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Oct 19

Oct 19

Welcome to the PlayStation Nation

Jack Tretton's Avatar Posted by President & CEO

Nearly half a million of you purchased a PS3 in September. Amazing. Welcome to the PlayStation Nation and to what will be one of our best holidays yet.

We are in the midst of one of the most exciting times for PlayStation as we continue to redefine entertainment experiences for consumers, both at home and on the go. Over the past few weeks we’ve launched several game-changers such as the sleek 120GB PS3 at a new price point of $299. We’ve also introduced more storage capacity with the 250GB PS3, debuting November 3 at $349. We’ve made unprecedented strides in digital and mobile entertainment with the availability of PSPgo. Last week we launched the critically acclaimed UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves which is receiving rave reviews. The best part is that we’ve only just begun an onslaught of relentless, rich content hitting throughout the fiscal year, including Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time, God of War III, MAG, and ModNation Racers.

We’re also seeing tremendous response to the great value of the newer, slimmer, lighter 120GB PS3 system, which surpassed its one million unit mark worldwide just after three weeks on shelves. In NPD Group‘s September 2009 video game sales data, released today, the PS3 ranked as the top console sold for the month, beating out all our competitors. It was also the only hardware platform to realize an increase of 112% when compared to the same period last year.

PS3G box left angle

The PSPgo is driving additional momentum for the entire PSP platform. In its first three days on store shelves, top retail partners experienced a 300 percent lift in overall PSP hardware sales compared to the previous week. During this time, the PlayStation Network also experienced the largest number of downloads ever for a single week period. In addition, the new 250GB PS3 will provide the ample storage needed for what is expected to be a big Blu-ray holiday with blockbuster releases like Transformers 2, Star Trek and Hangover. And we’re continuing to stack the chips this holiday with great game content including God of War Collection, LittleBigPlanet – Game of the Year Edition as well as popular third party titles like Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Assassin’s Creed 2.

If you haven’t already experienced UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves for yourself, this is a must-have this season. The Naughty Dog team has delivered a truly visually stunning and immersive game that is clearly only possible on the PS3. It has garnered an average review score of 96 with over 64 perfect scores by game reviewers. This game promises to be a system seller for PlayStation and we couldn’t be more pleased.

There simply has never been a better time to be part of the PlayStation family and we look forward to providing you with the best entertainment content and experience for many, many years to come.

Jack Tretton

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joostin said:

October 20th, 8:21 am

@198 it is called VidZone. It’s a great service thus far, but only available in something like 8 EU nations. Word has it, it will be heading to NA within 2010, so here’s to hoping.

ps. it is 100% free. Google it for some info.

joostin said:

October 20th, 8:26 am

@199 unfortunately this is a proven sales technique used by Sony Computer Entertainment. It is called “Early Adopter Syndrome” lol. If you are a fanboy or have your eye on the tech pie all the time then you will buy the PSP Go right out of the gates to justify their $250 price tag. Just like Early Adopters helped carry SOny through the first 2 years of the PS3 launch. Then Sony can work down their manufacturing/marketing costs and pass the savings to the end user later down the road. Ie. PS3 Slim, PSP Slim…PSP Go Slim? lol

People will always pay high prices for new Sony products. You can argue with me all you want, but they are the ones with the proven track record.

robotros said:

October 20th, 9:01 am

Jack is my hero.

He really is. I wish I could get my hands and some swag signed by Jack.

TwinDad said:

October 20th, 9:06 am

“We’ve made unprecedented strides in digital and mobile entertainment with the availability of PSPgo.”

Really? Is this “Spin Control” for the sales of PSP 3000 were up over 300% for the month of september? Yea I was right, see below.

“The PSPgo is driving additional momentum for the entire PSP platform.”

However, Good to hear that sales of the PS3 were up this month, finally broke the 8 month downward trend. I’m happy with mine, and hopefully more and more 3rd parties sign up to develop for the PS3 format.

NelsonXVCT said:

October 20th, 9:24 am


lol I am not even American, but Canadian =]


October 20th, 9:43 am

sweet. I’m an OG member being on the bandwagon since launch. I look forward to the PS having the games I want to play , as always.

sTaB_u_N_uR_i said:

October 20th, 9:44 am

Im with you 203.

A note to Jeff, what are the chances of having some kind of PSblog contest or give away where the prize could be a signed ps3 slim by a Mr. Jack Tretton.

(with canadians able to enter the contest/give away)

VenomUK said:

October 20th, 9:46 am

Jack – what’s your PSN ID?!

