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Sep 22

Sep 22

UNCHARTED 2 Interview with Naughty Dog Plus Behind-the-Scenes on X-Play Tonight

Chris Morell's Avatar Posted by Senior Social Media Specialist

You might remember back at PAX, we sent out a Tweet asking what you’d want to ask Naughty Dog Creative Director Amy Hennig about UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves. Well, we had an overwhelming response to say the least, and in this interview Amy touches on everything from the game’s adventure aspects and the power of the PS3 to Cinema Mode/Machinima and crispy veggie bacon. Don’t ask, just watch.

And be sure to tune in to G4 tonight at 6:30PM ET/PT for a 30-minute special episode of X-Play that features a behind-the-scenes visit to Naughty Dog. Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb get the scoop on UNCHARTED 2’s epic single-player campaign, go in-depth on co-op, as well as what it takes to design the game’s highly intricate and difficult puzzles.

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September 22nd, 11:58 am

can’t wait


September 22nd, 11:59 am

loving MP!

datmaddendude said:

September 22nd, 12:05 pm

aww man, i gotta go to work, and i dont have a DVR, please sony release this on the PSN so i can see it

CartBlanche said:

September 22nd, 12:05 pm

Great interview! Can’t wait to see how much they can squeeze out of the PS3 for their next game. Here’ hoping Jax and Daxter make and appearance on the PS3.

BigBoss712 said:

September 22nd, 12:05 pm

Counting the days, can’t wait.

DTS_MAN said:

September 22nd, 12:06 pm

Naughty Dog this game is unreal…..seriously the last time i was this excited…..well lets just leave it there shall we. Loving the beta and thankyou so much for the migrating host feature….

Bring on the 16th October.

Ya hoo.

KS-Canuck92 said:

September 22nd, 12:06 pm


DTS_MAN said:

September 22nd, 12:06 pm

why my poist not showing up? :-(

sscoolChea said:

September 22nd, 12:09 pm

U N C H A R T E D 2 R O C K S

Paranoimia said:

September 22nd, 12:09 pm

Can’t wait for this.

But… where is the Machinima link mentioned just after 6:55 in the video? Pleeeeeease…! :-)

sobedude said:

September 22nd, 12:11 pm

setting DVR right now

poodude said:

September 22nd, 12:12 pm

In an earlier blog post I remember someone saying for Canadians to wait for an annoucement about Uncharted 2 when someone complained about the FHE being America only. Any news on this? Please the only reason I haven’t pre-ordered yet is because I’m waiting to see if there’s a Collector’s Edition or some other awesome bonus else coming to Canada.

TheGuardianFID said:

September 22nd, 12:12 pm

This game PWNS, Game of the Decade!!! :D

DaveMastrX said:

September 22nd, 12:16 pm

Hearing that they created this game in a work environment that is free of producers and panel groups really explains a lot. I work under an army of producers, and it does nothing to promote quality and creativity, it only hinders it. Naughty Dog is truly a creative hive mind that stands out from the crowd. Your games always have and continue to blow me away. Keep doing what your doing, and we will all keep coming back for more!

sscoolChea said:

September 22nd, 12:17 pm

Everything About This Game ROCKS…


poodude said:

September 22nd, 12:20 pm

I just felt like saying, Naughy Dog you guys are the best. Your Crash games were amazing, and Uncharted is amazing. I can’t even describe how good this franchise is. It feels so real, and plays so fluidly. You guys are truly the greatest dev’s out there. My only concern now is: How will you top Uncharted 2? But knowing it’s you guys I’m sure you’ll find a way.

zombie9 said:

September 22nd, 12:24 pm

PS3 has no good games. I remember hearing that alot and there right. We don’t have good games we have BETTER games UNCHARTED 2 (game of the year)!! LOL :)

Darkknight37 said:

September 22nd, 12:25 pm

Hey Chris, any news yet on how to get tickets to the theater events? Really hoping to attend the Chicago event! Otherwise great job guys!

    Chris Morell's Avatar

    Chris Morell said:

    September 22nd, 2:11 pm

    We\’re shooting to have info for you at the end of this week. Stay tuned!

sjgolestan said:

September 22nd, 12:26 pm

Sweeeeeeeet! I can’t wait. I’m still waiting for details on how to win the fortune hunter edition!!!!

colonel007 said:

September 22nd, 12:27 pm

I have a question: Why did ND decide to put the number 2 on the game?.. Obviously is to indicate is the second game, but if they are planning to do more Uncharted games in the future it would be better to have just the subtitle, instead of Uncharted 7: Subtitle…

anyways, best game on the decade! Thank you very much Naughty Dog for this game! and congratulations on all the praise you are getting!

SolduNuts said:

September 22nd, 12:29 pm

Thankyou ND. Now this is the game that everyone bought a PS3 for. Congrats and thankyou for sticking it out through the early days of the PS3 when many thought it would fail and now look at what you guys have been able to produce on this fantastic machine.

Gorvi said:

September 22nd, 12:33 pm

Great interview, I can’t wait for the game. I’ve been distracted by Dead Space (I know, I’m way late to the party on that one, but it’s awesome), but the little bit of the multi that I’ve played was a lot of fun, and I typically don’t play multiplayer. 22 days! :)

Azure-Edge said:

September 22nd, 12:34 pm

This would be a day one buy if i had the money *sigh*

plaztiksyke said:

September 22nd, 12:34 pm

My questions never seem to get answered…

Is wanting to know if there are any gay characters in the current game or planned for future games that controversial?

