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Oct 19

Oct 19

Coming to PSN this Week: Oddworld PSone Classics

Lorne Lanning's Avatar Posted by Co-founder & Creative Director, Oddworld Inhabitants

OMG! Our baby’s come home! Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee and Oddworld: Abe’s Exodus PSone Classics are both available on the PlayStation Store for only $9.99 each starting Thursday, October 22.

It was only about six years ago that I told our agent at the time, “Larry, don’t you get it!? Our classic Abe games are history. The systems that played them are gone and they aren’t coming back. Ours is a disposable medium and we don’t have a Turner Classics channel.” He looked at me with this defeated expression and said, “Dude, that’s the most depressing thing I’ve ever heard you say.” He believed me, and I too believed it at the time.

Six years later and I have to admit it’s great being proved wrong.

We couldn’t have been more thrilled when we learned that the PlayStation Network was willing to offer our classic Abe games to an entirely new generation of gamers. Finally, gamers who never got the chance to meet and play him when he first came out on the PSone system, will now get that chance to meet the guy who graced many magazine covers and proved the unlikely hero that captured people’s hearts.

Oddworld Abe 1

We poured years of our lives into both Abe games as part of the love affair that we had with the original PSone system. It was our first character and story to be developed by our new company and I had promised Sherry McKenna, Oddworld CEO, that we would create characters that even she would love. Characters that would make her laugh and that she could be proud of, even though she didn’t care about games. (To this day, Abe is still her favorite)

Gaming seemed such a blank slate of possibilities back then. It was an early super-cool medium with which we could start telling stories of our own. We wanted characters living through stories that might inspire people while still enabling them many hours of challenge and entertainment. We wanted to integrate the best of our previous trade from the visual effects field to delve deeper into the storytelling potential with this exciting, rapidly evolving interactive medium.

We also wanted characters whose score was kept by their karma, not by their number of kills.

We started with Abe, the little chump trapped by the dark side of globalization who would need to find his way (and his soul) through a vast landscape of relentless hazards. He was to be the lovable hero trying to survive heavily armed idiots and hungry critters of the carnivorous kind.

He was designed to cause as many laughs as he would accomplishments, and we wanted him to be remembered.

Oddworld Abe 2

Now here we are today and because of SCEA and PSN, Abe’s goofy face and doofy walk are finding their way back into gamers’ homes once again. Abe finds a new generation of gamers on PSN, but this time it’s without the costly price of a physically distributed box product, which means Abe is now able to find his way at a ridiculously low price.

We can’t help but feel like Abe is our lost child who has finally returned home. He’s still healthy, he’s still happy, and if you read the forums lately…still holding up after all these years.

Thank you, Sony. (sniffle) You brought our baby home. (sobs)

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UnholierThanThou said:

October 19th, 11:42 pm

@mister1337: Your ceaseless griping about not having Dissidia on the PSN was bad enough when it was limited to EVERY post on the blog (be it related, or not), but now you have blasphemed against Abe, Oddworld and its Inhabitants. This is a dire offense. Do you realize how much Dissidia SUCKS compared to ANY of the Oddworld games? Obviously not, as it is painfully apparent that you are merely a FF fanboy of the LOWEST caliber who will mindlessly lick anything off of Square Enix’s floor so long as it has Cloud or Sephiroth in it. Please do everyone who enjoys this blog a favor and take your complaints to the proper place: Square Enix! AND I’m not giving you a link! Go Google it! Do something more constructive by contacting the company responsible, let them be the target of your SPAM-like assault, and let us enjoy this space without your negativity! To the dudes and dudettes at Oddworld Inhabitants: YOU GUYS ROCK!!! Thanks for the memories and the GREAT games!!! With you since the beginning!!! :)

    Lorne Lanning's Avatar

    Lorne Lanning said:

    October 20th, 11:06 pm

    Wow. This one is like watching someone else get slapped while you\’re simultaneously being kissed. I think I like it.

Wolf26pack said:

October 19th, 11:49 pm

Hey Lorne,

I just wanted to say that I too remember playing Oddworld:Abe’s Oddysee and still have it on my shelf for the PS1. I never got to actually play the 2nd one, Oddworld:Abe’s Exodus so I am excited that I will have the opportunity to finally play thru one of the great classic series that was born on the PS1. In fact my favorite & funniest memory of Abe’s Oddysee is the alternate ending if you killed all your friends instead of saving them. I just didn’t see that coming and it gave me a great laugh of the fate I ended up with.

