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Sep 30

Sep 30

PlayStation Home v1.3 Coming Thursday + New Central Plaza, Neptune Suite and More! – UPDATE

Locust_Star's Avatar Posted by PlayStation Home Community Manager

UPDATE: If you’re having trouble logging into Home, please follow these instructions.

We know that all of our Home-peoples have been waiting with bated breath for the newest version of PlayStation Home to launch. You’ve been messaging us on the official PlayStation Home forums and hitting us up in-world for all of the details. You’ve been leaving us comments on our Blog posts and on the official PlayStation Facebook and Twitter accounts. Some of you have even been chartering black helicopters and following us to and from our secret meetings, surveilling our every move, searching for evidence of the launch date. Well okay, maybe there hasn’t been so much of that, but you’ve been eager for info. And that’s why we’re all pumped to announce that PlayStation Home v1.3 will be coming to your PlayStation 3s this Thursday, October 1st.

For those of you who didn’t catch the official announcement of the client update in August, here’s the high-level overview. Home v1.3 equals the following things:

  • Universal Game Launching. Come this Thursday, you’ll be able to launch from Home into any game whose disc you have loaded into your PS3. This is how it works: Titles that fully support game launching (like Street Fighter IV, Resistance 2, MotorStorm, and Far Cry 2) will be identified by separate icons that appear over an avatar’s head and will have varying degrees of additional multiplayer functionality built in. Simplified game launching will take you from Home to the start menu of your favorite games with ease. Never again will you have to sign out of Home to play with (or against) your friends. Simply insert the disc of your choice while in Home and follow the on screen directions.
  • In-Store Item Previewing. This feature will allow you to preview items of clothing on your character in 3D (including the ability to check out multiple items simultaneously to see what combinations best suit your taste). You’ll be able to preview all furniture in 3D as well, complete with zoom and rotate options so you can check your potential purchases from all angles.
  • New Emotes and Actions. You can flip a coin with your friends to decide whose apartment to retreat to, or play the old “pick a number between 1 and 100” game to decide who is hosting the next party in Central Plaza. You will also be able to pose your avatar in a variety of ways, adding significantly to your ability to express yourself in-world. Heck, there are even new dances to hit the SingStar Rooms with.
  • More Item Types. Including limited use items (like the brand new Shrink Cake that lets you shrink your avatar to a tiny size) and portable objects (think: Bubble Machine). These will be available shortly after the launch of the client. This list of objects includes a free camera that you can use to snap pictures from either a 1st or 3rd person view. The photos will automatically be saved to the Photo section of the XMB, from which you can then upload to the picture frames you have hanging in your personal spaces. Dates for the camera and other items will be announced very soon, so stay tuned to this blog (and be sure to check the Latest Updates tab in your Menu Pad, under Community).
  • Tons of Improvements. We’ve added some new categories of clothing (composite and outfits) that will allow you to customize your avatar with greater ease. We’ve optimized the targeting system. We’ve fixed a bunch of the bugs you’ve been reporting on the official Home Support forum. We’re even giving you the option to determine your cache size (you can choose from 3, 5, 8, and 12 GB).

Going hand in hand with the v1.3 launch, we here at SCEA will be releasing an updated Central Plaza. We think you’ll find the new World Map Travel Center to be quite handy when it comes to navigating the vast, expansive world of PlayStation Home. This easy-to-use tool will be located right next to the new and improved Listen@Home kiosk, where you can listen to music and participate in community music events. On top of all this, we’ve added leaderboards and rewards to the ever-popular Saucer Pop mini-game and even placed a kiosk in Central Plaza from which you can grab prizes associated with events and a host of other items and content available from the PlayStation Network (in fact, if you check out this kiosk on launch day, you may just find some free items waiting for you). Watch the video below for a sneak peek of some of the new additions to CP.

We probably could’ve stopped there, but we wanted to get as much content to you to celebrate this momentous occasion as we possibly could. If you peep the video below you can get a first look at the new Neptune Suite personal space, also being released this Thursday. In this highly-interactive underwater abode, you can play a variety of built-in mini-games like the multi-player shooter Blast Zone. It even comes with its own pet that interacts with your avatar. And to top it all off, we’re even bringing the popular Hot Shots Golf game space over from Japan for all of you North American fans of this hugely popular franchise. Visit the space this Thursday, participate in our in-world survey, and walk away with a special prize.

