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Nov 17

Nov 17

3D Dot Game Heroes Goes Retro on PS3 this May

Aram Jabbari's Avatar Posted by Manager of PR and Sales, ATLUS

Many words and terms are frequently thrown around in relation to classic gaming: retro, old school, and so forth. Often, games will be referred to as throwbacks, praised for their ability to induce nostalgia and capture the magic of the golden era of gaming. But really, what does “retro,” or any of those terms for that matter, really mean in reference to a game?

That the game manages to accurately capture the look of a classic title or genre? The sound? The feel? Does it more effectively evoke memories of childhood for the gamer than other games? Does it shun complexity in favor of simplicity?

We ask the question because it’s at the heart of our latest game (we’re Atlus, by the way, publishers of SMT: Nocturne, SMT: Persona 4, and the sleeper hit of 2009, Demon’s Souls). 3D Dot Game Heroes for PlayStation 3 is the ultimate love-letter to retro gamers, the definitive homage to the action-adventure legends we all grew up with. This is in part because of all the tangible things it does right, like the gorgeous next-gen visuals that retain that 8-bit pixel sprite charm, and the irresistible 8-bit music and sound effects. Still, we think that sometimes it’s what you can’t really put your finger on that makes a game “retro.”

3d Dot Game Heroes

You’re an adventurer in a kingdom troubled by a powerful evil demon, and you’re living in the shadow of a hero of old who, long ago, used a legendary sword to save the land from a similar threat. Already whisked back to your youth? We thought as much. Moreover, your quest, at the behest of the king, will take you across a vast, varied, and beautiful landscape, littered with secret caves to uncover and explore, interesting NPCs to chat with, and puzzle-filled dungeons to master.

Is 3DDGH “retro” because it gets that flawless 8-bit aesthetic just right? In part, yes. Is it “old school” because it doesn’t drown you in tutorials, quick tips, and hints? Definitely. But there’s also that intangible, ungraspable magic. It’s what made those 8- and 16-bit gems so memorable, so able to stand the test of time. It’s how smartly the levels are designed, how original the puzzles are. It’s that easy-to-pick-up, impossible-to-put-down addictiveness. 3D Dot Game Heroes is a game that pays tribute to a number of all-time classic games, but it also manages to blaze a trail all its own, with its unique sense of humor and tongue-in-cheek pizzazz.

3d Dot Game Heroes 3d Dot Game Heroes 3d Dot Game Heroes

Launching on May 11th and priced at an enticing $39.99, 3D Dot Game Heroes for PS3 system brings a bold mix of old and new to the table. When retro chic and modern sleek collide, the end result is oodles of fun for gamers of all ages. Also, it is confirmed: your childhood memories fit on a single Blu-ray disc.

Pre-order your copy today, check out the 3D Dot’s official website, and stay tuned for tons more info.

3D Dot Game Heroes for PS3

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Destiny89 said:

November 17th, 3:53 pm

Yeah please Atlus bring more games to ps3!

ghamdikh1 said:

November 17th, 4:02 pm

@Aram Jabbari

is there any plans to provide i downloadable version of 3D Dot Game Heroes ????

    Aram Jabbari's Avatar

    Aram Jabbari said:

    November 17th, 5:14 pm


    3D Dot Game Heroes is exclusively a retail product. There are zero plans at this time for a digital version of the game. And really, if there were, what would there be to sniff?

SarshelYam said:

November 17th, 4:21 pm

Fantastic news Aram! I sort of knew about this through the grapevine but I’m glad the OFFICIAL announcement came through today.

I always feel bad mentioning it but it’s only because I love my ATLUS games…Deluxe Edition. I would LOVE to see a similar package to the Demon’s Souls Deluxe Edition…

• Special embossed Deluxe box.
• Exclusive strategy guide.
• Artbook with Soundtrack
• HOME Integration

The HOME Space could be a themed area with cool mini-games that unlock HOME Avatar goodies such as wearable pixel armor or weapons, Hero heads, etc.

Thanks for the great news Aram…seriously, this made my day. I was waiting to import it but I KNEW you would come to my aid.

In other news…why haven’t we received those wonderful Demon’s Souls HOME costumes. You should make that happen ASAP…I’ll buy them all!

Voozi said:

November 17th, 4:35 pm

+1 Request for 3D Dot Game Heroes Deluxe Edition from someone who purchased Demon’s Souls Deluxe Edition :3

Becko_ said:

November 17th, 4:35 pm

I really enjoy FromSoftware products due their originality and uniqueness, so thank you Atlus for taking the risk and bringing their products here.

Thanks to Demon’s Souls success FromSoftware has built a solid reputation over the gaming community in America as well as the name Hidetaka Miyazaki starts to hold its own weight.

