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Sep 30

Sep 30

PSP Firmware Update (v6.10)

Eric Lempel's Avatar Posted by SVP, Marketing & PlayStation Network

Hi Everyone,

PSP update (v6.10) will be available soon. This is a big update for us in preparation for the launch of PSPgo. New PSPgo owners should make sure to download the update to ensure full compatibility with MediaGo and with all PSP titles. Here are some of the key features we’ll be introducing:


SensMe channels is a new music application for PSP that uses Sony’s proprietary 12 Tone Analysis technology to evaluate music tracks that have been imported from Media Go application on your PC to your PSP. The application automatically categorizes the tracks into 12 channels such as “Relax” or “Newly Added”. Check out the walk-thru demo to see how it works.

Media Go Enhancements

Media Go

In addition, PlayStation Store for the PSP and PSPgo via Media Go (v1.2) will be updated with a new look on Thursday, October 1. To access PlayStation Store, you need to download Media Go (or update Media Go if you already have it). Media Go is a free PC software application that allows you to easily organize and transfer music, photos and videos between your PC and PSP. It also allows you to access PlayStation Store and to purchase, backup and restore PSP games. Of course, you can always access PlayStation Store directly on the PSP and PSPgo by connecting to a wireless hot spot and simply logging in with your PlayStation Network ID. But for those of you who prefer to use a PC, you will see that downloading games, movies and TV shows for your PSP is easier than ever with the new PlayStation Store on Media Go. With this update, you’ll be able to export playlists onto the PSP. Go to to download Media Go and for more details.

Tethering (PSPgo only)

Another new feature is the ability to use a Bluetooth mobile device, such as a mobile phone, as a modem to connect your PSP system to the internet. This means that when you’re not located close to a wifi spot you have another way to get on the internet via a bluetooth mobile device.

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Brapp347 said:

September 30th, 6:36 pm

o wow i was number 100

AceOfSpades725 said:

September 30th, 6:38 pm

Updates are always welcome!

Media Go looks cool, too bad i wont use it…..because it is still NOT Mac friendly :(

Shacojin said:

September 30th, 6:38 pm


arkangel220 said:

September 30th, 6:39 pm

I love the brand new look for scrolling through music, nice.

cmargary said:

September 30th, 6:40 pm

WOW… really cool update. If the music of the xmb look the same like the sens me style.

Droopysp said:

September 30th, 6:46 pm

could u make media go 4 ps3…that’ll b great

AshAbuse said:

September 30th, 6:52 pm

As a tourist from SCEE, the first apparent thing is your people in charge don’t talk to you guys. What’s up with that? Everyday after out store update, there’s a good 30+ replies or so by lunch. SCEA needs to talk to you guys.

And now onto firmware 6.10. Tethering being PSP Go exclusive seems alright, but I urge anyone eager to try it out to check with their network provider, as I knew a guy who used his phone in the same way with a laptop, and they hit him with a bill for like £300.

Enhancements to the Media Go program are always welcome, anything that makes it easier. And now SensMe. Now my memory card is full of games. I have no space for music, so this is an irrelevancy. I’d imagine it’s like that with most people.

Now for the wishlist:
*Dynamic PSP themes (again the hacker scene got there first. You took the initiative with custom themes)
*In game XMB (possibly a little harder)
*Friends List (see above)

Basically just integrate the PSp side of our PSN account more with the PS3 side of things. Pull it off and you have a mjor bosst over iPod Touch and DSi. Suffice to say things haven’t been rosy thus far in this gen of consoles, that’s why it’s time to take the fight to the masses.

Omega_Directive said:

September 30th, 6:57 pm

A Mac version would be awesome!

AshAbuse said:

September 30th, 7:01 pm

Oh and having tried to download this new firmware various times (and getting nothing but a current firmaware installed message) is it coming out in Europe today? Is it even live yet?

LordChocoSlime said:

September 30th, 7:01 pm

Even though I’m sticking with my good ol’ PSP-1000, this update seems pretty nonetheless. It would be cool if support for more music formats (especially FLAC) was added to the PSP as well, but that seems more and more unlikely these days.

elegantkiller said:

September 30th, 7:02 pm

i like it. I will update at Midnight tonight.
look for me on PsP Go playing Grand Turismo as Elegantkiller!

Dehshizknight said:

September 30th, 7:08 pm

For Mac users, you guys could always use the emulation programs like VM Ware. That one you have to purchase but I believe there is one that’s just as good, if not, better that is free.

Korlithiel said:

September 30th, 7:12 pm

We finally, finally get the ability to make playlists from out PSP and it’s limited to 1 playlist and several “moods”?

