Happy 3rd Anniversary PS3 and PlayStation Network!

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As many of you know, today marks the third anniversary of PS3 and PlayStation Network. It’s amazing to think how far we’ve come in three short years. At launch three years ago, PS3 was a cutting edge gaming console, ushering in the idea of a forward thinking format like Blu-ray that few people had heard of. We were committed to that concept and how it would impact the gaming landscape for the next generation. Today, Blu-ray Disc is the next gen standard media format giving PS3 game developers a larger canvas to create games that continually push the envelope on rich, immersive gaming experiences.

In its infancy, PlayStation Network began as a free service to gamers offering an online commerce option for games and game content. Today, it offers an unrivaled social networking experience in PlayStation Home, a robust video delivery service for purchasing and renting SD and HD content from every major studio, social networking applications like Facebook, instant streaming content from Netflix, and a rich selection of more than 450 games for PS3 and PSP…oh, and yes, it’s still free.

Momentum is going strong and signs are only pointing up for us. In October, we saw a 70 percent increase in PS3 sales over last October. This was fueled by a marketing campaign that many of you have commented on, but also by a new slimmer and lighter form factor with a larger hard-drive for $100 less. We’re seeing hundreds of thousands of you joining the PlayStation family every day, and we welcome you to check out all of the amazing things that PlayStation has to offer.

We are really hitting our stride here and with how far you’ve seen us come in three short years, imagine how far we’ll go with the next three. It all starts with this holiday and blockbusters like UNCHARTED 2 and Ratchet & Clank, and only gets better in Q1 with MAG, Heavy Rain and God of War III.

Really, what I’m here to say is, thanks for all of your support. Without your enthusiasm and feedback, PS3 wouldn’t be what it is today.

Camping out for a PS3

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  • Revolutionary

    Ha, I was on that line… and the 60GB I bought that day is still going strong.

    Happy Birthday, PS3!

  • snoogansR75

    Cheers for many more years from Sony and Playstation!

  • gue-xplicit


  • Happy 3rd B-Day ps”3″.

  • TheInfectedBy590

    Happy Anniversary! :D

  • gue-xplicit

    Happy Birthday PS3 and PSN!!! It has been an amazing year and continues to get stronger for Sony.

    Keep up the amazing work….

  • cool

  • eaferrari24

    happy birthday!!!!

  • Happy Birthday PS3 and PSN!… make sure to bring the Video store to Canada soon though :)

  • gue-xplicit

    Happy Birthday PS3 and PSN. It has been an amazing year, and has very strong outlooks. Thanks Sony……..

  • Where is LittleBigPlanet on the PSN? Wasn’t it supposed to be released today?

    It’s been on sale in the shops for over 20 hours now yet my shiny new PSPgo is still waiting for the downloadable version. :-(

  • If it weren’t for sony, my gaming would be on xbox (eww), so I thank you

  • No free presents!??!?! Still Congrats Sony!!!

  • Happy B-day PS3. You know the best B-day present to your fans would have been cross-game chat.

  • Still got my launch 20gb, it’s amazing!

  • The PS3 and PSN have come so far in the past 3 years. Can’t wait to see what the future holds. Happy Birthday PS3 and PSN!

  • Happy Birthday PS3! thank you for amazing last 3 years! my launch 60gb is still going strong!!!

  • jeremy23jacinto

    Happy Big 3 PS3

  • Oh yeah where’s the new Star Trek movie for rental on the video store. I wanna see it bad

  • Irishmandkg

    Awesome! So…..cross game chat anytime soon?

  • Happy Birthday Ps3 and PSN !

  • ZOMG! i almost forgot, i was thinking about it yesterday, and then it had slipped my mind today. the past 3 years have been quite memorable. mines a bit more than 2 years old. i love the console and cant wait to see the support in the near and distant future.

  • now about that cross game chat 3 years later…..