See you in Home!

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Dragnolian said:

October 1st, 9:10 pm

Has anyone been able to get the Hot Shots questionaire to work? Free prize is only good for a few more hours.

WiLL02724 said:

October 1st, 9:26 pm

Yes I can Confirm the delete by triangle and re-install works. I froze on intializing too, then tried it, and it works now. And I know someone asked, I did it with an orginal 60gb with an upgraded 320gb HDD.

Only now my question is…. In game store previews? Ummmm not for clothes, where is the preview option??

Game launching – I met 4 players in the gaming lounge for a game of Call of Duty, they joined my session, when we launched I was still by myself. So really what is the point of the universal launch if you don’t get in with the players in session? I know in the future games will support this better but its silly to include it now if its not gonna work the right way. I don’t think having them on my friends list is gonna make a difference for a group launch but I guess I will give that a chance.

Also when customizing an avatar, if you hit back (circle) before it would save your alteration. Now you need to hit X to save it before hitting back.

That’s it for now

WiLL02724 said:

October 1st, 9:35 pm

Oh and don’t say the Xbox updates are perfect. I own one, and never touch the POS. Gotta love a stuck disc drive that I need to rip the faceplate off just so I can grab a paper clip to manual open my drive.
The NXE update never worked correctly from the start, tried changing avatars and I get “game could not be started please download again” errors. Put it away for a few months, try again after the last update about 2 months ago. Now I can’t do. Anything. No marketplace no netflix, still the same avatar error. So don’t act like Microsoft is perfect. Xbox 360 is a failure and ancient now. If you’d like it, I’ll trade for a Slim. Wouldn’t mind another Ps3

Morac_ said:

October 1st, 9:52 pm

Home has a number of major bugs in it, two of which cause freezes and one of which forces the user to quit Home to continue.

One freeze can be fixed by deleting Home and reinstalling it, but the other freeze happens any time you try to log into Home after having quit while in a personal space. That in itself is a major flaw since this happens a lot.

See http://boardsus.playstation.com/playstation/board/message?board.id=homesupport&thread.id=6347

yanksfan216 said:

October 1st, 9:55 pm

just one more time for those wondering




sesyjon said:

October 1st, 10:16 pm

OMG i Delete everthing and event my avatar and it dosent work

tony_motta said:

October 1st, 10:47 pm

Ummmm is anyone else having issues when trying to hop into home? It starts to “Initialize” then freeze… Locust_Star any word on why?

odie1049 said:

October 1st, 10:56 pm

I actually deleted Home and re-installed it on my 40GB. It works fine now with nothing lost. Still wish I hadn’t gone through all that.

Mercerius said:

October 1st, 10:58 pm

Yeah… 4th time with the re-install and still freezes at the WARNING Accesses HDD screen. I’m done for the night. Hopefully this issue is fixed by this weekend.

Nunol37 said:

October 1st, 11:44 pm

Yes I am having the same problem. Has anyone figured a way around this?

Mattimeoo said:

October 2nd, 12:00 am

Totally freezing up upon “initializing,” every single time on my 60GB PS3. I’ve deleted all installed data and retried, still freezes. Gotta force shut down the PS3 . . .


Fredendil said:

October 2nd, 12:45 am

I had the same problem. I updated to 1.30 and then my ps3 froze at the initializing screen. A friend told to do the triangle delete thing and i could get in. Problem is i CAN’T get in. Last place i was in was the Chamber apartment. As soon as i got in Home, i was asked to download the apartment. Once it was all done, it froze. Tried to get in a second time, same thing. I get in. the apartment loads, and freezes on the loading screen.

Sony better fix it. I’m thinking of deleting the Home file in the Game Data folder, but i dunno if i’ll lose my presets, avatar or what.

ardvark59 said:

October 2nd, 3:52 am

i’m a home nut like most everyone out there and the 1.30 update is great i love the new neptune space. three things i would like to see 1.tv’s that work 2 sterios that work and the one thing i want the most 3.a pool table oh and the ability to use english on the cue ball is a great improvment to the game been waiting for this for a long time thanks guys for making my pool dream come true keep up the good work ardvark59 out

ardvark59 said:

October 2nd, 4:00 am

why is everyone having problems getting on home i got on right away after the update but i have a direct connection to my router not wireless maybe that’s your problem try going wired as wireless connections are slower trust me i know

GGCAN said:

October 2nd, 4:59 am

I had the same problem with freezing.

