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Sep 29

Sep 29

Uncharted 2 Multiplayer Demo open to all today

Arne Meyer's Avatar Posted by Director of Communications, Naughty Dog

All of us at Naughty Dog are thrilled to announce that the Multiplayer Demo for UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves will be available for everyone to download on the PlayStation Store today at 11:00 AM.

If you haven’t had the chance to experience the Multiplayer Demo over the past few weeks, or read much about it, IGN has a great overview they posted of just how much we packed into just under 1.3 GB. In short, the Multiplayer Demo includes four maps, four competitive modes and two co-op modes. That’s two new maps, two new competitive modes and one more co-op mode than our June Multiplayer Beta.

However, throwing in Cinema, the Machinima mode and the special Stage map was one of the things were most looking forward to putting in your hands. UNCHARTED 2 automatically records the gameplay data for your competitive multiplayer matches in any map and gametype. You can then head into Cinema to watch your recorded matches and that’s where the good stuff is – from watching your own replays, taking your own screenshots, making your own videos or even using the Machinima game mode and Stage map to create your own videos.

We invited to come by Naughty Dog a little while back and they walked away with a pretty good overview of our Cinema and Machinima tools in this video.

We look forward to seeing all of your screenshots and video creations throughout the course of this Demo, and of course, when UNCHARTED 2 launches on October 13.

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Tsumikiri said:

September 29th, 9:02 am

Oh snap! Awesome.

jonathan_val said:

September 29th, 9:07 am

i love dogs!!!

idiealot said:

September 29th, 9:07 am

Woo hoo! Thanks naughty dog!!

BigBoss712 said:

September 29th, 9:08 am

Sweet, I will be waiting!

Parapraxis said:

September 29th, 9:08 am


jonathan_val said:

September 29th, 9:08 am

NG Rulez!!!
I love this Dogs…

Dice_for_Death_ said:

September 29th, 9:09 am

This news is awesome. I’ve got a friend that just recently “joined the dark side,” so I’ll be helping him get acquainted with a series that seems to have captured his attention. Good show, Naughty Dog/Sony.

Blkant said:

September 29th, 9:09 am

Thank you, I have always enjoyed your titles. Sincerely.

VofEscaflowne said:

September 29th, 9:10 am

Awesome! I was lucky enough to get to play the early beta and got to enjoy the machinima mode quite a bit. Taking my own screenshots kept me as busy as the actual multiplayer! Loved every bit of it and how beautiful the game is. Amazing work on the game Naughty Dog!

aronlennon said:

September 29th, 9:10 am

For those who already have the demo because of the early access, do we have to re-download this demo again? And what happens to our stats from the first demo?

But awesome demo! Can’t wait to keep playing it!

jazzyrider said:

September 29th, 9:11 am

Thanks! Forgot to preorder and get in the multiplayer beta since I’ve been trying to finish the 1st game. Looks like I’ll be picking up the new game afterall.

Stoffinator said:

September 29th, 9:12 am

Is that 11am Eastern? Where do we get it, the Store?

Dice_for_Death_ said:

September 29th, 9:13 am


That’s 11AM, PST.

DevilsReject said:

September 29th, 9:18 am

Is my limited edition on its way? I would appreciate it by the 13th. ;)


stuna1 said:

September 29th, 9:18 am

For those who haven’t tried it yet, Christmas has come early lol.

CEK111 said:

September 29th, 9:18 am

Hey, Arne, hows the European tour ?
Also, now would be a great time to announce the UK or Eu Fortune Hunters Edition !

Also, can i make movies with Cinema Mode, but without using a capture card ?

Fluidshine said:

September 29th, 9:18 am

Awesome thanks!!! I had the Multiplayer Beta but I wasn’t too thrilled with it, but this sounds like a lot more fun with all of the extra features!

GamerMoney said:

September 29th, 9:19 am

If it’s anything like the summer beta then count me in

willxcore said:

September 29th, 9:19 am

So glad that more of my friends can now participate in the demo. I was literally blown away by how amazing MP is with the Uncharted game mechanics. Deathmatch, objective co-op, story co-op, boosters, ranking, cash, medals. It’s all here and it all works so well. I am seriously in love. Forget CoD:MW2, forget Halo:ODST, this is where MP is at.

vegasbosko said:

September 29th, 9:21 am

I would like to know the answer to #10’s question too.
It would be nice to play these extra levels with my current status.

poweredbyzen said:

September 29th, 9:21 am

i want the fortune hunter edition – will trade my soul for it! :D

EvoAnubis said:

September 29th, 9:24 am

I’ll be ready! An hour and 36 minutes to go!

