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Sep 30

Sep 30

Digger HD Available Tomorrow on PSN for $9.99

Scott Hyman's Avatar Posted by

VP of Publishing, Creat Studios

Hi everyone! It’s Scott from Creat Studios, back again to announce the launch of yet another PSN title, and ask: “How old-school are you?”

If you’re a fan of classic games, but not so much a fan of tired, ancient graphics, then you’re going to love Digger HD.

Digger HD 1

Creat Studios has reconstructed the timeless 1980s PC hit, Digger, for the 21st century as Digger HD, available October 1st on PlayStation Network for $9.99. The gameplay that everyone loved back when fax machines were considered hi-tech remains intact. All the visuals, however, have been given a better facelift than an aging Hollywood starlet! The environments, sound, animations, music, menus…everything is fully updated to PlayStation 3 standards.

Control the feisty little construction vehicle and burrow your way around the dangerous underground world. Dig through the dirt horizontally and vertically to create paths, collect jewels and coins, avoid crazy monsters and falling bags of gold in single and cooperative multiplayer modes. Maneuver your way around 60 complex levels and find secret, hidden artifacts.

The playful, cutting-edge techno score features original tracks from up-and-coming artists Candie Hank, Gangpol & Mit and GMG. And as a bonus, you can return to those 1980s roots with the Vintage mode that replicates the original Digger’s 8-bit vibe.

For a good throwback experience to the decade of parachute pants, hairspray, VHS tapes and John Hughes movies, you don’t need to dig up a VCR. Download Digger HD, and travel back in time in style!

As always, thanks to all of our fans and customers. We love making games, and we love your feedback. Please let us know how much you enjoy Digger HD.

Digger HD 2

Digger HD 3 Digger HD 4

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Wuggyboobeaufuf said:

September 30th, 10:04 am

Same as usual.

Not on disc = no sale and not worth buying.

Seriously, what is it going to take to get Sony to start doing Blu-Ray compilations of PSN games?

brighat2007 said:

September 30th, 10:04 am

Looks like fun. Dig Dug and Mr. Do are favorites of mine but I’ve never played Digger back in the day. I’ll keep an eye on this one.

pasufarin said:

September 30th, 10:10 am

Thanks for the info about the continues! I had hoped there would be, since there are in Magic Ball (also a fun game, btw). There were some nice challenges provided by the trophies in that game, and I hope the same is true for Digger HD.


September 30th, 10:12 am

I hope this is one of those games were you can find a server even after a week after It comes out 8 out of 10 of the games I bought are useless because nobody plays them anymore (cough*elephunk*cough )hope this one is different

Zuler said:

September 30th, 10:13 am

Once again, thank you for answering my questions! I’m sorry, but every time I post I think of another question after that hehe. So will there be a demo? I will most probably get it tomorrow, but with other things like the Fallout DLC I may be a bit strapped for cash and might have to wait for a while, sadly :-(

    Scott Hyman's Avatar

    Scott Hyman said:

    September 30th, 10:15 am

    Sorry, Zuler, no demo is currently planned.

Einhander138 said:

September 30th, 10:14 am

Same as usual – no disc = not worth buying.

Seriously Sony, what’s it going to take to make you put out a PSN compilation?

    Scott Hyman's Avatar

    Scott Hyman said:

    September 30th, 10:15 am

    As always… everything is under consideration.

    Stay tuned.

LokeSTL said:

September 30th, 10:20 am


I completely understand. I was very paranoid also, but didn’t want to wait until I was out of room or have to remove stuff from my hard drive. In my paranoia, I: finished any games I was in the middle of playing, bought a drive that was already formated in FAT32 to backup my PS3, waited for a clear day so I wouldn’t get an outage, transfered my PSone and PS2 save files(which has to be done individually) to the backup drive AND original PSone and PS2 memory cards, and spent the day starting up the games and loading the save files.

If you are that worried about it, just keep the original hard drive around for a while without formating it until you are satisfied. If something ended up being corrupt on the new HDD, you could just swap the new one back in and repeat the backup until you get the required outcome.

electronicpart said:

September 30th, 10:21 am

9.99 No thank you !!!

DANO69 said:

September 30th, 10:24 am

JEEZZZ…@55 what’s the big deal with download games …I don’t get it. What if your lazer dies. Then what will you do? I prefer dl games anyday, saves ware and tare on it in my book. It would be nice if every game made was in both formats. But it just isn’t going to happen for everything.

