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Oct 13

Oct 13

UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves Out Now! Live Chat with Naughty Dog Today at 2PM PT

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UPDATE: Thanks again for all the great questions and for making this another successful live chat. Huge thanks to Neil and Travis from Naughty Dog for being here on UNCHARTED 2 launch day. We hope everyone has a great time playing this week. See you online!

The day has finally come. I’m willing to bet many of you have been up all night with Nate following the midnight launch. The rest of you are probably just getting started. Wherever you are, we hope you can press pause for an hour to chat UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves with Naughty Dog today at 2PM PT. Lead Game Designer Neil Druckmann and Lead Programmer Travis McIntosh are carving out an hour on launch day to answer your UNCHARTED 2 questions right here.

So now that you’ve had time to play, I’m sure you have some burning questions. Or just stop by to say thanks to Naughty Dog for delivering this masterpiece. And don’t forget about your chances to win the Fortune Hunter Edition. We’ll see you here at 2PM PT sharp!

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dotCody said:

October 13th, 1:38 pm


issa3032 said:

October 13th, 1:39 pm

Second! Naughty Dog rocks! I was at the Tournament Event in theaters in Thousand Oaks! Legen—-wait for it—-dary!!!!

CEK111 said:

October 13th, 1:41 pm

I’ll try to attend this !

But thats 10:00pm here, and im downloading the Uncharted 2 soundtrack to keep me awake !

I’ve had a busy day !

CEK111 said:

October 13th, 1:42 pm

Edit : Go to iTunes for the soundtrack !

myfrozenscars said:

October 13th, 1:42 pm

All I have to say is phenominal. That’s essentially the only word that can properly describe the awesomeness that is Uncharted 2!

MaGeeK-mAn said:

October 13th, 1:43 pm

Go Naughty Dog! I owned Jak II and Jak 3 and I’m looking to buy Uncharted 2!

tetsou9shima said:

October 13th, 1:44 pm

Dang….I haven’t recieved my copy yet. I may have to cry myself to sleep tonight.

nv_Los said:

October 13th, 1:45 pm

Just bought during lunch and just admiring the box =)
Cant wait 2 go home

mahunoy said:

October 13th, 1:45 pm

I cant wait to play this game…

CEK111 said:

October 13th, 1:48 pm

The soundtrack is amazing…and i’ve just listened to the previews…

Destiny89 said:

October 13th, 1:48 pm

The game is amazing thanks ND..i will try to attend this

ciso said:

October 13th, 1:49 pm


Worm- said:

October 13th, 1:51 pm

I am glad you guys are finally utilizing such an awesome program. Now if you guys will only use it more often, and even open it up to seperate forums, not just the blog. IE, etc…

ciso said:

October 13th, 1:51 pm

Uncharted is awesome oh and by the way ND did you guys reset the levels for people from the Beta?

afrsoul said:

October 13th, 1:51 pm

u guys r the best…. sony/ naughty dog u gettin my money……. u have once again proved urselves

G-Force08 said:

October 13th, 1:52 pm

I’m playing the game right now and waiting on this chat. AWESOME GAME. Well worth the money.

idiealot said:

October 13th, 1:53 pm

Thanks Naughty Dog!! Bought my copy but will play tomorrow cause I have an exam! See you guys online, watch out cause Ima beast!!!

reson8er said:

October 13th, 1:54 pm

Chomping at the bit here at work to continue one of my favorite series of all time. I even re-calibrated my sound system last night to make sure everything is -just- right. Thanks ND, See you all Online!

PS: Some undeserving dude is selling his special Edition on ebay, blasphemy I say!

equustel said:

October 13th, 1:56 pm

This is the slowest work day EVER. But yay, chat! I’ll be there!

placethesix said:

October 13th, 1:56 pm

doh…to go home and play immediately after work or talk/listen to the devs…hmmm?

JohngPR said:

October 13th, 1:58 pm

I’m up to Chapter 6 in the game. Absolutely loving it so far.

Jim777 said:

October 13th, 1:59 pm

I cant wait i have never been around of one of these before :D

WillAllon said:

October 13th, 2:04 pm

Will they improve the Finding Players in the matchmaking phase? I can’t be here for the chat so would it be possible to ask that question please?

marcindpol said:

October 13th, 2:04 pm


mixenitup said:

October 13th, 2:05 pm

GOt my copy at 10am ESt when Gamestop opened. Wish I had picked a store that had midnight release but oh well. This game is awesome.. literaly. The first part of the game had me jumping and edge. Gongrats to the developers that can make such a great game that is not only a visually stunning, but a game that evokes excitement and emotion. The whole scene with the 3 of them in the begining made me actually want to go find this lost fleet, instead of just doing it to beat the game. Anyway I ramble But great job guys.

Agent_Clutch said:

October 13th, 2:08 pm

I’m having an issue with the online connectivity my player is pausing consistently when matched with players with low pings while i have a 5 ping rating. What is the cause of this?

