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Oct 01

Oct 01

PSPgo Available Now

John Koller's Avatar Posted by Vice President, PlayStation Brand Marketing, SIEA

Hi everyone! We’ve been anxiously awaiting the arrival of the new PSPgo and today it’s finally here. PSPgo is now available in “Piano Black” and “Ceramic White” at all major retailers in North America for $249.99 (MSRP). In addition to its sleek, pocket-sized design with sliding screen, the launch of PSPgo marks the first time in the industry that complete, full-length portable games will be available in an all digital format. With the strongest software lineup ever available on the PSP platform in 2009, there’s no better time to pick-up the sleekest, most portable handheld entertainment device on the market.

PSPgo with Rockband

When we launched the PSP-1000 in 2005, it was clear that there was a huge demand for not only a great portable gaming system, but a complete portable entertainment device. Since then, the PSP has sold more than 15 million units in North America and 53 million units worldwide – that’s no small feat! We’ve taken great strides to listen to your feedback and make improvements to the PSP system along the way, including a smaller, lighter form-factor (PSP-2000) and brighter, more vibrant LCD and built-in microphone (PSP-3000). Now, with the launch of PSPgo, we’ve taken the best portable handheld gaming device and made it even more suited for the mobile lifestyle.

To coincide with the launch of PSPgo, we’ll have a lot of great, new content available on the PlayStation Network . From highly anticipated first-party titles such as Gran Turismo and MotorStorm Arctic Edge to some of the best known franchises from our publishing partners, virtually all PSP titles going forward will be available on the PlayStation Store to download anytime, anywhere via Wi-Fi, your PC (via Media Go) or through your PlayStation 3. You’ll also have a huge number of new and exclusive game and video content to download from the PlayStation Store, including:

The recently introduced PlayStation Network Game Cards, which give you an additional option to purchase your favorite digital games at retail, will also be available starting today at participating retailers.

POSA card Gran Turismo POSA card MotorStorm Arctic Edge

In addition, the PSPgo system will have a number of peripherals available at retail to compliment your entertainment needs.

  • Memory Stick Micro M2 – Amp up your memory capacity and save even more games, videos, music and photos
  • Cradle – Dock your PSPgo system to charge it, sync content with your PC or use video-out to view on a big screen
  • Carrying Case – Store and protect your PSPgo system with stylish, durable carrying cases
  • Screen Protective Film – Save the ultra-crisp LCD screen from surface scratches
  • In-ear Headset – Listen to games, movies, and music with this premium quality headset
  • Use with DUALSHOCK 3 Wireless Controller and Bluetooth Headset – Use PSPgo with these PS3 peripherals
  • AV Cables – Enjoy games and videos stored on your 16GB flash memory on the big screen
  • AC Adaptor and Car Adaptor – Charge your PSPgo at home or in the car

As we mentioned before, included with the PSPgo system is a voucher to download a starter version of MTV Games’ Rock Band Unplugged from PlayStation Store. You’ll also receive a demo of Patapon 2 pre-loaded onto the system’s memory, along with an interactive ESRB application that explains ESRB Ratings and Content Descriptors and provides instructional videos on how to setup the PSPgo’s parental controls.

We’re extremely excited for you to try out the newest addition to the PSP family. Don’t forget to update your firmware upon purchase to ensure your system has the latest and greatest. As always, let us know your thoughts and enjoy!

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michael902 said:

October 1st, 7:39 pm

i got mine just today… oct. 1, 2009… and its so cool… but i have a problem downloading the free game though… but still coooool

Kodaime said:

October 1st, 7:44 pm

The minis prices need to be adjusted. What happen to 1,2,5 dollars?

Meerouw said:

October 1st, 7:55 pm

dear playstation blog since the customer question thing is obviously broken (doesnt let me send questions) i came here to ask how would i posibly send my PSP off for repairing my anolog stick is broken and i don’t want to risk coiding the warranty to get it fixed or even worse breaking my PSP and i can’t find anything on the web (not very user friendly) so can someone please help me .

Another thing Why is there hardly any games on the australian shop,I had a look on the american PSP shop and they have WAY MORE games then us in australia .

lastly. PUT CRASH BANDICOOT 2 ON THE AUSTRALIAN PSP SHOP .you have 1 and then you skip it and go to 3 and it’s not making me happy :( and also put the spyros on the australian shop i would greatly appreciate it :)

BriS2K said:

October 1st, 8:52 pm

Price parity on game cards (i.e. digital downloads) and UMD games.