Zuler said:

September 30th, 10:26 am

Thanks again for answering my questions Scott! I’m done for now, see you (I expect next to next week *wink wink*) when you do a blog post for Mushroom Wars! :)

    Scott Hyman's Avatar

    Scott Hyman said:

    September 30th, 12:08 pm

    I\’ll be there, Zuler. Unless my 3-year-old gives me the flu, that is.

mixedkidbx said:

September 30th, 10:27 am

You guys should talk to Sony about having some type of discount bundle that includes all of your current released games for a big discount. :)

SeanScythe said:

September 30th, 10:27 am

Does it have that Lone Ranger Music when you get the power up still?

Manifest37 said:

September 30th, 10:28 am

Glad to see an HD remake that isn’t using filters on old content!!!

I will buy this game & all I ask in return is for Creat to consider a side-scroller like bionic commando re-armed BUT with a jump button!!!!

    Scott Hyman's Avatar

    Scott Hyman said:

    September 30th, 12:10 pm

    We have a whole bunch of ideas for other retro game facelifts. Send your ideas in. We\’re always listening.

rk604 said:

September 30th, 10:30 am

Hey Scott just wondering, I am aware that the US Playstation Network usually makes the update around 6PM EST. I am wondering how that will affect launch of the PSPgo, as in some locations consumers would have to wait for it to update before they can purchase the games being launched on October 1. Will Sony be updating it sooner? If so what time will it update? or will we have to wait before we can play games being launched on Oct1?

    Scott Hyman's Avatar

    Scott Hyman said:

    September 30th, 12:10 pm

    Sorry, rk604. That\’s a question for the good people of Sony.

ShaggyUSM said:

September 30th, 10:32 am

$9.99 is kinda steep for a game that was originally on a 4-bit console and DOS computer. <> When are you going to release a $15 version of Q-Bert?!?! JUST KIDDING! Next thing you know PSN really will. PSN needs more games in the $1.99 to $4.99 range.

Everyone should check out Burn Zombie Burn on PSN! That game really is worth $9.99.

    Scott Hyman's Avatar

    Scott Hyman said:

    September 30th, 12:11 pm

    We thought about asking for 40 quarters and returning one penny, but we can\’t get the coins to fit through the internets.

Dice_for_Death_ said:

September 30th, 10:33 am

Good afternoon, Scott. Just wanted to take my chance at one of those many replies you’ve been handing out. How’s the weather? Nice game, by the by. Looks interesting in that classy remake of an original. I might drop for it, perhaps.

    Scott Hyman's Avatar

    Scott Hyman said:

    September 30th, 12:12 pm

    Weather in Boston is cloudy in the 60s, but its ok because the Red Sox clinched the playoffs.

    Thanks for the kind words, and I hope you give Digger HD a try.

ShaggyUSM said:

September 30th, 10:34 am

Oh and where are the new AVATARS?… Let me guess, your answer is going to be vague and include the word “soon”.

Lemondish said:

September 30th, 10:35 am

I hope Scott is still around, I have a pretty epic suggestion. Hoe about we get us a Creat Games bundle in the near future? Boom, for one solid price, grab all the Creat Games together for a little cheaper than buying them separately. I may be woefully illprepared to make this following statement, but Creat may very well be one of the stronger developers for PSN today and I love getting folks into their games.

I’d just don’t like having to tell them which ones to get. With a discounted bundle, I can just say all of them!

Also, Mushroom Wars…psblog post pretty please?

    Scott Hyman's Avatar

    Scott Hyman said:

    September 30th, 12:15 pm

    Thanks for the kind words, Lemondish.

    All I can say right now is that everything is under consideration.

Maitre said:

September 30th, 10:36 am

Do you guys do any rpg or strategy games ???
i’d love to encourage you guys but i’d rather encourage you by buying a game i’d actually play o_O.

Maybe you guys could ask Hasbro for the Axis and Allies license that would be sick on the psn with a neat matchmaking.

Maybe a remake of the Lufia title that was on the SNES???

Is there a place we can send requests i so many and so much money to spend lol

    Scott Hyman's Avatar

    Scott Hyman said:

    September 30th, 12:17 pm

    Maitre, stay tuned for Mushroom Wars.

    I just hope you like your RTS games cute and cuddly!

ShaggyUSM said:

September 30th, 10:36 am

Where are the new avatars? I’m guessing your answer will be vague and include the word “soon”. Right?

