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Sep 18

Sep 18

PlayStation Network Video Content Update

Grace Chen's Avatar Posted by Sr. Director, PlayStation Store

Hi Everyone,

Here’s the weekly round-up of new arrivals and top downloads on the Video Store. You’ll notice we got in X-Men Origins: Wolverine which includes a bonus featurette. Below is a clip for the film titled ‘In Character With’ which features Hugh Jackman. Hugh walks through what it was like to take on the role of Wolverine/Logan again in this pulse-pounding action thriller. After you watch the clip check out the two free bonus videos for X-Men Origins: Wolverine and our full X-Men collection now on the Video Store.


  • Dance Flick Unrated Version
  • Enchanted
  • Fragments
  • Miss Potter
  • Next Day Air
  • The Haunting of Molly Hartley
  • Unbreakable
  • Walk the Line
  • Walk the Line (Extended)


  • Bionicle: The Legend Reborn
  • Enchanted
  • Grace
  • Miss Pottter
  • Next Day Air
  • Unbreakable
  • X-Men Origins: Wolverine (with Bonus Documentary)
  • X-Men Origins: Wolverine: “ICW Hugh Jackman” Featurette
  • X-Men Origins: Wolverine: “World Premiere” Featurette


  • GameTrailers TV with Geoff Keighley | S2 – E23
  • Mad Men | Season 3 – The Fog
  • Parks & Recreation | S2 – E1
  • Parks & Recreation | Season 2 – An NBC Sneak Peek: Parks And Recreation
  • SNL Weekend Update Thursdays | S2 – E1
  • Sons of Anarchy | Season 2 – Small Tears
  • The Office | S6 – E1
  • The Office | Season 6 – An NBC Sneak Peek: The Office
  • The Ultimate Fighter | S10 – E1
  • Warehouse 13 | Season 1 – Nevermore


  • Bakugan | Season 6 – Family Ties
  • Ben 10: Alien Force | Season 3 – The Vengeance of Vilgax Pt. 2
  • Bones | S5 – E1
  • Bully Beatdown | S2 – E6
  • Chowder | S3 – E13
  • CMT’s All Jacked Up | Season 1 – Episode 4
  • Daddy’s Girls | Season 2 – Hoop – LA
  • Dark Blue | Season 1 – Shot in the Dark
  • Defying Gravity | Season 1 – Love, Honor, Obey
  • Destination Truth | Season 3 – Island of the Dolls / Lusca
  • Eureka | S3 – E18
  • Flipping Out | Season 3 – Jenni 911
  • GameTrailers TV with Geoff Keighley | S2 – E23
  • Ghost Hunters | Season 5 – Judgement Day
  • Glee | Season 1 – Pilot – Director’s Cut
  • Glee | Season 1 – Showmance
  • Glee | Season 1 – Acafellas
  • Glenn Martin, DDS | Season 1 – Korea Opportunities
  • Gossip Girl | Season 3 – Reversals of Fortune
  • iCarly | Season 2 – iThink they Kissed
  • Iron Man: Armored Adventures | Season 1 – Chasing Ghosts
  • It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia | Season 5 – The Gang Exploits the Mortgage Crisis
  • Jon & Kate Plus 8 | Season 4
  • Jon & Kate Plus 8 | Season 5 – Movie & A Catch
  • Kenny vs. Spenny | Season 5 – Who Can Wear a Gorilla Suit the Longest
  • Mad Men | Season 3 – The Fog
  • Marked | Season 1 – Barrio of Blood
  • Monk | S8 – E6
  • MTV’s Nitro Circus | S2 – E4
  • Nostradamus Effect | Season 1 – Da Vinci’s Armageddon
  • One Tree Hill | Season 2
  • One Tree Hill | Season 7 – 4:30AM (Apparently They Were Traveling Abroad)
  • Parks & Recreation | S2 – E1
  • Parks & Recreation | Season 2 – An NBC Sneak Peek: Parks And Recreation
  • Pranked | S1 – E4
  • Psych | S4 – E6
  • Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory | S2 – E4
  • Robot Chicken | Season 4 – Please Do Not Notify Our Contractors
  • SNL Weekend Update Thursdays | S2 – E1
  • Sons of Anarchy | Season 2 – Small Tears
  • Special Ops Mission | S1 – E6
  • Superman: Red Son Motion Comics | Season 1 – Opposing a Superman/ The Green Lantern
  • Supernatural | S5 – E2
  • The Big Bang Theory | Season 2
  • The Biggest Loser | Season 8 – Episode #801
  • The Colony | Season 1 – Breaking Point
  • The First 48 | Season 8 – Blind Rage / Those Closest To Us
  • The Office | S6 – E1
  • The Office | Season 6 – An NBC Sneak Peek: The Office
  • The Rachel Zoe Project | Season 2 – “Pin Thin” and Pissed Off
  • The Real Housewives of Atlanta | Season 2 – Throwing Shade
  • The Real Housewives of Atlanta | Season 2 – Scrambled Egos
  • The Ultimate Fighter | S10 – E1
  • The Universe | Season 2 – Nebulas
  • The Universe | Season 4 – Ringed Planets
  • The Vampire Diaries | S1 – E2
  • TNA: iMPACT! | S1 – E38
  • Two Months. Two Million | Season 1 – 105
  • Warehouse 13 | Season 1 – Nevermore
  • X-Play | Season 2009 – X-Play Weekly 9/16/09