Hey Sony, where’s the LOGIC to this???

Francision69 said:

October 1st, 8:53 pm

Can’t wait to get one!

AdoAJ said:

October 1st, 9:25 pm

I love the PSP Go, but with a $250 pricetag, you’ll be lucky if you get any profit. Also having to buy all the titles again is a drag. I like the design, but until the price drops and you can trade in UMDs for digital copies (Can you do that already, I’m confused) I’m not going to be buying one.

Norton_AntiVirus said:

October 1st, 11:49 pm

im a huge fan of the playstation brand but im really disappointed with this. first of all the pspgo should be at the very least, $200. sony should offer a program where people who bought umd games should not have to rebuy them to play them on the pspgo. someone mentioned that tetris was $10, psp minis should have a reasonable price limit. that person also mentioned god of war was only $5 more, and it took probably a hundredth of the effort put into god of war, to develop psp tetris. people who own a psp already will not want to upgrade.

dimple_hno said:

October 2nd, 12:09 am

this is soooo wrong..

I would never ever buy THE SAME set of games in a digital format when I have the UMDs.. I got like 25 UMDs and I payed $500-$600 for those games coz I never buy used ones.. but damn, why on earth would they not allow a conversion to digital format?

I would sooo buy a PSPgo if my $600 worth of UMDs wouldn’t be wasted.. too bad sony is not taking time to listen to their consumers..

aux-one said:

October 2nd, 12:19 am


What you guys seem to forget is that your dollar is worth about 30% less then 6 months ago.. and with predictions of another drop against the yen soon

The thing would have been less then 200bucks if you guys wouldn’t have let your fed and wall street get outta hand…

By the time its Xmass the thing will be about 400bucks… due to fall of the USD

BrandonFrisby said:

October 2nd, 1:43 am

I got mine today. Very happy with the system, overall. Very stylish, and a really cool concept. If this had been the first release of PSP, it would have been a huge success. But now all the people who own an ancestor of the ‘go’ aren’t feeling any loyalty appreciation from Sony (myself included!). I have a stack of 20 UMDs that have been getting very little love lately, and with this thing, they have next to no chance of that anymore. Waste of money, that.
Taken at face value, it’s a great unit, way worth the 250$. It does 1/2 the things my iPhone 3gS does, at less than 1/3 the price. Beautiful screen, love the connectivity to my phone for wireless internet, and the control with my Dualshock3.
8/10, all things considered. Solid media player and web device with an impressive library of (what can be easily considered overpriced, but still great) content.
Sony: Keep up the great design work, and consider your previous customers with greater esteem. Your stuff needs to be more of an investment, less of a status symbol.

graystar3 said:

October 2nd, 4:13 am

I just got the Psp go yesterday and its amazing the only extremley big problem is that sony unfortunatley didn’t release the goodwill program, but i haven’t lost faith in sony yet. the pros are that it has a very crisp 3.8 lcd screen and the positioning of the hands is quite comfortable just something to get used to. aswell sense it has bluetooth you can connect your wireless headset or use your phone as a mobile router.

NekuDincht said:

October 2nd, 6:29 am

Is this SONY´s idea of success with a new version of the PSP?? another epic FAIL from SONY! what´s wrong with you guys? It´s expensive (even though i can afford it, but i´d feel ripped off)and we have to buy all of our games again? I bought my PSP 1000 only for Crisis Core and another Square Enix´s games… and, well… they´re not in the GO?
SONY, keep listening to the feedback, someday you will see that you are killing yourself! and I love PS,I honestly do! but please, we´re not dumb!

Spyroluver88 said:

October 2nd, 10:51 am

@ 23 Enforcer_X

I am sorry but you are incorrect. You can register 5 PSP for games and 3 for movies.
I should know as I now have 5 registered PSP’s since I have kids who have them as well. Plus, I have a shiny new PSP go!!

I LOVE the pause/resume game feature!! And the Bluetooth. I connected my Ipod bluetooth headphones with 0 issues (and no dongle)! WooHoo! And BTW the Rockband voucher lets you use your DLC!

On digital downloads vs. going to the store and buying UMD. If the digital copies were really cheap then Sony would be hurting it’s relationship with retail stores. And I’m sure they only set the prices for their own games not EA’s or Capcom’s etc.

