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Oct 12

Oct 12

MAG Pre-order Public Beta Now Open

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Director of Development, SCEA

Today a whole new group of operatives joined the Shadow War. October 12 marks the start of the GameStop and EB Games pre-order MAG Public Beta period. At 10:00 AM this morning, all those who pre-ordered MAG from GameStop or EB Games in Canada received access to the MAG Public Beta and joined existing Public Beta users. Be prepared to choose your side – Raven, Valor, and S.V.E.R. are once again locked in battle.

MAG screenshot new

The hours for this phase of the MAG Public Beta are:

Monday – Friday:
1:00 PM – 4:00 PM EDT
8:00 PM – 12:00 AM EDT

12:00 PM – 3:00 PM CDT
7:00 PM – 11:00 PM CDT

11:00 AM – 2:00 PM MDT
6:00 PM – 10:00 PM MDT

10:00 AM – 1:00 PM PDT
5:00 PM – 9:00 PM PDT

Later this week or early next, we will be releasing a new version of the MAG Public Beta client. This will be a major update to the MAG Public Beta client and server set.

Remember, in North America the MAG Public Beta access from November 9 to November 20 will be available exclusively to people who pre-order MAG from GameStop or EB Games (in Canada). If you live in North America and you want to continue playing MAG you will need to get your pre-order in to GameStop or EB Games and get your MAG Public Beta voucher code. This will also be the first time the MAG Public Beta will be available 24/7 with unlimited server hours (with the exception of server maintenance).

In conjunction with the next phase of the MAG Public Beta, we are also introducing a ton of new features for our Web site, The updated site will include a community section with access to the MAG forums, RSS feeds, and new media and downloads for fans, including wallpapers, AIM icons, and XMB themes for each of the PMCs. You can also read more background on each of the PMCs and enlist in your favorite private army. Check it out now at The Shadow War is coming 1.26.10.

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C_DeMan said:

October 13th, 12:01 pm

I live in canada and when I called my local EB games they said they hadn’t gotten the vouchers yet, anyone know when they should have them.

TriangleOffense said:

October 13th, 12:59 pm

wow yet another beta code messed up not only did I not receive my qore beta code for this and uncharted 2 now my gamestop code wont work either. good thing I pay for the access to these huh ? and if anyone does decide to reply to this dont point me to customer support they dont know anything and just point the finger elsewhere. thanks again guys money well spent

tmdtarheel said:

October 13th, 1:01 pm


katsuo7171 said:

October 13th, 1:17 pm

LOL funny story. I pre-ordered Uncharted 2 and they gave me a MAG beta voucher. I haven’t even pre-ordered MAG yet. :)

Serge_Storms said:

October 13th, 1:24 pm

Here’s the skinny, I’ve called game stop a few more times and asked if there’s anything else they can tell me about the beta code problem.

This is a huge embarrassment, obviously, and the VP’s are taking it seriously and getting involved. By the end of the work day today they hope to get the problems resolved or get an email sent out about it.

Obviously, none of this is official, and if you are currently employed in gamestop phone support, I do hope this post doesn’t get you canned.

herve21597 said:

October 13th, 1:58 pm


pdwpd said:

October 13th, 2:11 pm

it’s 415 est my download is done, total download time, a whopping 16 hrs, of course 15 min past server cut off time, but i won’t complain, i dont have any new gray hairs, and i sure can wait for 4 more hours for the servers to come up, and to those who are having issues, i’m sure it will all work out i hope, hang in there

dvillhauer said:

October 13th, 3:42 pm

Well they sent me another code 30 mins ago, apologizing about the previous code, so now I’m all happy, only to enter the code to see a big ol’ INVALID…. wtf… I’m going to wait till 5pm PST to enter it again, but I swear to god if they sent another batch of bad codes… uggg

Bluevariant said:

October 13th, 3:44 pm

I just got a new code from Gamestop and it worked for me. Just have the 3 gig download left is all.

TigerGlock said:

October 13th, 4:30 pm

i got a code for the beta and it never worked

traveezy13 said:

October 13th, 4:32 pm

yeah, gamestop changed the recording saying they are emailing new codes out, but i havent got mine yet. the waiting game continues….

traveezy13 said:

October 13th, 4:36 pm

nevermind.. just got my new code.. everyone check your inboxes!!

traveezy13 said:

October 13th, 4:41 pm

WTF! my new code is giving the same error. i think im gonna give up.

