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Sep 30

Sep 30

PlayStation Home v1.3 Coming Thursday + New Central Plaza, Neptune Suite and More! – UPDATE

Locust_Star's Avatar Posted by PlayStation Home Community Manager

UPDATE: If you’re having trouble logging into Home, please follow these instructions.

We know that all of our Home-peoples have been waiting with bated breath for the newest version of PlayStation Home to launch. You’ve been messaging us on the official PlayStation Home forums and hitting us up in-world for all of the details. You’ve been leaving us comments on our Blog posts and on the official PlayStation Facebook and Twitter accounts. Some of you have even been chartering black helicopters and following us to and from our secret meetings, surveilling our every move, searching for evidence of the launch date. Well okay, maybe there hasn’t been so much of that, but you’ve been eager for info. And that’s why we’re all pumped to announce that PlayStation Home v1.3 will be coming to your PlayStation 3s this Thursday, October 1st.

For those of you who didn’t catch the official announcement of the client update in August, here’s the high-level overview. Home v1.3 equals the following things:

  • Universal Game Launching. Come this Thursday, you’ll be able to launch from Home into any game whose disc you have loaded into your PS3. This is how it works: Titles that fully support game launching (like Street Fighter IV, Resistance 2, MotorStorm, and Far Cry 2) will be identified by separate icons that appear over an avatar’s head and will have varying degrees of additional multiplayer functionality built in. Simplified game launching will take you from Home to the start menu of your favorite games with ease. Never again will you have to sign out of Home to play with (or against) your friends. Simply insert the disc of your choice while in Home and follow the on screen directions.
  • In-Store Item Previewing. This feature will allow you to preview items of clothing on your character in 3D (including the ability to check out multiple items simultaneously to see what combinations best suit your taste). You’ll be able to preview all furniture in 3D as well, complete with zoom and rotate options so you can check your potential purchases from all angles.
  • New Emotes and Actions. You can flip a coin with your friends to decide whose apartment to retreat to, or play the old “pick a number between 1 and 100” game to decide who is hosting the next party in Central Plaza. You will also be able to pose your avatar in a variety of ways, adding significantly to your ability to express yourself in-world. Heck, there are even new dances to hit the SingStar Rooms with.
  • More Item Types. Including limited use items (like the brand new Shrink Cake that lets you shrink your avatar to a tiny size) and portable objects (think: Bubble Machine). These will be available shortly after the launch of the client. This list of objects includes a free camera that you can use to snap pictures from either a 1st or 3rd person view. The photos will automatically be saved to the Photo section of the XMB, from which you can then upload to the picture frames you have hanging in your personal spaces. Dates for the camera and other items will be announced very soon, so stay tuned to this blog (and be sure to check the Latest Updates tab in your Menu Pad, under Community).
  • Tons of Improvements. We’ve added some new categories of clothing (composite and outfits) that will allow you to customize your avatar with greater ease. We’ve optimized the targeting system. We’ve fixed a bunch of the bugs you’ve been reporting on the official Home Support forum. We’re even giving you the option to determine your cache size (you can choose from 3, 5, 8, and 12 GB).

Going hand in hand with the v1.3 launch, we here at SCEA will be releasing an updated Central Plaza. We think you’ll find the new World Map Travel Center to be quite handy when it comes to navigating the vast, expansive world of PlayStation Home. This easy-to-use tool will be located right next to the new and improved Listen@Home kiosk, where you can listen to music and participate in community music events. On top of all this, we’ve added leaderboards and rewards to the ever-popular Saucer Pop mini-game and even placed a kiosk in Central Plaza from which you can grab prizes associated with events and a host of other items and content available from the PlayStation Network (in fact, if you check out this kiosk on launch day, you may just find some free items waiting for you). Watch the video below for a sneak peek of some of the new additions to CP.

We probably could’ve stopped there, but we wanted to get as much content to you to celebrate this momentous occasion as we possibly could. If you peep the video below you can get a first look at the new Neptune Suite personal space, also being released this Thursday. In this highly-interactive underwater abode, you can play a variety of built-in mini-games like the multi-player shooter Blast Zone. It even comes with its own pet that interacts with your avatar. And to top it all off, we’re even bringing the popular Hot Shots Golf game space over from Japan for all of you North American fans of this hugely popular franchise. Visit the space this Thursday, participate in our in-world survey, and walk away with a special prize.