Proteus1288 said:

September 29th, 9:25 am

Awesome! I can’t wait to download it. I loved the beta back in June. Naughty Dog never ceases to amaze me with the sheer quality of their games.

Xandet said:

September 29th, 9:27 am

It’s official: Hell has frozen over. Eurogamer gave Uncharted 2 a perfect 10/10. If there was any doubt in your mind this will end up GotY, dropkick that silly thought (or lack thereof) out of your head. See y’all online!

Wuggyboobeaufuf said:

September 29th, 9:27 am


packy17 said:

September 29th, 9:30 am

So… What about Fortune Hunter Edition?? :'(

benjiedude said:

September 29th, 9:30 am

That’s great. Been playing for the last 2 weeks and also played the Beta in June. Now what I really want to hear…how do we get the firtune hunter’s edition?

ATOMS11 said:

September 29th, 9:33 am

Big business baby!

Darkrube said:

September 29th, 9:35 am

thanks i’ve been waiting for this!!!!

heatseeker said:

September 29th, 9:36 am

ZOMG!!!!!!!!!!! JUST…I….WHAT!!?? wow….brain damage……

Crimsondramon said:

September 29th, 9:36 am

3am tomorrow morning the demo goes live for me -_-

At least I can enjoy it tomorrow :D

daveyboo666 said:

September 29th, 9:37 am

good good when r the new updates for psp out or are there higher updates than 6.00 yet??

venura said:

September 29th, 9:39 am

Awesome Bro!

NightHawk17 said:

September 29th, 9:39 am

i’m already in the beta but just wanted to say keep up the great work naughty god:)

Nimoy23 said:

September 29th, 9:40 am

So now there’s a possibility of worse players than me to play? That’s promising.
Will our stats carry over to the retail version? Or will everyone start out at level 1 again?
Is Naughty Dog planning on releasing an UC2 dynamic theme around launch? I’ve been waiting on buying one in hopes of a better option.

Netweb said:

September 29th, 9:40 am

let’s say wellcome to noobs xD

alfian said:

September 29th, 9:40 am

cool, how many hours left btw??

SPARDA said:

September 29th, 9:41 am

That is a GREAT MOVE by ND and SONY.
Now more people can experience the greatness of Uncharted 2 multiplayer.

2009 GOTY


billagroom said:

September 29th, 9:41 am

Maybe not the best move. I canceled my Pre-order after playing this. I will wait till the price drops to buy for the single player only.

sunil247 said:

September 29th, 9:43 am

I couldnt find it in the store today morning… Is it going to be a special update?

Crystal_Crazy said:

September 29th, 9:45 am

I noticed it says the word “all”. That mistake needs to be removed since it’s not available for ALL, is it?

meaning, not on the EU PSN. f*** you sony

joseph2411 said:

September 29th, 9:46 am

@25 Twitter feature was disabled for the single player. Multiplayer still uses it.

band235 said:

September 29th, 9:48 am

I am in Malaysia , when will this out ? Really cant wait !!! Here in Malaysia already 29th september by the time they release in the US and UK my country already turn to 30th September , this is not right ND!!! LOL juz joking !!

Matt_the_Sniper said:

September 29th, 9:50 am

Is that 11am pacific time or eastern?

mera_cute_girl said:

September 29th, 9:52 am

unfortunately i couldn’t download the demo because i have the 2.80v 80 gig system & um afraid to download it so i’m very frustrated that’ll pass

mera_cute_girl said:

September 29th, 9:53 am

unfortunately i couldn’t download the demo because i have the 2.80v 80 gig system & um afraid to download 3.01v so i’m very frustrated that’ll pass

nYcFrEeWiLL82 said:

September 29th, 9:53 am

see this is the kinda GREAT NEWS i love to see on this blog! i wish naughty dog owned socom!..they would be the top game developers of this century! and super rich!!..anywho back to how great this news is..yeah im loving it keep up the FANTASTIC work ND’s..i will support you guys 11o%!!hopefully us fans can get a better chance at gettin that collectors edition :p

Jakal_ said:

September 29th, 9:54 am

Oh Yes! I’ve been waiting for so long! I decided to go with the Golden AK-47 as a pre-order bonus since everything else is tangible and the AK is a timeless showpiece and will always be of value. I can’t wait to jump in and make my very own cinema moments!

maver1ck89 said:

September 29th, 9:57 am


Jakal_ said:

September 29th, 9:57 am

Can we expect some Drake, Chloe and Elena LBP costumes in the near future as well? Wink wink nudge nudge

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