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Oct 15

Oct 15

NEW 250GB PlayStation 3 System Available November 3

Knguyen's Avatar Posted by Marketing Manager, PlayStation 3

Hi everyone! Since we launched the slimmer, lighter 120GB PS3 system, we’ve sold one million units worldwide within the first three weeks. We know that all of you are really making use of the PS3’s hard drive, as more than 600 million pieces of content have been downloaded from PlayStation Network. But if you are the ultimate digital consumer craving a bigger hard drive, we have the perfect solution for you.

Today, we announced the availability of a new PS3 system with a 250GB hard drive hitting store shelves on November 3. The PS3 250GB system has the same slim look, feel and features as the 120GB system, but with a 250GB built-in hard drive for $349.99. With the new, larger capacity, you’ll have even more room to store your favorite games, movies/TV shows, music, photos and PlayStation Network downloads.

250GB PS3

We’ve been saying it for a while now—this year we’ll see the best software lineup to date. What better way to enjoy your PS3 than by playing some of this season’s exclusive PS3 titles such as UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves, Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time, and PlayStation Network downloads like PixelJunk Shooter, Gravity Crash, and Hustle Kings. In addition to the huge software lineup available this holiday, there are 2,300 movies available to download from the PlayStation Network’s video delivery service, with a third of those movies available in full high-definition.

As always, we look forward to hearing your feedback and enjoy!

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MaGNuM69RE said:

October 23rd, 10:02 am

I dont care about the 250gb ps3 i have 500gb ps3 so that the new one looks nice but i have 500 on my ps3

kingofneworleans said:

October 23rd, 2:23 pm


Woofnstuff said:

October 23rd, 3:36 pm

would be great to be able to migrate old ps3 data to new ps3 slim

brijhan0260 said:

October 23rd, 4:38 pm

holy [DELETED] i thought the price was gonna b like $500 or something but its $350!!!!!!! SONY YOU ROCK!!!!!!!

Joker_XVI said:

October 23rd, 4:51 pm

I just upgraded my 80GB to 500GB, will there b another memory upgrade available in the future?

chrisref said:

October 24th, 8:34 am

The only way i’ll ever buy a PS3 is if it can play my PS2 games.

fux0rat0r said:

October 24th, 12:12 pm

Good thing I found this article. I was about to purchase a PS3 slim 120 GB, but now I’ll wait and spend the extra $50 for the 250 GB.

@ all you guys bragging about your launch PS3’s and backwards compatibility:

“I love my 2 chipped PS2’s and my 2 chipped PSX’s, and the 500 GB HDD in my PS2.” Some of us could care less about backwards compatibility. I don’t envy you. You can’t even play backups of PS2 and PS1 games on your uber fantastic PS3’s (and yes I’m talking about legal backups, which we all have the right to use).

PSfan316 said:

October 24th, 2:29 pm

i am getting that.

man_of_steel_83 said:

October 24th, 5:58 pm

i just got my ps3 and now i hear about the ps3 with the 250 gb hard drive…that sux im gonna return mines and just pay the difference and get the 250gb one…

hzhardy said:

October 24th, 8:18 pm

whay waste your time??? just buy a new 500gb westerndigital HD. read your owners manual, it does not void your warranty. laptop hard drives are not expensive at all. it took my playstation 10 minutes to formate my hd for use. all i had to do is download the newest firmware update from tech supports site onto a usb and follow the directions. keep tyour old one though because if you have to send your system for service it might not come back with it. for 115 for can buy WD’s 640gb hd 90 dollars for a 500gb 60 dollars for 320gb.

hzhardy said:

October 24th, 9:27 pm

if you guys don’t beleave me about the warranty read it for yourself at sony’s knowledge base site

jehad98 said:

October 24th, 9:38 pm

without sony life would be boring i need electronics ipods tv’s ps3’s p.s. psp go is amazing

benslancer said:

