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Oct 16

Oct 16

First Look at the God of War Collection Trailer!

John Hight's Avatar Posted by Director of Product Development, Santa Monica Studio

You know it’s coming and now you can have a sneak peek at the God of War Collection. Available this November – just in time for the holidays — fans and newcomers to the franchise will be able to experience the epic journey that is God of War and God of War II on the PlayStation 3 for the first time remastered in full HD resolution on a single Blu-ray Disc. Both critically acclaimed games (originally developed for the PS2) will include 2X anti-aliased graphics running at 60 frames per second for an ultra smooth gameplay experience on the PS3. PlayStation Network trophy support will also be included – a first for the series. Take a look…

And don’t forget, the God of War Collection will also include a PSN voucher code for the God of War III E3 2009 Demo. So don’t miss your chance to check out God of War III before it hits store shelves in March 2010.

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Michelasso said:

October 17th, 5:13 am

All right, I downloaded the video and played it on my SD 4:3 tv. One can actually see an improvement (and better it should be in an HD tv). Still I expected some more rework on the polygons and textures. My reason to buy it is that I don’t have yet GOW II.

So I have a question: does it support the 4:3 format as well like in the PS2 games?

WoodrowShigeru said:

October 17th, 5:34 am

“And don’t forget, the God of War Collection will also include a PSN voucher code for the God of War III E3 2009 Demo.”

again this stupidity! Why give the demo to people who most likely will already buy the game GOW3 instead of giving it away for free to those who are still on the fence?

remanutd5 said:

October 17th, 8:25 am

woodrowshigeru i dont see your point here man , why insult them when they are just doing business?? they want to give more incentives to the people to get the God of War Collection , there will most likely be a public demo but they are letting you know that if you want to be among the first to play the demo getting the Collection is your best bet , theres a lot of people who havent played the previous games yet and this collection is the key to make them experience what is in my opinion the best action franchise of all time , i hope there will be a public demo so anyone with a ps3 can play it.

AceBeeDee said:

October 17th, 8:37 am

i dont know, i read all the blog comments and im still not sure where i can go to see this trailer in HD…because so many people were asking OTHER QUESTIONS…enough of this authorised official reply BS…grow a pair and answer some questions, like about the trophies and the GOW III collectors edition that people have asked.

undertaker3871 said:

October 17th, 9:48 am

great idea!!!! I hope look better that the original and h I hope bring a lote of extras because really GOD OF WAR it’s a great game

Bizdady said:

October 17th, 9:51 am

Dont believe the naysayers!! I Downloaded the HD 1080p version and it looks amazing running on my 50inch 1080p Plasma with surround sound going! Day 1 purchase here!! Big upgrade for sure from ps2 versions!!

judebeank said:

October 17th, 11:51 am

never played a god of war game so this is a must have for me since i hear there one of sonys best exclusives

XCrownedClownX said:

October 17th, 1:05 pm

Regarding trophies for this… would there be one trophy list shared between the two games or would each game have an individual trophy list?

TheRealZANGETSU said:

October 17th, 1:27 pm

GOW GOW GOW!!!!!!!! is it tru that this will be out on the 19th of Nov?Long time reader first time poster.U guys that run the PS blog spit some really HoT fire thank U!!! peace 2u & yours.

sscoolChea said:

October 17th, 3:42 pm


sscoolChea said:

October 17th, 3:46 pm

this is how you do a remix


Pelt_Hunter said:

October 17th, 3:49 pm

I never finished 2. Nothing could be a better reason than both masterpieces on one disc with bonus features. Sounds like a dream come true and Sony is finally starting to look like the giant it once was in the videogame scene. Love it.

    John Hight's Avatar

    Ken Chan said:

    October 19th, 11:56 am

    All due to fans like you asking for it. Now you can finish GOW II in full HD and Trophy support!

PullusPardusUS said:

October 17th, 8:26 pm

i cant wait to listen to “The Vengeful Spartan” in HD xD

solo013 said:

October 17th, 8:46 pm

I never got around to picking up the first 2 GOW games even though I’ve been itching to. Can’t wait to get this.

ram_theone said:

October 17th, 9:10 pm


Will the copies of GoW Collection in Mexico have the code for the demo of GoW III? When inFAMOUS came out in Mex, no copy had the code for the Uncharted 2 Beta. (That I know..)

BD_Mr_Bubbles said:

October 17th, 9:50 pm

Definite buy, especially since I never got around to playing 2.

Zeroverse91 said:

October 17th, 10:27 pm

will we be able to use the voucher on the same day it comes out and will there be a expiration time

    John Hight's Avatar

    Ken Chan said:

    October 19th, 11:44 am

    Voucher for download will be available the same day as GOW Collection release

acowboy11 said:

October 18th, 2:21 pm

nathan19569 said:

October 18th, 7:20 pm

so the demo isn’t included on the disk?

    John Hight's Avatar

    Ken Chan said:

    October 19th, 11:42 am

    The GOW III E3 Demo is included in the GOW Collection disc. Pre-Ordering will ensure that you get GOW Collection on day 1


October 18th, 7:51 pm

This was already a first day purchase for me, before downloading and watching the 1080p version I just downloaded. Amazing. Although like the other people here I’d like to know if the trophies will be split up or as one long list (which would be really annoying). Thanks!