I deleted the Home icon with the triangle feature but still got freezing.

I finally went on the XMB to the Saved data area and deleted any mention of Home saves.

I finally was able to log into Home.

Be warned though, deleting the saved data part, you’ll have to re-create your avatar in Home again, re-download all areas, as well as set up your furniture in all private spaces.

All my purchased items are still there.

Many may have to do the 2 steps instead of the one, but the only drawback is having to set up the spaces, re-download all the areas and set up your avatar again.

Many of the people on my friends list had no problem at all; seems to only affect some people and not sure why.

zombie9 said:

October 2nd, 5:52 am

Home is broken I have no chose but to delete it and reinstall? Sounds crazzy I was siting there waiting on install screen for 15min and nothing. Why is every update we get screwed up. I guess sony wants my machine to break so I can go buy another one Great thinking sony. And they never give us what we want they write it down and think about I guess. IN GAME MUSIC FOR HOME :(

Tredogg14TK said:

October 2nd, 7:02 am

my PLAYSTATION HOME wont start
i click X wen it says to connect then it says initializing then freezes up

jgrun8732 said:

October 2nd, 7:07 am

Well the new home features sound cool but since my update my ps3 freezes while home is intializing. Is anyone else haveing this problem.

vivalavidaloca said:

October 2nd, 7:13 am

Home freezes after installing new update:
Please can somebody from Sony says what’s happenning? A lot of people are improvising solutions…must we wait you solve the problem or what? Thanks

Mrds9009 said:

October 2nd, 8:11 am

Looks like everyone’s freezing at startup.
Sony, did you test the update before release it? Is better to delay the update instead of release something that doesn’t work for most users and kill the app until reinstall everything.
You need to say something quickly, staying in silence only gets this worse, for you.

trythisagain said:

October 2nd, 8:55 am

reinstall after deleat seems to work well. to bad wse hve to go thru that.
good luck guys. thanks sony.

kingtut561 said:

October 2nd, 9:06 am

When will home 1.30 b up and running cause its October 2 and its not working

uns33n_H3R0 said:

October 2nd, 9:55 am

I think the people working on HOME knew what would happen. They knew this update would be better in the long run but didn’t know how to tell people that they had to delete their cache. Just a thought. And people who say 1.3 ruined HOME are stupid, it’s called a beta for a reason, your a beta tester if you use HOME, your supposed to log bugs.

NineToez said:

October 2nd, 9:55 am

I’d rather wait for SCEA to update the software for download rather than delete it and run the risk of losing data. It should be only hours to at most days away, however I too would like to have this working 100% as well.

yuffiethegreat said:

October 2nd, 9:56 am

The updates look cool and I’m totally digging the Neptune Suite. But what’s with the goofy smile on my avatar’s face now? That’s … disturbing. o.O My alcove set is still missing.

DL_uncharted said:

October 2nd, 10:06 am

I have downloaded Home update but have not got to see it yet. For the last two days it locks up the PS3 every time I try to sign in to Home. Anyone else having problems?

NineToez said:

October 2nd, 10:12 am

@DL_uncharted You’re kidding, right?

VioletVictim92 said:

October 2nd, 11:07 am

i need help i installed the newest update of PSH and now when i want to log in to it it freezes on initializing… i someone can help my PSN is what you see up there and msg me i want to go on home and see the new stuff plus i love to go on home it’s one of the best games for the PS3

[There Is No Place Like Home]

vivalavidaloca said:

October 2nd, 11:21 am

Would be better if most recent posts would be at the top: people only read the first post were everything was happiness (just before the upgrade)and make new posts without noting that there are hundreds of people with the same “frozen dead home” issue…mmm

Solid-Snake-Eyes said:

October 2nd, 11:44 am

Had the same problem, delete & reinstall worked for me.

kb4983 said:

October 2nd, 12:27 pm

Yeah Home crapped out on me too =( And because the delete and reinstall hasn’t fixed the problem for some I’m kinda afraid to try the “fix”. Sony needs to respond and let us know if they’re going to come out with another update that truly fixes this problem.

