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Sep 25

Sep 25

LittleBigPlanet: Sack it to Me – The “Lots of Videos, Corrections, and FREE DLC” Edition

Mark Valledor's Avatar Posted by Marketing Manager, SCEA

Forgive us for the second Sack it to Me this week, but we’re getting back on the Friday schedule and wanted to start fresh today. This week we have a ton of videos so we hope you’re in the ‘watching’ mood:


With a new batch of gamers getting the Game of the Year Edition and getting their feet wet into LBP‘s create tools, Mm just introduced a new Tips video on their site to help you maintain your Thermometer:

And for those of you that missed it, here are links to the previous two tips videos:


Survival Challenges


First off, apologies to a few people for miscredits on Monday’s SITM:

– PSN ID: CuzFeeshe deserves proper credit for his brilliant level highlighted on the last post – If you haven’t checked out “Destiny!” yet, do so now.

– Also, last Monday’s level highlights were provided by our community at LBPCentral! Thanks again guys for Monday’s (and now today’s new) levels.

This week’s levels come from our friends at

Lightbringer by Trindall

“Lightbringer! a wonderous adventure level set in a bygone epoch. From the moment you wash up on the strange haunting shore, right through to your final confrontation with the Nemisis that has ravaged this once picturesque land, you will be enthralled and intrigued. Great atmospheric design, evocative inspiring dialogue combined with accessible puzzles and a unique gameplay mechanism wherein you advance by relaying the light to combat the forces of darkness and desolation….this level will stay with you forever.” – EnochRoot.

Lightbringer part 1.

Lightbringer part 2 and part 3.


Now that the Game of the Year Edition is available, many of you are discovering the amazing levels that are created and shared by users just like you. Over the past few weeks, we spent some time with a few of the users (whose levels are featured in the GOTY edition) and wanted to start spotlighting them. Here’s the first:

Thanks Tony (for both the level and the interview time)



TGS 2009:


Our friends at Sony Wonder are celebrating the launch of their new website highlighting hundreds of entertainment options including new movie trailers, info on the latest Blu-ray and DVD releases and fun games and activities for the whole family. As part of the celebration, they’re giving away FREE voucher codes for the LittleBigPlanet Norse Mythology Pack.

LBP Sony Wonder

When you get a chance, check out what’s new over at Sony Wonder and get your hands on some new Sackboy Costumes. Sorry World, these codes only work on the North American PlayStation Store (US + CA).



Finally, for all you lucky North Americans that were accepted into the Online Water Beta and eagerly waiting for your invite….check your mailbox early next week, we had to settle a few technical issues, but its sorted out and we can’t wait for your participation.

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ZAANOS said:

September 25th, 4:51 pm

Nice videos and cool tips. Is that Gerard Butler I hear in the tips video? LOL

Also That free DLC link isn’t working.

Can’t wait for the X-men and Disney character outfits guys. Bring on Miyazaki/Ghibli ones too!

Hyperfludd said:

September 25th, 4:55 pm

I can’t get another code like you guys…just keep getting the same one.

lbmanuel1 said:

September 25th, 4:55 pm

My code doesn’t work…… T_T can I get another one?

ZAANOS said:

September 25th, 4:58 pm

Link worked for me and I got my code which worked. Thanks SCEA/Mm!

Zet13 said:

September 25th, 5:01 pm

just got a working code finally! thanks!

Zilas said:

September 25th, 5:19 pm

DLC works for me now.
Thanks guys/girls for the free DLC.

Morac_ said:

September 25th, 5:21 pm

Code didn’t work for me either. It says “The code you entered may not be correct or may no longer be valid. Please check your entries.”

I tried to get a new code, but it keeps giving me the same invalid code.

DeviantBoi said:

September 25th, 5:24 pm

Code worked for me. Only needed one.

FredNation said:

September 25th, 5:24 pm

I can’t wait to get the new LBP GOTY Edition. And thanks for the code but its not working for me.

Un4tun8Disaster said:

September 25th, 5:26 pm

Same here guys got my code but it isnt working either…tried to get another one but it just gives me the same non working code.

wolfboyXZ said:

September 25th, 5:26 pm

If your code doesn’t work, delete your cookies on this site and try again to get a different code.

Link01 said:

September 25th, 5:31 pm

The code didn’t work for me earlier, and I tried it right when you guys posted this. Oh and I’d really like to see Uncharted stuff * like the Metal Gear ;) * added to LBP

D-Squad3 said:

September 25th, 5:33 pm

Sad my code doesn’t work. >:(

Morac_ said:

September 25th, 5:33 pm

Well I figured out how to get it to generate another code (clear your cookies), but the new code didn’t work either. So I generated a 3rd code and that one finally worked.

It seems like only 30% of the codes work. That or it’s giving the same code to multiple people.

If it was smart, it would automatically apply it to your logged in account. That way there would only be one per account. Currently if the other two codes ever start working, they’ll be wasted.