A Deluxe Edition with “a cover that takes advantage of the 3D avatar hero in some original way” will be awesome.

Ashtar said:

November 17th, 4:40 pm

Deluxe Edition, PLEASE!

As a gamer of 25 years, and quite familiar with pixelated RPG’s, I think the perfect way to do justice to this game would be to include:

A poster sized map, with an enemy chart on reverse side (the occasional typo would make a cute addition, as well. Engrish rules)

A strategy guide. Not just any strategy guide…you have to make this special as well. Poorly drawn versions of the monsters and characters should adorn the sides of the pages. The writing should be in the mind set of the late 80’s/early 90’s. Think, like, the stupid stuff you’d see in old issues of Nintendo Power or something. Typos and typical Engrish are welcome here, as well.

Soundtrack. Duh.

Art Book. Another chance to do something special. Remember how companies used to blatantly westernize the simple and often anime style marketing? Like having a dragon in the manual look like Boris Vallejo painted it, but in the game it’s smiling like a dog and it’s tongue is hanging out.

I think these would be some perfect examples of how to honor the games that 3D Dot Game Hero’s tries to honor.

Thank you, again, Aram (and ATLUS. BTW, you guys put out the best press releases!)

    Aram Jabbari's Avatar

    Aram Jabbari said:

    November 19th, 3:27 pm


    Thank you for your ideas (and your enthusiasm), not to mention your kind words about our press releases. We appreciate it! :)

    We like doing special things for our games, as evidenced by our Atlus Spoils and some of the nifty things we\’ve done over the years, and we\’re always looking for cool new things to do. Thanks again for giving us some suggestions.

zeth07 said:

November 17th, 5:08 pm

I’ve only seen the Trailer but can you actually customize anything other than your own character?

When I first saw this game I thought it might possibly be like the RPG Maker games found on PC (and some console ones), which let you basically create your own game. The art / design of this game would be absolutely perfect for this. And it would go along the lines of the Play Create Share genre PS3 was supporting.

Maybe something to look forward to with a 3D Dot Game Heroes 2??? I hope so……
Custom maps, story, characters in the 3D Dot Game Heroes style would be awesome. Add in-game online sharing (maps/characters/ full user games) and you have an awesome sequel.

I’m definitely buying this game.

Sakimori_X said:

November 17th, 5:09 pm

YAY! I’ve been *so* excited for this ever since the first trailer came out. The recent announcement that it was coming state-side was welcome news, and it’s great to have a solid release date so shortly afterwards.

Also, THANK YOU for keeping the original name and not changing it to some slick, marketing-friendly mean-nothing name. ”3D Dot Game Heroes” perfectly reflects the charm of this game.

Poopookakabumbum said:

November 17th, 5:26 pm

This announcement makes me very happy.

Any word on how much this will cost in Canada?

Destiny89 said:

November 17th, 6:19 pm


it will probably be $49.99 as always we get to buy games $10 than the US but lets hope it will be $39.99

Cat_Corye said:

November 17th, 6:48 pm

So when are we going to see the pancake attack again? or in 3D? anyways, its about damn time you guys bring this game out, an don’t even think about stop making good games.

=^-^= Keep up the good work and I will keep throwing money your way.

Thrasher20 said:

November 17th, 7:06 pm

Wow. Amazing.

Atlus FTW. I’d love to work for you guys when I get my degree in computer programming

phinnv8 said:

November 17th, 9:00 pm

Looks promising. Not sure how this game is gonna play, but if it turns out to be a long, fun adventure (zelda style) it could be good.

Great job on Demon’s Souls though Atlus, I love that game.

Neil said:

November 17th, 9:04 pm

Make this game extra sniffable please.


deafwing said:

November 17th, 9:10 pm

damn another unique title on psn … keep it coming

amak111 said:

November 17th, 9:15 pm

This game reminds me of a classic zelda game

DFBTG said:

November 17th, 9:33 pm

Hm, given the 8 and 16 bit era was when I was still pretty young, at best, this may not have much nostalgia value for me, but looks fun and interesting to play regardless. And besides, Atlus has rarely disappointed, so if some pre-order bonuses are included (I love artbooks), I’ll probably be enticed to do so. I’m curious as to why the MSRP is lower (not that I’m complaining).
Now we just need some info on the next SMT and/or Persona 5.
Thanks for bringing over all that you do. Doubtful a fair amount of the games you did would have seen NA had it not been for you.

Kchow23 said:

November 17th, 10:16 pm

Will there be a demo?

Redifer said:

November 17th, 11:33 pm

I’m definitely glad this game is coming out over here, definitely day 1 purchase for me. Unfortunately I’m sure it will be overlooked by the masses since it has lots of color and isn’t overstuffed with tutorials and hints. Anyway thanks Atlus! We could have used you more in the Saturn days… would love to be able to play Princess Crown in English. Please go back in time and release that here, thanks.


