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Nov 05

Nov 05

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 – PS3 Beta Begins November 19

Gordon Van Dyke's Avatar Posted by

Associate Producer for Battlefield

Hi All,

I’m Gordon Van Dyke and I’m the Associate Producer for Battlefield: Bad Company 2 here at EA’s DICE studio in Stockholm.

Today we’re excited to announce that our forthcoming multiplayer beta is coming exclusively to PS3, so you’ll have a chance to experience all the action, destruction and vehicular warfare ahead of our full release in March 2010.

Battlefield Bad Company 2

Starting on November 19, the beta will feature the huge ‘Arica Harbour’ map where up to 24 players compete to secure valuable crates in the ‘Rush’ game mode as the action moves across a variety of different locations. From an initial vehicle assault on a military outpost the war winds through streets of a deserted town to an intense final fire-fight in an industrial harbour.

Check out our announcement video here.

For a preview on the beta itself click here.

Getting access to the beta will differ from country to country, but here are a few specific ways of getting hold of a key:

  • We’ll be holding a special limited giveaway right here on the PlayStation Blog (details TBA)
  • Pre-ordering the game at participating retailer
  • Checking out selected gaming sites such as IGN or GameSpot in North America.

That’s it for now…although if you have any questions then let me know. Be sure to check back here tomorrow when we have a brand Battlefield: Bad Company 2 new trailer.

Battlefield Bad Company 2

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Darth-Krayt said:

November 5th, 11:59 am

Wow, awesome stuff. Thanks so much for the PS3 love. And also thanks so much for improving upon yourselves, unlike your competition. That’s the reason I’m not even considering MW2. It’s just the same ol’ same ol’ gameplay wise, and graphically. The only thing the changed was making the game even MORE unbalanced and unrealistic (weapon characteristics and performance, hence the LMG being the best sniper rifle in the game) than CoD4 was, which I didn’t even think was possible.

You guys on the other hand have certainly improved the visuals of your game from what’s been shown, and there’s still more polish to go. And from the leaked vids, you guns seem to have improved realism/physics/kickback over BC1. A dev trying to better themselves andtheir previous products is what makes me respect them and buy their games. So Kudos to you guys on that.

I’m sticking with Killzone 2 and not considering MW2 because I don’t trade down like that. Can you please put me on the list of beta code recipiants please? I’d like to have a new FPS to play around with this fall.

    Gordon Van Dyke's Avatar

    Brad Bennett said:

    November 5th, 12:18 pm

    Thanks for the note, I can\’t stress how the destruction creates dynamic gameplay each and every round. Mix this with tanks, jeeps, helicopters and it is total chaos, our Battlefield brand of warfare.

Bigmoose1985 said:

November 5th, 12:04 pm

I hope i can get a Beta code :)

Trim_The-JokeR said:

November 5th, 12:06 pm

i really hope i get one, i love BC1 and definately want BC2 !

RuthlessEd said:

November 5th, 12:07 pm

Man, I just hope they fixed up the headset communication issues, and added a few more communication options (like the Commo-Rose type deal from BF2).

BF:BC was awesome — despite those nagging little issues — and I’m praying that BF:BC2 is even better.

In honesty, I wish they’d drop all development on the single player campaign and focus 100% of their development efforts on the online component.

TwistOfHope10 said:

November 5th, 12:09 pm

Cant wait i luv free online betas!!!

divemaul said:

November 5th, 12:09 pm

Battlefield Bad Company was great! Can’t wait for BC2!!!! I want a beta key!

Sekoku said:

November 5th, 12:09 pm

Hopefully the patches/rewards are less insane this go round.

Otherwise: DO WANT. I just wish you’d make it hella open a la Fileplanet’s Red Faction 360 beta giveaway.

    Gordon Van Dyke's Avatar

    Brad Bennett said:

    November 5th, 12:15 pm

    We are still working with our beta key partners on distribution details. More info to come on the Playstation network and

BananaFish said:

November 5th, 12:14 pm

How about some DLC (maps) for 1943!?!

