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Oct 13

Oct 13

UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves Out Now! Live Chat with Naughty Dog Today at 2PM PT

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UPDATE: Thanks again for all the great questions and for making this another successful live chat. Huge thanks to Neil and Travis from Naughty Dog for being here on UNCHARTED 2 launch day. We hope everyone has a great time playing this week. See you online!

The day has finally come. I’m willing to bet many of you have been up all night with Nate following the midnight launch. The rest of you are probably just getting started. Wherever you are, we hope you can press pause for an hour to chat UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves with Naughty Dog today at 2PM PT. Lead Game Designer Neil Druckmann and Lead Programmer Travis McIntosh are carving out an hour on launch day to answer your UNCHARTED 2 questions right here.

So now that you’ve had time to play, I’m sure you have some burning questions. Or just stop by to say thanks to Naughty Dog for delivering this masterpiece. And don’t forget about your chances to win the Fortune Hunter Edition. We’ll see you here at 2PM PT sharp!

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Los_33x said:

October 13th, 3:03 pm

Didn’t answer any of my questions, and here I was getting all excited I was going to chat with a dev of ND.

And that guy on ebay really boils my blood. To me that’s like spitting in the face of ND and the fans that can only dream of getting a hold of that collectors edition. Not to mention the people who can’t even buy the game because money is so tight(like me). So many words I want to say but I’m not.

McSpatrick said:

October 13th, 3:10 pm

Just started Chapter 2 and have a question:

Is there going to be a patch to fix the audio so it actually syncs with the characters in the cut scenes? It’s like I’m watching old school Godzilla and it’s completely ruining the experience for me. O.o

Cheddare said:

October 13th, 3:10 pm

My questions never got answered either pissed me off quite a bit actually considering I am about to head out to buy the game and wanted to know the answers.

But apparently asking about some cat in a level is more important then actual things to do with gameplay and performance.

Whoever was screening the msgs seriously needs to be fired. You act like its a community thing then why is there like 15 people asking questions while the other 100 of us can’t?

xeno3d said:

October 13th, 3:13 pm

Uncharted 2 is probably the best game I have played on a console. Everything about this game is amazing. I just started chapter 20 ” cat and mouse “.

Naughty Dog, you guys rock. Thanks for making this game!

ixnine said:

October 13th, 3:17 pm

I had to miss the live chat because of work, but without a job I would not have been able to buy Uncharted 2 this morning on my work break. Am I being punished?

Los_33x said:

October 13th, 3:20 pm


I agree, when I saw that question about the cat I almost shut it off. Glad to hear I wasn’t the only one getting royally annoyed by it all.

B-RadGfromOV said:

October 13th, 3:26 pm

How come I couldn’t ask anything. What’s the point of the damn thing if it doesn’t work?

Agent_Clutch said:

October 13th, 3:28 pm


sainraja said:

October 13th, 3:31 pm

Could we see Uncharted 2 based Sackboy’s?

station3fever said:

October 13th, 3:32 pm

grrrrr just got home from work :(
We love Ya Dog :)

station3fever said:

October 13th, 3:34 pm

Oh and i can’t play till the 19th. that’s when silly amazon ships my game.

cell989 said:

October 13th, 3:57 pm

well Naughty Dog are a bunch of pros when it comes to PS3 development.

stennex said:

October 13th, 4:18 pm

Uncharted 2 Rules! Sony PS3 Rocks. I hope that all PS3 games use this production as a basis of what nextgen quality should be about. Naughty Dog congrats to you on your hard work, and love for gaming. I hope you continue your relationship with Sony. Game on.


Korbei83 said:

October 13th, 4:19 pm

Sigh. Wistfully looking forward to finding it in my mailbox tomorrow.


October 13th, 4:20 pm

yo jeff you think you can send this to ND. i tried sending it by email but it wouldnt go through
Yo. i have the platinum trophy for u1, but when i
check the in-game store and hit “Drake’s Fortune” it says ” no trophies found.”
I don’t have the uncharted1 save cause my 60 gig ps3 died, (got a slim)
but i thought the trophies were saved on a server. i wouldn’t mind playing u1 for the trophies again , but after playing uncharted2, i don’t think i can play it

katsuo7171 said:

October 13th, 4:33 pm

CHLOE USED TO BE A GUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
All those nights spent marveling at the glamorous 80K polygons. :(

Anyways, Elena was always a chick right?