Ghost_Face_36 said:

October 13th, 2:14 pm

Picked up the game a bit ago, about to go and start it. I LOVED the first one(one of the best this gen) The second looks like it could be one of the best of all-time!! Great job ND!

playnation said:

October 13th, 2:17 pm

it dosent show my comments?

jazzyrider said:

October 13th, 2:19 pm

I was at the Bellevue (Seattle) event on opening night – that was the best event ever! Better than E3 or PAX! You guys should do more events like that again, ie God of War 3! Thanks again Naughty Dog & Sony for a free copy of Uncharted 2. Just wish I can win the limited Fortune Hunter edition! I’ve tried MP beta demo, G4, and now this….

FreonTheFrozen said:

October 13th, 2:21 pm

I played U2 for 8 straight hours I didn’t wanna go to sleep haha I went to sleep at 9am and was fighting to stay up longer but just couldn’t. I’m by the monastery just have to find the way around the door.

teflon14 said:

October 13th, 2:26 pm

Thank you, Naughty Dog for making a sequel to my favorite PS3 game! I am impatiently waiting for the UPS man to drop off my copy any minute now.

FreonTheFrozen said:

October 13th, 2:26 pm

how do you put comments on the chat? I’ve been trying but dont see my questions :(

G-Force08 said:

October 13th, 2:28 pm

Booo D= My questions aren’t going through either.

I guess its a random system. They can’t answer EVERYONE’s questions seeing as how they would be bombarded with hundreds. So maybe only a random select few actually go through.

FreonTheFrozen said:

October 13th, 2:29 pm

can anybody help?

aliendude5300 said:

October 13th, 2:31 pm

Why is it that my comments aren’t sending? My comment was: I was wondering if for those of us who couldn’t afford to get the pre-order bonuses, there would be a way to purchase them later, maybe in a few months?

mojie55 said:

October 13th, 2:31 pm

I was so looking forward to this game. Needed something to play in the meantime and picked up Demon’s Soul’s. Now Uncharted 2 will have to wait a week. So many great games, so little time.

G-Force08 said:

October 13th, 2:33 pm

@34 – Really the only preorder bonus that I can think of was the revenge mode for multiplayer being unlocked from the start. Everyone that has the game has access to that mode by being unlocked later on in the game. The only difference is when you preorder you get to download it to use it when you first hop on.

JaKhris said:

October 13th, 2:43 pm

Thanks for the Chat, I hope you guys pick some of my messages. :)

aztec23 said:

October 13th, 2:45 pm

That dude who is selling the Fortune Hunter Edition on ebay is whack I would keep mine if I win.

G-Force08 said:

October 13th, 2:46 pm

LoL @ 38. Dude, if I won that Fortune Hunter Edition I’d keep it forever. I NEVER win anything. That would be a real life trophy for me lol.

But hey, he IS going to make some big money off of that >.<

G-Force08 said:

October 13th, 2:52 pm

Oh and for those of you who are wondering why our questions aren’t being answered or shown:

“Reader Information

* There’s nothing to do during a Live Event other than read, watch and occasionally send in a comment or vote in the polling questions.
* It’s not a chatroom. You go to largely find out what the writer has to say. An open chat with thirty or more readers turns into poor, disjointed content very quickly.
* Your comments are published at the Writer’s discretion. The Writer can view all comments sent to them but only they can publish your comments for everyone to see.
* Our ‘autoscroll’ feature ensures you’re always shown the newest content without having to refresh or scroll your screen. You can turn this on or off by using the controls at the bottom of the Viewer Window.
* Subtle sound effects alert you to new content as the writer publishes it. This can also be turned on or off as needed.”

That’s from the chat reader information.

Explosion2 said:

October 13th, 2:53 pm

I think it’s awesome that Jeff Rubenstein is a How I Met Your Mother fan.
also, I really want this game. it’s due to be legendary.

UnKn0nSldr86 said:

October 13th, 2:57 pm

playing the game right now. one word: AMAZING!

shadowkiller11 said:

October 13th, 2:58 pm

Good stuff, but hardly any of my questions got through. Oh well at least they answered some.

AguilarX said:

October 13th, 2:58 pm

Boo! my question didnt come up! where and how can we get the uncharted comics?!!

Zezzler said:

October 13th, 2:59 pm

why dont MY questions get put up there to be answered!? i had some great ones that i REALLY wanted to know about.

JaKhris said:

October 13th, 2:59 pm

I posted like, ten messages, and nonoe got through. Am I that boring? :(

Thanks for answering the others though, can’t wait to play U2. :)

UnKn0nSldr86 said:

October 13th, 2:59 pm

just got the game and is now on the 5th chapter. So far, i can only think of one word: AMAZING!

QrafTee said:

October 13th, 3:00 pm

Bummer, none of my questions went through. I want to know about how to get the Motion Comic and whether or not they take the time to read the Uncharted 2 game reviews. Oh well.

JTT85 said:

October 13th, 3:01 pm

hey congrats on the game coming out today ..i’m playing as we speak ..i was just wondering if it was possible to add a back button in the game lobby after the maps are voted…sometimes i don’t want to play the same map/objective again and i’m stuck playing it cause i can’t get back out..other then that im having a blast with the game ..sanctuary is an awesome map! ..congrats

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