Boricua_012 said:

November 5th, 12:15 pm

OMG! i love you!

XxiLLViLLAiNxX said:

November 5th, 12:16 pm

Man I hope I can get in. I never get into any betas.

darkshadow128 said:

November 5th, 12:19 pm

i can’t wait hopefully most of us get chosen to paricipate in the beta.

yapoid said:

November 5th, 12:21 pm

Wow! This is great, can’t wait to be playing BFBC2 on my PS3. :D

Carl-G said:

November 5th, 12:24 pm

Thanks for the PS3 LOVE :D

I will go out tomorrow and buy Battlefield:Bad Company(1st one)because of this ;)

    Gordon Van Dyke's Avatar

    Brad Bennett said:

    November 5th, 12:33 pm

    Thanks for the support, don\’t forget we have free DLC maps for BFBC1 including \”Conquest\” game mode.

Commodore said:

November 5th, 12:24 pm

Hey Gordon, my birthday’s the 19th. Any chance I can just get a code from you/ EA? Would really appreciate it.

SMoKeY_RuN said:

November 5th, 12:25 pm

Hopefully you guys can get the mic issues, that have been there in both BFBC and BF1943, worked out before the release of the game this time. ;)

Darkdragon2 said:

November 5th, 12:27 pm

hope i get in beta

ScreamingCyanide said:

November 5th, 12:38 pm

Are codes being given to GAP members?

Dann7978 said:

November 5th, 12:40 pm

THANK YOU DICE!!!!! Getting the game, first day because of the support. And the graphics look awesome.

shadowkiller11 said:

November 5th, 12:41 pm

Yay i liked the first hopefully getting this but with the crowded season i doubt i be able to pre-order till january or later.

amak111 said:

November 5th, 12:46 pm

Ya i should pre order mine in the next couple weeks. Put 10 bucks down on it and keep paying until i have less then 5 dollars to owe

KidCommando said:

November 5th, 12:51 pm

Thanks DICE! so looking forward to this game, SOLD!

Heavenly_king said:

November 5th, 12:52 pm

The game looks superb!!

Heavenly_king said:

November 5th, 12:53 pm

I think it will be better than MW2

Alpha_Gamer said:

November 5th, 12:57 pm

I really hope this extends to Amazon preorders.I want in on this. Amazing news.

BigBuddySvK said:

November 5th, 12:58 pm

Yes Yes, PS3 Beta King Console.

Hpedni said:

November 5th, 1:00 pm

Quick note to everyone: the first bad company is 20 bucks, has trophies, and free DLC


Azured_Scorpio said:

November 5th, 1:02 pm

Is the ‘Truckasaurus’ making an appearance this time!!? Count me IN!!!

BlooodyCow said:

November 5th, 1:02 pm

Is the PS3 the lead development platform? I seen what happen when the xbox 360 is the lead platform. The PS3 version suffer from horrible frame-rate and other issues that turn me of on multiplatform games.

Here is a list of things that need to be support in order for me to buy this game:
-Better mic support. It was horrible in the first Bad Company
-In-Game music for the online portion of the game.
-The PS3 version needs to be on par, if not better than the xbox 360 version
-Local Co-op with duel PSN ID sign in. (Check Resistance 2)

Elsa said:

November 5th, 1:07 pm

Can’t wait for this game and hopefully Canadians will have beta access through pre-orders!!

Love the recent trailers I’ve seen on PSN… the multiplayer trailers were AWESOME (though I do miss the hilarious trailers you had for the first game).

TriForceElf said:

November 5th, 1:08 pm

I love BF:BC , it’s still my fave FPS to date.
Now I have a question though.
In BF:BC, L3 had to be held down in order to run, which over time messed with the accuracy of my old controller. After a while, the response I was getting from it was horrible, and since obviously you run forward, pulling down on the stick was not as responsive as moving up. The sensitivity was also thrown out of whack. But then I noticed how in BF:1943, a click of L3 kept the player running till he stopped. There was no need to hold L3 down to do so like in BF:BC. Is this a function that is gonna be carried over? I would greatly appreciate this :]

    Gordon Van Dyke's Avatar

    Brad Bennett said:

    November 5th, 1:22 pm

    Yes, same functionality as BF1943. Just click L3, no need to hold it down.

