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Nov 17

Nov 17

Get to Know Dark Void on PS3 with Capcom’s Morgan Gray

Chris Morell's Avatar Posted by Senior Social Media Specialist

The same day Jeff hit up Seth Killian to talk Super Street Fighter IV inside Capcom’s US HQ, I sat down with Senior Producer Morgan Gray for some quality time with Dark Void. This was the first time I’ve seen the game running in action on PS3, and Morgan was kind enough to walk us through a hefty chunk of jet-packing, on-foot shooting and unique “vertical combat” — the three key components that make up Dark Void’s unique blend of third-person action.

Dark Void’s due out on January 19, but for now, there’s plenty of footage to peep below.

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TakiFuGu said:

November 17th, 9:09 am

Good interview. I’m going to have to reserve my judgment on this game until I play a demo.

    Chris Morell's Avatar

    Chris Morell said:

    November 17th, 10:07 am

    Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it.

NemesisDueceOSix said:

November 17th, 9:16 am

i like the creative aspect of the game.

Letters2Kay said:

November 17th, 9:18 am

More Japanese games please, Capcom…

Blkant said:

November 17th, 9:20 am

Looks like a huge copy of Warhawk really…

jqtaxpayer said:

November 17th, 9:20 am

Seems pretty cool… maybe not my kind of thing, but hopefully a demo will be available to get me off of the fence.

nYcFrEeWiLL82 said:

November 17th, 9:27 am

DARK VOID..should not be aVOIDed! its going to be a CLASSIC..not only becuase the main character’s name is WiLL just like mines :p..but becuase its like a GTA with JETPACKS! and we ALL LOVE GTA!

BigBoss712 said:

November 17th, 9:27 am

Game looks nice specially the open jetpack sections, it still needs more work but is looking good. I also liked their previous game crimson skies.

Majin_Neo said:

November 17th, 9:33 am

The guy in the jetpack just reminds me of the Rocketeer

vectorman88 said:

November 17th, 9:40 am

wow…..this is a very nice assimilation of the game mechanics melded into one. I can tell theres been a lot of time to create seamless transition into the different mechanics from air-jacking, to flying and shooting combat, to landing on the ground and going into cover. It looks Very good! Will be picking up this game!

ultimatepunchrod said:

November 17th, 9:50 am

this looks really cool. i read an article on it a while back and it was kind of hard to visualize the vertical combat, but i see how it works now and i really want to try this game. it’s good that the stop-and-pop shooters are getting innovative. and #8 they said that the rocketeer was inspiration for this character in that article. i liked that movie and this game looks BA.

ayrkain said:

November 17th, 9:52 am

Totally read the title as “Get to Know Dark Void on PS3 with Captain Morgan.” LOL.

    Chris Morell's Avatar

    Chris Morell said:

    November 17th, 9:54 am

    Get your mind out of the gutter! :-)

Solid-Snake-Eyes said:

November 17th, 10:06 am

Capcom? I’ll wait for Super Dark Void in Jan. 2011.

BlooodyCow said:

November 17th, 10:19 am

Since this is coming from Capcom, we can expect the following:
– $5 DLC for a key to unlock content that is already on the disk
– PS3 version of this game not running on par with the other console/PC versions.
– Time exclusive demo/content for the other console
– oh and a big [DELETED] to the PS3 community.

DaxMontana said:

November 17th, 10:45 am

Wow, crazy Warhawk ripoff.

niall077 said:

November 17th, 10:46 am

the vertical cover is making me dizzy.

jerk_man said:

November 17th, 10:50 am

seems interesting.

Solid-Snake-Eyes said:

November 17th, 10:52 am

@13 Actually, Capcom has been pretty good with PS3 versions of games.

Darth-Krayt said:

November 17th, 10:59 am

God, Chris Morell os so hot. I rate this 5/5 for him.

As for the game, it looks interesting. Nice to finally see the PS3 version running, and running smoothly. Here’s a little feedback for the devs though. You guys need to turn down the health bars of the enemies. They’re WAY to long as it is. Whole clips weren’t taking basic enemies out. And is clearly saw that basic enemy being hit with the Sniper Rifle and didn’t go down. That needs to be adjusted a bit before release, especially with that twitchy aiming.

And Capcom….for the love of the Gaming Gods, get to work on porting Monster Hunter Tri to PS3 and bring it out of Japan. I honestly HATE you guys for that whole fiasco. Highly dishonorable. All we’re asking for is a port, with the classic PS2 MH controls. Stop pretending that’s too expensive for you guys to handle. Monster Hunter will sell more on PS3 than on Wii regardless of install bases.