Lastly I would like to say I support your effort in bringing as much Abe as you can to the PSN including the XBOX versions and any HD versions you can bring over. I am not sure what you mean in your other comment about “being born again in the worst possible way” but hopefully with time you will grow out of it and will thrive just like you did in the PS1 days.

Good Luck & Keep Up the Good Work

    Lorne Lanning's Avatar

    Lorne Lanning said:

    October 20th, 11:07 pm

    What I mean is, where we\’re headed is is demented enough that its got issues.

UnholierThanThou said:

October 20th, 12:16 am

OMG, Lorne!!! I still have the first PlayStation Underground disc that has the demo on it, I just put it in my PS3 Slim and it still works on this hardware!!! OMGOMGOMG, I was just playing it and I cannot WAIT until next week!!! Do you have any suggestions on how to set up the custom controls on PSP for optimal ease and functionality of use of the shoulder buttons? In other words, where do you think we should map L1, L2, R1 and R2 to on the PSP? You think using the D-pad would play well?

rafifan said:

October 20th, 12:21 am

Wow what nostalgia! The Oddworld games started it all for me and made me dive headlong into the world of adventure gaming. Absolutely inventive and brilliant pieces of game design that I still occasionally pop into my PS3 to rescue “one more mudokon..one more..” Am absolutely thrilled to know that there could be more games coming from the same minds including perhaps an Abe venture with co-op!!
Welcome back Lorne!

KevCity89 said:

October 20th, 12:25 am

I really hope the PSN brings out the Megaman’s X4-X6 games. Those were really good Playstation titles

Enigma777 said:

October 20th, 12:33 am

Greatness! I shall be purchasing them ASAP!

Also, to add to all the begs, I will give you my right leg (or left, if that’s your preference) if you bring Stranger’s Wrath to the PS3. Pretty please!!

Long live OW!

    Lorne Lanning's Avatar

    Lorne Lanning said:

    October 20th, 11:13 pm

    Hmmm. Got a picture of that leg?

jibailey said:

October 20th, 12:59 am

i had odyssey and exoddus but they got stolen by skag heads :(

deded said:

October 20th, 1:26 am

Nice post Mr Lanning and great to see OW back on Playstation, they are amazing and original games, looking forward to replaying them.

PS. If you do manage to crowbar Stranger’s Wrath onto PSN, put some leftie stick controls in for us southpaws huh? I bought SW on Xbox when it first launched but couldn’t actually play it due to my bizarre ‘birth-defect’ – ahem. High speed shooting + Rt handed controls = looking at the floor a lot instead of aiming. I still have it now – it watches me and tuts occasionally. Thanks chap. :)

beastilyone said:

October 20th, 1:53 am

This was the first game i played on my first console :P, i remember fun times with this game. Thanks for bringing it to the PSN and i hope for a great next gen abe

GekooktEi said:

October 20th, 1:55 am

Oddworld returns to its roots :D

Any chance of Stranger’s Wrath and Munch’s Oddysee coming to PSN too, aka the whole “Oddbox” that’s coming to STEAM?

Because the chances of me buying Abe are not that big, because I don’t really have much money and I played the games for a long time already :) But Munch and Stranger never released for the Playstation platforms, so I never had the chance to play them…

spatsnaz said:

October 20th, 2:39 am

Wonderful news. I hope us lowly europeans get these aswell!

Tridon said:

October 20th, 2:50 am

Sweet. Hopefully we can eventually see Abe’s Xbox-exclusive adventures one day, too.

twooh said:

October 20th, 3:04 am

Abe’s Oddysee holds a special place in my heart. Though I vow not to give Oddworld Inhabitants my hard earned cash anymore due to the xbox deal and leaving us 1st come true fans out. I did rent a xbox and Munch’s Odyssey back in the day to beat the game. Though I have yet to play Strangers Wrath.

Why would you take money from M$ for this Lorne? Aren’t fans/loyalty more important? Guess not. Now you see this as a cash cow and act as if you still value fans. It’s truly the $ you value as you have no heart for fans.

    Lorne Lanning's Avatar

    Lorne Lanning said:

    October 20th, 11:18 pm

    Time to clear something up. We never took money beyond what it cost to finish the game. Period. Some things are not what they appeared to be, regardless of those comics that illustrated the contrary.

plaztiksyke said:

October 20th, 3:41 am

While this is extremely exciting to me, I have to say I’m still disappointed.

The price point for the existing PS1 games is far too much, given the poor graphics scaling onto large HDTVs. The open source PS1 emulators that I play under Linux look and sound *much* better. (Why Sony doesn’t include some of those same filtering technologies, like SmartFlt and HQ3x, I don’t know.)