Jigsaw said:

November 5th, 1:08 pm

is there a chance that vets will be invited?i played the first one for months and even got all awards and the platinum trophy,but i dont have the time to check this blog every 5 minutes for updates

    Gordon Van Dyke's Avatar

    Brad Bennett said:

    November 5th, 1:23 pm

    Yes, we are looking at BFBC1 PS3 players who have registered their game. They are BFBC1 vets and we are tryign to get as many keys as possible for our PS3 Battlefield community. More details to come…

daniel3334 said:

November 5th, 1:09 pm

pretty bad you have to preorder to get into beta. betas are supposed to help the developers and persuade consumers to buy their product

    Gordon Van Dyke's Avatar

    Brad Bennett said:

    November 5th, 1:25 pm

    You don\’t have to pre-order to receive a key. Pre-order customers as they our most hardcore community members, will secure themselves a beta key.
    But we are looking at distributing keys via, Best Buy, IGN and Gamespot and not require pre-order.

cmargary said:

November 5th, 1:11 pm

I will preorder it that’s for sure. Loved the demo of the first one but never bought it for some odd reason. The trailer looks epic but weird that anual qore subscribers will not get one.. Qore is becoming useless really.

VenomXv said:

November 5th, 1:21 pm

Best news ever. The first one was amazing, this one looks so much better. I love the graphics and the gameplay. BC2 > MW2

joseph_21 said:

November 5th, 1:23 pm

i love betas…
any info on water for lbp?

Armstrong said:

November 5th, 1:28 pm

Cool, thanks Gordon!

maro1973 said:

November 5th, 1:29 pm

MW2 killer!!!

THE-Smike said:

November 5th, 1:29 pm

cool that we get the beta and not the xBox players

hopefully im gettin one because i think there wont be some retailers in germany who are joining this action

PullusPardusUS said:

November 5th, 1:33 pm

Haha, DICE right in time, i love Battlefield.
but im pretty pissed that you guys stopped supporting Bad company 1 half a year ago. it made all my games laggy as hell =[

TitusF said:

November 5th, 1:41 pm

Sweet! I would love to partake in this if I get a Beta code. The game looks awesome.

PapaHotel said:

November 5th, 1:41 pm

Wow… hook me up please!! hope i can get in!

CheCorchete said:

November 5th, 1:42 pm

Battlefield o Modern Warfare 2?

jlukensow said:

November 5th, 1:53 pm

IceCold138 said:

November 5th, 1:56 pm

I just went to both Best Buy and GameStop and pre-ordered the game.

No code was givin.


TheLastNinja- said:

November 5th, 1:57 pm

This looks great! Looks better than Modern Warfare 2 definitely. Very glad that there’s a developer out there that cares about more than just one console. *glares at IW and 360*

Will GAP members get codes for this beta?

starBlinky01 said:

November 5th, 2:06 pm

WOW!! Dice is one of my top 3 favorite game developers of all time.

I have 2 questions, since I will be pre-ordering this ASAP. When are the codes available at gamestop and bestbuy? If I go there today can I get one?

Also when does the beta actually start?

HaVoK_ said:

November 5th, 2:18 pm

Battlefield has been the frontrunner on military FPS for a while now. I’ve been enjoying the series ever since the very start. From the very first BF, BF2 BF2142 (my favorite so far) and the more recent BFBC. I can’t wait for the release. Great job guys. Now if only BFBC2 had a mech then that would make me ecstatic! :):):):)

themadmen said:

November 5th, 2:19 pm

Sweet im a IGN insider member.

SquallLeonhart90 said:

November 5th, 2:20 pm

Vorrei tanto avere la beta di bad company 2! ^_^
Mi è piaciuto tantissimo il primo capitolo!

RuthlessEd said:

November 5th, 2:23 pm

Can you go prone in the new game?

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