See you in Home!

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KILLA_KING_007 said:

October 1st, 3:08 am

make a party chat so you can talk to multiple friends and maybe someone could like join w an invite but no making it where everyone can hear.

VitalogyPJ said:

October 1st, 4:03 am

Is it live already?

WiLL02724 said:

October 1st, 5:07 am

Not live yet, 8am est and I’m gettting a network connection error here d5027

napkin said:

October 1st, 5:38 am

I like Home and this is a great update, but the dumbest thing you guys did was take out voice chat. Just put in a mute option so you can mute whoever you want. Couldn’t you do that already anyway? I don’t remember. Taking it out completely is like taking out voice chat in Socom. Which reminds me, get Zipper to re-make Socom 2 for PS3, keep all the same maps just have better graphics and no lag, instead of another FPS like MAG. Also Ico/Shadow of the colossus collection. K i’m getting very off topic now sorry.

anticulture said:

October 1st, 6:34 am

‘Locust_Star’? Really? Who is that? There’s not even an official person at Sony responsible for this? It’s just a PSN tag?

Listen, Sony, my man. I hate to be the one to tell you this, because, dog, we go way back. You and me, Sony, we tight. It’s like, I owned every PlayStation game, and spent thousands of dollars on games, controllers and everything. So, it’s like, you’re my boy.

And I know, in the past, you’ve assured me that you’ve got your ‘top men’ working on this thing.

But, dog, listen: nobody cares about that PlayStation Home business. Sometimes, you just gotta own up to a bad idea and call it a day, naw’mean?

Sometimes, you gotta cut your losses and just implement a Voice-Chat and Party system.

Good talk. See you out on the field. *pat pat*

PoisonedPeach1 said:

October 1st, 8:08 am

Same here. Netwrok Server Error. Waited till 9am cst and still nothing. Guess they didnt say what time on 10/1 Oh well. Please post if anyone gets on.

anotherdae said:

October 1st, 8:39 am

Whats the big deal with party chat? Texting works fine.

Can’t wait to update after work!

Thank you Sony

grundmoon said:

October 1st, 9:02 am

Looks nice… but I hope it also comes to europe [yes I mean the space]
Europe is low at pshome… it sucks here -.- I really can’t wait for the update…

sweetlight said:

October 1st, 9:09 am

what does network error the connection to the server was lost D5027 mean? I can’t log into home someone help

Kowa97 said:

October 1st, 9:32 am

Is anyone else having difficulties logging into Home. My system still says Version 01.23.5 and it won’t let me log in

driver4437 said:

October 1st, 9:41 am



October 1st, 10:19 am

It’s still showing a server error. The update must not be ready yet.

AjaxRoxx said:

October 1st, 10:35 am

Update is Live n ready since 1pm EST

mrmotosuwa68 said:

October 1st, 10:47 am

Update,at least here in California,or maybe just for me,didn’t go live until about 2 minutes ago as all I got were the various error messages.I finally got the update to download however when I now go on instead of the error messages in the old white screen they now appear on the new improved blue screen.

renegadesquad said:

October 1st, 11:01 am

Thanks guys i hope you can figure out how to make the load times shorter. and lots of free things every other week or month to keep things interesting.

KingKobra87 said:

October 1st, 11:06 am

Just got the update! (finally, after 11 hours!) Still can’t connect though, however it’s a good sign. Should be able to get on momentarily I hope! :)

Oh, and new login screen! You’ll see what I mean


October 1st, 11:46 am


BBNChuck said:

October 1st, 12:02 pm

Just got the update an hour ago but the severs are still down I like the new log in screen

DeeperKyo said:

October 1st, 12:08 pm

its taking a while..well hope sony do a good job!!!

Dragnolian said:

October 1st, 12:37 pm

3:35 eastern time and still get stuck on the initializing screen and then get the “network error the connection to the server was lost D5027” screen.

Marvelous_Josh said:

October 1st, 12:53 pm

Is Voice Chat still available in public spaces?

HolmWrecker said:

October 1st, 1:01 pm

No go for me, I’m in Oregon. I’m actually kind of excited to see this update.
Patience, grasshopper.

