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Oct 30

Oct 30

The 7th Annual Gran Turismo Awards at SEMA Coming November 4

Alex Armour's Avatar Posted by Senior Manager, Public Relations

The Gran Turismo Awards are back for a 7th year, ready to crown a new performance vehicle with the honor of getting digitally recreated in the Gran Turismo franchise. The awards event will be held at Rain nightclub at the Palms hotel in Las Vegas Wednesday evening, November 4th at 9:00 pm. In addition to the awards ceremony, top music acts The Offspring and DJ Z-Trip will each play a set to help celebrate the evening.

The Gran Turismo Awards at SEMA recognizes the best vehicles in five different categories: Best Hot Rod, Best Asian Import, Best European Import, Best Domestic Automobile, and Best Truck/SUV. After the five category winners are judged and selected on performance and style by leading automotive media, it then falls to Gran Turismo creator Kazunori Yamauchi to select the overall GT Awards “Best in Show.” Walking the show floor, Kazunori-san views all category winners and selects the vehicle that best represents the Gran Turismo brand, and one that will be immortalized as a fully playable part of the Gran Turismo franchise for millions of fans around the world.

audi TT - 2007 winner3

In addition to the music acts following the awards ceremony, guests will have a chance to check out the latest gameplay of Gran Turismo 5. Winners from the past two GT Awards events, the 2007 HPA Audi TT from the 2007 awards, and the 2007 high performance Infiniti G37 from the 2008 awards, will be playable in the latest version of Gran Turismo 5 at the event.

Best Of Show and Best Japanese Import 20080-infinity G37

Also to help celebrate the awards and the upcoming SEMA week, we have teamed with the automotive enthusiast site Autoblog to have them give away a GT PSP entertainment pack each day the entire week (five in all) starting Monday, November 2nd. We encourage you to jump on over to Autoblog to check out the contest and try your hand at getting one of these prized possessions. Good luck!

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Scodo_Thope said:

October 30th, 1:31 pm

cool. wish i could be in vegas though :(

badboodah77 said:

October 30th, 1:36 pm

Awesome. I can’t wait to see how those cars look in the game. Please tell me you’re releasing screenshots of them next week!!

SolidSnakeSSx said:

October 30th, 1:38 pm

Is Tokyo Route 246 the course playable at this event or is it a new course?

MaGeeK-mAn said:

October 30th, 1:39 pm

Really wish I could go… sigh

MaGeeK-mAn said:

October 30th, 1:46 pm

Where is the link to the contest as I can’t seem to find it. :|

liketoski said:

October 30th, 2:03 pm

When can the people get a demo? I want this bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kluv said:

October 30th, 2:04 pm

i haven’t heard of this contest before, and now i’m sad that i missed so much. oh well, looking forward to seeing the winner, got those cars are NICE!

RuthlessEd said:

October 30th, 2:04 pm

How many more annual award events will you have before you actually release the game?

MegadethAndy said:

October 30th, 3:05 pm

Those cars look like they came from need for speed or fast and furious.

ADR143 said:

October 30th, 3:05 pm

i love grand turismo!

lcmnick said:

October 30th, 4:09 pm

When are we going to see that trailer shown to the press when they visited PD…?

Starved of info here…

CrusherX said:

October 30th, 4:55 pm

*looks at cars and explodes from the awesome*

Thorpe89 said:

October 30th, 5:09 pm

Cars. The second best thing. ;)

Tha_Prodigy said:

October 30th, 5:20 pm

Those are some hot cars!!


October 30th, 6:10 pm

Make a contest to have the chance to go to sema and hang with yamauchi. Thats what yah should do. Also this year, yah should have a more in depth vid of polyphony at sema. The past videos have been pretty short.

poweredbyzen said:

October 30th, 7:02 pm

those cars are sick! i want one! heck, i want ’em all!

chinese_teabag said:

October 30th, 7:11 pm

Good news, Can’t wait to drive the winning car. Sometime next year i hope.

Balthaser said:

October 30th, 7:30 pm

Crap, my boss and my manager is actually going to SEMA next Wed. and I have to stay in company for the non-fun part.

Balthaser said:

October 30th, 7:31 pm

Ah~~~~my boss and my manager are actually going to SEMA next week

and I’ll be playing the non-fun part—-staying in the company.

Kamahl_rg said:

October 30th, 8:05 pm

damn, id love to go to this event cause i love cars… but im not in the US so im screwed

nfsdriver said:

October 30th, 8:35 pm

ive been on autoblog for a while were do we go for the contest thats what im wanting to know or will they post a blog on the site?

GreatnessRD said:

October 31st, 1:29 am

Looks pimpin’ all day

Thrasher20 said:

October 31st, 2:52 am

Pretty darn sweeeeeeet!

Rude_Sparthan said:

October 31st, 4:17 am

..pleeease some officials new videos interviews screens!!! ;) …everything….


October 31st, 1:10 pm

I think it would b fun if i go there


October 31st, 1:14 pm

I really like all those cars i think i’ll take them all

BankeA said:

October 31st, 3:12 pm


JR Rocha. He was the 2008 winner but passed away last month so he won’t be able to see success in GT5 :(

But sweet a new demo to watch videos for! ;)

thepatriots said:

October 31st, 4:19 pm

Some gameplay would be really nice.

WestCoastR3DUBZ said:

October 31st, 5:42 pm

The orange car is fire!!

yzfmike said:

October 31st, 5:46 pm

Yes R.I.P JR Rocha. I found this out at Here’s the link:
I hope PD says or does something for the man’s creation at SEMA.

Twinturbo120 said:

November 1st, 9:47 am

Why is everything always at vegas =/

pouchely said:

November 2nd, 2:00 pm

only if i could be there for this event to see all these new imports and also compette

im one of GT biggest fans ;)

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