Gran Turismo Update: Video Interview with Jay Leno

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As many of you might know, comedian and nightly talk-show host Jay Leno is a gearhead through and through. His passion for cars is legendary, and so is his vast garage. It was in this very garage that the Qore crew caught up with Jay to talk about his inclusion in the upcoming Gran Turismo title for PSP, which is due out this Thursday, Oct 1 on UMD and as a digital download. Jay Leno lent his iconic voice to Gran Turismo game and his Voice Over can be heard from the first time you fire up the game on PSP. Check out the video segment below that ran in the September issue of Qore on PSN.

Keep an eye on the PlayStation Blog for more Gran Turismo updates this week.

For more on Gran Turismo for PSP, check out the new GT website.

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  • @17

    AGREED!!! why am i paying for QORE to get exclusive stuff for it only to be shown here on the blog for free

  • Funny stuff!

    Can I borrow a car, Leno? lol

  • So Qore content is showing up on this website…. why am I paying for Qore again? To see a couple of typically non-exclusive videos a few days early, as well as takeover-adverts showing up every other menu? =\

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