaron Webber's Avatar Posted by Associate Brand Manager, Sega of America

Hey all, and nice to meet you! I’m Aaron Webber, also known as RubyEclipse over on the SEGA Blogs, and I’m the community lead at SEGA of America for all things Valkyria Chronicles.

As of today, SEGA is proud to announce Valkyria Chronicles II – the sequel to the legendary PS3 epic – is coming to the West exclusively on the PSP! Join the battle once more in the next addition to the Valkyria franchise – created by the same team behind the original.

The year is 1937 EC.

Two years later, the ashes of the Second Europan war still glow in Gallia’s history. But even peace is a fragile happiness – and hearts that once fought side by side are not forever friends.

In the midst of this peace appears a group known as the Gallian Revolutionary Army, swearing to topple the current government – in a lightning fast coup, they arm themselves with the best of both Gallian technology and soldiers.

What was once a small but strong unified country is instantly plunged back onto the battlefield. But the day and age of the last war’s heroes is already fading out – with families to protect and children to raise, they are the ones who must now be protected. While numbers split and tensions rise, the spotlight shines to a handful of up-and-coming students at a Gallian Military Academy.

As civil war begins to rage across the country, morality and war clash with passion and ideals. But this time the distinction between blue and red is not so simple – nor will it ever be. Gallia once stood as a defiant beacon of hope against a giant empire… but can the country now defend against its own?

Valkyria Chronicles II will be arriving Summer 2010 – until then, you can follow all news Valkyria on the official Facebook and Twitter pages!

Finally, we’d like to give a special shout out to all the fans – those who put a fantastic game back into the spotlight, and continue to show their dedication and support for the series. This one goes out to all of you.

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Quexex said:

September 21st, 7:18 am

The only thing stopping me investing time and Money in VC is the lack of trophy support – SEGA do a special edition with Trophy support and all the DLC and I’ll buy it straight away!

K-Ripple1301 said:

September 21st, 7:56 am

I already bought the game but I have had very little time to play it but trophies would really give me an incentive to finally unwrap it from its package. Pls release a trophy update

Michelasso said:

September 21st, 8:39 am

Yes, give us trophies for VC! It will be a very good addition. After all it’s an exclusive game. C’mon!

Gulzt said:

September 21st, 9:55 am

I played the demo of VC over and over, but I never bought it because it didn’t support trophies. I’ll add it to my wishlist as soon as you’ve implemented them.

x-Kicks-x said:

September 21st, 11:46 am

I do remember playing games without trophies (used to have tecmo bowl tournaments on my NES with friends :) ), but I didn’t complete as many titles. Trophies add a nice little carrot to a game and knowing your close to getting one makes you play that one more time or for just a little longer. It exposes the game in a way that you don’t always think about.

The ones I do not like are the multiplayer based trophies that force you to kill a certain number of people with x weapon and then a total number of times overall (think Gears of War). Those can cause online games to be less enjoyable because it will bring in the type of player that is just going for 100% and not playing for fun. They look for exploits, glitches, and numerous other things to speed their process. Give me a game that has good mp without the associated trophies (CoD:MW – played on the 360), but couple a great single player campaign with it’s associated trophies and I’m happy.

VC is a great game, but add trophies to the mix and it opens the title up to a new group of people that wouldn’t normally play it along with rewarding those who thoroughly enjoyed it to begin with.

x-Kicks-x said:

September 21st, 11:48 am

ugh your = you’re

Commando390 said:

September 21st, 12:16 pm

Just boght the game and i thoght it would allready have trophys.

So devs please add trophys

Helvedeshunden said:

September 21st, 1:04 pm

Trophies on Valkyria Chronicles?

Make it happen.

While you’re at it, give Shenmue 3 a little push in the right direction.

Prem-aka-Prince said:

September 21st, 2:22 pm

Hey I’d like to see trophies too. Thanks for your passion^^

hissygoose said:

September 21st, 2:25 pm

Sega, this is such an awesome game, please add trophy support and even additional DLC would be welcomed. Looking forward to VC on the PSP as well. Thanks!

CidStorm said:

September 21st, 2:28 pm

I have been looking for a reason to finally up and buy the PS3 game, trophies look like mighty fine incentive. :)

SDC3 said:

September 21st, 2:31 pm

I would absolutely appreciate trophies. I love that trophies are an easy way to show people the games I enjoy, and having a platinum in Valkyria would mean a lot, sitting next to all the other fantastic PS3 releases.

Zerohunter21 said:

September 21st, 3:02 pm

tropies plz

THEKudosMAN said:

September 21st, 3:04 pm

I’ve only posted once or twice in the time since this blog started, and I have to say it’s for a worthwhile cause that I do so. I absolutely loved Valkyria Chronicles and the DLC for it. It was such a joy and a delight to play not just an awesome RPG but an awesome game, period. The amount of contentment I had with that game was only rivaled by COD4. Anyway, I am making my voice heard and letting the folks there at Sega know that I would like trophies for Valkyria Chronicles, and continue bringing over the Yakuza games as well. Thanks!!

