NIS Re-Releasing PSP Titles, Plus Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman! UMD Poll

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Hello everyone!

Are you all excited about tomorrow? We will be re-releasing some of our past PSP titles to celebrate the launch of the PSPgo! And what’s really awesome about this is that our past PSP titles will be 50% off for the whole week! The discount will only be valid for one week starting tomorrow, so don’t miss this chance to get our past titles on your PSP!

Here is the list of discounted titles. The price range is between $4.99 and $9.99! (Correction: $4.99 – $14.99)

Speaking of “Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman! What Did I Do to Deserve This?”, we are still thinking about making a UMD for the game. However, we would like to know if there will be enough demand for us to create the UMD version. So I would like to use this opportunity to ask you all if you would like to see a UMD release of Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman! We appreciate your participation! We are hosting this poll on the NIS America official website as well.

[poll id=”18″]

NIS America announced two new titles during the NISA luncheon meeting at TGS. We will release Atelier Rorona on PlayStation 3 and Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman! 2 on PSP in 2010! When we have more information for each title I will visit here again and share them with you all!

Lastly, NIS America released the promotional movie for Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love last week. If you haven’t had a chance to check it out, here it is! This is a promotional trailer, and doesn’t have much game play footage in it, but we are currently working on getting a game play trailer up for you!

Thank you for reading my post! Have a great day.

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    Nothing for me to buy….DARN

  • I can guess Holy Invasion is going to be 4.99 and the rest is 9.99 but I am going to repurchase Mana Khemia, Disgaea, Blade Dancer, get Holy Invasion for a first time and maybe reget Prinny.

  • NIS why thus not answer me. Please im so confused. The deal says 4.99-9.99,but mana says 14.99.

  • Einhander138 – Oh, the facts? Maybe you missed all the older blog posts where I had to CONSISTENTLY correct misinformation regarding the Marlin DRM (look it up) and redownloading.

    For some reason, people bring up dystopian futures where (among other things) the PSN was no more. But I’d still be able to play the games I backed up quickly, cheaply, and easily because all the DRM requires is that the game was purchased with my account, and that the system I’m using was already activated with my account. If the PSN went away, that means the PlayStation brand (now synonymous with video games itself) went away, and there’s no way they’d entertain the notion of fixing a broken UMD drive.

    Not to mention you’re already relying on the PSN whether you like it or not if you have a PS3. Where do you think those (mandatory) game patches for your Blu-ray and downloaded games come from?

  • When are the sale prices going to be active? The prices in the store update post don’t match the prices stated here.

    Please update so I can give you some $$$

  • Yeah, the prices in this blog post don’t match the Store prices.

  • So many people here don’t understand that any UMD release MUST be a PSN release now that the PSPgo is out! But for those of us with UMD-drive PSP’s, please release it!

  • The only misinformation out there is coming from you about discs. You *think* you’ll have access to your games forever on PSN.

    You won’t. Fact.

    I will have access to my games – ON DISC – forever. Fact.

    As for the mandatory patches….are you referring to the one that broke Uncharted?

    The game industry was *much* better when developers weren’t allowed to be lazy and release half finished games that get patched later on.

    The console industry is turning into the PC game industry.

  • @ 104

    The only misinformation out there is coming from you about discs. You *think* you’ll have access to your games forever on PSN.

    You won’t. Fact.

    I will have access to my games – ON DISC – forever. Fact.

    As for the mandatory patches….are you referring to the one that broke Uncharted?

    The game industry was *much* better when developers weren’t allowed to be lazy and release half finished games that get patched later on.

    The console industry is turning into the PC game industry.

  • Yeah, I’m with Souledge94, why is the price for Afternoon of Darkness still $14.99? You said it was going to be $9.99 at most… I would love to buy it at $14.99, but if it’s going to be $9.99, even better!!! :) Please let me know!

    • Hello BeyondAShadow,

      It was completely my mistake about the pricing. I truly apologize for not giving you the correct information.
      The price range is $4.99 to $14.99.
      I hope you are still satisfied with Prinny and Badman sales!


  • Can we get an answer why some of the games you mentioned are priced higher than you informed? Thanks! I am ready to buy just want to save some money.

  • here i though i was the only one to realise the mistake that sony made thats 2 mistakes so far sony has made with the psn store update with the first called atlas=atlus lol they misspelled it anyway wats going on is the sale gunna be on them cus i wanna get mana khemia

  • All the people voting NAY to a UMD of Bad man are probably people who wouldn’t have bought it either way. Release the UMD version because that’s the only way I’ll buy it.

  • Awesome! I just bought Disgaea 2 and Badman and I would buy Prinny and Disgaea 1 if I didn’t already own them on UMD…

  • Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness is showing 14.99 in the store and this says it will be cheaper than that. What is the final price going to be?

  • Is this the first sign of the death of UMD?

  • NIS, why are you so cool?

    Can I be a marketing shill for your company, if you give me a voucher for ‘Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman’? :D

    UMDs are always fun. The game seems a little small for a UMD release, though. How about a retail bundle with the sequel?