November 18th, 12:02 am

great concept does it come with 3-D glasses

WU-Tang4Ever said:

November 18th, 12:56 am

I would like to thank you guys for bringing this game over! I knew I wanted this game after seeing the trailer for the first time. Atlus always brings the cool obscure games over. You guys take risks and I like that… Now how bout some Yakuza? Its far stretched but it couldn’t hurt

drew327 said:

November 18th, 2:42 am

Just read through all the comments that have replies; Aram you are the best.

Totally off-topic; get those Persona 4 figures crankin’. I need me a Chie statue!

Souledge94 said:

November 18th, 6:33 am

Thank you atlus. Im really happy you are bringing this over. I would have bought it for 60 bucks,but hey why complain about a cheaper price. I have 2 questions.

1.How long is the game?

2.Is there sidequest?

    Aram Jabbari's Avatar

    Aram Jabbari said:

    November 19th, 3:38 pm


    3D Dot Game Heroes is comprable in length to the 8-bit classics it gets most of its inspiration from, but upon completion, a couple extra modes are unlocked to make the game more challenging and extend the game\’s replay value. Moreover, there are secrets to discover and hidden play modes that will add a lot of longevity for the average gamer.

    Needless to say, considering the rather deliciously low price point, we\’re confident anyone who picks the game up will be satisfied with its duration.

blindrocket said:

November 18th, 6:35 am

Game looks great and I love the price! Thank you.

Souledge94 said:

November 18th, 6:36 am

Oh yea I also forgot to say I LOVE YOU ATLUS!!!!!!

Rinaldus91 said:

November 18th, 7:01 am

Fantastic, I’ve been keeping an eye on this game for what feels like months now, and was really excited to hear about the North American release. You hit the perfect price point with $40 Atlus, so this will be an easy day one purchase for me.
Thanks for what now seems like a constant stream of ports, May can’t come sooner.

Sindred said:

November 18th, 7:31 am


I’m a little late to this party, but thank you from all gamers who appreciate something new and creative. I’ve been spreading the word about this game since before it was announced to be brought here.

This will be a day one purchase!

FunkyTable said:

November 18th, 8:31 am

Any news on a new PS3 Disgaea game? The last one was disappointing that it wasn’t HD.

SarshelYam said:

November 18th, 9:01 am

Disgaea is in the hands of NISA now…you should know this.

IcKY99 said:

November 18th, 9:48 am

oh god i dont want to wait that long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CL_KANOS said:

November 18th, 11:05 am

Hey Mr. Jabbari glad to see you guys at Atlus supporting the PS3. I would like to thank you for an amazing game in Demon’s Souls which is easily the best RPG of 2009 on any console (still havent beaten it ha). I had a few questions about these games..

1. Home space for Demon Souls? with game launching for those of us who want to play Demons Souls together.

2. Will the retro puzzle game have any online capabilities? If so Wat are features we should expect?

plaztiksyke said:

November 18th, 1:16 pm

This is a cute idea, and I hope the gameplay and story/writing pan out.

Are you guys going to be shooting for 1080p native rendering? 24-bit lossless audio?

I would love to see a local co-op mode WITHOUT splitscreen. My husband and I love playing co-op games.

You almost have my pre-order on Amazon; I’m just waiting for these answers :)

plaztiksyke said:

November 18th, 1:18 pm

Oops, I just saw the answers in @97.

If it’s rendering in 720p, are you going to enable FSAA by offloading it to an SPU like most other games have been doing?

Still curious if the audio will be 24-bit lossless :)


rudster21 said:

November 18th, 4:15 pm

Thanks for bringing old skool back to 2009. I think everyone needs to take a step back. Keep up the good work. ;)

jh6269 said:

November 18th, 10:04 pm

Looks like the game is out on Amazon for pre-order now. Hurray!

Already got it pre-ordered…

Shadow_Prince said:

November 18th, 10:38 pm

I just came on to say thank you to Atlus for publishing Demon’s Souls. One of the best games of this year. You guys should try Europe im sure tones of ppl there want the game. :D

sebas04 said:

November 23rd, 4:44 pm

This game looks AWESOME!! Cant wait to get my hands on this. Keep up the good work and fill us in on any new information. =)

Lordlycanthrope said:

November 27th, 2:57 pm

Just gotta say that this game looks amazing. I’ve been playing video games my whole life and this one looks to rekindle that aspect of gaming that has been missing for quite a few years now. I’m not saying that modern games are dull just that they don’t remind me of the games I was playing as a kid. Now I have to find my old Zelda sheet to throw on my bed (I’m sure my fiance won’t mind lol.)

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