SaintNoir said:

September 21st, 3:05 pm

TROPHIES! PLEASE! That will bring in more people to this great game. That will give those who have it reason to play it more and keep it on their minds (you know… SEQUEL).


nickv2002 said:

September 21st, 3:28 pm

I want to voice my support of all PS3 VC content: I would love to see trophies, DLC, and most of all a PS3 sequel to VC.

I’d love to play VCII on a PSP but I don’t have one and can’t see myself getting one. Instead, I’m eagerly awaiting word of more VC on the PS3.

Fingers crossed.

darthsweetness said:

September 21st, 3:55 pm

VC is my game of this gen. It’s near and dear to me and I would absolutely LOVE trophies.

Although I know I’ll buy VC2 for my PSP (of which the dust resting on it actually weighs more than the system itself..) I would much rather play it on PS3, so here’s hoping you guys are able to get VC back on the PS3 at some point.

Keep up the originality boys and girls, we need it.

FenrisUnbound said:

September 21st, 4:19 pm

Absolutely amazing game with or without trophies, but the addition of them would be a real treat for replaying.

HatSammooch said:

September 21st, 4:55 pm

I’d love to purchase the sequel but unfortunately I do not own a PSP. Give me VC III on the PS3 please!

And if that’s too much to ask, at least put some damn trophies in the original so I can have an incentive to play through it again.

Kylote said:

September 21st, 5:04 pm

I am all for some VC trophies :)

Dan209 said:

September 21st, 5:43 pm

I’ve just recently got into this game and have to say it’s pretty awesome!

Glad to see that some original games are still being made that don’t follow the boring tried and tested genres, unfortunately it’s for the same reason I think that alot of people I know have never heard of it. If your thinking of buying VC then don’t hesitate, it’s great!

Btw even though as far as I’m concerned it doesn’t matter I think trophies would help to open the game up to new audiences.

ski_bumm said:

September 21st, 5:58 pm

Sega you have to add trophies! I know the game is an RPG and its fairly niche in US, where the trophy whores seem to reside more prominently, but there are people just waiting to pick up this game! The update would be worth sales and it would be worth existing players like me gaining interest again.

Ultimately, I won’t play through the game again until trophies are up, and if I play the game again I’m way more likely to pick up more of the DLC (only got 1 pack last time), etc. etc.

SEGA, we did our part by getting the word out on how great Valkyria Chronicles is! (I was responsible for at least 5 sales ;) ) Now do your part, please!

rockdock said:

September 21st, 6:43 pm

I’m pretty excited for VC2. Props for it being a portable title as well.
The original was great, but I probably won’t play it again though because it doesn’t have trophies.

Gotta love those little things.
Maybe in a future update?

bentl78 said:

September 21st, 7:42 pm

Please add the trophies!!!!!!!

I just picked up the title 2 months ago seeing how much hype it has all over the net and with the DLC here and all… but before I did I was kind of hesitant to pick it up when i found out that there was no trophy support.. i am sure a lot of others were thinking the same and still debating the buy or not..

its a great game poeple~~.. it will be perfect if it had trophies!! please add them!

HostileFire said:

September 21st, 8:18 pm

I was very interested in Valkyria Chronicles the first time I saw it but it took me until a few weeks ago to purchase it.

Sloppydj said:

September 21st, 8:18 pm

Tell me who i have to marry, and if need be some how create babies with regardless of gender, to get tropihes in this game. I for one, along with others would LOVE this feature :)

jameswoo said:

September 21st, 8:45 pm

Add Trophies and more DLC for Valkyria Chronicles would be great! We can continue to support the game leading up to the sequel’s release, and I can recommend this great RPG to my trophies/achievements-hunting friends :)

TenAkuma said:

September 21st, 11:29 pm

Seems odd that an article about Trophies for the original Valkyria Chronicles leads to a blog post about Valkyria Chronicles 2, but oh well–I would definitely like both. Haha.

Warlord_92 said:

September 22nd, 1:27 am

If you add Trophies, I would play the game all over again. So please add Trophies!

CPC_6128 said:

September 22nd, 1:46 am

Please add my voice to the call for Valkyria Chronicles trophies. It would make my year if not my decade! And I know many others who would jump on board if this patch came along. I’ve got my fingers and toes crossed and double crossed again.

delfin669 said:

September 22nd, 4:05 am

Add trophies to VC please!

erikvangelder said:

September 22nd, 6:51 am

Trophies would nice, a good reason to go through the game again, witch I would have done eventualy, because thats how good VC is.(Y)

baezd said:

September 22nd, 7:15 am

Thanks Sega for giving us more for a great game! Can’t wait for VC2 on PSP – this is a definite buy. The hint on a trophy addition to the PS3 is fantastic. The game is still fantastic without trophies but this is a welcome addition – TROPHIES PLEASE!! I hope all this will eventually lead to another PS3 game. Keep Valkyria Chronicles coming!!! (PS3, PSP, more DLC, etc.)

jwspiker said:

September 22nd, 8:56 am

trophies please, in the ps3 version!


