PSP Firmware Update (v6.10)

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Hi Everyone,

PSP update (v6.10) will be available soon. This is a big update for us in preparation for the launch of PSPgo. New PSPgo owners should make sure to download the update to ensure full compatibility with MediaGo and with all PSP titles. Here are some of the key features we’ll be introducing:


SensMe channels is a new music application for PSP that uses Sony’s proprietary 12 Tone Analysis technology to evaluate music tracks that have been imported from Media Go application on your PC to your PSP. The application automatically categorizes the tracks into 12 channels such as “Relax” or “Newly Added”. Check out the walk-thru demo to see how it works.

Media Go Enhancements

Media Go

In addition, PlayStation Store for the PSP and PSPgo via Media Go (v1.2) will be updated with a new look on Thursday, October 1. To access PlayStation Store, you need to download Media Go (or update Media Go if you already have it). Media Go is a free PC software application that allows you to easily organize and transfer music, photos and videos between your PC and PSP. It also allows you to access PlayStation Store and to purchase, backup and restore PSP games. Of course, you can always access PlayStation Store directly on the PSP and PSPgo by connecting to a wireless hot spot and simply logging in with your PlayStation Network ID. But for those of you who prefer to use a PC, you will see that downloading games, movies and TV shows for your PSP is easier than ever with the new PlayStation Store on Media Go. With this update, you’ll be able to export playlists onto the PSP. Go to to download Media Go and for more details.

Tethering (PSPgo only)

Another new feature is the ability to use a Bluetooth mobile device, such as a mobile phone, as a modem to connect your PSP system to the internet. This means that when you’re not located close to a wifi spot you have another way to get on the internet via a bluetooth mobile device.

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  • Please mac a mac version of this software Media Go.

  • Thanks for the heads up

  • dude this looks nice, updating asap

  • To bad I have a mac now

  • Pretty cool SONY. Yeah Im a Mac now, so I would really appreciate it if Media Go is compatible with it.

  • Sony wanna copy ipod style much ;)

  • Updates are always good.

  • Updates are always good :)

  • hunteronhika

    Mac version of Media GO and lower the psp go price pls

  • Should I get a PSPgo? I have a launch version PSP… but I have over 50 games on UMD…but the go is so purrrty….

  • the updates not avaliable for me in the us, eastern

    ill check tonite thou

  • I guess it goes without saying, that tethering is only available on the PSPgo.

  • The tethering feature seems pretty awesome!

  • Holy, the tetherin is cooh, old, but cooh. Wait, my psp doesn’t have bluetooth. Nevermind. Not cooh.

  • Please release a Mac version.. and also fix the dashboard widget… it does not work with snow leopard


    Will the tethering work with my iPhone

  • Can we get some clarification on the tethering? I’ve always thought it was a Go specific feature.

  • Please make a Mac version of Media Go.

  • Yeah seriously what the hell? Get a mac version out ASAP. A lot of PS3 fans despise Microsoft, and a very large number of the sony fan-base are mac users. It’s retarded that you aren’t supporting us.

  • when will there be a MAC version of MediaGo. please give us a little information about this. you shouldnt just abandon us.

  • Can we get some clarification on tethering? I’ve always thought it was a Go exclusive feature.

  • Do I have to download media go if I want to use sensme on my psp, with my current music thats on there?

  • “Tethering
    Another new feature is the ability to use a bluetooth mobile device, such as a mobile phone, as a modem to connect your PSP system to the internet. This means that when you’re not located close to a wifi spot you have another way to get on the internet via a bluetooth mobile device.”

    Oh holy [DELETED] that is cool. Damn!

    HOLY crap. lmao. That is amazing. This my friend may have just convinced me to get a Go!. I’m not even kidding. Can i play like, say, Resistance online through my phone’s internet IN THE CAR?

  • When will there be a MAC version. please give us some information on this. you cant just abandon us, we are SONY customers too.

  • Please update the Blog post to specify that tether is exclusive to the PSP Go due to it including bluetooth in the device. Previous PSP models will not work.

    @CRONIC_GAMER Tethering will work on the iPhone 3g and 3gs model BUT it depends if AT&T has allowed this for use on their network.

  • MainEv3nt_69

    will you be releasing a MAC version of Media Go?

  • @6 Soooooooo agree. I saw the way the albums were arranged and was like where have I seen this before? My Itouch. :p

    I thought it was Sony vs Samsung not Sony vs. Apple

  • Can’t download anything from the PSN Store with Media Go to my PSP.

    Every download gives an immediate “A connection error has occured.(0x80048c02)” error on Vista 64 bit.

  • But I still love it. :)

  • Francision69

    Can’t wait to use SensMe on the PSP.

  • A Mac version is a must. Even though I will be downloading games to my PS3 first, I still think that a Mac version is needed. I don’t always want to boot into Windows if I don’t have access to a PS3, and I don’t always want to wait for the PSP’s slow wi-fi.

  • There is something “fishy” about this “big” upgrade

  • sweet, use a bluetooth enabled phone to access internet, rock on eric lempel :)

  • Tethering is a PSP Go exclusive feature due to previous PSP models not including BT support.

    @CRONIC_GAMER Your iPhone 3g/3gs can support tethering BUT it largely depends if AT&T has allowed this for use on their network.

    If this is a repost, I am sorry. I have submitted my comment previously but it didn’t appear to take.

  • Wow, that tethering feature sounds fantastic!

  • aliendude5300

    Please make a Linux version of Media Go. It would really be appreciated.

  • Please have this for Mac!! I just got one it last week

  • Sens me made me WANT a PSP GO, since its a smaller system..

  • Any chance that the completely annoying requirement to have QuickTime installed has been eliminated in this version of MediaGo?

    That requirement is really the only thing keeping me from installing it at this point. We’ve all got our bugaboos… and mine is an intense, physical hatred of QuickTime.

  • Please, there are lots of people who use Mac’s now, is there going to be a mac version of Media Go? Also a Linux version would also be nice.

  • ChaseHammerJ

    sorry to be crude but cmon.

    6.00 was a big update, now 6.10 is a big update. They really arent changing much just adding in a couple feature mass majority of people will use maybe once or twice. I dont know im sure there is underground infrastructure built in but you peeps dont inform us of that. Sorry to be so cynical, just my 2 cents.

  • Very nice Sony, very nice!

  • Awesome! How about a Music store along with the Minis?

  • I’m glad Sony is finally stepping into the “Cover Flow” like UI design for music on PSP. It’s a great way to sort through music and look at all the great album art. Some Last.FM scrobbling would be nice too :p

  • Cool

  • Mac version of Media Go would be much appreciated :)

  • Please make a Mac version! Thank you very much.

  • lets-be_azn

    i like this now i can get a psp with my sony ericsson and connect to the ps store

  • Still waiting on a Mac version of Media Go so that I can download it…

  • PSP Phone already!

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