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Nov 16

Nov 16

PlayStation 3 Firmware (v3.10) Update Preview

Eric Lempel's Avatar Posted by SVP, Marketing & PlayStation Network

Hi everyone, here’s an early peek at PlayStation 3 (PS3) firmware update (v3.10). The latest update incorporates Facebook into the PS3 experience. By linking your PlayStation Network account to your Facebook account, you will have the option for the PS3 to automatically update your Facebook News Feed with Trophy and PlayStation Store activity. This update also enables developers to set specific criteria in their titles to publish additional game information to your News Feed. You can then check out your updates, and those of your friends, on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media favorites through the PS3’s built-in web browser.

This is just the beginning of our integration with Facebook and we are looking forward to adding new features enhancing the experience in future updates.

Additional highlights from update 3.10 include:

  • The Photo category on the XMB has been revamped to make it easier to see more of your photos stored on the PS3.
  • The PSN Friends List has been modified based on feedback we received after update 3.00. Additionally, you can now choose a color for your PSN ID on the XMB.

To get a preview of what’s coming in update 3.10, check out the video below:

We’re looking forward to releasing firmware update 3.10 soon. As always, we appreciate your feedback.

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Dangeresque92 said:

November 16th, 6:59 pm

Sounds awesome guys! 2 quick Q’s:
regarding facebook, I know I have no ability to open my mailbox or do status updates via my PS3- it highlights the status box but it will not let me type
Regarding freindslist: Can you either add some more avatars or let us make our own? Dynamic avatar support was added, but no avatars. There are two uncharted avatars, but they are the SAME IMAGE, and from uncharted 1! Where is the avatar support for KZ2, LBP, Uncharted2. Infamous, Metal Gear, Motorstorm 2, Etc?

KosmoCrisis said:

November 16th, 6:59 pm

The picture column has been getting all the attention, but the Music column has been ignored. PSP got a music app, PS3 needs an iTunes app to allow better sorting and searching of music. I have over 11GB of music and scrolling up and down is a pain in the arse!

heavenside said:

November 16th, 7:00 pm

I don’t use Facebook, but I was always hoping we would get that bigger grid view for the photos, as I’ve never been fond of the list view. So, that’s awesome. thank you. :)

Jmann8 said:

November 16th, 7:00 pm


-voice messaging
-cross game invites/messaging
-netflix icon to use w/o disc

these are all simple things, not asking a lot. adding these will complete making PS3 incredibly convenient with XBOX and what it already offers.


Deeloc26 said:

November 16th, 7:00 pm


mauro2029 said:

November 16th, 7:01 pm

I thought that facebook thing was already implemented… A friend’s status on my facebook kept updating about all the stuff he did on Uncharted 2, I thought it was automated… you mean that geek did all that stuff manually?? LOL

kc_chang said:

November 16th, 7:01 pm

thanks so much SONY…this is great.
If you just listen to us, then we will improve PS3.

FIREFOX_1980 said:

November 16th, 7:01 pm

It would be awesome if you guys could add a feature to browse through photos on the home network as well through Photo Gallery software.

DeadlyAnGeL91792 said:

November 16th, 7:02 pm

WELL since you guys are listening to us and all

GIMME CROSS GAME CHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok im done also thanks for the update really added some stuff i wanted.

rotary08 said:

November 16th, 7:02 pm

Awesome! I love getting these kind of previews, you should do more of these.

drew327 said:

November 16th, 7:02 pm

Thanks for the update, it looks pretty good. I have two questions:

1- Playstation Store purchases: will it also post every bit of free content you download?

2- Trophy updates: Is there some system/format to how the updates are grouped? I saw one game had four trophies in the video. If you play that same game again the next day and get more trophies, do they keep adding to that one post, or create new posts?

Just want to avoid my facebook account flooding with downloads and trophy spam. But I am interested in having it there.

Jetup said:

November 16th, 7:03 pm

plz add twitter instead of facebook
sorry but i don’t facebook since I cant go on it w/my computer

KentoMaiku said:

November 16th, 7:03 pm

im pretty sure the team, is working on cross-chat, since its taking step by step to dish out the bugs, the major update should hit when white knight is out, where its inclusion of cross-chat, so twitter is left im sure sony will get twitter soon.. all these nice additions is working out fine, and the online experience should be near equal soon for ps3/x360!

Mza49311 said:

November 16th, 7:03 pm

Awesome, another reason for my gf to sign onto her account on the ps3! I do wish there was a way she could sign on her name while we play games together though, Ive only seen this offered through ingame on LBP :( Keep the updates coming! thank you

InyRules said:

November 16th, 7:03 pm

That’s pretty neat. What about a Twitter app?

kc_chang said:

November 16th, 7:03 pm

New AVATARS will also be GREAT.
You guys can bring XBOX 360 down to its knees…use our feedbacks to improve.