September 22nd, 9:00 am

First off I love this game, probably one of my favorites of all time and I been gaming for over 25 years now.

With that said this franchise deserves to be on the PS3. Don’t get me wrong I am pretty excited to have a portable game on the way, but treating it as a side story spin off would be for the best. I am really looking forward to what the new DLC will bring as well. I think this is one of the most underrated franchises ever and sadly a lot of that has to do with the lack of trophy support. If they patch in trophy support this game will get the bump it needs to be a solid on going series. I am not saying the game needs trophies to be great, it would just bring in a larger audience which would be exactly what we need to see the franchise flourish on the PS3.

olorcain said:

September 22nd, 9:16 am

I would love some trophies for VC. I would proudly display a platinum on my account and I think it would be a great advertisement to anyone on a friend’s list what games I thought were worthy of going through the, sometimes lengthy, process of achieving the platinum trophy. Please SEGA, lets get some trophies for VC so all the fans of the game can display them with pride.

Bigneen004 said:

September 22nd, 11:41 am

I’d like to see trophies! I just bought the game and won’t have to to start it too soon. Knowing that trophies could be coming makes me want to wait until that happens. Trophies make games a little more fun (and addictive)!


IBuyMyOwnTires said:

September 22nd, 11:47 am

Trophies would make me replay this great game, and much more interested in purchasing the DLC.

Ferenczy said:

September 22nd, 7:46 pm

First and foremost let me say I love VC. It is an amazing piece of work. I am awed by it every time I put it in my PS3. I couldn’t tell enough people about it especially this last April every video game store I went in, anyone looking at PS3 titles got a VC pitch because it really is just *that* good.

I am looking forward to seeing VC2 on the PSP (and hope for another on the PS3 as well).

If trophies are still a possibility, I would love to have them. Seems to me the system is already in place with the medals. But aside from the pure joy of playing the game again, I would love to have some trophies as well.

technole said:

September 23rd, 8:26 am

Love VC, played it through once. Still on my shelf waiting for a trophy patch :)

Oh and return to the PS3 too! I have a PSP and will be getting VC2 as well.

technole said:

September 23rd, 8:39 am

You can make a good business case to SEGA with trophies as well since it would encourage sales of the DLC. Especially if you add trophies to the DLC.

Then after awhile just re-package the game with a new complete edition with the DLC More interest. Fallout 3, LBP, Star Wars…just a few examples of this.

DubBucket said:

September 24th, 5:03 pm

While trophies would be nice, a PS3 sequel would even more awesome.

jkoch said:

September 25th, 5:06 pm


I would love to see trophies added to Valkyria Chronicles. I happily bought it without trophy support, but adding trophies would give me reason to play through again.

When they were first discussed, I agreed with you that they were pointless. However, now I think that a trophy that is a real challenge (as opposed to getting a trophy for beating the game on normal difficulty) adds replay value, and is just the 2009 equivalent of trying to get 1,000,000 points on Pac-Man or beating Super Mario Bros. without dying.


cataplexy said:

September 25th, 6:28 pm

Add me to the list of trophy wanters Love the game and would def play again for trophies.

Nauraph said:

September 25th, 11:34 pm

I’m actually waiting for trophy support. When trophy support will be added, I’ll most likely buy this game.

sultan_umer said:

September 26th, 11:18 am

Clearly the best game i played since okami, the style, art and gameplay are amazing i recommend every1 to buy valkyria chronicles even if it aint got trophies…

SO im up for valkyria chronicles to get trophies coz i know i been on it 24/7 to get the platinum

Psunami said:

September 26th, 12:17 pm

I just started playing the game last night and was surprised to see that it didn’t have trophies.

If there is still a chance for it, please add them to Valkyria Chronicles.

shadowkastone said:

September 26th, 4:07 pm

oh yes please give some trophy support!!!! I promise I’ll go buy the DLC that I’ve been putting off forever now.

Spedfrom said:

September 28th, 1:44 pm

Ok SEGA, here’s my story.

I had been wanting to buy VC for many months, yet the lack of trophy support always kept me from doing it. At the beginning of this month however, an unpassable opportunity presented itself to me and I bought it shiny and new.

After playing the Intro and Chapter 1, I can say that’s it really is an inspired game. The cutscenes are emotional and we can relate to the characters and the gameplay is truly unique. I have stopped playing it though, I have faith that you will answer your fans call and add trophy support. I’m prepared to wait for a long time.

Also, for VC2’s sake, add trophies please. I don’t buy sequels unless I’m done with the previous game.

So you can see, the reasons are varied, but most important of all, the game deserves it as your fans do too. Thank you. :)

Gr00v3r06 said:

September 28th, 3:55 pm

Please Sega add trophies to Valkyria Chronicles. I just picked up the game.

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