Top HD Movies

  1. I Love You, Man
  2. Fast & Furious (2009)
  3. State of Play
  4. The Last House on the Left (Unrated)
  5. Road Trip – Beer Pong Unrated Edition
  6. Coraline
  7. Race to Witch Mountain
  8. Miss March UNRATED
  9. Watchmen
  10. Obsessed

Top Movies

  1. I Love You, Man
  2. Fast & Furious (2009)
  3. X-Men Origins: Wolverine (with Bonus Documentary)
  4. Crank 2: High Voltage
  5. State of Play
  6. The Last House on the Left (Unrated)
  7. Road Trip – Beer Pong Unrated Edition
  8. Dance Flick Unrated Edition
  9. 17 Again
  10. Miss March UNRATED

Top HD TV Episodes

  1. Community | Season 1 – Pilot
  2. Sons of Anarchy | Season 2 – Albification
  3. Sons of Anarchy | Season 1 – Pilot
  4. Sons of Anarchy | Season 2 – Small Tears
  5. Mad Men | Season 3 – The Fog
  6. Battlestar Galactica | Season 1 – 33
  7. Eureka | Season 1 – Eureka
  8. The Office | Season 1 – The Office: An American Workplace
  9. Sons of Anarchy | Season 1 – Seeds
  10. South Park: Uncensored | Season 13 – Fishsticks

Top TV episodes

  1. Community | Season 1 – Pilot
  2. Sons of Anarchy | Season 2 – Albification
  3. Supernatural | Season 5 – Sympathy for the Devil
  4. The Vampire Diaries | Season 1 – Pilot
  5. Sons of Anarchy | Season 2 – Small Tears
  6. Family Guy | Season 7 – Stew-Roids
  7. The Office | Season 1 – The Office: An American Workplace
  8. Sons of Anarchy | Season 1 – Pilot
  9. Eureka | Season 1 – Eureka
  10. Heroes | Season 1 – Genesis

Add Your Own

michaelja said:

September 18th, 6:05 am

Hi, any word on a firmware update to fix 3.01 issues with 60gb ps3s (possibly others)? Ever since updating to it I’ve had game freezes with Beatles: RockBand.

michaelja said:

September 18th, 6:07 am

I just need to know if its a known issue or do I need to get a new ps3. Sony’s support line wasnt very helpful and was dismissive of forum posts mentioning the possibility that it was the firmware.

bendeboy said:

September 18th, 6:20 am

i like movies.

coppi6976 said:

September 18th, 6:26 am

Im really digging warehouse 13, actually bought most of the episodes, but why is episode 5 missing?

coppi6976 said:

September 18th, 6:27 am

why is warehouse 13 episode 5 missing?

coppi6976 said:

September 18th, 6:27 am

Warhouse 13 episode 5 missing?

bendeboy said:

September 18th, 6:29 am

srsly? triple post?

