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Nov 03

Nov 03

Win the Ultimate UNCHARTED Adventure

Asad Qizilbash's Avatar Posted by Vice President, Marketing, SIEA


Hey UNCHARTED 2 fans,

UNCHARTED 2 Pepsi Promo

Win the ultimate holiday gift! This month, if you live in select states in the West and Midwest regions you’ll have a chance to win the ultimate UNCHARTED Adventure courtesy of our partners at Pepsi. Visit participating stores and purchase specially marked Pepsi 12-pack products and you could instantly win:

The promotion ends on December 12, so visit participating stores today!

For more information on the promotion visit our Events page.

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S-s-sarah said:

November 3rd, 3:38 pm

Better be with Mountain Dew. Pepsi is disgusting.

S-s-sarah said:

November 3rd, 3:39 pm

Hell, that’s if it’s even here. I live in Missouri which is considered midwest even though it’s in the center. ._.

angelcoma said:

November 3rd, 3:55 pm


Woot. Imma get this.

JBracin70 said:

November 3rd, 4:25 pm

Now you guys just like the West Coast of the US versus just the whole US? :(

PSWii2008 said:

November 3rd, 4:33 pm

What the heck? I live in KY, but not eastern KY. I assume Lexington is not in eastern KY; most people consider it central KY. If you are going to post this all over the nation, it should be a nationwide contest, and not exclude anyone! I hate those kinds of contests anyway; they’re almost impossible to win!

TrueFFVIIFan said:

November 3rd, 5:00 pm

Hey Naughty Dog/SONY!- Why not throw in Collector’s Edition for fun? That’d be awesome!

XxblitzassaultXx said:

November 3rd, 5:08 pm

goota love living in seattle

stri said:

November 3rd, 5:11 pm


Zinacef said:

November 3rd, 6:07 pm

So I guess the East coast is chopped liver, right?!

spunnups said:

November 3rd, 6:09 pm

Nothing for Maryland? LMAO There’s like 7 million people here

traininvain90 said:

November 3rd, 6:31 pm


slyjak said:

November 3rd, 7:14 pm

This really should be a whole US deal here. First we didn’t get any theater events and now this!!??

poweredbyzen said:

November 3rd, 7:25 pm

uh, i don’t see florida on the list! pffft! good thing i don’t drink pepsi! meh.

AceOfSpades725 said:

November 3rd, 7:57 pm

I’ll keep a look out next time i go to the store! even though with my luck, the one i get will say “Please try again” lol

PR3DAT0R_30 said:

November 3rd, 8:30 pm

whats the deal!?! Michigan but no Ohio!!! I wouldnt mind a new ps3 and both Uncharteds at all!

pSyChO_aSyLuM said:

November 3rd, 9:58 pm

So, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Kentucky…..but no Ohio?! :(

CrusherX said:

November 3rd, 10:11 pm

I live in New Zealand, but I love Pepsi! D= Just heard about the Playstation TV add-on not coming here, and I’m not surprised, really. Unfortunately for the more technologically capable of us that live here, in general the computing and gaming is a little backwards. Frustrating after living in Asia for 13 years, but you get that, I guess.

Hope the promotion is a huge success for you, Sony and Naughty Dog. :)

Balthaser said:

November 3rd, 10:18 pm

Too bad there’s no Fortune Hunter Edition

dradon2 said:

November 3rd, 10:21 pm

im UK, damn it!

OmegaSpartan08 said:

November 3rd, 10:43 pm

why is Sony too damn cheap to let the east of the US try this contest? ehh?! other territories may be mad they cannot enter but its ONLY HAVE THE USA THAT CAN ENTER! DAMN YOU CHEAP [DELETED] SONY!

OmegaSpartan08 said:

November 3rd, 10:45 pm

and by the way Sony, Pepsi taste like crap and becomes flat almost instantly, Coke FTW!

OmegaSpartan08 said:

November 3rd, 10:50 pm

wait, i just checked the states that are eligible. what is with this “Western Pennsylvania” that you have down? why not the WHOLE Pennsylvania! there are not even any good cities to the West of PA! i live in PA but cannot enter simply because of… wait… there isn’t a valid reason that we cannot enter!

poisonedsodapop said:

November 3rd, 11:12 pm

Wow that’s pretty lame. Can’t even cover the whole US. How does that even work?

WestSiide said:

November 3rd, 11:30 pm

Everyone stfu. If the state you live in isn’t listed, it probably sucks.

trustkill said:

November 4th, 12:15 am

sure is nice to live in CA!!

admyq5 said:

November 4th, 12:56 am

Come on, you can’t get more Midwest than Missouri! What’s the deal?

nickpledge said:

November 4th, 1:22 am

yet again US US US. Half thinking of selling my PS3 as it is.. play my Xbox more nower days anyway.

Mak33 said:

November 4th, 7:05 am

I don’t see what everyone is complaining about… It’s just a promotion. There are regional promotions everywhere that companies put on, but they just don’t state that they are regional.

I just think it’s neat that Pepsi and Sony got a deal together. Probably one of the largest Sony promotions I’ve seen for gaming and a mainstream product line beverage.

mister1337 said:

November 4th, 8:07 am

Sounds like someone ordered extra Lamesauce and told them to hold the Dissidia.

Thraxen said:

November 4th, 9:11 am


Exactly. This is just a bunch of pointless crying. I swear, most of the time it seems like that’s all most people do on this blog.

klekamp said:

November 4th, 11:30 am


I was thinking the same thing! What a pile of crap!

NeoRaidenX said:

November 4th, 2:09 pm

Oregon! Oregon! Oregon!

proskatercam said:

November 4th, 2:43 pm

Eh, you should have teamed up with Mountain Dew! If you had, I would be supporting this idea much more.

Pepsi tastes like crap!

Ratchet426 said:

November 7th, 9:32 pm

Another fine example of Sony’s tried an true formula:

1) Come up with a decent idea

2) Half-ass the execution.

Super_Soldier_13 said:

November 14th, 4:24 pm

yeaa!! this will be awesome! i was going to buy a ps3 in 1 month but if i win i will be able to buy hecxa many games and maybe a 360 while im at it so i can play wit my friends. this promo is amazing thanx sony and pepsi you always pull off the best promos. but you should include the rest of the states (even though im in Cali)

Super_Soldier_13 said:

November 23rd, 9:47 am

great contest but why cant i find any of these “specially marked” cases of pepsi anywhere? i live in cali and i havent seen a single one. so next time you make a promotion make it so that the fricken things you need to win can be found im a little bummed. i wanted that prize really bad. it woulda saved me some money.

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