Dragnolian said:

October 1st, 1:07 pm

This morning I was just getting the error message. Now it’s completely freezing my system. I’m not even going to try again until I start seeing posts that others have successfully logged on.

MrTonyB said:

October 1st, 1:10 pm

Wow STILL can’t connect, this is actually ridiculous, Xbox usually never has problems like this when they announce a major update.

InitialDriveGTR said:

October 1st, 1:11 pm

Same here dragnolian. It freezes my entire system at “Initializing…”

MrTonyB said:

October 1st, 1:13 pm

Yeah my PS3 JUST froze up too!

Tondog said:

October 1st, 1:14 pm

All the time and only ONE dance? Way to go.

DeeperKyo said:

October 1st, 1:19 pm

mine freeze 2…come on Sony, everytime u guys make an update..theres always something wrong with it!!!

Explosion2 said:

October 1st, 1:25 pm

Mine froze (on “initializing”) as well…
Stinks, as it seemed like a big update, and I was looking forward to checking it out!

InitialDriveGTR said:

October 1st, 1:29 pm

For anyone saying anything bad about sony, I have this to say to you: Do you think YOU could update several million game consoles without a single hitch?

SNmnIE6 said:

October 1st, 1:29 pm

Freezing here as well… I pm’d locust to see if we get an update about the issue.

Bionicle123 said:

October 1st, 1:38 pm

Sony i am very disappointed in you i downloaded and installed my updated software then when i get on PlaystionHome it freezes up Sony im getting freakin pissed off i respect you as a company you make great product but im sick and tired of your stupid un called for delays sony i want to be able to get on my PlaystionHome without it freezing up im very mad right now im missing out on all the content if something simular like this happens again ill convert over 2 the XBox360 and alot of people to. Now please fix this problem!

Bionicle123 said:

October 1st, 1:42 pm

Ok Ok im sorry sony *sigh*

pietja said:

October 1st, 1:44 pm

My ps3 froze six times already at the end of loading my harbour studio.
At least make updates not mandatory so i can use the old home that actually works.

DeeperKyo said:

October 1st, 1:49 pm

it works..i deleted home and install it again now it works!!!

kuff1 said:

October 1st, 1:49 pm


Sony = great hardware.
Sony = bad software.

guy209 said:

October 1st, 1:50 pm

there are issues with freezing. Also i tested the game launching and it logs u out of home then logs u back in! Its a great but home is a waste of time when u have to log in and wait 4 everything to load its stupid. Lets just get a party system for god’s sake.

tetsou9shima said:

October 1st, 1:50 pm

@183 I was going to let you have it….than you said sorry so everythings okay…..Oh and mine froze too.

raz630 said:

October 1st, 1:59 pm

why is the update freezing my system????

shaneosan said:

October 1st, 2:02 pm

Freezing as well on init.

No worries… I will just pop a game in and wait for the fix.

RockyPea said:

October 1st, 2:02 pm

80 gig is froze in its tracks at initializing. WHY!?!?!? WHYYYYYYY!?!?!?!?

DeeperKyo said:

October 1st, 2:04 pm

when ur in home 2 it freezes but its all good..we just have to wait 4 sony 2 fix it!!!!

kuff1 said:

October 1st, 2:09 pm

@ (185) DeeperKyo

Thanks for the tip. Re-install helped.

BraveQuiskeyan said:

October 1st, 2:10 pm

well guys at sony……am feeling homeless right now the update freezes and i have tryed everything from disconecting to resetting with no results….what really happened?

BBNChuck said:

October 1st, 2:18 pm

Way to make home gay Sony. This new update stinks everything looks gay and now you can make it look like your getting blow jobs WTF Sony why did mess up home so badly

TWISTED4208 said:

October 1st, 2:22 pm

does it stop freezing yet???

MrTonyB said:

October 1st, 2:38 pm

@196 nope, ima try to uninstall and reinstall.

WiLL02724 said:

October 1st, 2:40 pm

Mine is still freezing, 4x I gave up. I’m not gonna risk hard shutdowns over this. When its fixed ill check it out

TWISTED4208 said:

October 1st, 2:41 pm

@197 after you delete home how do you re-install it?

BraveQuiskeyan said:

October 1st, 2:48 pm

can the person(s) responssible for this please speak up! Dont leave us in the dark i think we deserve better..

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