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Oct 15

Oct 15

New UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves TV Commercial

Asad Qizilbash's Avatar Posted by Vice President, Marketing, SIEA

I’m hoping that most of you have already bought your copy of UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves and have been burning the midnight oil playing it. We’d love to hear your thoughts on the game.

Today’s post is pretty cool: the reviews and write-ups on the game have been outstanding, so to support the launch of UNCHARTED 2, we are airing another 15-second TV commercial to go with our existing one. You guys are the first to see this new commercial. Hope you enjoy!

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mikemill said:

October 16th, 7:38 am

I have been completely obsessed with this game ever since I picked it up at a midnight launch. I beat the single player campaign in a day and now I’ve been all over the multiplayer. AMAZING GAME

LexDaemon said:

October 16th, 9:07 am

got this thing 3 days before the release date.

hard mode was amazing.

WingReborn said:

October 16th, 9:21 am


jwspiker said:

October 16th, 9:47 am

digital treasure map only has 6 locations, seriously? what a crock.

sirpilf said:

October 16th, 1:35 pm

i wish they showed the buiding collapse, that was such a good first impression at E3, just imagine if they showed it on tv…

Hestar69 said:

October 16th, 4:47 pm

Just finished U2 and man What an amazing game!!!!..Thanks NG and sony and lets see uncharted 3 soon :P.

Ultima12 said:

October 16th, 6:58 pm

Best game ever made!! Seriously!! I hope it sells like mad because anyone who has ever played a video game in their life needs to play Uncharted 2!!!

cjmc18 said:

October 18th, 11:40 am

awsome!!! best 15 seconds spent in mu life!! lol!!

Shrewder said:

October 18th, 6:47 pm

I enjoyed Drakes Fortune a lot. Among Thieves delivers in the way The Empire Strikes Back delivered in the continuation of A New Hope. The Naughty Dog team has created enjoyable experiences in each game mode.

Naughty Dog deserves a nice respite. I fully support the time the team needs to work on the follow-up. I do hope Naughty Dog has some multi-player DLC in the works.

Thanks, Naughty Dog and Sony. The praise is well deserved.

nickert0n said:

October 19th, 6:41 am

This game is the Greatest Game ever made in all ways!

All perfect, I Freaking Love it and am sad that the story is now over, but I will be playing it again and again to Platinum this sexy thing.

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