All in all I am a happy PSP go owner:)

Elatis said:

October 2nd, 2:21 pm

A lot of hate for the Go.

I like the unit, but I’m not buying it yet….maybe after a price drop because for an extra $50 I can buy a 2nd PS3….hmmm may do that soon actually.

Also @163Spyro…. digital download should be cheaper since there is no packaging, no middle man and no chance to sell or trade the game. I don’t see how it would hurt retailers since they have cards now for digital games in their stores so they can sell them at any price. Also who gets hurt when a store has a sale or promo? That’s right the guy who has to buy it online. Multiple retailers gives you selection and better pricing….one store=limited choices and poor pricing.

At least NIS is smart enough to see this and offer their games at 50% off this week.

Next-Gen-Gamer said:

October 2nd, 3:36 pm

Come on! If you listened to your CUSTOMERS at all this thing would have two analog sticks! It would solve the control issues so many psp games have! Also, way overpriced. I could get a new ps3 for only 50 dollars more. What do you take us for, fools?

GeoffreyZX said:

October 2nd, 4:38 pm

The $250 price tag is a bit much for a smaller system with no UMD drive and basically the same gameplay but it might because of the 16GB hard drive. Anyway does the PSPgo need the PS3 to download the games from the network like the PSP2000? or can it download it by itself?

SteveO1966 said:

October 2nd, 7:23 pm

Hmm.. I think I’m passing on this one.. Does tick me off that I just got my 3000 this past April. So my question is.. Does this mean the end of UMD games.. and eventually the PSP1000/2000/3000? Or will UMD games still be made.

n4tacon said:

October 2nd, 9:17 pm

Let me start off by saying I love Sony and have several of their systems (PS2, PS2 slim, 2 PSPs), but this is a joke for so many reasons.

1. No UMDs – Why? How hard is it to honestly keep a UMD drive in there so I can still play my 30 UMD games?

2. Smaller screen – What made you think an even smaller screen would be better?

3. No PRO-DUO support – So… you decided to abandon that format too?

4. Size – Ok, I understand going smaller, but smaller is not necessarily more comfortable for a gamer’s hands.

5. Price – $250 would’ve been ok if you had added support for a UMD drive. Instead you offered a barebones PSP with barely anything other than a 16gb hard drive. That’s not making it easy for people to afford.

Again, I do like Sony and I do have the money for a PSP Go. However, I’m not going to spend $250 for something that isn’t an upgrade. It’s like… version 1.5 instead of version 2.0. Cheap, Sony. Just cheap. Keep it up and you’ll lose more of your supporters including me.

SteveO1966 said:

October 3rd, 12:21 am

@166, use your noodle.. do you think Sony would make you pay 250 for the go.. and then 300 for ps3, to be able to download games to the go? no.. I’m hearing that it’s taking about an hour to two hours to download a game to the GO.. wow.. 4get that crap.. and it doesn’t have download in the background.. lol Hmm.. I really hate to say it.. but I smell fail.

BriS2K said:

October 3rd, 9:38 am

Sony should have foregone this incompatible-UMD useless PSP Go and just released this as a PSP 2…same design, only that it would have a faster CPU (the PSP 333 Mhz is 5 YEARS OLD!!), WiFi 802.11g, and that is it. It would have been perfect as a digital download only PSP 2 and Sony would have made everyone happy.

BriS2K said:

October 3rd, 9:46 am

Also, until Sony releases an external UMD drive to play or allow transfer of our huge useless library of UMD games, PSP Go sales will be horribly disappointing. Really, only few are willing to pay $$ for the exact games they already have.

And considering this is still a PSP 1 system in a smaller package, what the heck is it without a memory stick pro duo card support? This M2 slot is clearly another attempt by Sony to rob us again using another useless proprietary format.

I just don’t understand how Sony executives are so unbelievably clueless. No wonder Sony has been bleeding red since the PSP and PS3 launch.

bayn_ said:

October 3rd, 10:02 am

1) Don’t tell us to stop complaining, how do you think Sony will realize that we’re not falling for their hyperbole and marketing fluff? That’s how this generation works, feedback.

2) This thing will NOT be a flop if you guys keep buying it and complaining. Why? Because they already got their money, that’s all they care about. Don’t buy it, complain and hope they “fix” the future it didn’t work for BC on the PS3 and it won’t work here.