Cloud_911 said:

September 18th, 6:29 am

*cough* Wish canada had a video store! *cough*

(hint hint wink wink)

coppi6976 said:

September 18th, 6:30 am

sorry for so many posts, they were not showing up, error kept coming up when i hit submit.


September 18th, 6:40 am

Hi Grace, quick question for you; I got a code in an email from Sony the other day, It was for the TV Show Vampires. But when I tried to use it it came up invalid. Now I know whe dont get the video store here in Canada but I figured this would work. Please tell me it was just a glitch in the system and that I can indeed dload it and watch it? And when is there finally going to be a Video Store for Canada? It’s getting cold and gross out….

MGSTigerFox said:

September 18th, 6:41 am

I love that you guys are adding Bones to the line-up. Is there any possibility of going back and getting Seasons 1-3 in HD added to the store? =)

Delriach said:

September 18th, 6:48 am

Hugh Jackman is one sexy beast.

MarkNMo said:

September 18th, 7:19 am

Why was The Dark Knight removed from the store?


September 18th, 7:19 am



September 18th, 7:29 am

Anything being done about the restrictive DRM? If I own multiple PS3 (which I do) I can’t watch my bought content on the PS3 of my choice…I have to buy it twice.

Also, when my PS3 breaks (I’m on my third one so far…thanks BD and YLOD issues that are being swept under the rug) I’ll lose all my bought content.

Grace, please let us know if SONY is doing anything to address these issues.

Until then, buying content seems silly.

Blackjack said:

September 18th, 7:59 am

when will video downloads come with subtitles? It would be nice to also have subtitle text for other languages as well. Such as Spanish.

klg2008 said:

September 18th, 8:00 am

us people in canada suck cause we dont get that i wonder why ^^^^?????

RSX-0806 said:

September 18th, 8:54 am

Woah his accent is intense and yet you dont even hear it in the movies.

minion-darkside said:

September 18th, 9:28 am

yeah, supernatural!!!!!!! and ben 10: alien force XDDDD

ThreeLeggedFreak said:

September 18th, 9:37 am

Is The Ultimate Fighter episode available in HD?

Kodros said:

September 18th, 9:44 am

Lower prices would be nice. $2 for a TV show is insane.

Steveolio said:

September 18th, 9:58 am

Thanks for the sale on TV shows $0.99 is the PERFECT price! All show should be this price ALWAYS!

AG-WarFighter said:

September 18th, 9:59 am

When is Video Store coming to CANADA? I really want it plz.

Steveolio said:

September 18th, 10:00 am

Thanks for the sale on the TV shows, $0.99 is the PERFECT price. All shows should be this price ALL the time.

It would be nice if movie rentals were this price too!!!

AG-WarFighter said:

September 18th, 10:00 am

When is Video store coming to Canada? I really want this!

Mucudadada said:

September 18th, 10:33 am

Hello, quick question. Will we be able to download Dexter Season 4 week by week? I really, REALLY love the sow, but don;t subscribe to Showtime. However, I would totally be willing to pay 2 bucks an episode for it.
Thank you for your time and have a great day!

DarkCollaring said:

September 18th, 11:28 am

I don’t to know when Canada will get a Video Store like our brother in the US. I only want to know if it’s in the works.

Thank you Sony, for making games like Uncharted 2 possible.

daascender said:

September 18th, 11:54 am

to Grace chen: i bought a ps3 slim 2 weeks ago. How can i activated my video? it says i got to deactivate my other ps3. i cant deactived it cuz it got ylod. can you help me? thank you in advance.