Hexperience said:

October 19th, 9:00 am

The email from playstation.sony.com says you get the demo with a PRE-ORDER of the collection… what’s up with that?

They have said a number of times that it’s included in the collection and never mentioned that it was for pre-orders!!!!

    John Hight's Avatar

    Ken Chan said:

    October 19th, 11:43 am

    Sorry for the confusion. GOW III E3 Demo is included in GOW Collection. Pre-Ordering will ensure that you get GOW Collection on day 1

Hexperience said:

October 19th, 9:02 am

Here’s the title of the email… it’s a bit confusing…

“Want the God of War III E3 demo? Preorder God of War Collection today”


    John Hight's Avatar

    Ken Chan said:

    October 19th, 11:38 am

    The GOW III E3 Demo Voucher for PS Store download will be included inside GOW Collection

Hexperience said:

October 19th, 9:06 am

Here’s the title of the email…

“Want the God of War III E3 demo? Preorder God of War Collection today”

It’s worded a little badly… does that mean you HAVE to pre-order????

    John Hight's Avatar

    Ken Chan said:

    October 19th, 11:39 am

    Not at all. The GOW III E3 Demo Voucher for PS Store download will be included inside GOW Collection

PhoenixP3K said:

October 19th, 12:07 pm


From what I’m reading the Demo will have to DOWNLOADED, using the Voucher code inside the GOW Collection.

Still, considering it’s the E3 demo (meaning they’re not still working or tweaking it). I don’t see why it doesn’t make use of the Blu-ray limitless* storage space.

*sarcasms not required

striguy89 said:

October 19th, 1:41 pm

I own both games, play them on my ps3, and honestly, I couldn’t tell a difference between this and the old PS2 copies. Even after viewing it in HD. This may have made me change my mind about buying it.

But I’m definitely getting GOW3. March couldn’t look so far away.

Maluraq said:

October 19th, 3:18 pm

To those who can’t see the quality difference between the old games and the HD version, your brain is probably extrapolating from the old version and you’re not really remembering what a 480p game looks like in visual quality.

While God of War 1 & 2 were visually stunning on the PS2, compared to the visuals for 3 they’re quite grainy and static.

I remember thinking that my new PS2 racing games didn’t look /that/ much better than those on my old N64, until I actually plugged it back in and realized what it actually looked like again.

However, my apologies to those with poor vision who are actually incapable of seeing the difference.

ScorpioN912 said:

October 19th, 5:46 pm

Would it be possible to show some screens of GoW running in 480p on a PS2, GoW running on a backwards compatible PS3, and the new GoW Collection screens, for comparison?

Deeloc26 said:

October 19th, 7:29 pm


John_Oval said:

October 19th, 8:41 pm

The only thing that sucks about this is the wait…im refusing to play my ps2 copies since I want to have it a somewhat nostalgic and fresh experience when it comes out on ps3

tenshin78 said:

October 20th, 9:36 am

So I just pause a scene in the Trailer and then go to God of War and play it, this is what I see:
Both GOW and GOW2 look amazing on their original versions, I have my ps2 plugged sing a component RGB cable, the best image you can get from a ps2, but there are some image tearing and the pixels looks fat, running the progressive scan makes the colors brighter and the images sharpen.
In the Trailer there are no pixels to be seen, the antialias shows A LOT if you compare images next to original PS2, the colors have another notch, this could be because the HDMI pixel perfect color conversion.
No image tearing I could see from the scenes in the trailer and everything looks sharp and clear.

The comparison allows me to say that this remastering looks almost like some nice looking games from the PSN, not a full HD PS3 game like Metal Gear or the next God of War, but if nice graphics you are looking and an upgrade from the PS2 that is what you will get.
On a side note, God of War is so good that playing it for this experiment makes me want to play both games all over again, but I will wait cause I will for sure buy this sweet collection.

iyaoyas75 said:

October 26th, 7:39 pm

I absolutely love the God Of War series…I am a huge fan and I already own them for PS2…but what I truly dislike is the path that Sony is taking. Here is my take and of course this is my own opinion NO ONE here has to like it.

[Rant]1st of all you take away my Backwards Compatibility(I really hate this BTW!!!) I owned a 1st gen 60gb PS3 that got the YLD!!! Now I have a 160gb PS3 NON-BC and I still own about 60 PS2 games.

I am extremely upset at the fact that you now are selling me games that I have in my collection already, just to play them on my ps3. What I foresee in the future is ps2 games being “Remastered” and sold to me AGAIN!!! I don’t see the point(Except to make MORE MONEY) just give me Backward Compatibility again and I have all the “Remastered” PS2 games I need.[/Rant]

niall68 said:

October 28th, 4:31 am

Will God of War Collection include subtitles options? ‘Cos it was unplayable for Deaf & Hard of hearing Gamers to follow story line of God & God 2.

If it doesn’t come with subtitles, will they provide a subtitles patch for this God of War Collection?

‘Cos I’d like to play these games as I was told that it was critically aclaimed by reviewers

adpatel said:

October 31st, 9:55 pm

Oh my god, I just hope I dont get by brain fried from being so happy to see that all 3 god of war are coming to PS3. I really do feel bad for the lame xbox people sorry you don’t get it lol.

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