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Nov 06

Nov 06

70’s Mustang Joins the Gran Turismo 5 Lineup at the Gran Turismo Awards

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Hello racing fans –

Two days ago, PlayStation hosted the 7th annual Gran Turismo (GT) Awards in Las Vegas, taking place in conjunction with the 2009 Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show. We had some impressive entries and a fantastic turnout at the ceremony, headlined by a live performance from the The Offspring at Rain nightclub inside the Palms hotel. Kazunori Yamauchi – creator of the Gran Turismo franchise – chose a 1970 Ford Mustang from our Hot Rod category as our overall “Best in Show” vehicle, so a big congratulations to owners Todd Gartshore and Phil Koenan – get ready to see you car cruising around the virtual tracks of Gran Turismo 5!

PlayStation hosts 7th annual Gran Turismo Awards

Speaking of GT Awards winners, we got a chance to catch up with two of our past champs at the event and got their thoughts on winning “Best in Show”, but also how it feels to see (and play) your very own car in Gran Turismo, which they were able to play last night for the first time. Here’s what they had to say:

Brian Filoteo of High End Performance, Inc., 2008 winner with his 2007 Infinity G37

“Being a part of the winning team at the GT Awards was a surreal experience. We all feel very grateful and humbled by winning the most prestigious award in the automotive aftermarket industry. It’s every enthusiast’s dream to be immortalized in Gran Turismo and we are extremely honored by being one of the select few to win – can’t wait to win again! Watch out for us next year when we release our next big project. Everything we do here is for our brother JR. May he rest in peace.

Seeing the car in the game is a hair-raising experience. Immediately after walking in the award ceremony last night, we were graced with videos of our car in the game. I got goose bumps just from seeing the car driving around the beautiful virtual world of Gran Turismo. The look and feel is identical to real life and the detail captured in the game is incredible. The drive feel is also scary similar, especially the sensation of speed. Real life physics and textures are presented perfectly and really the only thing that can compare to it is actually hoping in a real car and taking a drive. On behalf of high end performance and JR Rocha I would like to thank SCEA and Polyphony Digital for the opportunity and the fulfillment of a dream. JR Rocha, this is all for you and we miss you with all our heart. Thank you again for the honor and the privilege to be a Gran Turismo Awards winner.”

Gran Turismo Awards “Best in Show” Winners

Marcel Horn, President of HPA Motorsports Inc., 2007 winner with his 2007 Audi TT

“Being a GT Awards finalist is an honor in itself; to be linked with the elite of the industry and have our team’s work acknowledged by our peers amidst the vast range of impressive vehicles at the SEMA Show makes me extremely proud. The night we took home the Best in Show award, our entire team was on cloud nine. The energy level in the room was amazing as all egos seemed to be checked at the door while everyone shared in this common passion.

Having our 2004 Golf R32 appear in Gran Turismo 4 had been a highlight for our team and forever changed my view of gaming simulators. What SCEA and Polyphony have achieved with this latest rendition of the game had me questioning virtual vs reality. The incredible detail they captured brought the car to life. Driving our Audi TT at the awards party last night was one of the most liberating experiences, and I marveled at the sensation of speed and uninhibited interface with the car. I have quickly discovered a new addiction with this game—one that won’t require donations to the state patrol!”

GT Awards 6

Go here for additional information about the event and to see pictures and all of the category winners.

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Griffins22 said:

November 6th, 12:05 pm

Will there be a demo for this game?

that-acmilan-guy said:

November 6th, 12:09 pm

Nothing beats american muscle.

HatmanTc said:

November 6th, 12:12 pm

I love american cars but they handle horriblely in most games. Can’t wait to try out GT5 now if we only had a solid launch date

dotCody said:

November 6th, 12:13 pm

Ew, Ford.

lostinplainsight said:

November 6th, 12:17 pm

M.r Kazunori Yamauchi can we get a new omega boost please. I don’t care about cars i lust want a game with real space mech damage and real space physics which are like normal physics but IN SPACE.

chinese_teabag said:

November 6th, 12:18 pm

Pretty cool but I dont see myself racing around in that car.

Friends don’t let friends ride Ford

almighty-slayer said:

November 6th, 12:23 pm


That’s because American cars handle horribly in real life

lcmnick said:

November 6th, 12:33 pm

He’s never gonna use that PS3 is he, let’s be fair.

ForgetfuI said:

November 6th, 12:34 pm

Great choice! I look forward to driving it in GT5! The Art Morrison ‘Vette in Prologue is great fun, so another resto-mod like this should provide a great driving experience. I smell a show down!!!!