  • @104:

    Again trying to “brute force” us into conforming solely toward your own preferences for a digital distribution model via unrelated “facts” and misdirection.

    Is it really that hard for you to accept that other people have a different preference than you?

    Are you a modern-day Highlander where “there can be only one”… the triple_lei digital distribution way?

    Why do you feel the overwhelming need to spend so much time condemning physical media and campaigning for it’s annihilation? If you don’t like it, then simple ignore it. Like a TV show you don’t like, simply turn the channel… NO ONE is forcing you to watch it.

    Just think, you can lower your blood pressure AND spend time more productively on other pursuits… like playing some of those terrific PSP titles released for DL on PSN today.

    I’m truly glad these titles are available to DL for folks who want them in that manner…

    At the same time, I’m glad I own many of those titles on UMD… most of which I purchased brand new (not used) for MUCH less than the current PSN price. And I got a case and manual, too! “Secret Agent Clank” for $31.99? I paid $17.98 for the UMD in Nov. 2008; it’s generally $19.99 or less at retail now.

  • When will the price drop for Disgaea? It’s still $14.99 on PSN.

  • Your post says these games will be 4.99 – 9.99 but Disgaea is 14.99. I would have bought it had it been 9.99. Is there a typo in your post or is it mispriced on the store?

  • @DrHorrible256

    I’m hoping it’s a misprice and that M-K or Disgaea turns out to be $5…

  • >> I will have access to my games – ON DISC – forever. Fact.

    Someone needs to look up Disc-Rot.

    Yeah, PSN may go down and never be forever (or it may stay up and be forever), but your UMD’s will die someday just like the DD release.

    Get over yourself.

  • @122

    Disc rot doesn’t exist if you keep your discs in the right environment and take care of them

    Get over yourself.

  • This is excellent news! When is the price drop going into effect? I want to pick up Disgaea.

  • I am also as confused as everyone. I thought there was going to be a price drop on all of these games. I haven’t even played any of them (except the demo for Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman! – which was fun), but I was going to pick some up today since I just purchased a PSPgo. I am still very tempted to buy Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness, Prinny, and Badman!, but I guess I will wait. If the price drops later I would be saddened to miss this deal.

  • Why not release Badman and Badman 2 on a UMD next year as a combo disk? It might get more interest considering some who wanted a UMD of Badman but were forced to buy the Digital version would want the UMD of 2 and Badman 1 would be even more icing and make them rush to get it.

  • Hello All,

    I am sorry that there are some misinformation on my blog. The price range was $4.99 to $14.99.

    Blade Dancer is $4.99. Prinny and Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman! are $9.99, and Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness and Mana Khemia are $14.99. I am sorry to give you wrong information about the pricing. I hope you guys are still happy with the price though!

    Happy downloading!


  • *sigh* at least you admit your mistake NIS. Ill proboly still buy mana. I was also wondering will you have a sale again. I was thinking of getting blade dancer,but at the moment I have enough only for mana.

  • I was wondering about, got my purchases now. Prinny and Disgaea for now, the rest I’ll get some other time. I love you so much, NISA. The Disgaea series and Prinny is more than worth it to buy twice.

  • Oh, and Nao, I’m probably going to buy the digital copy of Badman now that it’s only 9.99 but regardless, I WILL buy a hard copy if you release one, even if you release just Badman1 for 30.

  • I really would have got Disgaea at 10 bucks or less, but at 15 I’m going to have to pass.

  • OK NAO now im angry. You told me jump start would still work. It doesint. Im not trying to be a jerk,but come on dude. At least be honest about that. Now im out 15 buck plus tax.

  • While I would’ve gotten the UMD release of Badman when it was initially planned to come out, I have to honestly say the window of opportunity has most likely closed. It’s rather a niche title to begin with even by NIS’s standards, and now that the hype train has passed by I don’t think enough people would be interested for it to be a good idea anymore.

    I totally would’ve ponied up $20 or maybe $30 to have a physical copy of the game and manual and the preorder music CD — but now that it’s got a half-off sale on the PSN and I can carry it around on my memory stick only taking up 41 MB without having to swap UMDs, there’s no contest.

    Thanks for the sale, though! At $10 I have to say this is a much better deal and I’ve been throwing more recommendations around.

  • **Sigh** Well, $10 for Disgaea would have been sweet. Thanks for the heads up Nao. Still gonna download it, but now I am only mildly giddy instead of deleriously happy.

  • I would love a Badman UMD eventually. I do agree that with its small size there is a lot of wasted potential space, however. Why not hold off on a UMD release until the second game is released then publish both games to one disc? It could retail for a little more than the downloadable editions and be billed as a special edition.

    Still, with the sale going I’m going to have to pick up Badman. It’s a good sale and there’s no use in waiting for a UMD that may never be published. It’s still stupid that the US has to be the odd man out… the PAL regions are still supposed to have a UMD release. Call me old fashioned but I like manuals and boxes when I can get them. Physical media can be tricky to store effectively but if you have the room, why not? Those without space or craving convenience can still have their digital versions and there’s nothing wrong with that.