There’s a reason Sony is losing this generation, its because you DON’T listen and run straight ahead with your pricing and limited features One day you’ll learn that what you had with the PS2 is past and you have to earn our money with every product…

n4tacon said:

October 3rd, 10:14 am

@ 172

You hit the nail on the head, man. I refuse to buy a PSP Go until it’s actually an improvement over the other PSP models. Until then, it can sit in the store till it has a ton of dust on it for all I care.

flipah said:

October 3rd, 11:12 am

Just bought it, but now Im going to return it. :-|

No USB, No extra thumbstick, No L2 and R2 buttons, No built in mic, No Touchscreen, No mobile device, No UMD accessory. ;-(

I’ll stick to my current PSP Slim. ;-D

I recommend that people don’t buy this device, so that Sony can see they didn’t score with this one, and they finally decides to make us a PSP2 with only innovative features which such a device should have.

I’m certainly not going to recommend this lacking device to any of the people I know.

But, the new PS3 Slim release deserves 10 of 10, this one scored.

An4564 said:

October 3rd, 11:19 am

if i gad the money i would buy this
i guess for now my psp 2000 is good

GunBusterX said:

October 3rd, 11:58 pm

At $250, it’s still way too expensive. The iPod touch starts out at $199! I do like the fact that you can carry a whole library of PSP games without lugging around your UMDs. However, until Sony figures out a way to transfer my UMD library onto the PSPgo, it’s still a no go for me.

I have an idea. How about including a voucher for a digital copy of the game if you buy the retail UMD a game. It seems to be working pretty well with Blu-ray and DVD. It’s probably too late for older releases but if they can implement this for the new releases and beyond, I would certainly consider getting the PSPgo, even at its current price point.

Mineyurn said:

October 4th, 9:02 am

well for me, it dosen’t matter how much it is, i don’t have any umd’s because i only use my psp slim (model 2001) to listen to music and watch videos that i’ve downloaded!! I’ll just trade in my psp slim to gamestop or EB games and i’m sure i’ll get about 50-70 dollars for it, and just pay the rest for a upgraded system!! Works out just fine!!

Listen ppl, i’m sure you’ve all heard by now, if you have a psp already, this is not for you, if want the latest and greatest without additional hardware of umd’s it’s not a crime to get a go, although i can see your plight about the price, perfectly understandable!! You either get it or you don’t, it’s not for everybody!!

And you guys aren’t even factoring in the fact that there are other handhelds out there that may fit your needs like a DS, get one of those if you don’t wanna get a psp!! there are other options, stop complaining, just get it if you want it and if you don’t don’t get it!! plain and simple!!

SkyNet003 said:

October 4th, 9:16 am

ha ha ha ha ha


October 4th, 10:03 am

What the hell is wrong with Sony? No hardware upgrade, no way to convert our old UMDs, and now the downloadable games cost more? WTF Sony!? I was so excited when I first heard about the PSPgo, well f’ it.

BriS2K said:

October 4th, 6:05 pm

I bought PSP Go on launch day…was the first customer at Zeller’s to purchase one at the biggest mall in my city of 6 million. This occured at 1:00 in the afternoon on this day.

Today I returned it to the store for a refund. As a long time supporter of Sony products (nearing 30 years), this is the first product from them EVER that I feel completely failed about…yes, up until now a flawless record, but now completely tarnished with this HUGE mistake that is the PSP Go.

DavidASC said:

October 4th, 11:47 pm

Business plan…

Bring the PSP Go down to 199.99. Clearly overpriced at 250. I’m not even going to talk to much about this, because the price tag is honestly too ridiculous. You would have thought Sony would start to learn their pricing lessons… they didn’t learn from the PSP’s original launch, and they certain learn from the PS3’s launch.

Bring the PSP-3000 down to 149.99. The PSP hasn’t seen a price drop in two and a half years. And this is really only a modest one. In Japan you can get a PSP-3000 for the same price as a DS lite now. Here the DS lite is 129.99. Thats how much the PSP should cost, to actually get sales going in north america, but I’ll I’m saying is at least take it down to 149.99. 169.99 is ridiculous at this point.

DavidASC said:

October 4th, 11:49 pm

Bring PSN game downloads to 29.99 I realize you have to pay for server bandwidth and storage, but pass some savings to the customer… 39.99 for games you can’t share/lend with other people, you can’t trade in, or sell to someone. You don’t have a physical copy, yet you’re paying as if you do… this is ridiculous. I’m not even asking for 34.99…, straight up 10 dollar discount. Share the profit savings from not selling through retail with the consumers. Not to mention the pure revenue from having less used games on the market.