AnonymousNinja78 said:

October 13th, 5:57 pm

Why can’t we pre-order it at EB Games in Canada and recieve a Beta code? I called several stores and none had any idea that they were coming out, but I called a store in Kansas and the guy told me to come in and it would be no problem, only problem is i’m in Alberta! I called EB games customer service and was told I’d have to pre-order the entire game @ 59.99 to get a code……how fair is it that Americans pay 5 bucks and get a beta code but I have to pay 59.99 because I’m Canadian??

OldSkool27 said:

October 13th, 6:28 pm

i just installed mag and tried to play it. now it says receiving updates. 3039.18 MB to be exact and it is taking freaking forever. i’m at 23% but that took about 30 minutes. what is this for? man alive!

OldSkool27 said:

October 13th, 6:30 pm

are there still certain server times when we can play this beta or has it finally change to 24 hour server times?

FAM2845 said:

October 13th, 6:53 pm

i got my “new” code from gamestop and it still doesn’t work this is the biggest joke anyone else with this problem?

FAM2845 said:

October 13th, 6:55 pm

meant replacemeent code

FAM2845 said:

October 13th, 6:56 pm

i meant replacement code

FAM2845 said:

October 13th, 6:59 pm

the replacement code didn’t work either to codes none work wastemof time preordering

Bluevariant said:

October 13th, 9:22 pm

@AnonymousNinja78 – I had to preorder the game at Gamestop and pay the full price plus shipping, but considering I’m well passed sold on the game, it doesn’t really matter.

The 3gig download took about an hour for me, not too bad, just in time for servers to reopen. Kind of have to expect such a big download considering you’re getting a substantial portion of a game that’s only going to fit on a BluRay.

No they aren’t operating on 24 hour servers. The time limits are still imposed. If they do lift the limits it probably won’t be until after they’ve ironed out most of any bugs they find.

On that note – the game is pretty fantastic so far. I’m totally hooked.

AnonymousNinja78 said:

October 13th, 9:36 pm

thanks Bluevariant I appreciate the information, but why do Canadians have to pay full now is what I’m wondering. I have no problem paying for the game, I’m sold on it just watching the trailers and speaking to someone who has played the Beat for awhile now.

etur0 said:

October 14th, 7:49 am

to bad I don’t pre-order games oh well its it only 11 days if the beta that I will miss since I’m in it and been in it since August but I am going to buy it day one

etur0 said:

October 14th, 8:03 am

oh yeah and


bamisone said:

October 14th, 8:27 am

i have only played MAG for three hours and im defiantly glad that i preorderd it and i will be picking it up as soon as it is released. and it beets the hell out of socom

BobLabla said:

October 14th, 9:42 am

I hope this helps those who can’t get there codes to work. The capital B and the #8 lookalike as do the capital I the lowercase l and the #1. if you have any of these in your code you might want to try it again. It took me 2weeks to figure that out and i got my code from Qore.

AnonymousNinja78 said:

October 14th, 11:47 am

This BLOWSSSSSSSSSSS……apparently Canadians don’t have access to the demo which is totally retarded if you ask me.

Cody_NY said:

October 14th, 1:24 pm

…this idea of the game is good, the graphics are good but some of the mechanics are horrible! when your drop to prone, you dont even put your hands down?? and when you move when your prone your gun stays out? show me some1 who can both of those things…also when you zoom in you dont pull the gun to your face? it just goes to another screen… and maybe lower the health to 50? if any1 here has played Operation Flashpoint, that game is the way to go to get somerealism in this game

Cody_NY said:

October 14th, 1:26 pm

oh yeah…when raven is defending it’s like freakin Fort Knox to get into, maybe move the bunkers a little to make it not a 3%chance of destroying the gates?

Cody_NY said:

October 14th, 1:30 pm

if the game doesn’t change to update the game mechanics..MW2 WILL sell more games then MAG…to be honest i was dissapointed with the mechanics… i was like ok this is really good so far till i tried to zoom in and noticed it just goes to what seems like another screen…and when you go from standing to prone…or prone to standing…ridiculous really…please change these

XZeenon said:

October 14th, 5:08 pm

I pre ordered MAG today, and they told me that they had no codes, what’s the deal? It says here that the codes had been given out in EB Games canada.