    Disc rot happens but a properly made disc will last upwards of twenty years. I still buy Sega CD titles and they show no signs of degradation. My 3DO games will likely outlast me.

  • Ok NAO i have calmed down and accepted that jump start just doesint work,but I heard that this DD version load times are faster then the UMD version. Is this true? Im asking cause I heard alot of complaints about the load times,but they dont seem so bad. Also again will you have one of these sales another time?

  • Hello Souledge94,

    I am sorry I couldn’t reply to you sooner. Logically, the Downloadable Version should load faster than the UMD Version because the system doesn’t need to use the UMD drive to read the game. (That was the whole point of the “Jump Start” system, to load some of the game data onto your memory stick.)
    So, if there any changes for the Downloadable Version, it should load faster, if even by only a little. You mentioned that the load times don’t seem so bad. That is probably because it is already downloaded onto your memory stick, or PSP Go’s internal memory. I haven’t been able to get the Downloadable Version of Mana Khemia myself, so I cannot personally compare how fast it is, though.
    Regarding future sales, we do not have any plans to do so at this moment. So, I cannot promise you anything, but it is possible!


  • I now have every copy of Mana Khemia on PS2 PSP and now as Digital Download, including Disgaea except of the Disgaea 2.

  • Thank you NAO. I appreciate your cooperation. I just have one more question if you can please answer. Are you planing to bring Mana Khemia 2 for psp over? Once again thanks.

  • initially i was extrememly excited about this deal. these kind of incentives for digital download is whats needed to push it into the future for sure. but today when i log in to psn it says disgaea: afternoon of darkness is $14.99 what gives? that was the main game that sparked my intrested in this and i was saddened to see it was the$4.99-$9.99 as quoted when will it be fixed???

  • hello nao when i heard bad man would be download only i was a bit disspointed even though i buy nis games on umd i vote yes even thought i have already buy bad man on psn i am still wanting the umd version to add to my collection and play a physical copy since i rarely play my download version of holy invasion of privacy bad man every now in then any way keep up the good work nis i hope you continue to support both psp go and the psp 2000 models and 3000 models thanks for taking the time to read this

    best wish your
    nis america gaming fan

  • I don’t know if this will be too late but Jump drive does indeed work on the downloaded version. I suspect that Souledge94 is just trying to turn it on and getting an error. There is an option right below Jump Start that says “Save the Jump Start data”. I just tried this and it did install and my Jump Start is now on….I don’t know how much if any it will help since it is no longer on UMD but it does work!

  • @Pringer-Z

    Thanks. I didint notice that at all. I dont think it makes it faster since its already a DD,but it does add battle VO which I wanted to hear.

  • I really hope Holy Invasion is released in the US market as a UMD. I had it pre-ordered on Amazon and was super disappointed when it was cancelled. I was happy to hear that it’s coming out next week in the UK on UMD and considered importing it, but if there is a US release, I’d much rather support that. Please, please, please release this game on UMD. I’m even happy to pay a hefty premium over the download price if that’s what it takes to make this happen. When will you decide for sure? Please say soon!!!

  • @139 I wouldn’t worry about that if I were you. It’s not a matter of if they will bring Mana Khemia 2 Portable, it’s a matter of when. NIS will be spending a good amount of hours to work on Atelier Rorona for PS3, and some other amazing games as well and honestly I just don’t want another Gust game to have to be like Ar tonelico 2 and just want NIS to take their time on it. It’ll probably be like around late Spring or late Summer 2010 before we get able to buy Mana Khemia 2 Portable but it will be so worth it. Though of course since it will be a newer download and/or UMD release it will probably cost kind of like how Disgaea 2 costs on the PSN store.

  • I would love to have this game on UMD. Me and my friend both collect games and having the first title on a memory stick wasn’t as satisfying as having a boxed copy. I also heard some rumblings of you guys perhaps having a UMD collection of both the 1st and 2nd title. I know I would buy that in a second. Maybe a limited edition UMD run is in order?

  • Picked up Badman and Prinny.
    Great deals.
    Looking forward to Badman 2.

  • @Nao: Thank you for your response~! I just wanted to let you know that I was not deterred by the pricing error! I actually picked up both Badman and Prinny, (as well as Afternoon of Darkness) anyway! :)

    I’m really glad that you had the sale because I was actually looking to buy these games (Prinny and Afternoon of Darkness) but all of the used copies I could find were extremely over-priced, so I was glad to put down the money for these games with the sale. :)

    Thank you again so much for resolving the issue! :D

  • I would like to see a premium UMD version of Badman 2 that could include Badman 1 (possibly enhanced or redone), videos, interviews, music soundtrack, themes, and artwork all added as a bonus to fill up the UMD.

  • I really don’t care if it comes to UMD or not. I will get it from the store once I’ve gotten a bigger memory stick (8 gb maybe?) or if I cant find one with a reasonable price, then I’ll get it on UMD, if that happens.

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