RobotNinjaDeath said:

October 13th, 4:38 pm

Yeah, too bad Sony disabled thousands of its own loyal customer’s disc drives. Otherwise more of us could buy their new games. It’s almost the holiday rush Sony, seems like you’ve got some more to work out.

joostin said:

October 13th, 4:43 pm

Kudos ND!

I have been glued to the game since I picked it up 6 hours ago…minus the hour and a half midterm exam…which I was late for lol.

Again, best game I have ever played. Been playing games since my IBM 3000 series from 1987, so that’s saying a lot!

heatseeker said:

October 13th, 4:50 pm

POOEY! I had so many questions and not ONE got approved!

Smoke_Screen15 said:

October 13th, 5:15 pm

I’m pretty excited for this game.

A couple things about the Fortune Hunter’s edition:

1. The “other ways to win” had better not be any more freaking raffles!! All the ways to win so far were stupid. Being randomly selected doesn’t take any skill at all. I’m not advocating taking the top whatever number of players on the beta (that would be stupid too), but it should at least take some skill or Uncharted knowledge to get a FHE. Seriously, come up with a treasure hunt or puzzle or something. That way it really would be a ‘true fan edition.’

2. Also, am I the only one who is wondering where those extra 20 FHEs given out on the beta are coming from? Doesn’t it seem a little coincidental that the total was raised to the exact number of the “typo” on the original contest rules? Personally, I think that Naughty Dog was undecided about what to do with 20 of their FHEs; I just hope that they didn’t get rid of some plan to give them away somewhere else.

But other than that… Good job ND!

Sudsbury said:

October 13th, 5:22 pm

never played the first one,but happy i purchased the second one,what a great game,I’m hooked.

Eizan_Tayama said:

October 13th, 5:36 pm

Wow, look at whats already surfaced on ebay


Great, looks like my chances of getting one are going to be very slim. :(

Cheddare said:

October 13th, 5:45 pm

rofl nice Eizan thanks for the info.

I was expecting something closer to 8k for it however.

Sure glad ND is giving em to people who truly want them such as myself.


October 13th, 6:20 pm

I F**KING LOVE THIS GAME!! In one sitting I got to 30% complete!! I would play more, but I think my PS3 has to rest a little…I LOVE YOU SONY, and I LOVE YOU ND!!

S_Y_N_1_S_T_3_R said:

October 13th, 6:27 pm

Where is the REWIND button in the Cinema Mode? Please tell me you are going to add that in a patch. It’s a pain to have to start at begining of the video if you miss a certain part in the replay.

sethchilders said:

October 13th, 6:42 pm

This game is amazing! It’s an incredible improvement over the original. This game already has my vote for Game of the Year. Great job Naughty Dog!

Cloud_911 said:

October 13th, 6:44 pm

This game is truly gorgeous, its a real testament of the capability of the PS3… Iv been meaning to post but I couldnt put it down, the story is so immersive, anyways im off to play some more, great job Naughty Dog

The_Wheel_Doctor said:

October 13th, 6:47 pm

I downloaded the demo and it wouldn’t even play. It said time has expired and I hadn’t even played it. Disappointment.

TheGuardianFID said:

October 13th, 6:50 pm

I just finished a 5 hour play through of this MASTERPIECE and would just like to say incredible job ND, it’s a magnificent game 1000/10!!! 8D

punk182fannfg said:

October 13th, 7:09 pm

Hey, im having a problem with my copy, im hoping it can just be patched, but for some reason when i play Uncharted 2, after only a few minutes to a half hour it shuts down my sytem on its own, and i dont know why,other than that the game is way fun, ND PLEASE figure this out!!!! ive been wanting to play this game for months and now i have to deal with this!!! i called sony and told them the issue and i als o have seen that others are having the same problem in other forums!

mister1337 said:

October 13th, 7:23 pm

Nope, still don’t care– Dissidia isn’t up yet.

BlindMango said:

October 13th, 7:55 pm

I just want to say that you guys have outdone yourselves, I have been playing Uncharted 2 most of the day and it is easily the best single-player experience I have played in some time. In short this game is PERFECT. Thank you for making an amazing sequel and hopefully many more. =)

drdre74 said:

October 13th, 8:07 pm

I bought the game today but it doesnt read my Uncharted 1 saves or trophies. Any idea why it’s not working? I have a platinum trophy in the first game.