I don’t think I will need more then one playlist, but the moods sounds worthless as I’ve found I not only listen to different music then the people around me when in certain moods, but that I include a different variety then makes sense for most people. So it’s something I would have to waste a lot of time on to get anything out of, aside from being able to create my singular playlist to enjoy.

So, it sounds more gimmicky then useful. And that’s a shame, as the PSP used to be a decent gaming system for techies and a great portable but still hasn’t managed to keep up with the times due to what I can only assume is a bad marketing department with too much power.

Naquiel said:

September 30th, 7:14 pm

Only thing i would like to see is sony stop trying to push their own version of psp digital movies on other movie studios and just have the psp play windows media movie files.

Like for example i have many bluray movies with a downloadable version of the movie to play on other devices, but the psp. Now sony wants to have psp movie downloads on select sony move bluray disks. Well thats fun but again the didgital download wont be for any other device ether.

Movie companies need to reallt focus on 1 or 2 movie file formats for the digital downloads and just stick with it.

If we buy a movie, we really should be able to play it on what ever device we darn well want to play it on.

dotCody said:

September 30th, 7:16 pm

Maaaaaaaaaac commmmmmmmpatible!


September 30th, 7:18 pm

I’m still rocking BeOS…can you make it compatible?


BTW…when can we see these things on a PS3? RSS/RADIO/Skype/SensME

Oh yeah..forgot it was a Mr. Lempel post…guess we won’t get an answer.


September 30th, 7:19 pm


Yet you are asking that it be in WMV format? I’d pass on that too please.

poweredbyzen said:

September 30th, 7:23 pm

can i pair a bluetooth wireless headset like the sony hbh-is800z so i can listen to music wire-free? can’t wait for all this new stuff!

gamfan15 said:

September 30th, 7:25 pm

please please please make a mac compatible version of media go,that would make the psp experience a lot better for lots of people :)

Bloody_Marcel said:

September 30th, 7:26 pm

Another MAC user here begging for a Mac version of MediaGo. Thanks.

Oh, AshAbuse (comment 107):

The in-game XMB is already possible on the PSPgo. It’s actually even more flexible than on PS3. You can access any content while the game is idle in the background without being asked to quit it. Yep, it’s awesome.

sabot37 said:

September 30th, 7:34 pm

MediaGo for Mac, please!!! How can you compete with the iPod Touch without Mac support? All the 27 year old males that want a PSP own Macbooks now. Get with the times, please.

sprice25 said:

September 30th, 7:38 pm

The Update is now LIVE. Downloading now.

emjayx said:

September 30th, 7:38 pm

How about this for PS3? PS3 is lacking a good music app.

CrimsonFox13 said:

September 30th, 7:42 pm

Sony! You should have some music thing like that for your new Walkman! The expensive touchscreen one! I own it and it feels like it’s missing a few things…

TalonInTX said:

September 30th, 7:45 pm

I have a PSP 3000 series and I use a Mac. Is there even a reason for me to care about this update or is this just a patch for the Go?

As of this announcement and with lack of Mac compatibility I wouldn’t even consider buying a Go.

Sakimori_X said:

September 30th, 7:48 pm

I was *so* happy to hear the SensMe feature was coming to the PSP. It works great and is one of the things I like most about my Walkman. I love that you’ve also added a ”favorites” channel. Great update.

Sakimori_X said:

September 30th, 7:51 pm

@124: Many Walkman-branded players have the SensMe feature. I thought it was odd that they left it out of the newest large-screen players as it’s already part of many cheaper units.

@125: The PSN store is changing (remember they’re adding a new section for the ”Minis”), so you’ll have to update.

ndw4 said:

September 30th, 7:54 pm

Imma a Mac guy too, sooo much better than PC sad this is only for PC since im getting a PSP Go 2morrow

Einhander138 said:

September 30th, 7:56 pm

As exciting as this update is….how about some *games*?

Techni said:

September 30th, 7:57 pm

No one should be asking for a Mac version. Just dual boot Windows. All Mac users should be used to and prepared for this by now.

You have only yourselves to blame.

It’s so easy to do that it’s a waste of companies time/money to work on a Mac version.

Nikos said:

September 30th, 7:57 pm

TETHERING?! This is awesome, can’t wait to use it!

NeoRaidenX said:

September 30th, 7:58 pm

Yes mobile modem tethering because the PSP’s internet browser is so good. /sarcasm

Nikos said:

September 30th, 7:59 pm

Eric Lempel is the man BTW.

Jazzagers said:

September 30th, 8:00 pm

Is Media Go necessary to use SensMe? I have a Mac and you guys just haven’t gotten around to porting Media Go to the Mac. DoubleTwist takes care of most of my media transfer needs for my psp but its not quite Media Go now is it.

darkclouds01 said:

September 30th, 8:13 pm

Hey Eric, please please please import this SenseME app to the ps3. I really love it alot. it wll truly make the ps3 alot more very (I does everything).