September 18th, 1:07 pm

Any idea when Canada can expect the video downloading service?

Gringo234 said:

September 18th, 1:09 pm

Not for nothing but X-Men Origins: Wolverine hasn’t so good.

poweredbyzen said:

September 18th, 1:18 pm

he’s hot!

Mosh_Pit said:

September 18th, 1:25 pm

I want access to movie store too please.

plaztiksyke said:

September 18th, 2:02 pm

when will we get HBO shows?

My husband and I are canceling our satellite service, and are looking for a mechanism to subscribe to a season of just one show (in HD). Specifically, we want to watch HBO’s new show called ‘Bored to Death’.

Is there any deal in progress with TimeWarner to get HBO content onto the PSN Video Store? in HD?

ThreeLeggedFreak said:

September 18th, 2:44 pm

The Ultimate Fighter IS NOT in the store, why are you saying it is?

GeneralOfDeath said:

September 18th, 3:49 pm

No Canada yet?? Well now you guys are even taunting us with free DLC vouchers we get in email that we can’t even use thanks grace….

triple_lei said:

September 18th, 4:32 pm

U-S-A! U-S-A!

The movie I’m really looking forward to is “Away We Go,” which I already saw in one of those independent theaters. Sure, I *could* get the Blu-ray, but the fact that I have a PS3 and PSP makes the SD version worthwhile.

IVY616 said:

September 18th, 6:19 pm

There’s something wrong with the “Inglourious Basterd” trailer. Every time I download it the image lags but the sound works fine. I don’t know if it’s just me…

Saliwok said:

September 18th, 6:24 pm

Gee, not even a response from Sony to all the Canadians asking about getting access to the video store. Thanks Sony!

zeroxmiloape said:

September 18th, 11:10 pm


p_morin said:

September 19th, 3:02 am

Canada?! It only does… in U.S.A….

WA7JK said:

September 19th, 7:37 am

Reference the PSP model 2001, has anybody downloaded anything from the store in the form of movies or games to find the data corrupted after the download? I have 4 GB sticks and an 8 GB and all say they are supported yet I keep getting data corrupted errors. Not everytime, kinda hit or miss, but after you spend 3 hours downloading a movie, you kinda get PO’d when the data is corrupted. Anybody? Sony says there’s not a problem with their system.

fredc97 said:

September 19th, 10:06 am

Actually Europe gets to have a video store a year after the US, but still no Canadian service. Argh! The funny part is on cable TV about half my channels are from the US.

Gr00v3r06 said:

September 19th, 1:01 pm

Please trailers and previews for all video content. I will never pick a show I have never seen anything on it before. I would take a chance a a show if I can get a trailer or preview.

Also add ratings and recommendations. This works well with my netflix account.

KILLA_KING_007 said:

September 20th, 1:07 am

Sony will you guys ever offer the video section to U.S. Military overseas?

matraque said:

September 20th, 10:34 am


Se7enwolf said:

September 20th, 3:35 pm

I think instead of just having us download videos like pulse and trailers and so forth, Sony could just make a streaming channel where they play programs like Pulse, trailers, tv shows and sometimes movies.

Of course still have the option to download these things to but this would become the ultimate Playstation Channel and they could also make it viewable on the net.
ust simply put a link to click on in the info section on the XMB and it will load the stream and have the option to make it full screen. Along with the video box, they could have a guide section to the side showing whats coming on next.

NoSmoking1108 said:

September 22nd, 3:24 pm

If there’s no Canada video content anytime soon, I’m getting Apple TV ><

lotrcons08 said:

September 22nd, 6:00 pm

Where are the Fringe episodes from Season one? I bought a few of them them a couple of weeks ago and now only episode 1 & 2 are available from Season 1.

cheater21 said:

September 23rd, 2:16 pm

Can we Honestly have this in canada? we’ve waited SO long! We NEED one. C’mon!

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