Link01 said:

September 25th, 5:34 pm

I got the code threw but when I try to accept it, it says an error has occurred (80023102)

PSN_Tokeio said:

September 25th, 5:38 pm

My code isn’t working either. :(


September 25th, 5:39 pm

Thx guys my code works. And for the guys who say “new dlc please” check the monday to see a new notice

pelagato24 said:

September 25th, 5:41 pm

my code isnt working :.(

RyuPower said:

September 25th, 5:41 pm

the codes are NOT working for me

Chaos_Bladez said:

September 25th, 5:42 pm

Yes my code doesn’t work either but I’ll be patient. :)

PSUltimate said:

September 25th, 5:49 pm

I tried 5 codes, none of them worked. I’m going to wait until I hear it is fixed.


September 25th, 5:49 pm

my code work and thank you

BigBoss712 said:

September 25th, 5:54 pm

Any free DLC is always welcome, will see if my code works.

link9228 said:

September 25th, 5:58 pm

The code also did not work for me. I was really looking forward to this, but I consistently get the error “The code you entered may not be correct or may no longer be valid. Please check your entries.”

I would love for this to be fixed before I go to bed or before the promotion is over.

minameissteve said:

September 25th, 6:03 pm

My code doesn’t work either. Hope it gets fixed soon.

ent-root said:

September 25th, 6:04 pm

3rd code worked for me. Just clear your cookies after a bad code and try again.

ThreeLeggedFreak said:

September 25th, 6:14 pm

What happened to the Sephiroth and FF DLC?

MaGeeK-mAn said:

September 25th, 6:20 pm

My code doesn’t work either :(

“The code you entered may not be correct or may no longer be valid.

Please check your entries.”

Jose345o said:

September 25th, 6:24 pm

Nice! Thanks for the free DLC!

Wild_Man_X said:

September 25th, 6:24 pm

The DLC code that I just got from Sony Wonder doesn’t work on my U.S. account.

Tr3p1dat10n said:

September 25th, 6:33 pm

Code worked for me the second time. Thank you :)

thaSLAB said:

September 25th, 6:36 pm

2nd time was a charm! Thanks Mark/SONY/Mm.

Amherst_Wind said:

September 25th, 6:36 pm

Codes don’t work anywhere else in the world, why am I not surprised. We don’t even get LittleBigPlanet posts on the EU blog, let alone free DLC. You’d never guess that it was a UK company that created the game would you… well, enjoy your free stuff Americans, Sony clearly wants to treat you better than Europe.

profecy85 said:

September 25th, 6:40 pm

DLC code isn’t working for me.

ScribeTheTaru said:

September 25th, 6:51 pm

DLC code not valid or working for me.

billyjimbob said:

September 25th, 6:52 pm

if i get lbp goty can i play with people who have the original version??

edyrfaciola said:

September 25th, 7:03 pm

Hey Mark, my code is not working either.

biffsmack said:

September 25th, 7:07 pm

Mine didn’t work either. boo

ashyachu said:

September 25th, 7:09 pm

Codes aren’t working for me either. :(

wiseken07 said:

September 25th, 7:27 pm

okay i love all the music levels every one has made (Mind Blowing)… but it would be cool if there was another planet or orbital where you can make your own musical radios for you level… not trying to halt you guys (MM) music selections to incorporate in our levels… it’s just it be a little easier for me if the alternative was less physics based… it was just a thought i while watching the Thermometer vid. side note … LBP for world president… lol

LeoDaLyon said:

September 25th, 7:35 pm

Norse Mythology Pack voucher Code not working for me!

LeoDaLyon said:

September 25th, 7:38 pm

Norse Mythology Pack voucher code is not working foe me! Also, I may be too late, but I didn’t know where to post my question; anyway, my Mod Nation Racers Beta code also didn’t work…

dragonmagician said:

September 25th, 7:39 pm

My code does not work…sad.

TicTaek said:

September 25th, 7:46 pm

Bummer, my code ain’t working either.

Schnacky said:

September 25th, 7:48 pm

man, this is the second time I’ve got screwed by Sony this week.

First was the MAG Beta test which I haven’t gotten into even though I’m a Qore subscriber.

Now, my code doesn’t work.

TiberNull said:

September 25th, 7:48 pm

I had to clear my cookies and request another code. It worked on the 2nd try.

nYcFrEeWiLL82 said:

September 25th, 7:59 pm

well this is better news..thanks for the free pack..but i already supported Mm for it…yet i didn’t go for the stickers pack..anywho..keep up the good work mM and SONY.cant wait to try out the new water element. hopefully it will come with some NEW level packs.. which we ALL have been dying for! :p

Jeeves_Tremor said:

September 25th, 8:02 pm

First code failed, second one worked.


JuniorPS said:

September 25th, 8:15 pm

Code finally worked. Thanks for the freebie! Back to LBP! :)

BPink said:

September 25th, 8:24 pm

I’m beginning to think that it isn’t worth the effort to actually buy the DLC for LBP, or get the special DLC. If you wait long enough they just make it available for everyone or give it away making what you just paid for worthless, and this is the fourth such time they have done so. They did it with the Kratos Costume, the Nariko Costume, the MGS levels and costumes and ton of DLC with the GOTY edition and now with the Norse pack. What’s the point. The only real special DLC they had was the week 1 T-shirt that wasn’t released in the states and the crown. Plus, when are the Marvel, and FFVII characters coming out. Seriously, what is the deal… there is no real love for the fans of LBP in the states.

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