XZeenon said:

October 14th, 5:10 pm

How do I get my BETA code from EB Games? They said that they would call me when they got them, but I’m not sure how it works.

Mikehunt1976 said:

October 14th, 5:30 pm

I just pre-ordered at EB Games in Canada and they didn’y know anything about Beta Testing Codes. Please help.

AnonymousNinja78 said:

October 14th, 7:21 pm

Dear fellow Canadians here’s the deal……We are not able to play the demo unless we pay for the game now through the Gamestop website and have a beta code emailed to us.

warhawk2maniac said:

October 15th, 9:56 am

on my other account i have mag private beta. i got the beta from gamestop and i downloaded it on my ps3 and the game wont work and on my dads ps3 the game works and we use the same router???? what do i do im really really mad!!!

warhawk2maniac said:

October 15th, 9:59 am

on my other account i have mag and i got the beta code from gamestop and it wont work i have it downloaded and everthing please tell how i can play it??

warhawk2maniac said:

October 15th, 10:02 am

on my other account i have mag and i got the beta code from gamestop and it wont work i have it downloaded and everthing please tell how i can play it??
i even try playing it on the right hours??????????????????????????

wojocid said:

October 15th, 5:32 pm

Any idea when the beta period is over if you will keep your current level, upgrades, skill points, etc. for when the game goes live???? (and buy the game)

I aint that good, … but I would hate to have to start from square one all over again!! Thanks

Cody_NY said:

October 15th, 6:34 pm

i cant wait to see if the people who made MAG are gonna actually read this…i really hope they do and upgrade the game to what i complained about earlier…its funny how every1 is having a problem with this…i dont get it, are you guys even doing it right? worked fine for me the 1st time

loancoin said:

October 16th, 2:15 am

@ AnonymousNinja78

You can’t order it online through the Gamestop site cause it doesn’t allow you to ship to Canadain address, only US. Which I think is horrible, as well as Ebgames site its just pathetic. So far I haven’t heard of anyone getting a code from Eb Games in Canada yet.

Could we please have an official comment on beta codes in Canada. Are we getting them or not. Cause this is just not fair especially when it’s stated in the Blog.

kiz77 said:

October 17th, 12:03 am

THE uk times ive been on so far is 5pm-9pm 1am-4am and 11am-1pm any1 know if they run on weekends

PTHfan said:

October 17th, 1:52 pm

im really confused so the people that got the beta code from gamestop that activated it on october 12th will still be able to play it from november 9th to november 20th right?

OldSkool27 said:

October 17th, 1:53 pm

hi i’m from hawaii and it’s about 11 o’clock am. i thought the server times in the pacific are from 10am to 1pm and 5pm to 9pm. well i just tried to play MAG and it said the server was down or something like that. what hours will the servers be up in hawaii? i so want to try this beta out. it will kind of help decide if i will get this or cod mw2.

ICDEMONS_666 said:

October 17th, 7:44 pm

my ps3 broke so i have to wait before preordering so i am getting impetient

cpman71 said:

October 18th, 7:18 am

It says all who pre-ordered MAG from eb games and Gamestop in Canada will get the beta…i live in canada and i asked in both stores if they had beta codes and they didnt…i ended up pre ordering it from gamestop…will they call me if they get one?

villdoc said:

October 18th, 7:39 am

this is possibly the best game ever!!! Rather play MAG than hanging out with my…. ah better not go there.. Point being Id rather be playing MAG \m/ (o.o) \m/

Kxpuc said:

October 18th, 11:34 am

seriously i was so blasi about the game when the public beta started but now i’m hooked (as long as i’m squad leader/or on a sniper friendly map) ^_^ and i’m slightly more interested in MAG now then MW2

acowboy11 said:

October 18th, 2:29 pm

Mag is going to be awsome, but i wonder what wold happen if all the people manage to be on one screen would it start lagging?

acowboy11 said:

October 18th, 2:30 pm

Partick11 said:

October 18th, 2:55 pm

can you preoder the game later and get the code still because i want to play 24/7 like a lot ad 256 players

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