GGCAN said:

October 2nd, 1:18 pm

If you’re still having problems, Locust_Star has posted the fix on the forums:


Peace_Keeper12 said:

October 2nd, 2:08 pm

I CAN’T get on Home and I do not want to delete the data…So thxs for the update!!!

HitokiriPR said:

October 2nd, 3:22 pm

OMG this is so fk up i deleted HOME and instaling it back and now my ps3 dont connect to the PSN anymore this is so FKED UP i am mad as hell bcuz it works fine with my psp its just the ps3 that doesnt connect and i have a 80g MGS4 bundle made in june08 and bought in july 04 08. u have no idea how mad i am.

HitokiriPR said:

October 2nd, 3:31 pm

so now who is gonna respond me 4 my broken ps3???

Peace_Keeper12 said:

October 2nd, 3:37 pm

my friend LilATL is having a network error and having a problem installing the visari throne room…plz try to messege me or him via psn..thxs

ardvark59 said:

October 2nd, 4:25 pm

has anyone had this problem when i try to use my furniture browser i sometimes can’t get out of it the start button wont work this also happened to me on the pool tables after playing a game i tried to quit with the start button only to find out that it didn’t work so i had to quit home and log back on then magic the start button worked again

GGCAN said:

October 2nd, 5:46 pm

I think people here should go to the Sony Forum if you’re having problems.

Many people as well as myself have done the fixes described by Locust_Star at the forum to fix the issue.

You can get in once you’ve deleted the icon and the save data and you’re fine once you’re in Home you can go to all the spaces.

However, if you exit Home and then try to get back in, it’ll freeze again.

Many people don’t have any problems, but it seems there are quite a few of us that do and I think it may take a while until Sony finds the problem.

Remember, it’s still a Beta and it’s pretty much free, except for any items you may want to purchase.

I don’t like the fact that I can’t get in, but I’m willing to give these people a bit of time to fix the problem.

Paolo_Quill said:

October 3rd, 7:04 am

looks like homes on the menu again gonna do the update now

alanfromeburg said:

October 3rd, 6:01 pm

ever since the update this last thursday has anyone been having problems with lag. It suddenly happen to me friday and still buggin me cant play call of duty 4 on my new ps3 slim it keeps saying network connection got interrupted. It has never happpen before. I got good connection speed? Any ideas?

Frc04 said:

October 3rd, 6:06 pm

I always really like PlayStation home but they rushed this patch way to early…. I can’t even log in without getting my ps3 to freeze lol… guys stop putting so much pressure on the ps team, the longer the better…just look how FF13 and FF13 versus is looking over a 3 or 4 years of development

Darklazar said:

October 3rd, 6:18 pm

they need to have more music or allow us to play ours

kendawg90 said:

October 3rd, 7:02 pm

to bad it frezzes at the initiizing stage crap i say

ADR143 said:

October 3rd, 8:57 pm

good update

rugdocter said:

October 4th, 4:38 am


alvcasher said:

October 4th, 2:29 pm

i have a problem to conect to the home

he blocked in the moment of im conect to him

HawkEyes1 said:

October 4th, 6:41 pm

Shame on you moderators this update corrupted my PS3 1.30 updated but now I can’t get into HOME it freezes up when it finally gets to Harbor Studio!..What a crappy update!

neosk said:

October 4th, 7:14 pm

its awesome i just delete it and it worked fine after

NxP3 said:

October 4th, 7:20 pm

So where is the fix Sony. Geez, you would think they would be putting on some overtime to fix this crap. Mine locked up 4 times in a row before I came to search online and seeing all you guys in the same boat is me. I got the 60gig updated to 180gig hd and it’s doing the same thing. Is it the hard drive upgrade that’s screwing it up…I wouldn’t think so.

mgsfoxhound2 said:

October 5th, 3:27 pm

I love PS Home!! keep it up sony!! I also love the optian to have more apartment spaces from devs like Mass Media, Loot and hopefully many others thank you!

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