October 25th, 9:08 am

Hmmm I’m thinking i will swap in a 500g hdd

systems29 said:

October 25th, 6:05 pm

Glad to see all my complaints already represented on this post. We just bought another ps3, three weeks ago. We totally would have waited if we knew we could have gotten another 130 gigs for 50.00. another FAIL! for sony.

killerkerry said:

October 25th, 9:50 pm

wow I bought the first ps3 60 gig and got error code 80010514 a day after warrenty, got a 40 gig from a friend after two weeks we get error code 80010514 again. sending in the 40 to get fixed for $158.tx. Can we get a two year warrenty on these things? the ps1 had and issue. I used to shake mine to work lol, the the ps2, which after awhile I had to turn a certain way and place it unlevel to work. So u see I have been a great customer over time. I am gonna purchase the latest and greatest and I want it to be Sony.

DirkMcGirk said:

October 25th, 10:11 pm

WOW! I bought the first ps3 60 gig for $600.tx and got error code 80010514 a day after warranty, Got a 40 gig from a friend after two weeks we get error code 80010514 again. Sending in the 40 to get fixed for $158.tx. Can we get a two year warranty on these things? The ps1 had and issue. I used to shake mine to work lol, the the ps2, which after awhile I had to turn a certain way and place it unleveled to work. So u see I have been a great customer over time. I am going to purchase the latest and greatest and I want it to be Sony. But I would also like to have a system that works for a few years at this price. You know times are tough enough right now and its nice to relax and play a game system that I chose over the rest.


October 26th, 2:08 pm

Class Action Lawsuit against Sony due to v3.01 system update crashing thousands of PS3s.

” SAN FRANCISCO (CN) – Thousands of Sony PlayStation 3 owners say they downloaded a mandatory software update that irreparably damaged their machines, causing the consoles to freeze and the controllers to stop working. In a federal class action against Sony Computer Entertainment America, disgruntled gamers say their PS3s crashed after they installed Firmware 3.0, which Sony claimed would add “a number of great new features” and “changes that improve navigation on (their) PS3.”
Sony allegedly released another software update several months later that not only failed to cure the problem, but also caused users’ Blu-ray drives to malfunction.
Lead plaintiff John Kennedy says Sony told him it would cost an extra $150 to repair his damaged console after he downloaded the software updates.
Class members demand declaratory relief, compensation and restitution for breach of implied warranty, negligence and unjust enrichment.
They are represented by David Parisi with Parisi & Havens in Sherman Oaks, Calif. “

daddyjmfatf2 said:

October 26th, 7:36 pm

i want 2 no why after 2 short months of the launch of the ps3 slim 120gb, sony decides 2 launch a 250gb system for only $49 more? i have owned the ps2 slim 4 some time now and spent a lot of money on games and etc, that dont work with the ps3 slim,i have been unable 2 locate a 250gb drive online 4 only $49 more. do u think if i send sony a check 4 $49 they will ship me a 250gb drive and install it and copy my old one? NOT………. what iz wrong with these people?

IBDM said:

October 27th, 9:36 pm

My 60 gig broke down a while ago and i want to send it in to get fixed but if it keeps breaking down i dont want to spend $200 everytime. On the other hand i want to get the new 250 gig bundle pack when it comes out. What should i do?

ParasolStars said:

October 28th, 7:54 pm

Oh I think I’m gonna have to get this. My 40gb does get hot because it’s in a tv stand which I have to keep locked because of kids. And it’s on any time the tv is on. Now if Sony just starts having music video downloads I’ll be really happy.

jaguarda said:

October 29th, 2:00 am

I already have it because I’m French and I can assure you that the bundle PS3 slim 250 GO+Uncharted 2 is really great!!! :)

prs6str said:

October 31st, 4:25 pm

As an owner of a PS3 fat that is now blu-ray only broken due to the 3.01 firmware upgrade…I’m going to switch to XBOX 360 with the new MW2 bundle. Since MW2 is a must, I was faced with paying $150 to Sony to fix their firmware on my hw or pay $300 for a new PS3 Slim. Since Sony has been completely irresponsible in owning up to their issue with the current firmware, I will no longer do business with them.

