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Nov 09

Nov 09

MAG Beta 4 Starts…Now!

Jeremy Dunham's Avatar Posted by Sr. Community Manager, Zipper Interactive

Hello everyone,

My name is Jeremy Dunham (PSN ID: zpr_DunhamSmash), Zipper Interactive’s new Senior Community Manager, and I wanted to share some news regarding our latest MAG beta program that we’re kicking off right now. Starting today, we’ve officially moved into our next Beta phase – Beta 4. We’ve made more than 6,000 changes from our last phase to Beta 4, not the least of which include an increased level cap from 40 to 60, a retooled skill tree and experience curve, and an improved ranking system – all based on the feedback from our diligent testing crew.

We’ve also introduced two new major features to Beta 4. We’ve implemented the oft-asked about “proximity chat” feature that allows you to hear enemies communicating as you get closer, or trash talk them yourself as you punch ‘em full of lead. We’ve also introduced Shadow War bonuses. Depending on which PMCs are leading in the number of contracts owned, the entire PMC will earn different bonuses based on gametype. Leading in Sabotage adds experience points, leading in Acquisition increases leadership aura distance, and leading in Domination decreases tactical strike cooldown time.

MAG Beta 1.4 for PlayStation

Other new additions to Beta 4 include improvements to character hit detection and reactions, skill tuning that sees many of the existing skills amped up, refined Leadership abilities and experience points, and numerous other changes that our eagle-eyed testers have spotted over the last cycle.

Beta 4 is exclusive to GameStop pre-orders, and we’ve moved away from our limited pre-scheduled play times and are keeping the servers open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With the change in versions and the last phase now at its end, many of the testers who spent their evenings with us over these last weeks are moving on to other pastures. With that in mind, it’s with great respect that on behalf of the entire MAG team, I want to say thanks to each and every one of you who participated for your hard work, patience, and dedication. Just remember, though, you don’t have to say goodbye just yet. If you still want to participate in our current beta that ends on November 20, all you have to do is pre-order MAG at your local GameStop in the USA and EB Games in Canada to get you the exclusive code you need.

Finally, I wanted to take a moment to let you know that over at, we’ve launched our developer blog, which will provide an ongoing behind-the-scenes look at MAG over the next few months before the game launches on January 26, 2010.

Thanks again and I’ll see you on the battlefield.

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xplicit13 said:

November 16th, 9:29 am

My feelings are, with the way Socom BOMBED they are making you pre order the game to get the beta code just so they get the sales. And hell they cant even get that right, Look how many players codes arent working.

xplicit13 said:

November 16th, 9:32 am

After they BOMBED Socom, Sounds like they are making you pre order to get the sales, And look they cant even get that right. That alone should tell you something.

invisiblebob said:

November 16th, 10:30 am

Awww I am dissapointed with the time frame of the beta since I did not even hear about it till last week :( Wish it woul last till like December 15th at least. I really like the game so far and am already sold on it.

visionaxis said:

November 17th, 2:20 am

I’m sad. I just got my beta code from GameStop today and it doesn’t work. :(

Roguex1140708 said:

November 17th, 11:18 pm

Im still waiting beta……!!!!!!!!

Zougathefist said:

November 20th, 7:46 am

Soooo, how do I get this in the UK as we cannot pre-order from US stores, or are you gonna leave us in the cold cos we’re 3000 miles away?

SHALO79 said:

November 20th, 11:17 pm

I updated the Mag beta and can’t play i want to no why?

jjj95 said:

November 21st, 7:39 am

So you only get a key if you pre-order it? I’m not pre-ordering this, but will buy it after release for sure. Hope you would make an open beta or something, so you would get more buyers. a key is always welcome :)

me_and_ps-3 said:

November 21st, 12:46 pm

is there a way i could get beta without pre-order??
because im the type of person who buys games afer they come out but sill would wanna play a beta or demo

Blue187 said:

November 21st, 2:21 pm

were do i get beta code

Mr-Winckel said:

November 22nd, 12:00 pm

i just pre ordered the game from game stop how do i no if i get to play the beta?????

theshepanator said:

November 24th, 11:03 am

EU gets shafted again…

AtomicPro said:

November 24th, 2:10 pm

Ok I understand what your all saying. So far sounds like the game is having preliminary issues ans setbacks like all great games. But let me get this straight to play you need to pre-order or buy the game when it comes out, then after retrieve a BETA code download and then end up paying a monthly subscription in order to continue playing?

alohaleo said:

November 24th, 5:20 pm

there is no good reasons for update the game and reset everybody stats on it. too much BS for a single beta

ShayQuon said:

December 1st, 4:29 pm

I preordered Mag the day I bought COD:MW2 (the day it was released) I PRE-Ordered the employee at Gamestop told me that that I would get access to the beta version I didn’t know how or when I would have access I read the MAG blog on the PS blog I didn’t know about the redeem card I went to Gamestop about an hour ago to get the card I read that it expired the 20th of November so the code didn’t work but I read that it was extended to the 4th of this month. How do I get access to the beta before its over? Help please

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