ShaggyUSM said:

September 30th, 10:37 am

oops lag in posting… I didn’t think the first “avatar” comment posted. My bad.

redxcf said:

September 30th, 10:40 am

I’d like only to mention that Playstation Network is Over-Charging there Games and this is a perfect example of it!!! (9.99$US) for an remix of the 80’s is just too much!! Lowering the prices means more sales and have a higher customer satisfaction. Wake Up!!! Playstation Network people!!!

Pissed off costumer

groz24 said:

September 30th, 10:47 am

If you’re looking for requests, I’d LOVE an adventure type game in the point and click variety.

You guys do great work, keep it up!

    Scott Hyman's Avatar

    Scott Hyman said:

    September 30th, 12:18 pm

    Thanks so much, groz24. And duly noted about adventure games. Our designers love all types of games, and there\’s been a lot of heated discussion about such genres.

nerdmanwhippy said:

September 30th, 10:51 am

Wow. That’s that about all I can say lol. Claiming because a game isn’t on a disc its not worth buying? Some of the best ps3 games I have are network titles. In fact this will be around my 40th title when I pick it up tomorrow.

Your missing out on a lot of gems if you skip psn titles. That being said can’t wait to pick this up tomorrow :D

Mikaa1701 said:

September 30th, 10:55 am

Nice to see a retro game, but 9.99? A little steep for this kind of game.

DaBargainHunta said:

September 30th, 10:59 am

This isn’t day one for me, it’s MINUTE one.

If I could French kiss everyone responsible for this game, I would do it!

I loved the hell out of Digger on the PC in the ’80s, and I never, EVER thought I’d see it again in any form.

Now we’re getting both the HD remake AND the original (retro mode).

I love you guys!

    Scott Hyman's Avatar

    Scott Hyman said:

    September 30th, 12:19 pm

    DBH, I\’m a little hesitant to pass this onto our producer. She\’ll be happy and all, but I think that she\’s married.

    But we are all thrilled that you are so excited about Digger. I will pass on your sentiments to the creators of the original, too.

JetSetFuture said:

September 30th, 11:00 am

Thanks for answering my question, Scott. That’s great news about the 1080p support! The game looks to be a fun time killer.

IcedDice777 said:

September 30th, 11:03 am

Dude!!! PLEASE remake Shadow Gate or Uninvted!! Pretty please?

DaBargainHunta said:

September 30th, 11:04 am

P.S. People are complaining about the $9.99 price??? Seriously? How cheap are some of you?! You’re getting an HD remake (which means actual WORK was put into this release) AND the retro original. WELL worth a 10-spot to me. Come on, people!

Scodo_Thope said:

September 30th, 11:10 am

Multiplayer on the same console?

ArSEnAL_nAsRi8 said:

September 30th, 11:13 am

This looks a bit boring, with Fallout 3 DLC coming out I think that’ll be what I’m buying for now, but I’ve never tried any of your games, so may I ask, what games are you creating that has trophies, I’m mostly into sport and action/adventure games, I don’t know if you make those, or even RPG’s, but if you could inform me on any upcoming games of that content, that’d be great.

Afreelunch said:

September 30th, 11:32 am

While you guys are updating classics, let’s see Talking Parrot HD!

Jeigh said:

September 30th, 11:32 am


How many times does it need to be said? All games going forward will have trophies. That was as true six months ago as it is now. All exceptions were released/approved for release before 2009.

When I read “gamplay… remains intact” I couldn’t help thinking “left un-updated because it’s easier that way.” I’m all for reviving the classics (or remodeling old, badly-made games- something you may want to consider) and giving them a modern slant, but when it stops at a paint-job, it gets harder to support.

acerazer1 said:

September 30th, 11:42 am

I wish I had some money for this. Sadly, in my bank account I have $1.90. I’m accepting donations. Send them to [DELETED]

acerazer1 said:

September 30th, 11:43 am

Sorry, I didn’t mean for it to autolink, you can delete that moderators. Here’s the revised address: acerazer1[at]theinternet[dot]google[dot]com[dot]net.