Jcbpnl said:

November 16th, 7:04 pm

Cross Game Chat would be nice. My friend can’t believe that even now the PS3 doesn’t have that while his Xbox has had that for quite some time. It’s the only thing keeping him from justifying the $299!

Please Sony!

pat_boy2008 said:

November 16th, 7:04 pm

When is this coming? I know you said soon, but I’ve seen some sites say this Thursday. Is that true or did they just make that up?

MS3Boy said:

November 16th, 7:06 pm

This looks like a great update. The Facebook stuff actually looks useful and it’s great to see you responding to the community’s gripes with photos and friend list.

Caudill said:

November 16th, 7:06 pm

No cross game voice chat still? REALLY? After like 2 years of people asking for it? EPIC fail.

Good call on fixing the friends list though, that was needed.

xDeathReaperx_2 said:

November 16th, 7:07 pm

Not a fan of FaceBook..

Can I suggest we get Twitter added into the 3.20? :) Twitter would be great, simply when we get a trophy, download a game it would show up in our Twitter Feed.

I do like the addition of adding color’s to our Friends list, a small addition but it will be great!


diablo103 said:

November 16th, 7:07 pm

where are the new avatars

slycooper96 said:

November 16th, 7:07 pm

very nice, any release date?

stubbed_out said:

November 16th, 7:08 pm

Is this all they could come up with since the last update…I’ve really got to stop getting excited about firmware updates…ok FB is good for those out there who have all their friends playing games and are about 11yrs old but for lots of us out there we couldn’t think of anything worse…customizable colours…whoopee…

But seriously, and this is actually a feasible (well I don’t see why it wouldn’t be) idea….why not make the XMBs customizable so users can change what they want to appear on their screens, much like iPods customizable menus etc (hide everything apart from settings and game for example, obviously you couldn’t really hide settings)…and better yet, just make any new application available on the PSN store so if you want the add on you can download it and if you dont want it then fine. It could actually lead to apps being created specifically for the xmb by 3rd party developers…much like phone apps etc. Mainly for me though, I want less clutter.

starBlinky01 said:

November 16th, 7:08 pm

wow all of those are very good upgrades!

I love the photo one and the friends list is a huge upgrade from the last version and even the version before that. I love how you can change the color of it. Very very cool stuff here guys.

Facebook is great too! I bet U2 will be the first game to use it.

yen-cid said:

November 16th, 7:09 pm

where are the avatars?

Mobius_124 said:

November 16th, 7:09 pm

really cool stuff.

Heres some ideas for future Firmware updates:

add a user review system in the PSN Store. and also add screenshots/Videos for games on the PSN store.

KohaiMomomiya said:

November 16th, 7:09 pm

Sounds quite good and is a neat feature. Add Twitter and customizable avatars and it will be a win/win, that’s for sure.

On the other side, the Internet browser could need some updates, specially the last one, because some website aren’t displayed correctly.

In any case, I’m looking forward for the update, and hope the next one include more features and enhancements as well.

pondSkumM said:

November 16th, 7:09 pm

Argh. As long as you can disable the ability to see anything related to facebook in XMB, then I can use the system without being reminded of that service.

slycooper96 said:

November 16th, 7:09 pm

i’m stuck with an 80GB cause i could not find a PS3 with b/c

xDeathReaperx_2 said:

November 16th, 7:09 pm

So actually a roundup of what we want in the next update:


NEW Avatar’s/Icon’s

Cross Game Chat

Game Friends list BackRound’s –

So what ever game your playing will be your backround when a Friend is viewing you on there Friends list. It would be better than choosing colors :)

Can I get a reply.. Have you guy’ thought about adding any of this stuff?


Darth-Krayt said:

November 16th, 7:10 pm

People asking for cross-game chat are idiots.

If you want useless features that waste bandwidth and lag up online play, go play on the hackbox.

IF Sony finds a way around M$ patents and adds cross-game chat, I hope it’s not allowed when people are playing online. It wastes bandwidth and is one of the reasons live has so much lag online, and one of the reasons I ditched the hackbox. If you are playing online and have a headset, you should be communicating with the people you are playing with. Not one of your lame friends playing a totally different game.

Who cares how many cry babies complain it’s not allowed online, Sony. Don’t let a useless demanded feature, lag up our superior online (when it comes to lag).

And now people are asking for Skype? You “people” do realise Skype is a paid service, right?