While I appreciate the need to fund ports of the XBox titles (some of my favorites) on the backs of the classics, and I would have gladly paid $10 for a recompiled version that used the original lossless audio assets and the PC quality art assets, a straight-up emulation is not worth $10 to me. (Especially since the disc version is pretty easy to find for less than $2.)

I hope that the next Oddysey released puts a little more effort in, even if it means a slightly higher price point.

Keep up the good work!

SwiftRyu said:

October 20th, 5:01 am

Lorne, you are a living legend. The Oddworld games were so far ahead of other games when they were released and still stand up pretty good today. When many developers were still making cutesy characters collecting coins and other items, you and Oddworld Inhabitants had created a dystopian view of life outside our solar system brimming with human rights issues and crooked politics.

The quality of the stories and places Abe went were staggering, making a strong impression on a younger me. You managed to keep gamers totally enthralled in your stories and I remember the end of Exoddus getting me super excited for another Abe game which never arrived unfortunately. I also loved how you guys managed to vastly improve on the gameplay from the first game in just a year. Most devs struggle to improve upon sequels in a couple of ways, you just blew us all out of the water with Exoddus.

I am very much looking forward to whatever you create next and its great to hear you’re still enthusiastic for gaming. Oh and please don’t rule out a 3rd Abe side-scrolling game. That was Oddworld in its prime and I’d dearly love to see it return.

Thanks for the great games and memories!

    Lorne Lanning's Avatar

    Lorne Lanning said:

    October 20th, 11:25 pm

    Wow. Thanks for the smile on my face.

SnowboardZombie said:

October 20th, 6:05 am

that’s odd. I was just thinking that I wish this would be put up…like last night I swear.

I still have the disk, but it’s scratched and I can’t get past a certain part. This is a lil’ bit silly I have to say.

ABcasidios said:

October 20th, 6:28 am

Congratulations from Spain, the industry wins a lot with Oddworld’s reborn. Good luck

rigo_999 said:

October 20th, 6:32 am

it very old game i like it. it very smart and cool game. have fun

lonewolf1994 said:

October 20th, 6:41 am

holy crap this game scared the crap out of me when i first played it on ps1 xD never got to finish it

    Lorne Lanning's Avatar

    Lorne Lanning said:

    October 20th, 11:30 pm

    I hear ya! It scared the crap out of us when we quite our real jobs to build it.

MadmanButter said:

October 20th, 6:59 am

I’ve got to ask! (Hopefully you’re still there to answer LL haha!)

Is this coming to the UK PSN store as well?

    Lorne Lanning's Avatar

    Lorne Lanning said:

    October 20th, 11:32 pm

    Hopefully, but that\’s a PSN decision. Fingers crossed.

TheRealZANGETSU said:

October 20th, 7:18 am


Predator3600 said:

October 20th, 7:35 am

I just want to say Lorne you guys Rock these games where by far one of my favorites, all of them really, and I hear that there is a possibility of a new game…But I have to know, if you where to make another game would you make it based around Abe again or our new friend stranger?

    Lorne Lanning's Avatar

    Lorne Lanning said:

    October 20th, 11:35 pm

    I hope to build more games with each of the heroes, burt am not in a hurry. In the meantime, we needed to try something extremely different. That needs to be accomplished before we return to new freshly brewed oddworld games. Hope to announce something soon.


October 20th, 8:12 am

meh 10? make it $6

Bigneen004 said:

October 20th, 8:18 am

I’m pretty excited to see Abe coming to the PSN! I’ve missed the little guy.

Being a PSone game, I’ll be able to transfer this to my PSP right? If so, that sounds like a [SCORE] to me! Great game to have on the go!

jessterswan said:

October 20th, 8:39 am

who should i send the pics to??

Kotonoha5 said:

October 20th, 8:43 am

I grew up with Abe’s Exoddus, which I have played through 10 times to date. 8 times on PS1, once on PSP (via POPStation and during which I finally saved 300 :D) and once on the PC copy via Steam. PS1 and PSP were by far the more enjoyable platform, so congratulations on your PSN release :)

I’m also looking forward to Munch’s Oddysee and Stranger on Steam :D, but one question – will there be improved texture quality and remastered videos? It just won’t be the same experience if we have to play at SD TV resolution :(

Also while you’re reading comments, it’s about time the file specifications for the graphics files in AE were released – lots of people, myself included, want to make a level editor and/or remake the game engine :)

    Lorne Lanning's Avatar

    Lorne Lanning said:

    October 20th, 11:46 pm

    Our first stage in this is just getting the classic games on digital distrbution so that people can experience them again, and for the first time. Later down the road, we might do \”redux\” and amp aspects of them up.