Come by the forums, and come race with us some time ;)

RoaringHawk said:

November 6th, 12:36 pm

“…get ready to see you car cruising around the virtual tracks of Gran Turismo 5!”


Please let there be a 67′ Camaro.

CJSgamer said:

November 6th, 12:56 pm

that ps3 looks cool

jqtaxpayer said:

November 6th, 12:58 pm

I’d love to see all kinds of classic American muscle in Gran Turismo 5… but if Gran Turismo 4’s incredible selection of cars was any indication, I won’t be let down.

MaskedJackal said:

November 6th, 1:12 pm

“That’s because American cars handle horribly in real life”

Quite true.

mister1337 said:

November 6th, 1:37 pm

The Mustang seems like a good choice. I’d really like to see a Cougar from the same era. Dang the 70’s had great cars, what happened in the 80’s?

Wiscompton said:

November 6th, 1:45 pm

I imagine it went a bit like this:

“AAaaand the Duke Nukem Award for longest game worked on without a release date goes tooo…

GTAce said:

November 6th, 1:49 pm

Congratulations, it sure is an amazing car and i love vintage Mustangs. Would love to see a “regular” 69 BOSS 429 in the game too. Cant wait to drive that one.

jlukensow said:

November 6th, 2:02 pm

That car looks sick

MonkEdsel said:

November 6th, 2:02 pm

Infinity? Infiniti.

commedieu said:

November 6th, 2:04 pm

So.. was that lamborghini just a runner up? Or will it also be in the game?

I thought there was a car choice for multiple classes?

dadeivenm said:

November 6th, 2:08 pm

Those wheels eat children.

phinnv8 said:

November 6th, 2:18 pm

I <3 my 2001 Mustang Bullitt

torontoml said:

November 6th, 2:33 pm

can’t wait for this game.

snoogansR75 said:

November 6th, 2:36 pm

I’m so ready to put this game in my PS3 and burrow myself in my room for days on end.

NEJI64 said:

November 6th, 3:21 pm

, so a big congratulations to owners Todd Gartshore and Phil Koenan – get ready to see you(R) car cruising around the virtual tracks of Gran Turismo 5!

hey Alex i think you have a typo. i guessing you were going for “your” since you were talking to two people.


November 6th, 3:21 pm

I want that ps3.

Goaliegeek said:

November 6th, 3:29 pm

My car was in GT4, can I have a custom painted PS3? Hopeing my car makes it into GT5. 2001 Hyundai Accent ftw (rally or non rally version)

NEJI64 said:

November 6th, 3:36 pm

&7 you just can’t drive

KakiGamer69 said:

November 6th, 3:41 pm

When is GT5 release date …? please someone tell me!

KakiGamer69 said:

November 6th, 3:43 pm

Im going to get this GT5!

ADR143 said:

November 6th, 3:58 pm

dam i cant w8 for this game!

Rude_Sparthan said:

November 6th, 4:59 pm

..yes but something about the game? some video or images or interview..? I’m still waiting the “never come” inteview promise from TGS


jimmy903 said:

November 6th, 5:55 pm

Oh hell yeah! I’m going to drive the ____ out of that mustang.

And for Todd Gartshore and Phil Koenan, great job guys.

lostinplainsight said:

November 6th, 6:01 pm

omega boost please. An hd remake,a sequel, a theme, a wallpaper anything. make the thing with a car flying through space i don’t care just make the game please… i’ll be you friend.

twooh said:

November 6th, 6:10 pm

Remember when PS Home was talked about – and talked about – and talked about some more before its release? Remember how PS Home is kinda ignored and barely used by gamers now? Remember when PS Home seemed like the cool new thing that we all wanted soo badly?

Now lets focus on GT5. Remember how it was talked about – and so on and so forth? Same stuff. The longer you take with a product, the less it’s exciting anymore. I was excited for GT5 – about 2 years ago.

thepatriots said:

November 6th, 10:00 pm

Any videos of the event? Screens, something…

Yannick said:

November 7th, 3:01 am


Nice addition Alex, but what about a Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Spec IV ?!

we sure deserve it.

thanks for us. :)

KILLA_KING_007 said:

November 7th, 6:51 am

ewwee thats a sweet ride

racedriving said:

November 9th, 1:38 am

“I’m still waiting the “never come” inteview promise from TGS”

That’s true.

KLW88 said:

November 9th, 9:44 am

70’s mustang, yippee. Stop wasting time with useless content and get the game out of the door.

DaMostWanted786 said:

November 16th, 1:45 pm

This game is Amazing! 360 cant even handle these graphics

yayday said:

November 22nd, 9:24 am

Can we expect Gran Turismo 5 before Christmas?

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