Darth-Krayt said:

November 17th, 11:00 am

Correction……**I clearly saw a basic enemy being hit twice by the sniper rifle and not going down. **

KARAMO said:

November 17th, 11:09 am

not bad looking

startazz said:

November 17th, 11:21 am

Man i’ve been waiting for some more info on this game and this hasn’t disappointed me at all ;-) but do you know if we are getting a demo on the PSN ? i have to agree with darth-krayt about the enemies taking to many hits before they go down but the rest looks sweet,nice to see so many top games coming out for us boys & girls on the PS3.

BlooodyCow said:

November 17th, 11:31 am

“And Capcom….for the love of the Gaming Gods, get to work on porting Monster Hunter Tri to PS3 and bring it out of Japan. I honestly HATE you guys for that whole fiasco. Highly dishonorable. All we’re asking for is a port, with the classic PS2 MH controls. Stop pretending that’s too expensive for you guys to handle. Monster Hunter will sell more on PS3 than on Wii regardless of install bases.”

This man/women speak the truth. List to when he/she speaks.

Berae said:

November 17th, 11:34 am

Hmmm is he pressing ‘A’ button while on the wehicule?? ps3 version heh?

Berae said:

November 17th, 11:34 am


Berae said:

November 17th, 11:36 am

Nevermind it must be the triangle

trustter said:

November 17th, 11:57 am



B-RadGfromOV said:

November 17th, 12:04 pm

This guy makes the game sound very interesting. A very good interview!

poodude said:

November 17th, 12:07 pm

Too many games in 2010!

polo155 said:

November 17th, 12:38 pm

i agree with 26.. i want this game, that fight on the spacecraft looks hot too. Cant wait to try it out.

AlphaTribe2007 said:

November 17th, 1:14 pm

Can you find out if there is going to be anything added for the PS3 version?

I am guessing no, but one can hope..

KazeEternal said:

November 17th, 1:30 pm

@Morgan Gray
Optional Install?
Sample of Bear’s work on the game or a possible interview? I’m a big BSG fan.

Thrill_Kill said:

November 17th, 1:31 pm

lol, a ripoff of WarHawk easily….

Just bring us more Devil May Cry please!

ycole11 said:

November 17th, 3:08 pm

Looks interesting. Would love to see a demo and more footage

Draicus said:

November 17th, 4:44 pm

Dark Void is definitely looking interesting.

I have the same shirt, Chris. It’s one of my favorites.

Jeigh said:

November 17th, 5:21 pm

You know the fundamental issue I have with the concept of a ‘jet-pack’? Even taking it into the initial concept stage brings up the issue of “okay my legs are on fire- can I go lay down now?” Air-propulsion? Alright, considering the amount of power needed to lift 150+ lbs.: “my legs have been blown off- can I go home now?” Water-propulsion? Now you’re just making stuff up- but: “glub glub glub glub- glubglubglub?”

That’s how I see it anyway.

Thrasher20 said:

November 17th, 7:18 pm

Thanks Chris!

polite_society said:

November 17th, 7:36 pm

I’ve been watching this for a while.

I hope it’s everything it looks like it could be.

Shame that they couldn’t get David Bowie’s likeness. I was thinking the same thing when he mentioned Tesla.

afrosheen said:

November 17th, 7:49 pm

The true Dark Void is this comment thread. Love it when developers post and bail out.

Darkpen said:

November 17th, 10:16 pm

Oh, good, I’m glad they let you put rockets on the jetpack.

That laser gun’s effect looks so weak and uninteresting, though.

trustkill said:

November 17th, 11:39 pm

the vertical platforming looks pretty tedious and annoying. i think i’d be wishing for my jetpack.

Gunwing said:

November 18th, 6:47 am

Hay Dark Void is going to be sleeper hit like Mirrors Edge trust me…… This game takes tactics to a whole new level if you ask me.

I also like that the PS3 version looks so good, and runs so smooth!

SarshelYam said:

November 18th, 9:05 am

Had a blast with this at E3 and I loved what they did for Crimson Skies on the Xbox. Both of these, while entirely different premises, shared some similarities. Considering Crimson Skies was one of my favorite arcade flight sims from the last gen, I can hardly wait.

HeresyProgram said:

November 18th, 3:55 pm

Looks like a resurrected Dead Phoenix (cancelled, GC).

AgentOtaku said:

November 18th, 7:49 pm

Thanks for the interview

Nice to the PS3 build finally running and looking great!

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