An4564 said:

October 20th, 9:50 am

i wish i hadthe money to buy the pspgo i want it so bad and uncharted as well

An4564 said:

October 20th, 9:52 am

oh yeah i also forgot to ask what is your PSN ID?

SilverBlade51 said:

October 20th, 10:06 am

Next Update should include cross voice chat!!!! And let me hear my music while playing ANY game online and offline.

AriAdniA said:

October 20th, 10:16 am

Thanks Jack! :)

Alpha6UFS said:

October 20th, 10:18 am

You’re the man, Jack.

Nactous1 said:

October 20th, 10:26 am

@ 202

I just dont see what justifies the $250 price tag.

usalborg said:

October 20th, 10:30 am

Just one comment, if you want to be a leader then do not just follow others footsteps…The thing I wanted to say Sony you got to get over this catch up game with your competitors. Please think something innovative, no to say you don’t, but you need more. And also i wouldn’t say you do not take good things from your competitors, if they are good then take them and maybe make it better. Lastly, make an apps store based on your internet browser and flash player. Such as all the social networks, facebook, twitter etc, can be done by your internet browser based apps. I know you can access them by internet browser but they are not really user friendly – just need two click access :) Good work and wish you good fiscal year.

YungShep said:

October 20th, 10:42 am

MR. Tretton, thank you for all you do, I’ve been a part of the playstation family for many years, it looks like the ps3 has hit it’s stride……

I only want exclusive blockbuster’s I don’t care too too much about 3rd party titles…

64 =perfect scores says it all!

Scodo_Thope said:

October 20th, 11:22 am

I see the awesome Uncharted 2 commercials a bunch (especially on ESPN).

Keep up the marketing effort!!

Flame060 said:

October 20th, 11:31 am

I’d love to know what the sales numbers are for Canada. US is great and all, but matters little to me.

sonicgoku77 said:

October 20th, 11:34 am

Sony rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


October 20th, 11:40 am

Welcome to the Darkside all you new PS3 slim owners!

Play in your world…But live in ours!

Oh and Thanks Jack!

AceNet2 said:

October 20th, 11:40 am

Thanks Jack you rock man! Congrats on a great year and an even better one to come.

Hit me up for a game of U2 sometime! ;)


WestCoastR3DUBZ said:

October 20th, 12:03 pm

Jack is the man go sony!

ParadoX444 said:

October 20th, 12:18 pm

Jack your the man. Thank you for all the tripple a exclusive titles playstation. I’m so proud at owning my ps3.

vsta85 said:

October 20th, 12:54 pm

playstation is the best

Jeeves_Tremor said:

October 20th, 1:36 pm

Its always an honour to read your posts on the Blog Mr. Tretton.

maddymad said:

October 20th, 1:39 pm

Most european gamers know who Jack Tretton is but not the CEO of SCEE ^^ How’s that?

sikbta said:

October 20th, 3:21 pm

Jack is the Man, stay Classy as always

megs1120 said:

October 20th, 3:21 pm

Jack Tretton, the world’s most huggable CEO.

Mza49311 said:

October 20th, 3:48 pm

Yay, love when the bigwigs acknowledge good things with their consumers. Good Job Mr. Tretton! PS3 fan from day ON3!

afrosheen said:

October 20th, 5:07 pm

Uncharted 2 + Donut Drake = hilarity. Even the voice gets funnier.

Miles514 said:

October 20th, 6:09 pm

WOOO PS3 PS3 PS3 PS3 SONY SONY SONY SONY!!! With a few more tweaks to things everything will be perfect.

Mam0gamik0s-82 said:

October 20th, 6:21 pm

You da man Jack!

darkwater234 said:

October 20th, 8:13 pm

Hello Jack. When are you going to do something for the thousand or so ps3 owners who have had their systems bricked or become faulty due to firmware update 3.0/3.01?
Better yet, where is my money from that bet you made 2 yrs ago?

SteveW928c said:

October 20th, 8:25 pm

Congrats Jack and all the folks Sony Entertainment. That said, please make the PS3 what you are advertising as a media center. It needs a bit better format support (esp. h.264) before it really will be an entertainment center. Right now, its an awesome video game system with some media capability, but not enough for the average consumer (who isn’t willing to re-encode everything to get it to play). Thanks, -Steve

Pelt_Hunter said:

October 20th, 8:51 pm

New PS3 logo=Phenomenal
New PS3 Game Cases=Terrible

What went wrong here? Why is there a heinous black to gray gradient stripe across the top? Whilst I agree the new non-Spiderman font is grand, this design is so @$$ backwards that it looks like we just went back to PS2.. wait those had pretty sweet jewel cases too so… maybe PS1 even?! PS0… lulz.. new marketing (commercials mostly, but the rest is great as well) is great though, so keep that up.