Yeah, the joke is dead now. God, I’m an idiot.

mcbuttz78 said:

September 30th, 11:49 am

this look like dig dug a lil bit.. how mny hours of gameply does this offer. I undertand theres a sound track,, uhm how many hours of music is inthe soundtrack… will this game supoort custom music?? An if its ok to ask??, what future games are you guys making, or what past games have ou guys made so i can write them down or pick them up to play, ty in advance…

mcbuttz78 said:

September 30th, 11:53 am

SORRY FOR THE DOUBLE POST.. THI A NOTE FR THE COMPLINER OF 9.99$.. BACK WHEN THIS GAME CAME OUT IF I REMEMBER CORRECT IT S WAS 45$.. AS OF TODAY IS LISTED AT 80-100$ AND IS A RARE GEM TO FIND.. o i suggest 9.99$ is a steal>> ou should give to a try as a new school gamr and test your sill at old school games.. its called respect for the games that made the way for games today…


September 30th, 12:01 pm

@ Scott,

One question. Will there be In-Game XMB Music support?

SpyDudeFX said:

September 30th, 12:09 pm

Does it have online co-op? Interpol is a great game, but your original blog said network support and the game is only offline. So what’s up with that?

Zezzler said:

September 30th, 12:23 pm

WOW! i am really loving the idea and look of this game! i have it for my computer and i love it and now i can play it (Dare i say in a even better way!)

a couple of questions though:
-custom soundtrack?
-multi-player (online/offline, or Co-op/versus)?
Tons of Uber Fun?
in-game screenshots perhaps?
any more awesome features?

Thanks btw for your coninued PSN (and PSB) support!

Callahan09 said:

September 30th, 12:37 pm

OK, I like Creat studios’ games a lot, and this looks really cool, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t VERY disappointed when I read past the headline to discover that this is NOT talking about Spelunker HD. I thought it was Spelunker with a new name, and I was astonished that we’re finally getting it in America, and for so low of a price, to boot. Then I realized this is a different game. I’ll probably buy it, actually, because it looks cool, but seriously, can somebody tell me when the heck we’re going to get Spelunker HD in America!? Been waiting forever!

Laze said:

September 30th, 12:41 pm

The only classic i want in HD i bubble bobble – please!

mailman27 said:

September 30th, 12:58 pm

This looks like a lot of old-school fun. I still have fond memories of the original.

I really wish this was coming to PSP though, as I don’t have a PS3 : (

Sereal_Killer said:

September 30th, 12:58 pm

i wish there was a compilation blu ray out there also cause sadly sony has been letting me down by not having pre-paid cards in The Netherlands.

hoping to get a credit card soon so i can finally profit a bit of the PSN for more casual games that my GF would like .

ZUMA definitely will be first since she is addicted to that game :

anyway keep up the good work hope you guys consider some MINI’s in the future

ibor4you said:

September 30th, 1:00 pm

Nice.. but where is the TRINE ???

The_Dark_Trooper said:

September 30th, 1:09 pm

I remember playing Mr. Do when growing up… How does the original Digger compare to Mr Do?

ShadowOfEden said:

September 30th, 1:16 pm

Nice. I make game for a living and we have a lot of 1024×600 remakes of old-school games. But I bet that Dig Dug is licensed, so I don’t think I’ll ever work on it.

Apnomis said:

September 30th, 1:49 pm

I can’t believe how rude some people are, especially when the dev has taken the trouble to sit and answer questions! If you don’t like retro-remakes, good for you, move along and leave this comments thread for the (many) people that are interested in this game.

I personally don’t like some genres – but I wouldn’t presume to speak for the rest of the world and post in a Q&A about them “this is the last thing we need, stop making these”, when I know there are many other people that do like them. The PS3 has sold around 25 million units, most retail games are lucky to sell more than 2 million, why? Because we’re not all clones that like the same games that’s why.

As for this game I’ll probably pick it up tomorrow, it reminds me a lot of Boulder Dash on my Amiga, that was remade for PSP but not PS3 – how similar is Digger to Boulder Dash, what makes Digger different/better?

Pelt_Hunter said:

September 30th, 2:02 pm

LOL. I was quite “brash” and there’s certainly an audience for these releases as evidenced by the sales of past releases of the same type. I should’ve just said that I would’ve preferred something more with the times but it’s different strokes for different folks and hell if that’s the only way you can get your parents to play videogames with you is by getting these ol’ school makeovers then that’s pretty awesome.

I was on a soapbox this morning so you’ll have to forgive me.

Pandareus said:

September 30th, 2:19 pm

Is the track “Hot Butter” in the game? It was the original’s soundtrack, and if it ain’t in this game, then all the nostalgia value… *poof*, gone.

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