It’s sad because I know the executives at Sony entertainment are well aware of the issue, but they made a business decision to ignore it in hopes that the sales in new PS3 Slims would far outweigh the losses from loyal past fans who determine it’s a Sony issue and chose to not do business with them in the future.

Luis001S said:

November 1st, 10:21 am

In my opinion this is not really a great deal if you already have a ps3 and want to trade it for this one. You can go to best buy and buy a 250GB HDD for about $68 (including tax). And when you add tax, this system comes out to be about $378. So if you just buy a HDD and replace it for your old one it will actually be cheaper than exchanging your whole system.

Raine007 said:

November 1st, 2:13 pm

This was great idea Sony! Now if you could just bring back backward compatibility for PS2 and PS1 games and more usb ports that would be better

chemicalRed said:

November 3rd, 8:48 am

cool…wish i could get it but i just bought the first slim.

LeeisVA said:

November 5th, 8:01 pm

All I would like to know is if Sony is coming out with a special edition ps3 like the lightning edition for the US, so i can know whether or not i should fork out the $500 for the Lightning.

LeeisVA said:

November 5th, 8:05 pm

jakesnake07 said:

November 10th, 5:41 pm

if you have a ps3 system and you buy the new 250gig system is there anyway to transfer your saved data from your previous system to the new system?

johnnyjns said:

November 11th, 5:44 am

Logo a Sony deverá incluir opções de 500GB no PS3 Slim, mas o que eu quero mesmo é o emulador para jogos do PSTwo.

Soon Sony will include options of 500GB PS3 Slim, but what I really want is an emulator for games PSTwo.

Gunwing said:

November 11th, 10:02 am

Regardless the 250GB HDD should be great to intice customers. That and it’s $50.00 cheaper then the Xbox360 250GB model thats going to retail at $400.00 Nice price work for once Sony your making your self not only a cheaper to own option, but a cheaper to get into option as well.

Just please announce the fallowing titles as being added to the Greatest hits line:

Valkyria Chronicles
Resistance 2
Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm
Bioshock (This game has been on the Xbox cheap bin for a while now!)
MotoStorm Pacific Rift
Eternal Sonata (Another long time cheap title on Xbox)

I mean come on most of these were released a year ago. Get with the program Sony! Your console is now priced perfectly, now it’s time to get your best selling games at cheaper prices as well! Get some new Greatest Hits for PS3!

I know a crap load of people who can’t buy the PS3 games they want because they are too expenisve on the platform while the Xbox versions are at least half, or more then a fourth the price!

flamesron said:

November 11th, 3:41 pm

why can’t the new ps3 play ps2 games thats all i want. then it will be perfect cause they used to sell it but now they don’t.:-(

jeanm3306 said:

November 11th, 8:25 pm

when you will you guys learn and release an App Store for the ps3. not something like PSP mini an actual app store.

TheEvilClownMan said:

November 12th, 1:11 pm

I can’t wait until Christmas I getting a PS3 slim


November 13th, 12:34 am

yeah,iam enjoying my 250gig ps3 i had to get best buy to hold it for me because they only had 2 in stock since my 2 year old broke the 40gig i had to upgrade from there and plus i have like 30-36 games so i need the space u know.its well worth it

Kingdalla said:

December 10th, 7:03 pm

Well done Sony for PS3 and thank for bluetooth controller is makes gaming friendly. and your multimedia.

Please upgrade multimedia tab expertialy music and video outline display to display like photo tab, i want to see lots of content with just one click.

upgrade network to take full inbound network connection, so that we shall sent and received files from computer easily.

I want PS3 to be a full multimedia box.

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