It Only Does UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves

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It’s an incredibly exciting time for PlayStation. We’re experiencing tremendous momentum on the new 120 GB PS3 and yesterday launched the PSPgo which press are touting as an “evolutionary step-up model” and “the most high-powered handheld video-game machine on the market.” And we haven’t even started talking about one of the most anticipated games this year, UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves, which is just around the corner.

UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves is blowing everyone away. It is the best adventure yet from the Naughty Dog team and is well on track to be one of the best games of all time with a 97% rating on Metacritic and 14 perfect review scores. Some are saying that, “if this were a movie, it’d gross a couple hundred million dollars” (thanks GamePro), and many are calling it one of the year’s best action-adventure games. It’s probably an understatement when we say we’re excited for the release. And based on the pre-order numbers, we know many of you will be very busy on October 13.

In my earlier posts about our “It Only Does Everything” campaign, I mentioned that Kevin Butler won’t just be focusing on the PS3’s hardware superiority but would also be rolling out software specific advertisements. We’re excited to give you a sneak peak at the first of these spots, showcasing UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves. In this next installment in our campaign, Kevin fields a “Dear PlayStation” question from a conflicted boyfriend facing the dilemma of telling his girlfriend that UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves is not actually a movie, but in fact, a game. We hope you enjoy what a lot of people here voted as one of their favorite spots in the campaign.

We’re only just getting warmed up for the holiday and still have a bunch more spots to unveil. Tell me what you think and get out and pick up this game! I’ll leave you with the quote from PlayStation: The Official Magazine, “Forget ‘game of the year.’ This is one of the best games of all time.”


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  • B-RadGfromOV

    Oh the jokes from Xbox fanboys… I can see them now. “The only game you have is Uncharted 2, even Sony says so”

    I don’t think you should have put it like that, “Only does Uncharted 2”

  • cool

  • macbelonwu10

    Fantastic.. marketing at its best day 1 buy for me love the demo. 1st comment woohoo

  • Loved it!

  • Uncharted 2 does look fantastic, and its review scores put it as one of the highest rated games of all time, but I’d rather get Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising, Brutal Legend, and Demon’s Souls over Uncharted 2.

  • Funny advertisement. I played the online demo lastnight and found it to be very exciting. Just another game that I MUST have.

  • lolz. I love these new PS3 commercial. I being finally seeing them on TV over the pass 3 weeks. I hope you guys do some classic Ratchet and Clank commercial for Ratchet and Clank: ACiT

  • Funny. Until now my PS3 only did Metal Gear Online.

  • Very cool commercial. It’s a great year for Sony! I see the twitter followers already made it here lol.

  • StanleyCup19


  • Tr3p1dat10n

    I hate that this game has gotten such outstanding reviews, cause it means I’ll have to go and buy the first one before I can enjoy the second :(

  • wow that girl was smokin. great commercial

  • Nice.

    “I’m going to file this under not an issue.”

  • very funny

  • That’s an excellent ad, keep it up!

  • Loved it. I can’t wait to see this on TV and hear about it from friends. I want that girlfriend.

  • straight and to the point… uncharted to is the most cinematic games out there.. only on ps3.. solid commercial.. could have been tweaked a little better.. but this is by far the best commercials the ps3 has seen.

  • Funny commercial

  • Hehe, awesome stuff.


  • Excellent!!

  • StrykerIsland

    lol great ad

  • Look like Sony Market is back on track. That a good think

  • only 11 days more i cant wait, but i cant play the demo cuz i get a error in the install :(

  • Keep the good run of marketing going, not just for the US but in your other major markets too.

  • Very nice ads! Why dont you put them here in Quebec Canada? I never ever seen a TV ad about any Sony products here. It seems only Nintendo and Microsoft are in the gaming market from what we see on TV.

  • ye11owpharmacy

    That’s because you’ve gone completely insane. :p

  • Please air the heck out of these commercials (I know you have, but keep it up!).

    They’re great. Also I suggest one for Ratchet and Clank :D

  • It should have a stand alone commercial that actually shows the game for 30 seconds. While funny, it dosent grab the uncharted world very well.

  • what he say at the end?

  • hahah vp of epic moments, classic these ads are best thing ever

  • This is so funny this actually happened to me on the first UNCHARTED

  • that Kevin Butler guy is pretty funny

  • Londonstani

    Bring it home SCE… bring it home… you and Naughty Dog have both earned it.

  • awesome commercial! love the game

  • KidCommando

    GREAT ad!

    It is about time that you simply show GAMEPLAY. No video reflections off of walls, no CGI cut scenes, just smokin’ hot gameply. This game deserves a massive marketing campaign!

    PSPgo….not so hot, sorry.

  • Keep up the awesome work on these new ads. They are Hilarious!! i cry laughing at these. alot of people are getting interested in Playstation for the first time because of these ads. keep it up

  • CartBlanche

    Great advert. I hope they do something similar in the UK and Australia!

  • LOL, keep those ads coming they are great :)

  • lazlowe1984

    Sony,you guys need to advertise this game now.Many people still don’t know what Uncharted 2 is.Please advertise this eveywhere and promote it with a soft drink like Coca Cola or Dr Pepper.

    I want this game to sell a million so please try to get the ball rolling

  • nice commercial! peter diller, are we also going to have eyepet, and ratchet and clank commericals?


  • Absolutely excellent.Really should be proud of yourselves. Shame it took this long.

  • WIN! Pure Win!

  • Mr burns voice: Excellent.

  • Great ad! Perfect ad to send to friends and get a laugh or two while informing them on the game. 11 more days!

  • roseofmayix

    Since Sony wants to expand its marketing campaign to include females (the laughable Hannah Montana psp and other tween games), it would behoove them to avoid implying that females are idiots. Please for the sake of all that is good in the world, please treat both sexes equally.

  • LOL

    that is the best one so far IMO

    Keep it going….GREAT STUFF

  • Cool ad, is that our beloved Jack Tretton in the picture frame? Jack if you’re reading, get us 3.2 already lol

  • We WOULD get out and pick up that game IF YOUD STOP TEASING US AND RELEASE IT ALREADY!

    Its painful :(

  • LOL I love this guy, he makes the commercials sound sarcastic but at the same time serious, man I cant wait for Uncharted 2!

    I hope to see a CGI like commercial like U1, that was funny and great too.

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