I_am_rushin said:

October 13th, 8:10 pm

Awesome game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Picked it up today and just finished Ch.5. Too bad I have to go to sleep. :(

CrimsonFox13 said:

October 13th, 8:21 pm

Wow. I missed this chat because I was busy playing Uncharted 2. No, seriously. Love the game. Played for six and a half hours… Nearly straight. Had a thirty minute break to eat.

kalajj said:

October 13th, 8:27 pm

The games is awesome!!! I’m loving multiplayer and glad the cash from single player and multiplayer go hand in hand! Kudos to you all!!!

ADR143 said:

October 13th, 8:32 pm


martin1979 said:

October 13th, 8:56 pm

i hope more co-op mission will be added , only three mission(map) is not enough

ndw4 said:

October 13th, 9:09 pm

Man, Uncharted 2 is mind-blowing!! By the way,since the Uncharted 2 “days till launch” ticker is done with, what’s next. Probably not Ratchet&Clank, because it comes out in two weeks. I hope for MAG=)

Thunderpizza said:

October 13th, 9:30 pm

Whatever happened to the dev site that ND put up for jak 1? i miss the pics and videos of the team during crunch time. footage of the team all the way back from 2001, ive never seen Evan Wells look so young. All of those videos were golden and it offers important (not to mention nostalgic) insight into how Naughty Dog made games, even eight years ago.
This might be the url for the old dev site


please contact the webmaster if you can, it would be greatly appreciated.

BrianC6234 said:

October 13th, 9:45 pm

I finally got my copy of Uncharted 2 this evening. I can’t believe how great it is so far. It really is like watching a movie but controlling it. Before I knew it I was starting chapter 3. You better have a lot of free time when you play this game. You won’t want to stop playing.

SeventhAxes said:

October 13th, 9:48 pm

This was my most hyped up game of the year, I’ve been waiting for it since the first time I finished Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune.

After all the hype that went into this game, to the two beta’s that I’ve participated in, after playing the full game and only getting to chapter three, then going on the multi-player, I feel like I’ve cheated Naughty Dog by only paying 60 dollars for this!

Honestly, my friends and I are joking around saying we need to get you guys a couple of Pizza’s!

Thank you, the game is amazing!

Jakeman14 said:

October 14th, 2:23 am

im so exited for U2 im going to play all week! any one to play add me on psn

Zz_BuShi_zZ said:

October 14th, 5:04 am

I got the game yesterday (day one here)…. and what a great game! :o

I first checked the online to see if it’s not an add-on without interest added to a single player game (like it was the case for Overlord 2). WOW! just WOW! I played it for a couple of hours, amazing!

Then I started the story mode, i felt like like in an entirely interactive movie! :)
I can’t wait to get back on it!

I often complain when i’m not happy with a game, so why not the opposite?

Thumbs up! Excellent job there! At the moment, it’s the sequel i was waiting for. ^^

a girl.

jedi_webslinger said:

October 14th, 5:25 am

Bought it yesterday, but i dont have the internet for now, my system firmware is at 2.70 and it requires 2.80, at my surprise i coulnt play the game yesterday, im at my job downloading the software update. Please next time put it on the disc… I just moved and coming back online soon.

THE-D1RTY-77 said:

October 14th, 8:11 am

YEAH!!!! went to the midnight launch and lost a few hours of sleep oogling over the awesome-ness…i was “in like Flynn” lol….

mi33ke said:

October 14th, 8:21 am

I would like more single player dlc, you know, more missions, more treasure to find, more locations. To me its not fair that that you can play the single player campaign for 10-15 hours but you can get 30,40+ hours of multi player, then with dlc maps you can get more hours of playing from that. Games need to be more balance in that aspect. The Motion comic for uncharted 1 is cool but it would be better if we can play thru it.

Gorvi said:

October 14th, 8:21 am

Such an amazing game, you guys went above and beyond all expectations. Now if only my kids would sleep tonight so I can play more than two hours…… :)

SledKnight said:

October 14th, 10:09 am

My question is how come I get the “No Trophies Found for Uncharted Drake’s Fortune” error when I click the Drakes Fortune button in the Uncharted 2 Single player Store…? I have two Platinum Saves and 100% on my synced trophies…

rafifan said:

October 14th, 11:06 am

@SledKnight, make sure you have “ONLY ONE” save from UDF. U2 gets confused with multiple saves. Worked for me.

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