Nactous1 said:

October 20th, 8:45 am

Mr. Lanning, I take my hat off to you.

I was introduced to Oddworld for the first time in Christmas of 2001. Out of three brothers that were stll into gaming, I was the only one who had recieved a GameCube for Christmas, the other two had Xboxs(got one years later). With said Xbox one brother had Halo and the other Munch’s Oddysee, oh yes I picked Munch over Halo to play that Christmas break. Then in 2005 I pre-orded Stranger’s Wrath from a retailer and recieved the disc with all of the cutscenes from all three previous games and was delighted with what I saw, even to the point that I made my parents sit and watch them with me. Stranger’s Wrath turned out to be the only game I wanted for my birthday, and wow it was worth it. When I heard how EA screwed you guys over I was angry, then saddened by the announcement that you guys wouldnt be making games anymore. With the announcement of these two games on the PSN I am excited to finaly get the chance to play all the Oddworld games and hope one day well all be able to go home to the Odd with a new installment. Until then, stay classy Mr. Lanning…

P.S. How is Citizen Siege coming along?

    Lorne Lanning's Avatar

    Lorne Lanning said:

    October 21st, 12:00 am

    Citizen Siege is on hold. Sorry about that, but our lovely USofA\’s financial apocalypse required it. Still, its the story I most want to tell in my life and fortunately its still in our control. There\’s a very deep passion to complete this project and tell this story, but we want to produce it for less money so we can more freely express our more radically creative perspectives. It\’s an expensive world, and the more something costs, the more others who don\’t share your vision will have a say in what the outcome will be.

mrdeadhead said:

October 20th, 10:22 am

i’d totally buy these if i didn’t still have my original copies. those were two games i refused to let people borrow so wouldn’t risk losing them.

mrdeadhead said:

October 20th, 10:33 am

oh, and does this mean we may be getting some Oddworld avatars?

i wouldn’t mind being Abe, i wouldn’t mind at all.

Trieloth said:

October 20th, 11:27 am

OMG! Iam so getting these games ASAP! Thanks!

improperlyaged said:

October 20th, 11:55 am

wow nice but ummmmm “ONLY” 9.99. wasnt jack tretton quoted like 4 yrs ago as saying psone classics are 5.99. amazing how so many games are being given that premium pricing. and dont get me the oddworld series are good games but premium they are not. i mean do they do not belong up there with final fantasy 7 and metal gear solid. hey if u like them though u should get them cuz i wont lie they are good games that offer great fun. i’m just a little concerned with sony’s pricing strategy as of late it pretty much seems to be to squeeze every last dollar they can out of the customers. i mean 9.99 psone classics, friggin minis selling for 4.99 – 9.99. wtf? the only thing going down is the ps3, go figure!

aevahh said:

October 20th, 11:59 am

It’s really great to see some classic Oddworld being brought back. Can’t wait for the release of Citizen Siege and everything else you guys have in the works!

BojTrek1 said:

October 20th, 12:06 pm

I will be downloading both games this week, I cannot wait!

I remember playing the Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee demo over and over… it was just such a beautiful looking game. I could not wait to buy the game.

I loved the first two games on PS1 and really enjoyed Munch on the original X-Box. I did not like Stranger’s game.

So, my question to Lorne… if he answers… why not allow someone to create another 2D scroller with Abe and maybe Munch for PSN and X-Box 360 with trophies and achievements?

Or why don’t you make a new 2D game in the Oddworld Universe?

    Lorne Lanning's Avatar

    Lorne Lanning said:

    October 21st, 12:03 am

    To answer your question… we\’re open to the idea of others running with the 2 1/2 D games if the right team were doing it.

Spyroluver88 said:

October 20th, 12:24 pm

It’s funny but my friend and I were both lamenting the fact that Oddworld hadn’t come to the PSN a few weeks ago! We were hoping since they were both Greatest Hits that they would eventually make their appearance some day. I am very happy you decided to bring Abe back home where he belongs(on the PlayStation). Even though I have both games still in great condition, I will be purchasing both games Day 1 for my shiny new PSP go!! I haven’t forgotten how fun they were to play and I look forward to revisiting Oddworld. Thanks!!!!!!:D

Spyroluver88 said:

October 20th, 12:25 pm

Hurry UP, THURSDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

xombi242 said:

October 20th, 1:48 pm

I’m buying these. Digital is always a plus when you don’t want to accidentally damage the original disks ;)

So when ‘s the next installment of the Oddworld Franchise? And what’s the word on Citizen Siege?

tylerdurden30 said:

October 20th, 2:05 pm

When I saw this blog I about passed out. Its finally come to the PSN and like the rest of the fans I am so thankful to see these titles available again. Kudos to everyone involved in the process to get Abe on the PSN.