El_Ten said:

September 30th, 8:13 pm

Where’s Media Go for the Mac?

improperlyaged said:

September 30th, 8:15 pm

Ok cool so now I not only have to overpay for the system but I can pay my cell phone company another $50 a month for data tethering. Another point in the massive fail of the pspgo. Btw people u do realize data tethering does not mean free internet for ur pspgo as u will have to pay ur carrier for it. My dear sony ur money grubbing ways are starting to resemble, dare I say, microsoft. So this “refresh” of 4 year old hardware still has nothing to entice me from trading in even my riginal psp 1000. Games sell game systems sony not neat techno tricks. If people want portable internet that’s what phones r for nowadays. In fact i’m typing this from my blackberry.

PYTHON101 said:

September 30th, 8:17 pm

Can we get tethering for our PS3 please Eric and more video codecs with a better music player that will showcase album art and allow us to fast forward at least x2

improperlyaged said:

September 30th, 8:22 pm

Also the memory needs a huge upgrade if u really expect people to use it for music movie n games I mean I could fill that whole memory with just the music on my ipod n some games take up a whole gig or more. Also y r the digtal download games a direct price point match of the retail version as they probably cost u guys anywhere from 20 – 30% less to make and sell. Shouldn’t we pay less since they cost less to “make”. Oh wait let me guess their premium conveinence products like pspgo itself which cost about 40% more than the 3000 and probalby cost 30% less to make. Profit margin must b amazing on this. Again u guys aren’t microsoft. Go find ur soul sony and get back to being the company we love. I mean 250 for a pspgo. Seriously for that price I’d actually b tempted to (gasp) buy a new ds instead.

PYTHON101 said:

September 30th, 8:24 pm

I’m typing from my cell phone and tethering isn’t extra but maybe your carrier sucks also if the pspgo dropped $50 then it would be nice but it won’t sell that well as is.

137 needs to do research but then again blackberries aren’t all that great however I bet he is going the wifi route and not owning a data plan is his mistake if I’m right but tethering is included with my plan and I’ve been doing it on the ipod touch and my friends laptop with no extra fee’s over 3G

coltsven said:

September 30th, 8:25 pm

I am loving this update and SensMe! I’ve been waiting for such a long time for a great update for PSP music and this exceeds expectations! Thanks all those involved!

Jazzagers said:

September 30th, 8:27 pm

The update is live folks, come and get it.


September 30th, 8:28 pm

Just make psp2 already. Do it with a phone service, so that we can have 4g on it. It would be nice if it was the iphone killer. Then it would be the DSi killer. Yah were headed in the right direction with skype. Now take the big leap into tomorrow.

sscoolChea said:

September 30th, 8:30 pm

still deciding ??

If i should trade in my psp-3000 for the PSPGO.. I have to fork up an extra $150.00 bucks for the trade to happen.


September 30th, 8:32 pm

First Question: What’s a Mac?
Second Question: Will this Firmware work on 1000 series PSP’s?

Really what’s this Mac thing people keep talking about?…

improperlyaged said:

September 30th, 8:34 pm

@ python 101
Actually my blackberry curve from sprint does not have wifi and I actually have an unlimited data plan. And yes tethering does cost extra just ask ur carrier and maybe u should do some homework b4 u tell me to. All carriers charge for tethering because it adds extra strain to their network unless u hack ur phone and input a port code. If u don’t believe me try and tether ur phone to ur laptop and see if u don’t get a nice inflated bill from ur wireless provider.

sscoolChea said:

September 30th, 8:42 pm

Another new feature is the ability to use a Bluetooth mobile device, such as a mobile phone, as a modem to connect your PSP system to the internet. This means that when you’re not located close to a wifi spot you have another way to get on the internet via a bluetooth mobile device.

Can we run remote play through this connectivity as well from your psp to your ps3 ????

Jeigh said:

September 30th, 8:42 pm

Media Go really isn’t all that great. I appreciate what it offers, but SensMe doesn’t capture moods AT ALL, too many music files end up not being transferrable from other applications and even the PSP syncing feature is fairly horrible- syncing a playlist doesn’t even create a playlist on the PSP.

Ehm …It’s the thought that counts?

tirminyl said:

September 30th, 8:45 pm

Any idea when the PSP and Media Go will support queued downloads? As of now it is not user friendly to download multiple items.

SteveLV702 said:

September 30th, 8:58 pm

hmm interesting I can’t even check for updates it goes to connect to my wifi network it freezes for a second and then the PSP just shuts off…

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