  • hahah my ps3 died 7 months ago. got the Blinking light i still havent gotten it fixed

  • happy birthday PS3!

  • Happy Birthday PS3! but i wanted to note something:

    i’m not sure everyone in the picture above was genuinely interested in purchasing a PS3 to have the ultimate multimedia and gaming experience. i think a lot of it was driven by people who wanted to buy ps3’s and sell them simply because the opportunity cost of doing that was pretty good compared to their workday/schoolday/day of unemployment . Sorry to be a bummer, but i’m still a little sour about three years ago :/

  • Alex_Assassin_08

    SONY is and always will be the king of gaming.

    the PSN is a fantastic service and the PS3 is by far the greatest gaming console of all time.

    I love you SONY.

    Thank you for the millions of happy, sad, and jaw-dropping moments.

    All other consoles lack the heart of PlayStation.

    We are the PlayStation Nation, and we shall never die!

    Alex :)

  • Irishmandkg

    #20 The Star Trek movie isn’t too good. At least for me and being a fan of the shows.

  • xLord-Slothx


  • Happy birthday indeed! To celebrate I’m gonna go buy the God of War Collection for my LAUNCH 60GB PS3 (:)) and LittleBigPlanet for my PSP.

  • Big_Slim_1300R

    Happy Birthday!!!

  • Happy Birthday!!

  • Big_Slim_1300R

    Happy Birthday!!!!

  • Happy Birthday! To at least 7 years more! :)

  • Sony you must of forgot to post this cause after i posted on your twitter account to remind you then you must of went like: Oh Yeah thats right lets post that imeeditely. and the i came back here on this blog and finally saw it posted.

  • Hahah, I was on that line! I bought 2 60GBs…best 48 hour line wait ever. Happy BDay PS3 and PSN. Maybe I should celebrate with a litte Fat Princess??

    (mmmm cake)

  • happy birthday PS3!

  • Wow, three years? More to come I’m sure, Happy Birthday?

  • Happy Anniversary !!!

  • HBDAY Sony (ps3) and PSN!!! Coincidentally today is also the day assassin’s creed 2 launches :D…Today my PS3 is more than just my gaming console, but its also where I watch youtube videos, check on my fb, check on my twitter and also were I socialize through the PSN…I have loved the week I have had with my new ps3 (7 weeks old) after playing on my cousin’s for more than 2 yrs…

  • Good 3 years… Now where is Cross Game Voice Chat

  • Happy Birthday!
    Feels like spam with so many identical comments, whatever, Happy Birthday!

  • HAPPY 3RD ANNIVERSARY PS3 AND PSN!!! Keep up the good work.^-^

  • starBlinky01

    woo!! I was one of those guys lining up. I lined up twice actually since the first night I was too late.. I stayed up till 5 am went down to EB Games.. and the line was huge! And they only had 4 PS3’s so everyone else just got a Wii..

    I was determined though, the next day I stayed up again and got my PS3 60 GB!! woot!

    I can’t even tell you how many hours I put into Resistance online man..

  • Here’s to a great 4th year!

    May it still be free!

    May it continue to have proper ad’s as we’ve seen since the price drop!

    And most importantly may the powers that be continue to listen to us the players to bring us the features we want most!

    Happy Birthday PSN!

  • My launch day PS3 is still going strong, thanks for such a great console Sony.

  • Happy birthday to the playstation 3 and the playstation network. I remember when i first got into the playstation family during the PS1 launch and i’ve been hooked ever since, great job sony, your an amazing company

  • Okay, I’m as avid a PS3 supporter as the next six guys, but I almost drowned wading through all of that PR-speak. It’s fine during an event like E3 (well…), but when it’s us you don’t really need to be quite so mechanical. Perhaps something closer to human-voice next time?

  • Happy b-day ps3!… i got you when you were 1 =D

  • Happy 3rd anniversary PS3 & PSN!!! Keep up the great work. ^-^

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