AerialAngel said:

November 16th, 7:10 pm

Im very happy to see that the friends list has finaly been fixed. I hated those ugly grey boxes taking up the whole list. With the box only surrounding the selected friend the list is now much nicer. And thank you for adding color it gives more customization

I hope in the future i can post updates using a Facebook app and not be so limited.

The photo re-arrangement is now what it should look like. it was always a pain to scroll through the hundreds of photos that i have and now its great that it will be much easier to navigate.

I would like to see Yahoo Messenger Intergration, or all the other messengers, to really get the PS3 into the social scene more than just PSN friends list.

Since theres going to be Premium Avatars and the fact that the psn card can now be changed to a different color. It would be great to see customized psn cards where we can select images like motorstorm as the background. I would definatly pay for that more then just an avatar.

Im not that happy with Facebook integrations limitations but its a start.

II_KonArtis_II said:

November 16th, 7:10 pm

So Sony…when can we have to ability to sign in multiple accounts at one time? If i want to earn trophies in a game for my account and my buddy wants to earn some too, he cant. he has to be a guest?!?!!? kinda lame

BlindMango said:

November 16th, 7:11 pm

I like how PSN is getting more connected and personalized, keep it up Sony! I can’t wait to see how major the profile page will get in the future. I can only imagine. Any word of all the trophy leaderboard features coming from the PlayStation website to the XMB? That would be nice.

Epcott said:

November 16th, 7:11 pm

Looks like some sweet additions…

I just wish there was a way to change screen names of your friends (similar to yahoo IM). For instance, a friend of yours goes by a PSN name that’s hard to remember (like Doydp942), it would be nice to change it to a name your familiar with or identify the user with like his/her actual name, or their message board name. I have 50 friends, half of which I can’t remember where I know them from, doh!

grimgard said:

November 16th, 7:12 pm

Wow now people can see what I buy on the PSN? lame…and what ever you do…do not add twitter or any other social networking POS.

Wolf26pack said:

November 16th, 7:12 pm

Hey Eric,

I know that you are actually dreading this update as I could tell with the sound of your voice and enthusiasm for this update. I’m sure you are dreading it because of all the rumors of 3.10 containing X-Game Chat when it may or may not have but clearly will not be included now and who knows if it ever will be. I’m also sure you are tired of hearing and will be hearing this over & over & over again…


Well I would like to ask for things that aren’t Cross Game Chat and those are…

– Video Playlists
– Ability to Charge controllers during Standby
– Better Remote Play Compatibility with 2wire & AT&T U-verse Gateway’s. As to get rid of the PS3’s being turned on all the time.
– Better Browser

I could go on forever but I will leave that to all the other commenters that will leave a long list of stuff to add.

Good Luck & Good Night

TrueFFVIIFan said:

November 16th, 7:12 pm

Is there a way for me to have my pictures organized in specific folders- rather than at date that it was uploaded or streamed from PC…?

For example, if I have one digital manga and I wanted to put that folder in- not along with “vertical” endless column of pictures, you know? Since I have already created different names for each folders… But still, it sucks that Playstation 3 console does not read or recognize what it is supposed to do… Oh well.

I hope you can get around to that and fix them.

II_KonArtis_II said:

November 16th, 7:13 pm


new ps3 owner, love it none the less

sirgrinalot said:

November 16th, 7:13 pm

It looks like to me in the video the completely fading text has been fixed, what do you guys think? (since they don’t reply to firmware posts)

SteelC4 said:

November 16th, 7:13 pm

It’s a cool feature, I’ll admit, but I still want my cross game voice chat. It pains me.

Solidus_91 said:

November 16th, 7:13 pm

Great I can’t wait.

This just means i need to get gamers on my facebook.

I really like the color gamercards also, and how the boxes are hidin until you select them.

Kchow23 said:

November 16th, 7:15 pm

Definitely some good stuff… add twitter… I would like to see the PS3 with Skype, the PSP uses it why not the PS3? lastly please add Cross game chat + Voice party chat and whatever happened to the premium avatars?

MutantAX said:

November 16th, 7:15 pm

That’s awesome, I’m looking forward to the trophy update on twitter.

dragonmagician said:

November 16th, 7:15 pm

Are we ever going to get new avatars? I know you guys are planning on charging for them (which sounds like a bad idea), but I really can’t think of a logical reason why it is taking so long to implement.

yen-cid said:

November 16th, 7:15 pm

you updated on frigin september and still nothing!

radiantshadow92 said:

November 16th, 7:16 pm


XODIS said:

November 16th, 7:16 pm

Nice additions…however…I STILL WANT THE CHIME BACK!!! That is so classic PS3 now, yet I can’t have it

hush404 said:

November 16th, 7:17 pm

Eck. I had no interest in linking my 360 to facebook and the same thing can be said now that I can do it with my PS3.

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