Den_of_Iniquity said:

October 20th, 2:46 pm

whoooooooooo finally oddworld on psn. I will be getting this asap.

wolfzero1 said:

October 20th, 4:22 pm

yay, Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee was the first game I got when I got my PS & played it numerous times, ever since it was announced for the PSN I’ve made sure to keep enough in my wallet to buy them. I hope you find a way to get Munch & Stranger’s Wrath on the PSN also.

GT5SSR said:

October 20th, 6:13 pm

holy foggy green farts badman

GT5SSR said:

October 20th, 6:28 pm

Iwanna abe psn avitar

Shishimo9000 said:

October 20th, 7:17 pm

Wow, and here i thought this game was one of my own personal favorites that not many played. I’m glad to see there were this amny fans of the games! I played this game years ago when it first came out a friend had it and i thought it was amazing i later bought it myself and then the sequel and i still own the copies to this day and will definitely buy the psn copies to support your awesome company and have portable versions of the games!

sorakey said:

October 20th, 7:39 pm

YESSSSSSSS THANK YOUUUUUU MY ODDWORLD GAME BROKE AND I’VE BEEN DYING TO PLAY IT!!!!!!!!!!!! Abe was my favorite video game character when I was little my whole family new him as the alien that would fart lol

Mr_Antimatter said:

October 20th, 8:43 pm

The Oddworld games will forever have some of the best art direction of any game ever.

It was a shame to see the series leave the playstation back in the day, as Munch was something I followed for months and months. Still have the first test videos on the ol’ hard drive.

If I didn’t already own these two classics, I’d buy them in a heartbeat. I was sad when oddworld seemingly left the industry, as it meant we may never see the conclusion to the grand arc you guys where building up.

I’d love to see a HD, 2d or 2.5 D game. With all the modern tech, you could do some crazy stuff with puzzle design, and really let your art department run wild with the designs.

Ether way, great to have Abe nack, if just for the rerelease. Here’s hopping new gamers rediscover these games, and fall in love with Abe all over again.

PS. The Hand of Odd. I cried when that was canceled =(

Gr00v3r06 said:

October 20th, 9:01 pm

Great Thanks Lorne. I am looking to being able to play them at home and on the go whenever I turn on my PS3 or PSP. Good to hear from you again and look forward to hearing in the future.

MidnightBlues said:

October 20th, 9:17 pm

My PS3 has broken down due to faulty hardware. My Blu-ray drive has stopped working and while updating the firmware it now freezes halfway through every time in an endless loop…. restarts and freeze. The error message says contact technical support but technical support only tells me that I have to pay $150 to get it fixed. Only a few monthes out of warrenty.

I hope that the ps3 slim will drop in price now that the 120GB is coming out and hopefully you wont just charge more than $300 for the 120GB. If that happens and there is no price drop I am done with sony and will not buy another ps3 now or ever. I am not going to waste more of my money. I miss being able to enjoy games at my own conveniance but now that has been taken from and its not worth $300 just to maintain that. I think sony should take care of me, take my ps3 plus $100 and send me a new freaking one… that will not lose you revenue and you can actually make more money as I will start buying games again.

StrykerIsland said:

October 20th, 11:11 pm

Excellent news!

My wife and I were huge fans of the first 2 Oddworld games on PSone, and never had the opportunity to try out the later sequels because of the platform they landed on.

Here’s hoping the PSN re-release is successful, and that there is enough incentive to release Munch and Stranger on PSN as well. I still own the PSone games, but I would definitely jump at the opportunity to pick up Munch and Stranger if you brought them to the network.

Keep up the great work, great to hear there’s more Oddworld in the pipeline!

goatgolem4 said:

October 21st, 1:20 am


randyphx said:

October 21st, 3:19 am

Man I can’t wait to get my hands on these great games, I lost the orignals I had. I would have to say these were funnest mind games I have ever played. :)

MadmanButter said:

October 21st, 5:48 am

Thanks for the reply LL :)

Hopefully SCEE will let us have it then. Everytime I ask on the EU blog they just blame the publishers and say “it’s nothing to do with us”…. But this time thats not the case if it’s down to the PSN.

Thanks again dude.

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