I’m disappointed, its like you aren’t even trying to be competitive anymore.

improperlyaged said:

October 5th, 7:04 am

hey psp no goers just though u all should know that currently has the 32gb ipod touch for 279.99 yep 279.99 yeah the new one. so for $30 more u get double the memory, touch screen, voice control accelerometer, a better web browser more third party support and it comes with the headset that has a built in mic. oh yeah and lets not forget the insane itunes app library which is essentially psp minis but without inflated prices. sorry sony but i will continue the death to the pspgo campaign as it is absurd. this system should cost less than the 3000 not more.

improperlyaged said:

October 5th, 7:31 am

dear sony wtf is wrong with u people. listen to your customers please. u guys are constantly adding features to the ps3 that no one wants but ignore the requests for things we want. this is essentially what u have doen with the pspgo. you’ve completely ignored what people want and WILL PAY FOR just so u can charge wahat u want. how is this system a go when the battery is actually weaker than previous models(yes it has been tested) and with all the cable being propietary u have to carry every last thing with u. um try a real battery life(8 – 10 hours) and universal cables for easy on the go connection(common sense pun intended).
with other more innovative devices selling for similar prices(see previous post). the hardware is outdated just repackaged and the software is overpriced. what incentive does this system give to the consumer. none.

Lahmy88 said:

October 5th, 10:16 am

Geez US$249 must suck! Imagine AU$449!!! Despite this new PSPgo being extraordinarily overpriced (considering it doesn’t even have 802.11n let alone 802.11g wifi – its still got the crappy 802.11b! = FAIL) you US guys still have a MUCH better price than us Aussies.

Also, with Sony obviously sensing (and rightfully so) a Retail backlash – “The recently introduced PlayStation Network Game Cards, which give you an additional option to purchase your favorite digital games at retail, will also be available starting today at participating retailers.” I’d like to see what margins retailers get on these. it is certainly better than Sony’s monopoly online store.

Lahmy88 said:

October 5th, 10:17 am

Also, not making the PSP games digital from the get go = FAIL. UMD = FAIL.. Sony’s treatment of it’s loyal customer base = FAIL!!!

mistermom7 said:

October 5th, 3:38 pm

I doubt anyone’s going to read this, but anyway, the PSP-Go is an awful idea in my opinion. The slide out design, while sleek for a cell phone, looks clumsy for a gaming device. The screen is too small, and honestly, 250 bucks makes no sense to me. For the same price you can buy a PSP-3000 and a fairly large memory stick so you can play downloaded games AND Umd’s. This is Sony’s worst idea ever.

DanielEvan said:

October 5th, 3:39 pm

add to #186: ERROR CODE 80109D80 = FISSION MAILED

Lateralus--- said:

October 5th, 8:36 pm

$249 is too much =,[

BriS2K said:

October 5th, 8:43 pm

1. Too expensive, no game included
2. Can’t transfer and/or play UMD games
3. 5 year old hardware repackaged
4. No ms pro duo support, M2 micro is plain robbery
5. Way too expensive

BriS2K said:

October 5th, 8:50 pm

Arstechnica has a Review of the new PSPGo.

PSP Go review: Sony is charging you much more for much less.

We’ve finally had a chance to get to know the PSP Go in detail, and here are our thoughts: this isn’t aimed at a clear market, it’s more expensive in every way, and it takes away the choice of gamers. When your older, cheaper hardware is better and more able than your new offering, you need to fire some designers. /Quote

mistermom7 said:

October 6th, 1:04 pm

Anyone else notice that while the Blog Entry shows Rock Band: Unplugged playing, it’s not on the PSN? Whassup wid that Sony? OK, my weird accent is over, but first this bad idea happens and now they’re advertising a game that doesn’t really exist? Strange, isn’t it?

Baacke said:

October 8th, 4:09 am

PSP Go-F-Yourself.

ustolemycrayola said:

October 16th, 5:04 pm

sickest game sistem ever

s_S-killaz336 said:

October 24th, 10:58 pm

psp go should $149.99 it has everything outdated and its not a powerful device anymore bcuz the ipod touch came out. And it does EVERYTHING just like the PS3. Give us a PSN app for iphone and ipod touch so we can talk to our frends on our ipod

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