MidnightBlues said:

October 20th, 9:14 pm

My PS3 has broken down due to faulty hardware. My Blu-ray drive has stopped working and while updating the firmware it now freezes halfway through every time in an endless loop…. restarts and freeze. The error message says contact technical support but technical support only tells me that I have to pay $150 to get it fixed. Only a few monthes out of warrenty.

I hope that the ps3 slim will drop in price now that the 120GB is coming out and hopefully you wont just charge more than $300 for the 120GB. If that happens and there is no price drop I am done with sony and will not buy another ps3 now or ever. I am not going to waste more of my money. I miss being able to enjoy games at my own conveniance but now that has been taken from and its not worth $300 just to maintain that. I think sony should take care of me, take my ps3 plus $100 and send me a new freaking one… that will not lose you revenue and you can actually make more money as I will start buying games again.

ryanmck142 said:

October 21st, 12:10 am

Jack trennton , Youre the best ever. i want a request please make psgo cheaper as the ps3. i dont wanna pay 100 dollars extra. Ryanmck… iv been with sony for 10years and it aint over yet! microsoft we will soon find out yur weakness lol JK

Gatopardos4ever said:

October 21st, 2:33 am

Jack is a cool guy i know him

Gatopardos4ever said:

October 21st, 2:34 am

i have been a customer since PSX

KARAMO said:

October 21st, 7:12 am

i been here since Feb 2007, so how about we get cross game invite and cross game chat.

th4nGthO_241 said:

October 21st, 7:13 am

very well-done. i really admire the way you present things, kinda suck ppl in your speech.

But you’d better hire someone who could listen and reply here. Coz almost all the threads are left unanswered. The EU blog seems to do a better job in term of “communication”.

ArSEnAL_nAsRi8 said:

October 21st, 11:27 am

So let me ask, are you going to pay or repair all of the broken PS3’s that have just completely turned to $hit? or pay the guarentees? Not as great as you seem obviously.

berzirk said:

October 21st, 3:01 pm

I don’t know why, but Tretton strikes me as so slimy. The other console faces seem aloof, or neutral. But Tretton, it’s his voice, his wardrobe. Man, I miss Peter Moore as a console leader. Those were good times. Oh well, Tretton might be a really nice guy away from the public light I suppose, but I just feel dirty after reading a quote of his, or seeing him on TV.

SetTrip04 said:

October 21st, 4:06 pm

Makes me wish i wpould have waited to get my PS3 slim, but i have been waiting since before they hit the shelves. I was glad to hear that the system was only $299, i went to get one imeadiately. Lol Thanks Sony, I have always been a PlayStation fan and have never baught an xbox. Big ups to the Sony Playstation. ( God of War 3, can’t wait)

MPAR said:

October 21st, 4:41 pm

I’m really happy to see the PS3 user base expand as that means more great games and a nice future for us all owners.

One thing I would love to see (I know the big guy isn’t going to read this) is at least a little more support for the brand in Latin America (just like Jack said in the LBP presentation back at E3)I know is not a big market like USA or Europe but maybe with more support it could be.

aaronp01 said:

October 22nd, 1:15 am

To all the idiots complaining about cross-game voice chat, you should be talking to EA. They are the only thing standing in the way of it.

aaronp01 said:

October 22nd, 1:27 am

The 120 gb slim is the one that’s $299. You want it 50 bucks or something? Also the 60 gb models weren’t designed to handle the new firmware. Why should Sony bend the rules just for you? I had to pay the $150 to get my 80 gb b/c replaced. It’s still half the price of a new one. Stop your b*tching.

BD_Mr_Bubbles said:

October 22nd, 2:12 am

Count me in, loving my new PS3.

jason1216 said:

October 22nd, 10:15 am

Don’t waste your hard earned money on any playstation 3 systems. I purchased one last year and it crashed on me a few months later. I sent it to Sony under warranty repair and they sent me another unit (refurbished I think). It lasted a few months with little use and now it won’t read any disc at all. Now my unit is out of warranty and Sony wants me to spend $200 to get it fixed. Two systems in 18 months and there is no guarantee the third will be any better. I just want to thank Sony for taking care of its customers. I think I’ll take my $200 and buy an Xbox 360 and use my PS3 for firewood.

strack94 said:

October 22nd, 12:57 pm

Wasn’t Jack the dude at e3 ? Awesome! Playstion is the best entertainment console ever. Period. Nothing can compare to HD gamming and the pure fun of psnetwork. Playstion will live forever!!!!

Psn ID strack94

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