I’m also curious if Uncharted 1 will get a patch that backports the engine enhancements from the sequel. It’s been great to see Sony keep supporting these AAA titles over the longer term.

Will Heavy Rain be taking advantage of Naughty Dog’s SPU optimization/utilization enhancements?

And finally, will this be the game where be finally get real HD audio (24-bit lossless)?

TakiFuGu said:

September 22nd, 12:35 pm

Much respect to ND!

havmore said:

September 22nd, 12:35 pm

they could easily top uncharted 2 if they used that engine for a jak game, the jak games were amazing, everything that’s good about pacing, story-driven gameplay and fun combat in uncharted came from that series. i really want that jak game on the uncharted engine cuz it would literally blow everything away.

btw, i really do hope the GS pre order beta has something to do with the FH edition cuz i play it as much as i can which is not often, but its frustrating cuz i run into a lot of cheaters… the ONLY online game i have ever been this into tho, i love it.

unstablefears said:

September 22nd, 12:37 pm

Nice interview, nice to see that Naughty Dog is just as excited for the game. Can’t wait for my pre-order to arrive!

Wiscompton said:

September 22nd, 12:41 pm

Hope my ps3 gets back in time for me to enjoy the multiplayer. YLOD FTL.

whoTHEdog said:

September 22nd, 12:43 pm

That is how it ends!?

Midgetguy said:

September 22nd, 12:43 pm

I love Naughty Dog…

They seem like the most friendly, tight knit, hard working, and most fun developer studio to work for!

It’s one of my many dreams to work with them!


jelly14 said:

September 22nd, 12:46 pm

Whens the contest??

hoofrog said:

September 22nd, 12:49 pm

Machinima link?

nickert0n said:

September 22nd, 12:50 pm

Great interview! I have this pre-ordered! Thank you ND and Sony for this game! I already can tell that it is going to be on of my favorite games ever!

CEK111 said:

September 22nd, 12:58 pm

I defiantly enjoyed this interview, as i have with all of Jeff’s Uncharted 2 interviews, and Amy Hennings on other sites !
Any chance of the Fortune Hunters Edition coming to UK / Ireland Amy ? Or any more news ?
I’d love one !
Uncharted’s & Naughty Dog’s biggest Irish fan,

SPOPS said:

September 22nd, 1:01 pm

Do you know if the full episode from X-Play will be available online? I will be at work an have no way to tape it :(

bomba2812 said:

September 22nd, 1:13 pm

@36 SPOPS they repeat the episodes at 2 am or maybe the next day

Destiny89 said:

September 22nd, 1:14 pm

Awesome! cant wait!

Nick-30 said:

September 22nd, 1:25 pm

whats her email I want a free uncharted.
I love uncharted 1, and i love uncharted 2.

skipperdylan said:

September 22nd, 1:26 pm

I love ND. They consistently come up with mind-blowing and epic games. This one looks to top it all!!

DonnyG said:

September 22nd, 1:29 pm

I’m getting excited!!!!

DJnal05 said:

September 22nd, 1:32 pm

I am vegetarian too!!!

IceCold said:

September 22nd, 1:33 pm

yes, having this on the PSN store would be a great idea for those of us who will miss the opportunity to watch it.

Dehshizknight said:

September 22nd, 1:34 pm

Is that there an iPhone? :P

s2kneSs said:

September 22nd, 1:37 pm

im downloading the beta now :)

SPARDA said:

September 22nd, 1:39 pm

My PS3 YLODed last night. It’s going out to SONY for repairs.
If I don’t get it back ontime, I am buying a PS3 slim…JUST FOR THIS GAME


KazeEternal said:

September 22nd, 1:41 pm

Is it October 30th yet ><

Jeigh said:

September 22nd, 1:47 pm

Sounds like the work-ethic of Naughty Dog is very… dog eat dog? XD XD

So, I don’t suppose you need a guy who sits in the corner doing whatever, mumbling quietly to himself that something should be different, hoping no one will notice that he has yet to produce any real results and has been stealing pens and donuts from work for the past couple weeks…? XD

Well, the game’s looking damn good, but if you’re ever looking for the aforementioned mooch, I’m your man. XD

Rhez said:

September 22nd, 1:53 pm

Great interview Jeff. I love Amy Hennig. I first saw her when Veronica did an interview a few weeks ago. Amy has such a great matter-of-fact way of speaking you know she’ll telling the truth and not just hyping it up. I loved UDF. I can honestly say it was the first game that really made it feel like I was in an action movie. Absolutely amazing. While the graphics and gameplay look spectacular I am hoping the storytelling is as top-notch as the first game. So far it looks promising. Naughty Dog is certainly showing how games can compete with movies in delivering a dramatic experience.

*Ditto on SPARDA* My system is at Playstation General Hospital too. There’s still plenty of time for it to come home but I tell ya the new PS3 is starting to whisper to me…especially with a certain Lombax returning to the stage. Two of the greatest movie style games ever both having sequels in the same month, wow!

Blkant said:

September 22nd, 1:54 pm

I kind of actually would want more like, idk, 70% adventure, 30% shooter really :/

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